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To unlock all the characters stuff by Mario & Sonic Racing No Constancy There are five weight classes: Feather, Light, Medium, Cruiser and Heavy

Mario Characters

Image Name Weight Vehicle How to Unlock
Daisy MK7 Princess Daisy Medium Blossom Coach Win 15 races
DiddyKong-Boss-MP9 Diddy Kong Feather Barrel Train Win 25 races
Waluigi2 Waluigi Medium Waluigi Racer Win 35 races
Birdo MP9 Birdo Cruiser Turbo Birdo Win 50 races
BabyPeach Baby Peach Feather Heart Buggy Win all 50cc cups with Bowser Jr.
Baby Daisy Baby Daisy Feather Flower Buggy Win all 100cc cups with Petey Piranha
ToadetteMP8 Toadette Feather Toadette Kart Win 45 races
MP7 DryBones Dry Bones Medium Turbo Bones Win 55 races
Rosalina MK7 Rosalina Medium Rosalina Coach Win 5 races
FunkyKongJungleClimber Funky Kong Heavy Funky Dragster Win 10 races
DRYBONESBOWSER Dry Bowser Cruiser Dry Koopa King Win 20 races
180px-Paratroopa Koopa Paratroopa Feather Parawings Unlock Kyurem and Zekrom
Wiggler Walking Wiggler Cruiser Wiggler Bus Beat all 50cc Cups with Meowth
Flutter. Flutter Cruiser Flutter Bus Beat all 120cc Cups with Pichu
Squiggler3D Squiggler Feather Squiggler Bus Beat all 200cc Cups with Turtwig
MetalMarioMK7Solo Metal Mario Heavy B Dasher Win Flower Cup on 50cc
HoneyQueenMKH Honey Queen Cruiser Queen Bee Kart Win Star Cup on 50cc
Baby D.K. Baby Donkey Kong Feather Baby DK Jumbo Win Special Cup on 50cc
DixieKong Dixie Kong Feather Dixie Movel Win Cloud Cup on 50cc
Tinymss Tiny Kong Medium Growlster Win Shell Cup on 50cc
LakiRed Red Lakitu Feather Cloud 9 Win Banana Cup on 50cc
Lakithunder NSMBDIY Lakithunder Cruiser Thundercloud 9 Win Leaf Cup on 50cc
Hammo Hammer Bro. Cruiser Hammer Movel Win Lightning Cup on 50cc
FireBroNSMBU Fire Bro. Cruiser Fire Movel Win Bullet Bill Cup on 50cc
BoomerangBroNSMBU Boomerang Bro. Cruiser Boomerang Movel Win Mushroom Cup on 100cc
IceBroNSMBU Ice Bro. Cruiser Ice Movel Win Flower Cup on 100cc
BlooperMP8 Blooper Medium Turbo Blooper Win Star Cup on 100cc
250px-SMario Shadow Mario Medium Blue Fire Win Bullet Bill Cup on 100cc
NokiShell Noki Medium Noki Shell Rider Win Mushroom Cup on 150cc
PiantaTree Pianta Cruiser Watermelon Win Flower Cup on 150cc
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art Boom Boom Heavy Boom Airship Win Star Cup on 150cc
PunpunSolo Pom Pom Heavy Pom Airship Win Special Cup on 150cc
Shyguy MP9 Shy Guy Feather Shy Kart Win Cloud Cup on 150cc
FlyGuy Fly Guy Feather Fly Kart Win Shell Cup on 150cc
SpearGuy YBA Spear Guy Feather Spear Kart Win Banana Cup on 150cc
Snifit YG99 Snifit Feather Snifit Tank Win Leaf Cup on 150cc
BulletBillWii Bullet Bill Medium Bill Kart Win Mushroom Cup on 120cc
BooNSMBWii Boo Medium Boo Kart Win Lightning Cup on 150cc
Koopa the Quick Koopa the Quick Medium Quick Dasher Win Shell Cup on 200cc
Professor E. Gadd Professor E. Gadd Medium Poultergust 3000 Unlock all Kanto Pokemon
BobombNSMBU Bob-omb Feather Turbo Bob-omb Unlock all Johto Pokemon
MP9 Big Bob-Ombyo Big Bob-omb Cruiser Big Bob-omb Head Unlock all Hoenn Pokemon
KamekNSMBW Magikoopa Cruiser Magikruiser Unlock all Sinnoh Pokemon
Gearmo Gearmo Cruiser Gearmo Kart Unlock all Unova Pokemon
Penguin Penguin Medium Penguin Sled Unlock Jessie and James and Ash
SMGStarbunny Star Bunny Light Shooting Star Unlock all characters.

Sonic Characters

Image Name Weight Vehicle How to Unlock
Metal Sonic Winter Metal Sonic Medium Metal Kart Win all 120cc Cups with Eggman Nega
Rouge06 Rouge the Bat Medium Wild Wing Win all 150cc cups with Blaze
Shadowth espio Espio the Chameleon Cruiser Chemeleon Car Beat Bowser 5 Times
Silver Silver the Hedgehog Medium Silver Kart Beat Sonic 5 Times
Shadow ASR Shadow the Hedgehog Medium Shadow Kart Beat Silver 5 Times
BtC Blaze the Cat Medium Purple Royal Ribbon Beat Silver 10 Times
VectorWG Vector the Crocodile Cruiser Crocodile Banisher Unlock Espio and Charmy
Charmy Bee Charmy Bee Feather Bumble V Beat Espio 5 Times
Cheese Cheese Feather Cheese Kart Unlock Vector
Jet in ZG Jet the Hawk Medium Jet Rider Have 1 star rank in all 50cc Cups
Wave Wave the Swallow Medium Wave Jet Rider Have 1 star rank in all 150cc Cups
243px-Storm in ZG Storm the Albatross Cruiser Storm Jet Rider Have 1 star rank in all 100cc Cups
Gamma E-102 Gamma Cruiser Gamma Kart Have 1 star rank in all Mirror Cups
Omega06 E-123 Omega Heavy Omega Kart Have 1 star rank in all 120cc Cups
EggmanNega Eggman Nega Heavy Nega Ship Have 1 star rank in all Backward Cups
Eggy Dr. Eggman Heavy Eggman Ship Have 1 star rank in all 200cc Cups
Tikal3D Tikal the Echidna Feather Tikal Kart Beat Cream 5 Times
VanillatheRabbit Vanilla the Rabbit Cruiser Vanilla Rider Beat Cream 10 Times
Mighty Mighty the Armadillo Medium Armadillo Rider Beat Knuckles 5 Times
Chara bean Bean the Dynamite Medium Fang Dasher Unlock Mighty
Fang the sniper Fang the Sniper Medium Minecart Unlock Vanilla
464px-Marine The Raccoon Marine the Raccoon Cruiser Raccoon Kart Beat Tikal 5 Times
Bark 1 Bark the Polar Bear Cruiser Bobsled Rider Unlock Marine
Sonic Werehog Sonic the Werehog Cruiser Werehog Kart Unlock Bark
BigtehCat Big the Cat Heavy Big Cat Rider Unlock Vector, Espio and Charmy

Pokémon Characters

Image Name Weight Vehicle How to Unlock
Ash Ketchum Ash Ketchum Medium Ash Kart Win 60 races
Jessie & James Jessie and James Heavy Jessie Kart
James Kart
Win 70 races
025Pikachu Pikachu Feather Pikachu Kart Win 80 races
052Meowth Meowth Feather Cat Rider Unlock Jessie and James
001Bulbasaur Bulbasaur Feather Bulbakart Unlock Meowth and Pikachu
002Ivysaur Ivysaur Medium Ivykart Unlock Bulbasaur
003Venusaur Venusaur Heavy Venuskart Unlock Rouge
004Charmander Charmander Medium Charmander Kart Unlock Venusaur, Ivysaur and Meowth
005Charmeleon Charmeleon Medium Charmeleon Kart Unlock Charmander and Ash Ketchum
006Charizard Charizard Cruiser Charizard Dragster Unlock Charmeleon and Venusaur
007Squirtle Squirtle Feather Squirtle Dasher Unlock Charizard and Blastoise
008Wartortle Wartortle Light Turbo Wartortle Unlock Metapod, Beedrill and Psyduck
009Blastoise Blastoise Light Turbo Blastoise Win 100 races
010Caterpie Caterpie Feather Caterpie Bus Unlock Wartortle and Blastoise
011Metapod Metapod Cruiser Metapod Bus Unlock Blastoise and Venusaur
012Butterfree Butterfree Cruiser Butterfree Bus Unlock Wartortle and Squirlte
013Weedle Weedle Feather Weedle Bus Unlock Butterfree and Caterpie
014Kakuna Kakuna Light Turbo Kakuna Unlock Metapod and Weedle
015Beedrill Beedrill Medium Turbo Beedrill Unlock Togepi and Torterra
175Togepi Togepi Feather Togepi Egg 1 Unlock Grotle and Wartortle
176Togetic Togetic Medium Turbo Togetic Unlock Togepi
468Togekiss Togekiss Cruiser Turbo Togekiss Unlock Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup
054Psyduck Psyduck Feather Turbo Psyduck Unlock Togekiss, Snivy and Dewott
055Golduck Golduck Medium Golduck Buggy Unlock Psyduck and Togetic
534Conkeldurr Conkeldurr Cruiser Bolt Buggy Unlock Timburr and Gurdurr
533Gurdurr Gurdurr Medium Drill Rider Win 150 races
532Timburr Timburr Feather Wood Kart Win 120 races
599Klink Klink Feather Metal Car Win 130 races
600Klang Klang Medium Robo Car Win 110 races
601Klinklang Klinklang Cruiser Big Metal Car Win 170 races
538Throh Throh Medium Throh Kart Win 160 races
539Sawk Sawk Medium Sawk Kart Win 180 races
466Electivire Electivire Heavy Electivire Kart Win 210 races
486Regigigas Regigigas Heavy Regigigas Kart Unlock Klink, Throh and Victini
624Pawniard Pawniard Feather Turbo Pawniard Unlock Sandile and Regigigas
461Weavile Weavile Feather Turbo Weavile Unlock Sawk and Throh
212Scizor Scizor Cruiser Turbo Scizor Unlock Weavile
494Victini Victini Feather Victini Kart Unlock Weavile and Scizor
645Landorus Landorus Heavy Landorus Kart Unlock Victini and Mewtwo
642Thundurus Thundurus Cruiser Thundurus Kart Unlock Landorus and Tornadus
641Tornadus Tornadus Cruiser Tornadus Kart Unlock Landorus
079Slowpoke Slowpoke Medium Slowpoke Kart Win 300 races
086Seel Seel Feather Seel Kart Win 400 races
098Krabby Krabby Medium Krabby Kart Win 500 races
179Mareep Mareep Feather Mareep Ship Win 510 races
180Flaaffy Flaaffy Medium Flaaffy Kart Win 550 races
149Dragonite Dragonite Heavy Dragonite Kart Win 520 races
148Dragonair Dragonair Medium Dragonair Kart Unlock Dragonite
120Staryu Staryu Feather Shooting Star Unlock Dragonair and Slowpoke
121Starmie Starmie Medium Brown Shooting Star Unlock Staryu and Krabby
643Reshiram Reshiram Heavy Reshiram Kart Unlock Starmie, Krabby and Turtwig
644Zekrom Zekrom Heavy Zekrom Kart Unlock Reshiram and Pignite
637Volcarona Volcarona Medium Turbo Volcarona Unlock Zekrom and Grotle
447Riolu Riolu Feather Riolu Kart Unlock Volcarona and Timburr
150Mewtwo Mewtwo Medium Turbo Mewtwo Unlock Riolu and Volcarona
151Mew Mew Feather Turbo Mew Unlock Mewtwo and Zoroark
448Lucario Lucario Cruiser Lucario Kart Win 730 races
570Zorua Zorua Feather Zorua Kart Unlock Lucario and Mew
571Zoroark Zoroark Cruiser Zoroark Kart Unlock Zorua and Riolu
147Dratini Dratini Feather Turbo Dratini Win 900 races
106Hitmonlee Hitmonlee Medium Hitmonlee Kart Win 1000 races
107Hitmonchan Hitmonchan Cruiser Hitmonchan Kart Win 2000 races
258Mudkip Mudkip Feather Turbo Mudkip Win 3000 races
259Marshtomp Marshtomp Medium Turbo Marshtomp Win 3100 races
260Swampert Swampert Cruiser Turbo Swampert Win 2300 races
172Pichu Pichu Feather Pichu Kart Unlock Mudkip and Venusaur
026Raichu Raichu Medium Raichu Kart Unlock Pikachu and Swampert
027Sandshrew Sandshrew Feather Clash Kart Unlock Raichu and Bulbasaur
028Sandslash Sandslash Medium Slash Kart Unlock Marshtomp and Servine
056Mankey Mankey Feather Turbo Mankey Unlock Sandslash and Tepig
057Primeape Primeape Medium Turbo Primeape Unlock Golduck and Krabby
438Bonsly Bonsly Feather Bonsly Kart Unlock Mankey and Psyduck
336Seviper Seviper Medium Seviper Kart Unlock Bonsly
646Kyurem Kyurem Heavy Kyurem Kart Unlock Seviper
387Turtwig 2 Turtwig Feather Turtwig Dasher Unlock Wiggler and Flutter
388Grotle Grotle Light Grotle Dasher Unlock Turtwig and Torterra
389Torterra Torterra Light Torterra Dasher Unlock Squiggler
390Chimchar 2 Chimchar Feather Chimchar Bike Unlock Torterra and Grotle
391Monferno Monferno Medium Monferno Bike Unlock Chimchar and Grotle
392Infernape Infernape Cruiser Infernape Bike Unlock Monferno and Chimchar
393Piplup 2 Piplup Feather Piplup Sled Unlock Infernape and Blastoise
395Empoleon Empoleon Cruiser Empoleon Sled Unlock Snivy, Torterra and Tepig
394Prinplup Prinplup Medium Prinplup Sled Unlock Piplup, Turtwig and Snivy
595Joltik Joltik Feather Joltik Kart Unlock Prinplup and Servine
596Galvantula Galvantula Medium Galvantula Kart Unlock Joltik and Prinplup
590Foongus Foongus Feather Foongus Kart Unlock Amoonguss
591Amoonguss Amoonguss Medium Amoonguss Kart Win Mushroom Cup on 50cc
495Snivy Snivy Feather Snivy Kart Unlock Lakitu and Boo
496Servine Servine Medium Servine Kart Unlock Torterra
497Serperior Serperior Cruiser Serperior Kart Win Bullet Bill Cup on 150cc
498Tepig Tepig Feather Tepig Kart Win Flower Cup on 120cc
499Pignite Pignite Medium Pignite Kart Win Star Cup on 120cc
500Emboar Emboar Heavy Emboar Kart Win Special Cup on 120cc
501Oshawott Oshawott Feather Oshawott Dasher Win Cloud Cup on 120cc
502Dewott Dewott Medium Dewott Dasher Win Shell Cup on 120cc
503Samurott Samurott Cruiser Samurott Dasher Win Banana Cup on 120cc
504Patrat Patrat Feather Patrat Kart Win Mushroom Cup on 200cc
505Watchog Watchog Cruiser Watchog Kart Win Flower Cup on 200cc
419Floatzel Floatzel Medium Floatzel Boat Unlock Patrat and Watchog
092Gastly Gastly Feather Gastly Pipes Win Star Cup on 200cc
093Haunter Haunter Cruiser Haunter Pipes Win Special Cup on 200cc
094Gengar Gengar Feather Gengar Pipes Win Cloud Cup on 200cc
551Sandile Sandile Feather Sandile Kart Win Leaf Cup on 120cc
552Krokorok Krokorok Medium Krokorok Kart Win Lightning Cup on 120cc
553Krookodile Krookodile Heavy Krookodile Kart Win Bullet Bill Cup on 120cc
130Gyarados Gyarados (Red) Light Gyarados Kart Win Banana Cup on 200cc
131Lapras Lapras Light Lapras Dasher Win Leaf Cup on 200cc
129Magikarp Magikarp (Yellow) Feather Magikarp Kart Win Lightning Cup on 200cc
038Ninetales Ninetales Cruiser Ninetales Kart Win Bullet Bill Cup on 200cc
037Vulpix Vulpix Feather Vulpix Kart Win Mushroom Cup on 250cc
592FrillishF Frillish (Female) Medium Frillish Ribbon Win Flower Cup on 250cc
593JellicentF Jellicent (Female) Medium Jellicent Ribbon Win Star Cup on 250cc
594Alomomola Alomomola Medium Alomomola Ribbon Win Cloud Cup on 250cc
597Ferroseed Ferroseed Feather Turbo Ferroseed Win Special Cup on 250cc
587Emolga Emolga Feather Turbo Emolga Win Shell Cup on 250cc
563Cofagrigus Cofagrigus Cruiser Cofagrigus Racer Win Banana Cup on 250cc
529Drilbur Drilbur Feather Drilbur Kart Win Leaf Cup on 250cc
530Excadrill Excadrill Light Excadrill Kart Win Lightning Cup on 250cc
050Diglett Diglett Feather Turbo Diglett Win Bullet Bill Cup on 250cc
053Persian Persian Medium Turbo Persian Win Mushroom Cup on 150cc Mirror
613Cubchoo Cubchoo Feather Cubchoo Dasher Win Flower Cup on 150cc Mirror
614Beartic Beartic Light Beartic Dasher Win Star Cup on 150cc Mirror
522Blitzle Blitzle Feather Turbo Blitzle Win Cloud Cup on 150cc Mirror
523Zebstrika Zebstrika Medium Turbo Zebstrika Win Special Cup on 150cc Mirror
511Pansage Pansage Feather Pansage Kart Win Shell Cup on 150cc Mirror
513Pansear Pansear Feather Pansear Kart Win Banana Cup on 150cc Mirror
515Panpour Panpour Feather Panpour Kart Win Leaf Cup on 150cc Mirror
512Simisage Simisage Medium Simisage Jumbo Win Bullet Bill Cup on 150cc Mirror
514Simisear Simisear Medium Simisear Jumbo Win Lightning Cup on 150cc Mirror
516Simipour Simipour Medium Simipour Jumbo Win Mushroom Cup on 150cc Backward
568Trubbish Trubbish Feather Turbo Trubbish Win Flower Cup on 150cc Backward
569Garbodor Garbodor Light Turbo Garbodor Win Star Cup on 150cc Backward
074Geodude Geodude Feather Geodude Kart Win Special Cup on 150cc Backward
075Graveler Graveler Medium Graveler Kart Win Cloud Cup on 150cc Backward
076Golem Golem Medium Golem Kart Win Shell Cup on 150cc Backward
072Tentacool Tentacool Feather Turbo Tentacool Win Banana Cup on 150cc Backward
073Tentacruel Tentacruel Light Turbo Tentacruel Win Leaf Cup on 150cc Backward
045Vileplume Vileplume Light Turbo Vileplume Win Lightning Cup on 150cc Backward
077Ponyta Ponyta Light Ponyta Kart Win Bullet Bill Cup on 150cc Backward
078Rapidash Rapidash Medium Rapidash Kart Unlock 5 Expert Staff Ghost Datas
133Eevee Eevee Feather Eevee Kart Unlock 10 Expert Staff Ghost Datas
134Vaporeon Vaporeon Medium Vaporeon Kart Unlock 15 Expert Staff Ghost Datas
135Jolteon Jolteon Medium Jolteon Kart Unlock 20 Expert Staff Ghost Datas
136Flareon Flareon Medium Flareon Kart Unlock 25 Expert Staff Ghost Datas
588Karrablast Karrablast Feather Turbo Karrablast Unlock 30 Expert Staff Ghost Datas
109Koffing Koffing Feather Koffing Kart Unlock 35 Expert Staff Ghost Datas
110Weezing Weezing Medium Weezing Kart Unlock 40 Expert Staff Ghost Datas
116Horsea Horsea Feather Turbo Horsea Unlock 45 Expert Staff Ghost Datas
117Seadra Seadra Medium Turbo Seadra Unlock all Expert Staff Ghost Datas
230Kingdra Kingdra Heavy Turbo Kingdra Play 5 Time Trials
122Mr. Mime Mr. Mime Medium Mr. Mime Dasher Play 10 Time Trials
439Mime Jr. Mime Jr. Feather Mime Jr. Dasher Play 15 Time Trials
095Onix Onix Medium Turbo Onix Play 20 Time Trials
208Steelix Steelix Medium Turbo Steelix Play 25 Time Trials
202Wobbuffet Wobbuffet Medium Wobbuffet Kart Play 30 Time Trials
195Quagsire Quagsire Medium Quagsire Kart Play 35 Time Trials
194Wooper Wooper Feather Wooper Kart Play 40 Time Trials
185Sudowoodo Sudowoodo Light Wood Kart Play 45 Time Trials
243Raikou Raikou Light Turbo Raikou Play all Time Trials
244Entei Entei Light Turbo Entei Unlock Steelix and Geodude
245Suicune Suicune Cruiser Turbo Suicune Unlock Entei
196Espeon Espeon Light Espeon Kart Play Balloon Battle 5 Times
197Umbreon Umbreon Medium Umbreon Kart Play Balloon Battle 10 Times
470Leafeon Leafeon Medium Leafeon Kart Play Time Trials in Retro Courses
165Ledyba Ledyba Light Turbo Ledyba Unlock Leafeon and Lapras
250Ho-Oh Ho-Oh Medium Ho-Oh Kart Unlock Ledyba, Gyarados and Emolga
152Chikorita Chikorita Feather Turbo Chikorita Unlock Ho-Oh, Leafeon and Karrablast
153Bayleef Bayleef Medium Turbo Bayleef Unlock Chikorita, and Totodile
154Meganium Meganium Heavy Turbo Meganium Unlock Chikorita and Karrablast
155Cyndaquil Cyndaquil Feather Cyndaquil Dasher Unlock Meganium and Ledyba
156Quilava Quilava Medium Quilava Dasher Unlock Torterra, Jellicent and Swampert
157Typhlosion Typhlosion Heavy Typhlosion Dasher Unlock Cyndaquil and Mudkip
158Totodile 2 Totodile Feather Totodile Kart Unlock Flareon and Chikorita
159Croconaw Croconaw Medium Croconaw Kart Unlock Smeargle
160Feraligatr Feraligatr Heavy Feraligatr Kart Unlock Croconaw and Cyndaquil
218Slugma Slugma Feather Turbo Slugma Unlock Probopass and Ho-Oh
252Treecko 2 Treecko Feather Turbo Treecko Beat Lapras 5 Times
253Grovyle Grovyle Medium Turbo Grovyle Beat Lapras 10 Times
254Sceptile Sceptile Heavy Turbo Sceptile Beat Lapras 15 Times
255Torchic 2 Torchic Feather Torchic Bike Beat Gyarados 5 Times
256Combusken Combusken Medium Combusken Bike Beat Gyarados 10 Times
257Blaziken Blaziken Heavy Blaziken Kart Beat Gyarados 15 Times
235Smeargle Smeargle Light Smeargle Racer Unlock Magikarp and Krookodile
455Carnivine Carnivine Cruiser Turbo Carnivine Unlock Snivy, Dewott and Emboar
442Spiritomb Spiritomb Light Spiritomb Kart Unlock Ledyba and Carnivine
531Audino Audino Light Audino Bike Unlock Rapidash, Vileplume and Seel
535Tympole Tympole Feather Turbo Tympole Unlock Spiritomb, Carnivine and Tentacruel
536Palpitoad Palpitoad Medium Turbo Palpitoad Beat Smeargle 5 Times
537Seismitoad Seismitoad Heavy Turbo Seismitoad Beat Smeargle 10 Times
454Toxicroak Toxicroak Medium Toxicroak Bike Beat Smeargle 15 Times
577Solosis Solosis Feather Solosis Dasher Beat Toxicroak 5 Times
578Duosion Duosion Medium Duosion Dasher Beat Toxicroak 10 Times
579Reuniclus Reuniclus Cruiser Reuniclus Dasher Beat Toxicroak 15 Times
471Glaceon Glaceon Light Glaceon Kart Unlock Reuniclus and Ho-Oh
299Nosepass Nosepass Feather Nosepass Racer Unlock Tiny Kong and Baby DK
476Probopass Probopass Medium Probopass Racer Unlock Zoroark and Lucario
562Yamask Yamask Medium Turbo Yamask Unlock Cofagrigus and Emolga
143Snorlax Snorlax Light Snorlax Kart Beat Yamask 5 Times
386Deoxys Deoxys Cruiser Turbo Deoxys Unlock Hippopotas and Hitmonlee
449Hippopotas Hippopotas Cruiser Turbo Hippopotas Unlock Hitmonlee and Mr. Mime
450Hippowdon Hippowdon Cruiser Turbo Hippowdon Unlock Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion
510Liepard Liepard Medium Liepard Kart Beat Hitmonlee 5 Times
509Purrloin Purrloin Feather Purrloin Kart Beat Hitmonchan 5 Times
602Tynamo Tynamo Feather Tynamo Dasher Beat Mr. Mime 5 Times
603Eelektrik Eelektrik Medium Eelektrik Dasher Beat Mr. Mime 10 Times
604Eelektross Eelektross Heavy Eelektross Dasher Beat Mr. Mime 15 Times
557Dwebble Dwebble Feather Dwebble Kart Unlock Tynamo and Cobalion
558Crustle Crustle Light Crustle Kart Unlock Dwebble and Axew
524Roggenrola Roggenrola Feather Turbo Roggenrola Unlock Gigalith and Pawniard
525Boldore Boldore Light Turbo Boldore Unlock Excadrill and Ferroseed
526Gigalith Gigalith Cruiser Turbo Gigalith Unlock Zweilous
589Escavalier Escavalier Light Escavalier Kart Unlock Cobalion and Axew
616Shelmet Shelmet Feather Shelmet Kart Unlock Virizion and Cobalion
582Vanillite Vanillite Feather Vanillite Bike Unlock Throh
583Vanillish Vanillish Medium Vanillish Bike Unlock Rapidash and Ledyba
584Vanilluxe Vanilluxe Cruiser Vanilluxe Bike Unlock Samurott, Tepig and Servine
626Bouffalant Bouffalant Cruiser Turbo Bouffalant Unlock Axew
631Heatmor Heatmor Cruiser Turbo Heatmor Unlock Emboar, Gigalith and Audino
610Axew Axew Feather Axew Kart Unlock Cobalion and Keldeo
611Fraxure Fraxure Cruiser Fraxure Kart Unlock Genesect and Deerling
612Haxorus Haxorus Cruiser Haxorus Kart Unlock Sudowoodo and Terrakion
634Zweilous Zweilous Medium Turbo Zweilous Unlock Snivy and Torterra
474Porygon-Z Porygon-Z Medium Porygon Kart Unlock Sudowoodo and Snorlax
638Cobalion Cobalion Cruiser Turbo Cobalion Unlock Landorus
639Terrakion Terrakion Cruiser Turbo Terrakion Unlock Golduck and Horsea
640Virizion Virizion Cruiser Turbo Virizion Unlock Genesect and Sawsbuck
649Genesect Genesect Cruiser Genesect Bike Unlock Virizion and Terrakion
585Deerling Deerling Feather Turbo Deerling Beat Mareep and Flaaffy 5 Times
586Sawsbuck Sawsbuck Cruiser Turbo Sawsbuck Beat Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion 5 Times
647Keldeo Keldeo Light Keldeo Kart Beat Axew 5 Times

Other Characters

Image Name Weight Vehicle How to Unlock
ROB R.O.B. Cruiser ROB LGS Beat all 150cc Cups with Psyduck
ROBERTA R.O.B.E.R.T.A. Cruiser ROB BLS Beat all 100cc Cups with Golduck
220px-Ninja Ninja Cruiser Leaf Kart Win Special Cup on 100cc
120px-SlimeSluggers Slime Feather Slimey Kart Win Cloud Cup on 100cc
225px-WhiteMage White Mage Medium Holy Kart Win Shell Cup on 100cc
200px-BlackMage.PNG2 Black Mage Medium Specter Win Banana Cup on 100cc
220px-Moogle Moogle Feather Moogle Kart Win Leaf Cup on 100cc
220px-Cactuar Cactuar Cruiser Cactuar Kart Win Lightning Cup on 100cc


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