Mario Kart Super Speed! is a new Mario Kart game that includes not only some of your fave Mario characters but also some of your favorite Sonic characters. Mario Kart Super Speed is a Mario Kart game, that has combined with Sonic. The game has some returning and new amazing characters and courses along with items.

Playable Characters

The Playable Characters are the characters you can race with. They are all divided up into 4 classes.

  • All-Around-The character is a little but good in each.
  • Speed-The character is fast but not powerful.
  • Power-The character may be heavy and good at acceleration.
  • Skill-The character is skilled, they are very good to handle and can do good turns and drift well.

Default Characters

These characters are playable at the start of the game.

Image Name Class Special Move
150px-MarioNSMBWii.png Mario All-Around Fireball Vortex

Mario shoots a giant array of twenty fireballs in multiple directions, smashing and burning anything in there path.

Luigi SLB.PNG Luigi All-Around Ghosts Begone!
Luigi takes out the Poltergust 3000, allowing you to suck up items from other players and store them for later. (You can store up to five items in the Poltergust.)
240px-NSMBwii peach.jpg Peach Skill Turnip Overload
Peach's Kart fills up with turnips for you to throw. These turnips will stay on the ground if they don't hit anyone, making it harder for people to maneuver around without hitting them.
250px-Yoshi.jpg Yoshi Speed Yoshi Egg
You can shoot out a giant egg from Yoshi's mouth. This egg will consume anyone's Kart and they will be stuck in the egg for a period of time until someone breaks the egg.
Baby Mario NSMBDIY.png Baby Mario Skill Fireball Cannon
A cannon attaches to the side of your Kart. You can use this to fire as many mini fireballs as you want until the round is over.
BabyPeach.jpg Baby Peach Skill Parasol
A Parasol floats down and hooks onto your Kart and drifts off into the air, it automatically takes you and puts you in 2nd place, if your in first already it puts you ahead a bit. If your in 6th or below, you only go into 4th place.
100px-Redddtoaddd.png Toad Speed Toad Trumpet
You get a trumpet and you can blow it to make peoples Karts go off course. This can also be useful if your trying to get in first place and someones right in front of you.
200px-Koopa.png Koopa Troopa Speed The Great Shell
You go into your shell and jump out of your Kart? You have to try and hit someone cause once you do, you two switch Karts! This can be used to put you closer to the finish line!
WarioTime.jpg Wario Power Wario Bomb
Wario takes out the Wario Bomb and then he will throw it onto the track, if an opponent touches it, the wario bomb will cause a big explosion.
WaluigiMPDS.jpg Waluigi Skill Shoe Defeat
Waluigi takes off one of his shoes, you can throw this and it will automatically follow someones Kart. It then will Kick the front of there Kart sending them backwards in mid air! (Yes they can slam into other Karts.)
210px-Donkey Kong.png Donkey Kong Power Roar of the Jungle
Donkey Kong bangs his chest and lets out a monkey sound, causing a giant banana to appear in his hands. You can throw this. It works as a normal banana but huge so multiple players can stumble on it at once.
Bowser.PNG Bowser Power Payback
You get a Bowser Shell, which is of course huge. Throw this wherever you want to smash up things. It will continue to go around the course, unless it goes out of bounds.
288px-Sonic 180.png Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Speed's My Game!
Your Kart gains triple the speed so you can zoom past as many players as you can in forty seconds.
NSMBΩTails.png Miles "Tails" Prower Skill Tail Swipe
Tails sticks his tail out of the side of the Kart and starts spinning them. Go near Karts or people to spin them out of control.
Amy Rose 22.png Amy Rose Skill Pink Wonder
A pink shield appears around Rose for a while, deflecting any items, except other specials.
Cream2.png Cream the Rabbit All-Around Chao Stream
Ten Chaos come out of your Kart, hitting everything in there path! These Chaos can be destroyed by getting hit with any object. So they wear out pretty fast, but they will make Karts go wonky by slamming into them.

Secret Characters

These Characters are unlocked by doing certain things in the game or meeting certain criteria,some must be unlocked by entering a code, others may be unlocked through special events.

Image Name Class Special Move How to Unlock


Daisy Medium Soccer Time
A giant soccer ball appears, right in front of your Kart. You're supposed to smash into it as hard as you can with your Kart, it will start going, it will flatten any Karts it rolls over. (there only flattened for a bit.) And then the soccer ball disappears, after its flattened at least three things.
Win at least 60 races.
BirdoDino.jpg Birdo Medium Lovely Eggs
Birdo spits out heart shaped eggs everywhere. If someone lands on these, Hearts appear on there heads and there stunned for a bit.
Play at least 130 races.
DiddyKong.png Diddy Kong Light Peanut Blaster Jet-Pack
Diddy Kong uses his jet pack to get out of his Kart, while your in mid air, you can aim at anything and shoot at it with your peanut blasters, you have 20 ammo, once this is out you go back in your Kart. You can fly around with the jetpack but it wastes the ammo faster. Once your back in your Kart, it gives it a jump start.
Play at least 200 races.
BowserJr.SMG.png Bowser Jr. Medium Fang Rain
Bowser Jr, takes out a set of fangs from somewhere in his Kart, you can fire these fangs at anything you want. They can puncture Karts wheels, sending them whirling, or you can fire it at the midsection of the Kart to flip it over. You only get three sets of fangs so use them wisely.
Win in 30 battle races.
BLuigiSluggers.png Baby Luigi light Emptying
Baby Luigi releases different items out of his Kart and throws them everywhere. These can be Mushrooms, Goombas or Spinies.
Beat on 50cc.any 2 cup
BabyDaisy.jpg Baby Daisy light Sucker
Baby Daisy takes out her sucker an attaches it to the back of her Kart, this will block anything that tries to hit the back of your Kart. Once the sucker disappears you can use your crown as a boomerang. (only one hit with the boomerang so try your hardest on that one hit.)
Beat any 2 cups on 50cc.
MP7 Toadette.png Toadette light Callout
Toadette lets out a call, and two Lakitus come from the sky. Both Lakitus pick up a random player each and put them back a bit.
Beat any 3 cups on 50cc.
DRY.png Dry Bones light Bone Toss
Dry Bones can throw a giant bone. This bone will keep going until it hits a player dead on sending them sprawling through the air for awile.
Beat all cups on 50cc.
King Boo MMWii.png King Boo heavy Invisibility
King Boo's Kart goes invisible along with you, allowing you to not be seen by anyone. This can be Helpful if you don't want to be seen.
Win at least 50 races.
PrincessRosalina.png Rosalina medium Magic Luma
A magic Luma comes above Rosalina Kart and brings her ahead some more.
Beat all cups on 100cc.
200px-Funky Kong.jpg Funky Kong heavy Funky Dance
Funky Kong does a cool dance for a bit making other players that see him stop for a while to watch. He can continue driving while doing the dance.
Beat at least one 250cc mirror cup.
DRYBONESBOWSER.PNG Dry Bowser heavy Dry Tornado
A giant tornado made of sand appears and gets send forward sucking up players and there Karts then dropping them wherever the tornado stops.
Beat at least two 250cc cups.
287px-ASR Shadow.png Shadow the Hedgehog medium Shadow Mess
The entire field goes dark with shadows and its hard to see, for a while.

Win at Least

1 race.

Silver.png Silver the Hedgehog medium Silver Destruction
You can launch silver aura balls out in any direction. You can launch up to ten balls.
lose at least 1 race
Blazey.png Blaze the Cat medium A Helping Hand
A giant hand appears that you get to control, you can pick up players and drop them or help them by putting them ahead. You can only use this for thirty second and you must only select up to two players.
Win at least 400 Races.
Knuckles the Echidna.png Knuckles the Echidna medium Brass Force
Knuckles powers up both his fists. You can use each fist once each, and use a super punch, whenever you feel its time to use it.
Win 10 WFC Races And win 5 Battles
TheEggman.png Dr. Eggman medium Machine March
A series of machines come out of the sides of your Karts and race with the other players, they will hit players Karts sending them flying but players can fight them with items. There is four robots that come out.
Play at least 650 Races.
BabyWario.png Baby Wario light Magnet.
Baby Wario uses his magnet to steal somebody's item.
Win at least 30 Races.
Baby Waluigi.png Baby Waluigi light Blue Shell to the Extreme
You can use three blue shells in total to send out and smack up your opponents.
Win at least 70 Races.
Baby Rosalina by hikolol35.PNG Baby Rosalina light The Crown Holdup
A giant silver crown appears over any player for a bit of time, these players cannot break free of the crown until the powerup disappears.
Win at least 150 Races.
414px-ShyGuyMSS.png Shy Guy light Together We Fall
You can shoot yourself out of the Kart, try and aim for another player, because if you do, they will be launched backwards with you back to your Kart, leaving you both far back in the race. Or wherever your Kart was in the race.
win at least 200 Races.
Vectordacrocodile.jpg Vector the Crocodile heavy Heavy Metal
Two speakers appear on the side of your Kart with heavy metal music playing, this music can send Karts flying and out of control.
Unlock Shy Guy,Baby Rosalina, and Baby Waluigi.
Shadowth espio.png Espio the Chameleon medium Camouflage
Espio and his Kart camouflages with the terrain. While this is happening no one can see you, and you can send little blasts at players for a bit.
Unlock Vector the Crocodile and Dr. Eggman.
Charmy Bee.png Charmy Bee light Buzz
A swarm of bees are sent in every direction shooting out honey to mess up players.
Unlock Espio.
BigtehCat.png Big the Cat heavy Kart Ball
Your Kart turns into a giant ball for a while along with you! You can smash your way past players and wreck some stuff!
Unlock Charmy, Espio and Vector.
Metal sonic 4.png Metal Sonic medium Rocket Boost
Your Kart goes forward super fast for a bit of time.
Beat all cups on 50cc with sonic.
Jet in ZG.png Jet the Hawk Medium Mega Rush
Your Kart gets a Green Aura around it allowing you to speed things up for yourself for a limited amount of time.
Beat all cups on 100cc with sonic
Wave.png Wave the Swallow medium Quick Scope
You can aim and scope anything that's within sight range and fire small birds straight at that direction.
Beat all cups on 100cc with Mario and Luigi.
Storm.png Storm the Albatross heavy Rocket Shoot
You can launch five rockets wherever you want.
beat all cups on 100cc with peach and daisy.
Cheese.jpeg Cheese the Chao light Randomize
You get a random Item.
lose at least 100 races.
Rouge06.png Rouge the Bat medium Wingful
Your Kart gains wings and you can fly around in your Kart for a while.
lose at least 250 races.
GenoSMWWii.png Geno medium Puppet
You can choose any player and they turn into your puppet for a while, meaning you can control where there going and everything. For a period of time.
lose at least 300 races.
Larry Koopa 3D.png Larry Koopa medium Blue Crash
A stream of blue spikes appear on the ground beside your Kart on both sides, if a player touches these they will go flying.
Name a Mii "Larry" and use it to play at least 20 races.
Morton Koopa Jr 3D.jpg Morton Koopa Jr. medium Twhomp 'em!
You can toss three Thwomps. These will stay in place, and try to squish players that go underneath.
Name a Mii "Morton and use it to play at least 50 races.
Lemmy Koopa.png Lemmy Koopa light Giant Ball
A giant ball launcher attaches to the front of your Kart allowing you to launch bouncy balls for a bit.
Name a Mii "Lemmy" and use it to lose at least 30 races.
Iggy Koopa 3D.jpg Iggy Koopa medium Magic Mishap
You send out a giant goop of magic that makes whatever it hits go backwards for a bit.
Name a Mii "Iggy" and use it to win at least 20 races.
Roy Koopa 3D.jpg Roy Koopa medium Earthquake
Roy Stomps causing a giant Earthquake to shake up the ground and some players.
Name a Mii "Roy" and use it in foot race mode at least 10 times.
Ludwig Von Koopa 3D.png Ludwig von Koopa medium Savage
You send out a beam from your wand that can take anyone's items.
Name a Mii "Ludwig" and use it to play 2 player mode at least once.
Wendy O Koopa 3D.png Wendy O. Koopa medium Ring Power
Rings appear around your Kart making you fast, and invincible for a short period of time.

Name a mii "Wendy" and win against any other character.

Baby Geno.png Baby Geno light Wooden Slide
You can launch A big piece of lumber from the back of your Kart hitting anyone behind you.
Beat 150cc with Geno.
Mr. Game and Watch.jpg Mr. Game & Watch medium

Ring a Bell
A giant bell appears and rings, causing anyone underneath it to spin in circles for a bit.

Beat 100cc three times.
ROB.jpg R.O.B. medium

Block Blaster
R.O.B. gets a giant blaster equipped on both his shoulders, you can launch blocks out of these. These blocks can block players or hit them.

Beat the secret 20 question Nintendo quiz in-game.
Petey Piranha NSMBVR.png Petey Piranha heavy Toxic Piranhas
Five Piranha Plants grow around other players Karts, making them all trapped for a bit of time.
Beat the secret Mario Kart Maze.
Shroob3D.png Shroob medium Shroob Invasion
Shroobs fall from the sky hitting anything that they fall onto.
Use Petey Piranhas special thirty times in total.
120px-MP8 HammerBrother.jpg Hammer Bro. medium Hammer Bonanza
You can fire unlimited hammers for the rest of this match.
Have gameplay data of Mario Party 8.
BoomerangBro.png Boomerang Bro. medium Mega Boomerang
You get a giant boomerang that you can keep throwing for awile, eventually it goes away. You can hit players and other objects and they will come back to you with the boomerang.
Have gameplay data of Mario super sluggers.
BabyDK.png Baby Donkey Kong light

The Bananas of Ancient

Baby Donkey Kong will get 3 Bananas that when a Driver hits it it will not only to spin out but also slows down the Driver.

Have gameplay data of Donkey Kong Country Returns.
DixieKong.jpg Dixie Kong medium

Pink Banana

Dixie Kong will get a Pink Banana that when a Driver slips on it it will make them stop for 10 seconds until it wears off. 

Have a total gameplay time of over 30 hours.
Tiny Kong medium

Feather Bow

Tiny Kong will gain a Feather Bow allowing to shoot Arrows foward & backwards.

Have a total gameplay time of over 60 hours.
250px-KingKRoolDKJC.jpg King K. Rool heavy

King Rampage

King K. Rool will summon his Minions to run around the Course & players in front will spin & be carried behind King K. Rool.

Beat Donkey Kong Country Returns.
Kritter.PNG Kritter medium

Kritter Smash

Kritter will use a Mace to attack other Drivers & once its done Kritter will throw his Mace.  

Beat Donkey Kong Country Returns.
Koopa Paratroopa light

Red Shell Rampage

Koopa Paratroopa will get 10 Red Shells to use.

Unlocked by secret cheat code.
180px-Goomba.png Goomba light

Goomba Throw

Goomba will get 8 Goombas to throw on the Course. (Just like the Banana)

Unlocked by secret cheat code.
Paragoomba Card.PNG Paragoomba light


Paragoomba can now fly over Obsticles & Drivers.

Unlocked by secret cheat code.
FireBro.png Fire Bro. medium

Mega Fireball

Fire Bro. will shoot a Mega Fireball on the Course burning every Driver it hits.

Unlocked by secret cheat code.
250px-SledgebrosNSMBW.png Sledge Bro. heavy

Gigantic Hammer

Sledge Bro. will get a Gigantic Hammer to throw on the Course crushing every Driver it hits

Unlocked by playing as Hammer Bro. and winning your 3rd match.
CurveBro.png Curve Bro. heavy

Gigantic Boomerang

Curve Bro. will get a Gigantic Boomerang to throw on the Course spinning every Driver it hits.

Unlocked by playing as Boomerang Bro. and winning your 3rd match.
BlazeBro.png Blaze Bro. heavy

Gigantic Fireball

Blaze Bro.will shoot a Gigantic Fireball burning every Driver it hits. 

Unlocked at special event.
Wiggler2.jpg Wiggler medium Wiggle Rage
Wiggler goes into a raged state and speeds up by 30 percent and is able to knock karts out of the way more easily, this only works for one lap.
Unlocked at secret sluggers event.
Sonic Werehog.png Sonic Werehog heavy

Claw Claw

Sonic Werehog will be allowed to use his Claws to attack other Racers.

Have gameplay data of at least three sonic games.
Mallow NSMB.PNG Mallow light

Thunder Rampage

Mallow will summon alot of Thunder Clouds to zap anyone iin its path.

Buy Super Mario RPG on Virtual Console.
BlooperMP8.png Blooper light


Blooper will cover everyone's Screen with Ink but it will cover the Screen fully with Ink.

Blooper's swimming adventure,mini game event.
MontyMole.PNG Monty Mole light

Dig Dig

Monty Mole will Dig underground will avoiding hazards & getting pass Drivers easy.

Finish the Dig-Dig Challenge in less than one minute.
PiantaTree.PNG Pianta medium

Fruit Basket

Pianta will pull out his\her Fruit Basket to Throw Fruit on the Course.

Go to the beautiful Isle Delfino. (Mario sunshine)
NokiShell.PNG Noki medium

Triple Watermelons

Noki will gain 3 Watermelons to throw at the 1st'2nd & 3rd Player in front. (Like the Spiny Shell except Three)

Go to the beautiful isle Delfino. (Mario sunshine)
200px-BooNSMBWii.png Boo light


Boo will receive 10 Mini Boos to slow down other Drivers.

 King Boo's Haunted Halloween event.
DarkBoo.png Dark Boo light

Dark Blind

Dark Boo will Blind every Driver with Mini Dark Boos not allowing them to see. (Like the Blooper)

Unlock King Boo's Haunted Halloween event.
KoopatheQuick.png Koopa the Quick medium

Run Koopa Run

Koopa the Quick will run a incredible speed hitting Drivers & avoiding hazards.

Beat Super Mario 64 DS.
Kiddy Kong Power

Roll Roll

Kiddy Kong will Roll on the Track while also you can hit other Drivers & go faster than yourKart.

Unlocked by secret cheat code.
Chunky Kong Power

Konga Beat

Chunky Kong makes music with his Kongas & the other Driver are behind you once you are in the front of them.

Unlock Kiddy Kong.
Kludge Power

Kludge the Puncher

Kludge will stand up & be allowed to Punch other Drivers.

Unlocked by secret cheat code.
Kass Skill

Kremling Throw Extra

Kass gets 18 Kremlings to throw on the Course & can spin out 3 Drivers each Kremling. (Same as Kip's Special Item except some extras.

Unlock Kludge.
Kip Skill

Kremling Throw

Kip gets 8 Kremlings to throw on the Course & spin out Drivers that hits it.

Unlock Kludge & Kass.
Kalypso All-Around

Funky Revenge

Kalypso puts up a Disco Ball & make the Drivers Dance but once it wears off the Drivers will be Slower for 3 min

Unlock all Kremlings.
Kopter Speed

Boost Flight

Kopter will be able to fly & also you go fast with the Konga Boosters.

Unlock Kip & Kass.
Klump Power


Klump gets 8 Grenade to throw & make explosions.

Buy Donkey Kong 64 on the Virtual Console
Professor E. Gadd Skill

Poltergust 5000

Professer E. Gadd will use the Poltergust 5000 to suck up the other Drivers Items & use them for later also 30 Items can be stored.

Unlock Boo.
Big Bob-omb Power

Bob-omb Handful

Big Bob-omb will have 8 Bob-ombs to use & most of all blow up the Drivers.

Unlock Koopa the Quick.
Magikoopa Skill

Magic Spell

Magikoopa will cast a Spell that will slow down Drivers & make there Karts insane making the Kart go crazy.

Unlock all Koopalings.


These are all the courses you can race on in the game.

New Courses

These are courses that are new to the Mario Kart series.

Mushroom Cup

Course Name Description Character
Luigi Circuit Luigi Circuit is a medium sized course based on Luigi. The course is simple in design and there is nothing really special about it. Luigi
Mushroomy Mountains Mushroomy Mountains is a fun huge course that only takes 2 laps instead of three. There are huge mountains that you can go past and some you can even go up. In the distance you can see a ship hovering in the air, with Fawful written on the side. Toad
Birdo's Ridge Birdos ridge is similar to the old Yoshis ridge. There is a giant Birdo egg in the center, with lots of rocky inclines and hard to reach places. Birdo
Spiny Tunnels Spiny Tunnels is the finale for this cup, its a huge set of tunnels with Spinies in it. You will find crystals and other objects in this cave. Even miner Goombas working on the cave! Koopa Troopa

Speedy Cup

Course Name Description Character
Green Hill Zone Green Hill Zone is a little treat from the sonic series, you get to race on green hill zone! It still has all its gimmicks from before, like the twirling rings you must go up. Sonic
Speedy Streets Speedy Streets is a modern day level where you get to race through the streets. there are buildings but the main point of this level is the streets and cars zooming by. Silver
Volcanic Path Volcanic Path is a path leading to a volcano, once you get inside the volcano, you end up racing to the top of the volcano. Then it spits you out and its next lap. Bowser
Metropolis City Metropolis city is this huge city from sonic, you must go through buildings and go through streets and stores. This course is a great finale. Shadow

Flower Cup

Course Name Description Character
Bowser's Castle A new and improved Bowser's Castle! A tricky first course that will leave you yelling, "Nooooo! Not the Bowser statue." you will have to make it through his castle without getting fried. And watch out! His minions are about. Bowser
Koopalings Airship What a great start off, a new Bowser's castle. Why not top that off with some new Koopa Airship? Woohoo! That's right, a new and improved Koopalings Airship course. It is kind of like the Ds version but more maxed out and there is some new things. Like rocky wrenches! Bowser Jr.
Robot Factory A Factory were robots are being made, watch out for lasers and try and get through this high tech place, wait a second, is that a R.O.B. Being made? R.O.B.
Oho Oasis Oho Oasis is the finale for this place! Race through the sand and go past the water as you try and not get to zoned in staring at the oasis ahead. Koopa Troopa

Ring Cup

Course Name Description Character
Geno's Palace A palace fit for a king. Wait a second this is not just anyone's palace, this is Geno's palace! What a wonderful place. Geno
Silver's Plantation Silver has a plantation? I guess he does. You have to race through this area and try not to hit the oil rigs or you will get stuck for a bit and loose valuable time! Silver
Nightlike Highway What a wonderful night to zoom through the highway. Oh wait a second, I'm not alone! I must race all these buffoons and claim my prize! Sonic the Werehog
Blooper Shores Bloopers are in the water, so try not to get in the water or they will ink you! Without the item. This is a pretty tough finale as you must maneuver around this beach-like metropolis. Mario

Star Cup

Course Name Description Character
Koopa Peek Koopa Peek? Wait a second this sounds familiar. Enjoy zooming through this place as you see the wonderful grass and trees around you. Oh I see the peek ahead! Koopa Troopa
DK's Jungle DK's Jungle, home of DK and all his friends? I guess so, whatever! Its time to race. Donkey Kong
Shy Guy Express Shy Guy Express, is a nice course, where you get to race through the train and then hop out onto the train track and start racing again. Mallow
Dry Bones Runes These Runes are home of Dry Bones. There are ancient Aztec things and you get to go inside pyramids! What a finale. Dry Bones

Voltage Cup

Course Name Description Character
Vector's Lagoon Vectors Lagoon, is an amazing swamp like area where you have to go through the muddy swamp and try and get to the finish line. Ack! I'm sinking! Vector
No-Gravity Zone No-Gravity Zone is an amazing level where you get to zoom through this high tech place and in some parts there literally no gravity! What a blast. Silver
Dr.Eggman's Lair Dr.Eggman's Lair, its a secret so you better play it to find out what it's like! Dr. Eggman
Rainbow Shuttle The great rainbow shuttle! We better get this race on so I can get the Voltage Cup! Explore this amazing shuttle and zoom into rainbow space. Mario

Retro Courses

These are courses that made it into the game from older Mario Kart games.

Shell Cup

Course Name Description Character
Delfino Square(DS) N/A Donkey Kong
Waluigi Pinball(DS) N/A Waluigi
Luigis Mansion(DS) N/A Luigi
Rainbow Road(DS) N/A R.O.B.

Tanooki Cup

Course Name Description Character

Sherbert Land(GCN)

N/A Wario

Moo Moo Farm(N64)

N/A Shy Guy

DK Mountain


N/A Donkey Kong

Mario Circuit


N/A Mario

Banana Cup

Course Name Description Character
Dino Dino Jungle (GC) N/A Yoshi




N/A Warluigi
Daisy Cruiser (GC) N/A Daisy
Mushroom City (GC) N/A Toadette

Heart Cup

Course Name Description Character
Wario's Goldmine (Wii) N/A Wario
Toad's Factory (Wii) N/A Toad
DK's Snowboard Cross (Wii) N/A Diddy Kong
Koopa Cape (Wii) N/A Koopa Troopa

Battle Courses

These are courses played in battle mode

Course Name Description
Gamecube You get to battle atop a GameCube, this course is fully dimensional meaning you can drive around to the bottom without falling off, meaning there is lots of gravity.
Wii You get to battle on top of a Wii, like the GameCube, there is little to no gravity here.
Lava Donut Similar to a Mario kart 64 level, its a gigantic donut atop lava. Fun.
Pipeworks A area filled with random pipes that will send you to different areas.
Haunty Halls Haunty halls is a mansion of boos with multiple halls.
Treetops You are on top of trees, and monkeys are throwing bananas about.
Desktop You are on a desktop, with papers and speakers and a computer and everything. (Yes you can bump into stuff.)
??? This is hidden and is a secret.
??? This is hidden and is a secret.

Karts and Bikes

Story Mode


These are the in game items you can get and use.

Image Name Description
SuperMushroom.png Mushroom Mushroom's will speed up your Kart for a limited amount of time.
MKwii TripleShroom.jpg Triple Mushrooms Same as Mushroom, but three times the power, the mushrooms circle your kart and you can use them till your 3 mushrooms run out.
600px-MKwii Goldmushroom.jpg Golden Mushroom Keep tapping the X or Y button to keep speeding up, you can use this for a bit of time, and it is basically infinite Mushrooms.
Mega Mushroom.jpg Mega Mushroom

You become 10x larger in size, trampling everyone in your way. Beware of Stars !

MKwii Itembox.jpg Item Box The Item box is not really an item, but instead it holds the items, once you hit it, you get a random item from the list of items.
MKwii Fakebox.jpg Fake Item Box You can toss the fake Item box, it will stay on the track until another player, or you! bump into it, sending you whirling.
Banana.jpg Banana Like the fake Item box, you can throw it and it will stay still it is run over.
MKwii TripleBanana.jpg Triple Bananas The Banana, times three.
Green Shell.jpg Green Shell You can launch this shell and it will bump into walls and such until it makes contact with a Kart.
MKwii TripleGreenShell.jpg Triple Green Shells The Green Shell times three.
Red Shell.jpg Red Shell The Red shell, once it is launched, will automatically follow the person in front of you until it hits them.
MKwii TripleRedShell.jpg Triple Red Shells Red Shell Times three.
Spiny Blue Shell.jpg Spiny Shell This shell will go and hit the player who is in first place.
Starman - Mario Kart Wii.png Star The star makes you invincible for a while and you can hit anyone sending them flying, you also wont be damaged.
600px-MKwii Thunderbolt.jpg Thunderbolt The thunderbolt will shock everyone but the user and turn them tiny for a while.
Thunder Cloud.png Thunder Cloud Same as Thunderbolt, only works on an opponent who hits you.
Bob-omb walking.png Bob-omb Chuck this anywhere and it will start charging up, then explode, unless it hits someone directly, then it will explode right away.
443px-Blooper.png Blooper Squirts ink onto other players screens, (or faces) to make it hard for them to see for a while.
800px-BulletBillWii.png Bullet Bill Your kart turns into a bullet bill and you get launched ahead for a while.
POW.jpg POW Block Causes an earthquake stunning opponents close to you.
HammerSuit.png Hammer Suit *NEW*

You are surrounded by 3 hammers, which can be used as a shield or thrown at an opponent. Same as Green Shell only moves more crazily.

BoomerangSuit.png Boomerang Suit *NEW*

You are surrounded by 3 boomerangs, which can be used as shield or thrown at an opponent. Same as Red Shell only hits ALL other racers except you.

SpinyEgg.png Spiny Egg *NEW* You can throw the Spiny Egg forward of backward and it will hatch into Spinies that will walk across the stage until the other players hit them.
Iceflow.png Ice Flower *NEW* You become Ice (character's name). Anyone who hit you become frozen for 3 sec. You can also throw Ice Balls to freeze opponents.

Foot Race Mode

Foot Race Mode Items

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