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Mario & Sonic Adventure Land is a 3D and 2D platformer game exclusively for Wii U and developed by APIM Group, Inc., being a crossover for the Super Mario series and the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The worlds and dimensions of both worlds got merged into one thanks to the series' primary antagonists Bowser and Dr. Eggman, and the protagonists have to stop them and revert the merge before anything fatal happens as result of the merge.


This section will only describe a small bit of the storyline. For the full version, please visit this page


In the prologue intro, King Bowser Koopa is seen battling Mario in his Koopa Clown Car at his own castle, while having Princess Peach Toadstool hostage, in one of his numerous schemes to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, this time using dimensional void-making machines. However, Mario has defeated Bowser yet again, by handily dumping a Mecha-Koopa in his face with a bit help from his brother Luigi, resulting the Koopa Clown Car crashing. With Bowser lying unconscious, Mario helps Peach standing up to receive a kiss. Getting tired of Bowser kidnapping the princess all the time, Mario decides to throw Bowser into one of the dimensional voids his machine made, and to sabotage it afterwards. The two brothers and the princess leave the place with a hot-air balloon Toad has set up.

Around the same time, in a completely different dimension, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is in the middle of his feud against Sonic the Hedgehog in a factory designed after the Death Egg. Dr. Eggman was about to conquer Mobius in order to recreate it into Eggmanland, this time by using machines that created dimensional voids, similar to Bowser's machines (unbeknownst to both of them). Sonic has almost defeated Dr. Eggman, and is about to deliver the final blow. He is complaining to his nemesis that he is a bit fed up to Eggman trying to pester him for over 20 years, and hopes not to have to do all this hassle again. His buddy Miles "Tails" Prower heard that and suggest him to throw Eggman in his own dimensional voids. Sonic agrees and delivers a powerful kick to the Eggmobile, the device Eggman resides into, leading Eggman straight to one of the dimensional voids. Sonic and Tails sabotage the machine and leave the place with Tails's airplane, the Tornado.

Bowser and Dr. Eggman happen to be trapped in the same dimension, seemingly similar to white limbo, and so they meet. They complain how neither of them were able to succeed their heinous goals, thanks to their respective nemeses. The two decide to team up whenever they get out of the limbo dimension, and they already think up of an evil scheme. Eggman thinks it would be easier to achieve both their goals when both their dimensions are merged with each other, with his latest scheme still in mind. Bowser agrees, but realizes that they need to get to their own dimensions to realize their plans. At this moment, one of Bowser's faithful minions was able to fix Bowser's machine and gets Bowser and Eggman out the limbo dimension. With help of the Koopa Troop, Dr. Eggman was able to return to his own dimension. When Eggman arrived, he sees his more evil double, waiting for him.

A month has passed before the following events have begun.


Playable Characters

There are four mayor campaigns in this game. Each campaign includes four playable characters, two Mario characters and two Sonic Characters, having a total of 16 playable characters.

Red Campaign: Heroes

Image Name Description 2D Gameplay 3D Gameplay
MarioHand Mario The heroic plumber of the Mushroom Kingdom is back to set things right. This time, he has to team up with a hedgehog to save his world.
Mario is able to use an arsenal of powers depending on the Power-Up he received from an item. When he's small, he can be defeated in one hit.
Mario plays just like in the New Super Mario Bros. games. Mario's 3D gameplay is notably similar to Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land.
Sonic2011 Sonic The fastest creature alive is here to speed up things concerning saving his world. Now he has to work with a red-clad plumber.
Sonic can run really fast, but cannot swim well. He can take any hit as long he has at least one Ring.
Sonic plays like many recent 2D Sonic games, notably Sonic Rush. Sonic will play like in Sonic Generations and Sonic Lost World.
Luigi MP9 Luigi The longer, thinner, younger, overshadowed brother of Mario. With the fate of more than one world, he's trying to step up in his courage.
Luigi is able to jump higher than Mario! However, it's harder for him to stop running...
Luigi's gameplay is similar to New Super Luigi U, with his ability to run a tad faster and flutterjump. Luigi's gameplay is similar to Mario's, with the exception that he can jump higher, run faster, but stops later.
Tailsracing Tails Tails is Sonic's long-time sidekick and is able to fly with his two tails. Tails has, despite his young age, a knack for technical stuff.
Tails is able to fly high to unreachable places. Tails can also swim, unlike Sonic.
Tails plays similar to Sonic, but is able to swim and fly. He's also a tad slower. Again, Tails plays like Sonic but is slower, in trade for being able to fly and swim

Green Campaign: Go-Getters

Image Name Description 2D Gameplay 3D Gameplay
MKPC Yoshi Solo Yoshi The ever-so-jolly dinosaur is here as well. Being kind and faithful, he's willing to help anyone, even Silver, who he just met.
Yoshi's is able to swallow down enemies and toss eggs as effective projectiles.
Yoshi plays similar to both Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story. Yoshi plays similar like Mario, except he uses different Power-Ups, lays and throws eggs and has a different health meter.
Silver2011 Silver Silver came from a apocalyptic and lonely future. He traveled back in time to seek the origin of this mess. He accidentally meets Yoshi, who's willing to help him.
Silver isn't as fast as Sonic, but has telekinetic powers, and is able to stun and throw enemies and even float.
Silver plays like Sonic, except he's slower, but is able to use psychic powers Silver is again similar to Sonic, but is slower in return for his psychic powers.
NSMBWiiUToad Toad With Peach kidnapped, Toad has nothing else to do than to show the newly-met princess the world, eventually meeting Yoshi.
Unlike his blue and yellow cousins, Toad is more of a guy that can pluck the biggest veggies and throw them. He can also ride on certain enemies and pick those up.
Toad plays like Super Mario Bros. 2 USA. Like Yoshi, he has a health meter and can pick up items from beneath. Toad's gameplay is similar to Mario in Super Mario Galaxy, with the exception of abilities, Power-Ups and health.
BlazeC Blaze Blaze is the princess of another dimension, and her world got oddly enough merged too. Now Toad is guiding her through this, eventually reuniting with Silver.
Blaze is almost as fast as Sonic. But she's able to use fire and jumps a bit higher.
Blaze plays exactly like in Sonic Rush, but has more fire powers up her arsenal. Blaze plays like Sonic in both Sonic Generations and Sonic Lost World, but a tad slower in trade for her fire powers.

Blue Campaign: Rivals

Image Name Description 2D Gameplay 3D Gameplay
WarioMPDS Wario Mario's fat doppelganger rival. Wario is greedy with a passion and actually sees potential in the merge between world, as he can get even more treasure!
Wario's style differs greatly from Mario's, being able to use a Dash Attack. Garlic gives him health and some enemies actually transform him.
Wario plays like Wario Land: Shake It! and Wario Land 4. Wario's gameplay is only a bit similar to Mario's; his move arsenal is from Wario World.
ShadowGenerations Shadow Shadow looks a lot like Sonic, despite being artificially made ages earlier as "the ultimate life form". He's a loner with a serious nature, and not greedy. Why did he team up with Wario?
Shadow seems to possess as much speed as Sonic, thanks to his hover shoes. He's known for using Chaos Control and Chaos Spear with a Chaos Emerald.
Shadow plays almost exactly like Sonic. Shadow plays again similar to Sonic.
250px-WaluigiMP8a Waluigi A cunning mastermind that owns a giant pinball machine and a robot resembling himself. It's unclear if he and Wario are brothers, but they're good friends for sure.
Waluigi is weaker than Wario, but also quicker. He may not have a Dash attack, but nobody throws Bob-ombs like him.
Waluigi plays like Wario, but isn't as strong, runs faster, jumps higher and is able to throw Bob-ombs. Waluigi plays again like Wario with the additions in his 2D gameplay. He has a different move arsenal.
Rouge Rouge A flirty treasure hunter that has a nose for gems, and Shadow's partner and friend. Despite her personality fitting better with Wario or Waluigi's, Rouge wouldn't just leave Shadow's side for jewels.
Rouge is able to fly around with her wings, cling on walls and throw small bombs.
Rouge plays similar to Knuckles in Sonic Advance, but instead of mighty fists, she throw white bombs. Rouge plays similar as in Sonic Adventure 2, but can throw white bombs.

Yellow Campaign: Brawlers

Image Name Description 2D Gameplay 3D Gameplay
DK Strong Donkey Kong DK's all in to get his Banana Hoard back, after it has been stolen again. Not only that, a weird island in the sky fell right into DK Island.
Donkey Kong can roll, slap, punch and use Animal Buddies on his way. He also throws barrels.
DK plays like in Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D DK's gameplay is similar to Donkey Kong 64.
ASRT KNUCKLES Knuckles Knuckles is a hot-headed echidna and the last of his kind. His duty is to protect the Master Emerald that keeps his home, Angel Island, afloat. The emerald got stolen however, so the island fell right into... a jungle.
Knuckles achieved the ability to float, and thanks to his spined knuckles, he's able to climb up walls. He can also punch directly.
Knuckles plays like in the Sonic Advance series. Knuckles plays similarly as in Sonic Adventure 2.
DiddyKong Diddy Kong Donkey Kong's best friend and cousin, and is all set to get all the stolen bananas back. With an island crashing into the jungle, plans got a little altered, though.
Diddy runs faster than Donkey Kong, but has to rely on Peanut Popguns and cartwheeling as an attacking method. He also has Barrel Jets to keep afloat for a small time.
Diddy plays like in Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Diddy's gameplay is a little similar to Donkey Kong 64.
VectorWG Vector Vector is a friend of Knuckles and the leader of detective team Chaotix, in order to get money. He's helping Knuckles to get the Master Emerald back for a small fee.
Vector is kind of a powerhouse. He might not be able to climb walls, but he uses extraordinary bubblegum to defeat enemies and float for a while.
Vector plays similarly to Knuckles, but cannot climb walls. He uses bubblegum instead. Vector plays like both in Sonic Heroes and Knuckles in this game (again, without the ability to climb walls).

Supporting Characters

These characters can be thoroughly seen in some campaigns and even may be important characters in the storyline.


These characters are the bad guys the protagonists face.


There are a total of five campaigns.


There are four Worlds in this game. Each World is host to three Zones, each containing four Courses and four Acts (two in 2D and two in 3D for each kind). Courses can only be played as Mario Characters and Acts can only be played as Sonic characters. After the game is cleared for the first time, however, Mario and Sonic characters can be played on any level, regardless of being a Course or Act.


Multiplayer Mode

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