Mario & Sonic is a game for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii . You play as Mario and Sonic as you travel acroos the galaxy to defeat the evil Bowser and Dr. Eggman. The game is published by Nintendo and SEGA and developed by Master Productions Inc.


Mario & Sonic Trailer (Fake)



Dr. Eggman is unable to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds because he is just a human. Then he finds Bowser and the two join forces. Eggman and Bowser go and get the Chaos Emeralds so Bowser can turn into Giga Bowser. While getting the Chaos Emeralds, Bowser and Eggman steal Princess Peach and Elise. Mario sees Bowser's new plan ad tries to stop him, but cut off when a guard and large amount of enemies (both Bowser and Eggman's). Bowser and Eggman go into outer space and Mario can't take all the enemies on his own. When Sonic comes in the two take care of the enemies. Then the two head out into space to defeat Bowser and Eggman and save Peach and Elise.


In the game you play as Mario and Sonic as you go thourgh many different levels across the galaxy. Fight the enemies of Bowser and Eggman and save Princess Peach and Elise. All the power ups in the game are from the Mario games and two new power up are the Mole Mushroom and Sphereshroom. The game ends when Mario fights Eggman and Super Sonic fights Giga Bowser.

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