Mario & Pokèmon: Shocking Blazes is an upcoming 2019 turn based game developed by Endgame Enterprises coming for the Wii Y. This game is a crossover of two Nintendo characters, Mario and Pikachu. Mario & Pikachu work together to save their worlds. However, there is a new villain waiting for them.


This game has the Mario & Luigi series gameplay. To switch out, you must press the START button. To make a player change moves, press L or R buttons. In battle, you can dodge attacks by pressing A (Mario) or B (Pikachu). There are five moves that you can use in combat. The red block is the Solo Move, where in the character's turn, they can perform an attack by themselves. Mario can stomp on enemies once or twice when you get the GOOD! rating. Depending on the rating, the enemies takes more damage when you get a better rating. Pikachu and Skull Bash an opponent. Timing makes perfect when Pikachu uses this move. When Pikachu flashes, press B to get a rating for damage. The green block is the Special Move, where the character can use a stronger move, however it wastes SP. When you level up to a certain level, you learn a new special move. However you can learn only four moves. If you learn a new special move and you already learned four, you have to discard a move to make room for the new move you learnt now, however you can buy a Special Expansion to make more room for a Special Move you've discarded. The yellow block is the Items where you can use an item you got. However if you run out of items, this block cannot be used for the rest of the battle. The pink block is the Party SM where a member from your party can use their special move for a limited amount of turns. The black block is the Flee where you can run from a battle. When you flee from a battle, you lose coins. You can't run from a boss battle.


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