Mario & Luigi & JonTron: Quest for the Seven Crowbars
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Actually, the crowbar snaps in three!
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Mario & Luigi & JonTron: Quest for the Seven Crowbars is a 2016 video game published by Normal Boots and developed by Nintendo for the Wii U and released on July 25 as an eShop exclusive. The game features Mario, Luigi and Jon Jafari as they work together to track down the seven crowbars in order to form the legendary swoodsword -- the only thing that can stop the Great Bootleg in her attempts to end shitposting forever. The game scored mostly positive reviews, with one reviewer saying "Jon's spicy memes will be extra swood for grommets!" Another reviewer was quoted as saying "this doesn't even fit in with the mario & luigi series in the slightest wtf is this shit". The creator is quoted as saying "i tried to kill myself twice while making this game enjoy this piece of fucking shit u weebs". Miyamoto cried


  • Mario is a red-clad overall-wearing ex-plumber from the streets of Brooklyn, this time focused on stopping the Great Bootleg from ending all shitposting.
  • Luigi is Mario's cowardly brother who steps out of Mario's shadow in this game since he's the only protagonist who is able to touch the crowbars.
  • JonTron is a swood grommet and the tritagonist of the game. He needs Mario and Luigi's help to stop the Great Bootleg after seven crowbars scatter all over the island.
  • The Great Bootleg is the main antagonist. Working with Bowser, she plans to rid the world of shitposting forever.
  • Bowser is the arch-enemy of Mario and the king of the koopas. In this game he works alongside the Great Bootleg in order to rid the world of shitposting, albeit reluctantly.
  • Bootleg Michael Jackson is one with the cosmos and the god of the universe. He helps Mario, Luigi and JonTron with travelling to Bootleg Castle.
  • Malkovich is a miniboss fought on three separate occasions.


i am actually making music for this piece of shit help me

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