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Mario & Luigi: Scrambled Eggs (also known as Mario & Luigi RPG x 2!!! in Japan) is an RPG developed by AlphaDream and Crash Co. for the Nintendo Switch, Pharo, GhostDrive, and Onyx. It is the sixth game in the Mario & Luigi series, succeeding Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, and is notable for having Yoshi and Birdo as playable characters in addition to Mario and Luigi.



The game opens in a strange, space-like area called the Time Zone. Here, inside a large shrine, a group of large, fairy-like creatures are talking with each other. In front of them is a crystal ball, showing the Mushroom Kingdom, exploding. The smallest of these creatures, a young red fairy named Jiko, promises to head for the kingdom and warn them of the upcoming apocalypse. Grabbing the Time Shards, she bids farewell to her fellow fairies and enters an odd, rainbow Warp Pipe, which launches her into space. While traveling however, she hits a meteorite, which causes her to lose the Time Shards as she careens toward the Mushroom World.

Meanwhile, at Mario's House, Luigi is sitting in his hammock, relaxing. A Toad runs towards him however, waking him up from his sleep, causing him to tumble onto the ground. After regaining footing, the Toad apologizes and says that the Mario Bros. are due to be at Peach's Castle today. Luigi wonders why, but Toad reminds him that it is the kingdom's 1000th anniversary since it was established. Luigi then panics, with Toad upset at him forgetting such an event. He runs inside the house and finds Mario looking into the mirror, adjusting his cap. The Toad sighs in relief, thankful that Mario didn't forget at least. He tells the brothers to meet at the castle, where the opening ceremonies will begin.

Mario and Luigi make their way to Peach's Castle by going through Toad Town. They reach the castle gates, where they meet up with Starlow, Yoshi, and Birdo. The five exchange greetings and enter the castle. While Yoshi and Birdo head out to the buffet, Mario, Luigi, and Starlow take front row seats at the stage. Peach soon appears from behind a star curtain, thanking everyone for coming to celebrate the kingdom's 1000th anniversary. Roaring is heard however, and Bowser crashes down onto the stage, with Bowser Jr. and Kamek following him. The Koopa king expresses his anger for not being invited to the party, considering he played a big part in the kingdom's history. As Luigi hides under his seat, Mario and Starlow jump on the stage to face off with Bowser. After he is defeated, Mario tosses Bowser away, as Jr. and Kamek follow.

After Peach congratulates Mario for his heroism, Birdo is then seen pushing a large, plump Yoshi from the buffet. Something then crashes into Yoshi, causing him to spit out all the food he ate and reverting himself to normal. The time fairy Jiko then lands on Yoshi, wakes up, and greets the heroes. Peach asks where she came from, and the time fairy answers that she comes from a far-off land called the Time Zone, which is responsible for foreseeing events in the universe and protecting it. She explains that they found out that the Mushroom Kingdom is about to be victim to an apocalypse, sending everyone in a frenzied panic. Starlow asks what will happen to the kingdom, but Jiko says she can't remember, thanks to her losing the Time Shards while traveling. She does, however, know that they must find the Rainbow Mountain, and escort everyone there for safety. The team then decides to go on a new quest: Mario, Luigi, and Starlow set out to find the missing Time Shards to restore her memory, while Yoshi, Birdo, and Jiko travel to find the Rainbow Mountain. Peach, meanwhile, says that she will warn all neighboring kingdoms of the apocalypse.

Part 1

The team splits up, heading their own ways. Mario, Luigi, and Starlow head around Toad Town, with Captain Toad being found near the town outskirts, leading the Toad Brigade on an expedition through Goomba Woods to find a mysterious gem that fell in the woods a short time ago. Thinking that the gem is a Time Shard, Starlow requests to the captain if they can join the team, which he agrees to. Everyone then sets forth into Goomba Woods. However, all the brigade members quickly go missing, and the Bros. must find them. After finding all of them, Captain Toad says he found two Hammers in the woods, which the Bros. use to progress forward. Soon, they find a large oak tree called the Great Goomba Oak. Captain Toad proclaims that the treasure must be inside, so they all head in.

Meanwhile, Yoshi, Birdo, and Jiko travel to Happy Heights in order to ask the local village about the whereabouts of Rainbow Mountain. While there, they begin throwing eggs at mysterious mushrooms, which somehow cause platforms to open up in the Great Gooma Oak. Likewise, the Mario Bros. begin using their hammers to whack colorful stumps, which opens more paths in Happy Heights. The two teams work together to make their way through. At the top of Happy Heights, Yoshi, Birdo, and Jiko enter Happy Heights Village, home to strange, cloud-like creatures called Shinies. Jiko requests the elder of the village, Elder Shinie, for whereabouts of Rainbow Mountain. He states that it is located on Rainbow Path, and to reach it, they must find the four Rainbow Road Pieces, which will connect Happy Heights to Rainbow Path. Jiko thanks the elder for this information, and the team heads out of the village, but not before it is attacked by a strange, bug-like monster that digs itself out of the ground. Called a Shadys, Yoshi and Birdo defeat it, saving the town. Jiko warns the two of more of these Shadys creatures lurking around, and the group heads forth.

At the Great Goomba Oak, Mario, Luigi, Starlow, and the Toad Brigade finally climb to the top of the tree. Luigi finds the Time Shard in the leaves and tries to grab it, but the leaves suddenly morph into an enormous Goomba called the Guardian Goomba. It swallows up the Time Shard and the Toad Brigade, angry that the Great Goomba Oak has been infiltrated. The Mario Bros. team up to defeat the beast, which releases the Time Shard and Toad Brigade. Captain Toad complains about the treasure being worthless, proclaiming that he has found Coins worth more than it, while Starlow yells at him for not being thankful for the Mario Bros. defeating the Guardian Goomba. Still unsatisfied, he decides to lead the Toad Brigade on another expedition to Twilight Trail, hoping to find special treasure there. Starlow then says that they should head back to Toad Town and ask where the next Time Shard would be. They agree and head back for Peach's Castle.


Playable Characters

Playable Characters
MLSS+BM Artwork - Mario.png

The heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi are back at it again on another adventure! They find a young time mage named Jiko who has come to warn everyone about an upcoming apocalypse, but she forgets exactly what will happen. As such, the Mario Bros. waste no time to find the six Time Shards that have been scattered across the land.

MLSS+BM Artwork - Luigi.png

Mario luigi rpg style yoshi by master rainbow-daa5gf9.png

A loving couple of dinos who have helped Mario and Luigi on occasion. When Jiko arrives to tell the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom about an upcoming apocalypse that will bring the whole world in destruction, Yoshi and Birdo are eager to help. While Mario and Luigi head out in search of the Timeshards to help restore Jiko's memory, Yoshi and Birdo travel with Jiko to find the Rainbow Mountain in hopes of forming it into a safe area for the kingdom's citizens.


Non-playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters
Starlow - Mario & Luigi Paper Jam.png

A Star Sprite that has helped Mario and Luigi out in the past. She makes easy friends with Jiko when she appears in the Mushroom Kingdom, and wants to help restore her memory. She travels with the Mario Bros. as they search for Timeshards, offering advice.

Jiko New.png

A young time fairy that comes from the Time Zone. Her race foresees time, and does whatever they can to help protect the universe. She is sent to let the Mushroom Kingdom know that an apocalypse that will destroy the world is on the horizon. However, she loses her memory and forgets the specifics of the epidemic. In order to restore her memory, the six Time Shards that have been scattered across the kingdom must be found. While Mario, Luigi, and Starlow look for them, Jiko travels with Yoshi and Birdo to find Rainbow Mountain in the hopes to evacuate everyone there to safety. Similar to Starlow, Jiko will help Yoshi and Birdo by offering advice.

MLPJ Artwork - Princess Peach.png

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, as well as Mario's love interest. She, for the most part, stays at her castle, but during the adventure she does warn the neighboring kingdoms of the epidemic Jiko foretells.

Bowser Fabled Melody.png

The Koopa King, Bowser has been a thorn in the Mario Bros. side for ages. He commonly appears throughout the game to battle Mario and co., alongside his minions. At first, he's simply angry he wasn't invited to the Mushroom Kingdom's 1000th anniversary, but he may be hiding secret intentions.

Battle System

The battle system for Mario & Luigi: Scrambled Eggs is similar to that of previous installments of the series. Players will battle enemies and bosses as either Mario and Luigi or Yoshi and Birdo, with both teams playing fairly similarly.


Each character has their own HP, POW, DEF, SPEED, and STACHE or EGG stats. By gaining experience from defeating enemies and bosses, the characters will level up, allowing the players to boost their stats. Mario and Birdo generally favor POW and SPEED while Luigi and Yoshi favor HP and DEF. The stats and their functions are listed below:

  • HP, short for Heart Points, is the amount of life the character has. If they are hit by an enemy, they will lose HP. Losing all HP will cause the character to faint, forcing the remaining character to pick them up, making counterattacks harder. If both characters faint, the Game Over screen appears. The only way to revive a fainted character is with a 1-Up Mushroom or a 1-Up Deluxe.
  • POW, short for Power, is how strong the character is. The higher their POW stat is, the more damage they will deal to enemies and bosses.
  • DEF, short for Defense, is how much damage the character can lessen from an enemy or boss hit. The higher the DEF stat, the less damage enemies and bosses will deal to them.
  • SPEED is how fast the character is. The higher the SPEED stat is, the sooner the character can attack an enemy at any given turn.
  • STACHE and EGG are special stats exclusive to Mario/Luigi and Yoshi/Birdo respectively. The higher a character's STACHE or EGG stat is, the higher the chance is to get a Lucky Hit, which doubles the damage. It additionally gives the players discounts when purchasing items at shops. Unlike the other stats, STACHE and EGG will not increase after a level up; the only way to increase this stat is to use the level up bonus.


As mentioned, players will battle enemies and bosses as either Mario and Luigi or Yoshi and Birdo. Both duos have six different options for battle.

To attack, Mario and Luigi are either able to jump on an enemy or use a hammer. When jumping, if the action command is pressed correctly, they are able to jump on an enemy twice in a row for more damage. When using a hammer, they will charge up for a swing. If the action command is pressed at the right time, they will deal more damage, as well as create shockwave that can damage other enemies. Otherwise, the head of the hammer will fall off, only lightly damaging the enemy. Yoshi and Birdo have different attacks; using a Ground Pound and throwing eggs at enemies. The Ground Pound is similar to Mario and Luigi's jump, though the timing of the action command is different and, if successful, creates a shockwave on impact that lightly damages other enemies. When Yoshi and Birdo throw eggs at enemies, a cursor will appear that slides across the arena, similar to the Yoshi's Island games. If the action command is timed correctly, they will throw the egg at the enemy for damage. Otherwise, it hits the ground and cracks, missing the enemy.

All of these attacks are also incorporated into counterattacking, which can dodge enemy attacks and potentially damage them back. All characters are able to jump over enemies, though Yoshi and Birdo have an added Flutter Jump ability that allows them to stay in the air longer if the button is held. Mario and Luigi are also able to use their hammers to whack enemies, deflect projectiles, and avoid damage. Likewise, Yoshi and Birdo can throw eggs at enemies and projectiles to avoid attacks.

Bros. Items, now rebranded as Duo Items, make a return from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, effectively replacing special attacks from more recent games. These items can be bought and purchased, and require both characters of the duo to use; if a character has fainted, then a Duo Item cannot be used. Both teams have their own specific Duo Items that they can use.

Regular Items can also be used to support the team, ranging from replenishing HP, to giving them stat boosts, and to reverting negative status ailments. Scan allows either Starlow or Jiko to scan an enemy, unveiling their stats, attacks, defenses, and weaknesses to the player. This feature is similar to the Tattle ability in the Paper Mario series. Lastly, the player can Flee from battle, where they will lose Coins as a result. During boss battles, the Flee option is not selectable.


Toad Town

The capitol of the Mushroom Kingdom, this large village houses many Toads, among other friendly folk. In addition to the wide array of shops and services around the area, this is also where Peach's Castle is built. Currently, the kingdom is celebrating its 1000th anniversary.

Goomba Woods

A thick forest with trees that seclude sunlight from the ground. As the name suggests, the area is crawling with Goombas and Goomba-like species. The Toad Brigade holds an expedition here to find treasure, which Mario and Luigi follow in the hopes of finding the Time Shard. Here, they also find Hammers, which help them throughout their journey.

The Great Goomba Oak

A massive tree located in the middle of Goomba Woods. It's mostly hollow inside, with odd, Goomba-like structures on the walls. There are colorful stumps that can be hit with Hammers, which open up paths in Happy Heights.

Happy Heights

A large mountain that Yoshi, Birdo, and Jiko travel to in order to ask for information on Rainbow Mountain. Most of the area consists of Mushroom Platforms, some of which are bouncy, and can take the team to new heights. Strange, multicolored mushrooms can also be hit with eggs, which open up paths in the Great Goomba Oak.

Happy Heights Village

A village located at the top of Happy Heights, home to small, cloud creatures called Shinies that are used to high altitude. A strange, beetle-like monster called a Shadys attacks from underground here, but Yoshi and Birdo dispatch it easily.


Regular Items

Mario / Luigi's Items Yoshi / Birdo's Items Description Buy / Sell Price

Replenishes 30 HP.

10 Coins

Super Mushroom
Super Berry

Replenishes 60 HP.

30 Coins

Ultra Mushroom
Ultra Berry

Replenishes 100 HP.

60 Coins

Max Mushroom
Max Berry

Replenishes all HP.

120 Coins

1-Up Mushroom
1-Up Berry.png
1-Up Berry

Revives a fallen ally and replenishes half of their HP.

100 Coins

1-Up Deluxe
1-Up Berry.png
1-Up Delight

Revives a fallen ally and replenishes all of their HP.

200 Coins


Replenishes 20 HP to both members.

30 Coins

Super Nut
Super Banana

Replenishes 40 HP to both members.

50 Coins

Ultra Nut
Ultra Banana

Replenishes 60 HP to both members.

80 Coins

Syrup Jar.png
Syrup Jar
Honey Jar.png
Honey Jar

Negates any negative status ailments.

10 Coins

Red Pepper

Increases POW for three turns.

30 Coins

Green Pepper

Increases DEF for three turns.

30 Coins

Pepper Blue.png
Blue Pepper

Increases SPEED for three turns.

30 Coins

Boo Biscuit 3D.png
Boo Biscuit

Turns the user invisible for three turns, making enemies miss attacks aimed at them.

45 Coins

Shock Bomb 3D.png
Shock Bomb

Explodes, causing all enemies to become stunned for three turns or until attacked.

60 Coins

Taunt Ball 3D.png
Taunt Ball

Will be thrown at an enemy in the background, causing them to become enraged and fly into the foreground to battle.

20 Coins

Secret Box 3D.png
Secret Box

Causes random effects on the battle, from increasing one of the players' DEF to decreasing an enemy's POW.

50 Coins

Duo Items

Bros. Duo Items

Bros. Duo Items
Duo Item Description Buy / Sell Price
Green Shell

Mario and Luigi kick the Green Shell back and forth, damaging opponents. With each kick, the shell travels faster, making it harder and harder to hit.

30 Coins

Dinos Duo Items

Dinos Duo Items
Duo Item Description Buy / Sell Price

A gigantic watermelon falls into Birdo's snout, and Yoshi must continually ground pound on it to shove it inside. After awhile, Birdo will spit watermelon seeds randomly at enemies, damaging them. The more of the watermelon that is inside Birdo, the more seeds she will spit.

30 Coins

Enemies and Bosses


Enemy Scan Description / Attacks Locations
Goomoss - Scrambled Eggs.png

Starlow: This little guy is a Goomoss. These rocky creatures lurk around Goomba woods. The moss on their heads is said to be the home of tiny insects. Wonder if they know they're living on top of a Goomba of all things?

Jiko: This cute rock-like creature is a Goomoss. It may have a hard head, but your Ground Pound can still take it out. The tiny flowers on its head are so adorable! Wish I could say the same for its face though...

Goomba Woods
The Great Goomba Oak

  • A Goomoss will charge into one of the characters. Can be countered by jumping on their heads as they charge.
  • A Goomoss will roll into one of the characters. If they raise their right foot, they will attack Mario/Yoshi, and if they raise their left foot, they will attack Luigi/Birdo. Can be countered by jumping on them as they charge.


Boss Scan Description / Attacks Location
Bowser Fabled Melody.png
Bowser (First Encounter)

Starlow: That's Bowser! This big brute has taken Peach almost every day of the week, and now he's crashing the 1000th anniversary party! He doesn't seem to be on top of his game though, so just keep wailing on him until he's done for.

Peach's Castle

  • Bowser will breathe a fireball at Mario. It can be dodged by jumping over it.


  • This is the first Mario & Luigi game to be released on a home console.
    • This is also the first Mario & Luigi game to be released across multiple consoles.
  • This is the first game to feature Birdo as a playable character that isn't a Mario Party or Mario sports title.


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