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Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest
North American Boxart of Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest.
Developer(s) AlphaDream, Shooting Star Studios Logo.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) RPG, Adventure
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan.png December 24, 2012

25px-Flag of USA.png December 28, 2012
25px-Flag of Europe.pngJanuary 1, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia.png January 10, 2013

Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg 3Rating.png
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Card

Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest, known as Mario & Luigi RPG 4!! in Japan and Mario & Luigi +2! in Europe, is a Nintendo 3DS game and is the upcoming fourth title in the Mario & Luigi series. In this game, Mario and Luigi find themselves forced to work together with their rivals, being Wario and Waluigi as they save the Mushroom Kingdom from the Cosmic Dark Stars and their leader, Lord Ztar.


Chapter 1 - The Dark Assault

In the opening, dark objects are fired at the earth from the very far space, these objects seem to be Star-like figures. Those things are called Cosmic Dark Stars, that have disappeared in space a very long time ago. The leader of these mysterious Stars is the great Lord Ztar. He is sending all of his minions to attack many kingdoms and take dominate them.

Mario seeing the disaster.

During this, Princess Peach and Princess Daisy are seen writing some letters for their friends, inviting them to a party she's holding in her castle. After this, Mario and Luigi are seen eating some pancakes at home, when suddenly, Mailtoad interrupts them giving them a letter from Princess Peach, for her party. Mario and Luigi read the letter and immediately start their way to the castle. Once arriving the castle, the Bros. hear screams coming from inside and immediately enter, to see that many Toads are trapped in dark bubbles and the Princesses and Toadsworth are being attacked by the Cosmic Dark Stars and Lord Ztar. Mario and Luigi then try to stop him, but he paralyzes them in a great dark bubble. While the Bros. can't do anything, Lord Ztar continues attacking the castle, until he notices the blue pearl Peach has on her chest, and without further ado, he kidnaps Peach and leaves the castle.

After all the riot, Wario and Waluigi notice all the habitants being attacked by these dark Stars, but they didn't care and continued their way to Peach's Castle, as Peach also invited them to the party. When the Wario Bros. enter the castle, they witness all the disaster, but then they both notice the cake and start eating it. Then, Mario reawakens and sees Toadsworth walking around desperately and Wario and Waluigi eating the cake. Mario doesn't remember anything and asks Princess Daisy what happened. She tells Mario everything, and Mario wakes Luigi up and starts the adventure. Meanwhile Wario and Waluigi thought they could gain money by saving her, so they start an adventure too, separately from the Mario Bros.

The Mario Bros. battling the Wario Bros.

While traveling in the Mushroom Kingdom, a blue die surprises the brothers and before they try to grab it, it starts rotating and Tumble appears. He tells Mario and Luigi that he was sent by Toadsworth to help them and explains his functions, which are keeping their items, clothing, and other important things inside his die. Mario and Luigi continue traveling afterwards and arrive at Goomba Valley, where Tumble explains the Bros. how to jump and fight. After this, they continue and meet Toadbert, who seems to be thinking about something. He tells the Bros. about the Shadow Shards, that have been scattered into 10 pieces during Lord Ztar's attack and that when putting all them together, they will form the Shadow Star. Then, Tumble tells the brothers that they must collect those shards, with them, they could be closer to Peach's rescue, send the Cosmic Dark Stars far away from the world and destroy Lord Ztar. The brothers continue their adventure and notice a mad Goomboss with the first Shadow Shard. They confront him and after his defeat, they obtain the first Shadow Shard. However, Wario and Waluigi appear and demand them the shard, starting up a battle between the Mario Bros. and the Wario Bros.

Chapter 2 - Inside the Fortress

After the Wario Bros. are defeated, Tumble pops out and tell them that they should travel together, and after a lot of hesitation, they start a friendly adventure between rivals. After getting the Shadow Shard, the 4 heroes move to Horlek Fortress, a mysterious and abandoned fortress. Here, The 4 heroes decide to explore the fortress separately, and get

Big Bob-Omb taking over the Shadow Shard.

inside in different entrances. There, some friendly Hammer Bros. are trying to fix a mechanism with their hammers. They explain Mario and Luigi that the mechanism is the heart of the fortress, which brings functionality to it and that it hasn't been working since a long time ago. The Hammer Bros. give the brothers Hammers to help them. After fixing the mechanism, the Hammer Bros. gratefully teach Mario and Luigi how to use their hammers out-of-battle and in-battle. Then, the Bros. continue traveling and find Bowser in a strange place, Bowser tells Mario and Luigi that he is aware of what happened to Peach, and that he's going to save (kidnap) her and take advantage to rule the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi obviously do not approve his plans and a battle starts. After being defeated, Bowser escapes and the Bros. explore the strange place, and find a locked door, Tumble tells them that the senses the key being in the same room. Meanwhile, Wario and Waluigi are walking through some kind of bridge, and find another Shadow Shard, but before they try getting it, Big Bob-Omb appears and takes it, and a battle between the Wario Bros. and the Big Bob-Omb starts. The Wario Bros. defeat him and obtain the second Shadow Shard. Then, they start looking for the Mario Bros. to give Tumble the second shard.

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi are looking for the key inside the strange place they are, to see that the key is a Golden Hammer located above a skinny pipe. After getting it, Mario and Luigi open the door and The Wario Bros. find them, but before giving the Shadow Shard to Tumble, a strange shadow appears and steals it. That shadow is Lord Ztar, introducing himself again to the Mario Bros. (Mario and Luigi didn't remember him, due to the effects of the paralization) and a battle starts. When the 4 heroes defeat him, he immediately dissapears, dropping the Shadow Shard. After obtaining the second Shadow Shard again, the 4 heroes return to Toad Town.

Chapter 3 - Under the Woods

The Mario Bros. find Goomberto.

The 4 heroes continue their adventure and move to Leafiholly Woods, a beautiful forest. Again, the Mario Bros. and the Wario Bros. travel on their own. Mario and Luigi find a Goomba, he introduces himself as Goomberto, and explains that he is looking for his best friend, Parakoopie. Mario and Luigi then will gladly propose to help him find his friend. Meanwhile, Tumble appears with the Wario Bros. and starts teaching Wario and Waluigi how to Punch Afterwards, they see a little pink Parakoopa sitting on a little tree, she introduces herself as Parakoopie, and tells them that she's lost and is looking for her best friend, Goomberto. Wario and Waluigi act like they don't care at all, but Tumble convinces them to help her find her friend and continue their adventure while doing so. Suddenly, the floor begins to shake, and Major Burrows appears, starting a battle. After defeating him, the Wario Bros. find a secret passage and enter it. Mario and Luigi keep exploring the forest with Goomberto and they find a key, the Bros. take it and Tumble appears stating that the key is pretty similar to the other one found in Horlek Fortress, and that maybe it opens a secret door too. He says he senses that maybe those doors not only allows them to continue, but might have something to do with their adventure against Lord Ztar. After finding the door and before opening it, the Wario Bros. appear with Parakoopie, and she and Goomberto start jumping happily. However, Petey Piranha appears with the third Shadow Shard in his hand out of nowhere. Petey Piranha eats the Shadow Shard and starts a battle between the 4 heroes and him. After being defeated, Petey spits the Shard and the heroes, Goomberto and Parakoopie open the mysterious door, immediately leading them to Toad Town.

Chapter 4 - Troubles with Dinos

The Mario Bros. traveling Yoshi's Island.

The 4 heroes reunite Goomberto and Parakoopie and continue their adventure moving to Yoshi's Island, home of the Yoshis and other criatures. When entering, the 4 heroes see that a group of Yoshis are being attacked by Shy Guys and their leader, General Guy. The heroes get involved and a battle starts. After defeating the General Guy and his minions, a Yoshi gratefully gives the 4 heroes a Smash Egg and a Pow Egg. The Mario Bros. and the Wario Bros. split again and continue traveling to find the fourth Shadow Shard. While traveling, Mario and Luigi find a mysterious cave locked with a giant door, the door contains 6 star-like holes. Tumble appears and wonders what the door might contain. Suddenly, the Yoshi Leader appears and informs the bros more about that door, and that the pieces that must be in the door are called Star Eggs, little white star rocks with gold spots that were scattered in the island to protect it from a "mummy beast". Tumble informs the Wario Bros. about the Star Eggs. The 4 heroes then start searching for the Star Eggs to open the giant door. After finding 2 Star Eggs, the Mario Bros. are interrupted by two bad Koopas, Boomba Troopa and Heli-Koopa, starting a battle. After being defeated, the two Koopas espape and drop a Star Egg. Meanwhile, Wario and Waluigi continue traveling, with one Star Egg on their hands, when they notice a confused Birdo looking at a little cracked wall. She tells the Wario Bros. that she found a little golden rock (Star Egg) but she accidentally dropped it and that it rolled towards the little hole on the wall. Tumble appears and explains the Mini Bob-Omb functionality, which they use to completely break the wall and get the Star Egg. Having 2 Star Eggs, they continue their adventure. Mario and Luigi find Wario and Waluigi, and Tumble starts explaining them some overworld techniques that they can do together, then, they find a little Yoshi statue with a hole on it. The Wario Bros. perform a Bros. Ball, while Mario throws them at the hole with the Hammer so they can get in. After entering, the Wario Bros continue rolling in a little maze. They find a Star Egg and exit the maze.

After finding all the Star Eggs, the 4 heroes open the great door and enter to an ancient cavern. After passing through a maze-like path in the cave, the heroes find a large chest. After opening it, Mummipokey pops out with the Shadow Shard and the battle starts. After defeating it, the heroes obtain the fourth Shadow Shard and return to Toad Town.

Chapter 5 - Obnoxious Cold

After getting the fourth Shadow Shard, the 4 heroes move to Pesky Waterlands. Tumble equips and gives everyone special clothes to walk underwater with ease. After entering the sea, the 4 heroes pass through various obstacles and enemies. After that, they confront Blooperious, a massive Blooper. After defeating him, they move to Sherbet Glacier.

The four heroes battling Midbus.

In Sherbet Glacier, the Mario Bros. and the Wario Bros. split and continue the adventure on their own. Mario and Luigi find a strange, giant cube of ice, with many Toads and Bumpties trapped inside. Mario and Luigi attempt to use their Hammer to break the ice, with no avail. All of a sudden, Bowser Jr. confronts them and starts a battle. After being defeated, Bowser Jr. escapes and drops a badge, called Hot Hammer. After equipping it, the Mario Bros. use the Hammers and melt the ice, releasing the Toads and the Bumpties, they gratefully give Mario and Luigi some items. Meanwhile, Wario and Waluigi are seen sleeping (surprisingly), but Midbus appears and traps them into ice cubes (hintinh that he's responsible for trapping the habitants). Mario and Luigi continue their travels, when they find a great place called Midbus Palace. After entering, the Bros. must get past many rooms and obstacles by using their overworld techniques to reach Midbus. After finding him and the Wario Bros., they release them with the Hot Hammers and all 4 heroes battle Midbus. He's defeated and a Shadow Shard is dropped by him. After taking it, the palace starts shaking, and a countdown is set for the 4 heroes to escape before the palace collapses. Then, they finally return to Toad Town.

Chapter 6 - Help in the way!

The 4 heroes move to Gritzy Badlands after getting the fifth Shadow Shard. There, a blue Yoshi with sunglasses and a yellow Birdo with a ponytail are seen bugging some Toads, they introduce themselves as Boshi and Birdie. The Mario and Wario Bros. split, and Mario & Luigi decide to battle Boshi and Birdie. Mario and Luigi defeat them, saving the Toads. One of them gives Mario a badge, called Coin Collector. Wario and Waluigi then, after passing through many obstacles and enemies, find a place with some rock-like switches. Tumble appears and teaches them the Ground Pound ability, which Wario and Waluigi must use this to press switches simultaneously and connect some platforms, so they can make a bridge with them. They connect all the platforms afterwards, and continue exploring. Mario and Luigi reach a dead end, and Tumble notices the ground is a little broken, having a few cracks. Tumble teaches them the Bros Drill. ability, to drill under those cracks and find things that could help them, in one of the cracks they find a P-Switch. With it, they activate some stairs, and they continue. Bowser is seen flying on his Koopa Clown Car about to escape with another Shadow Shard, but Wario and Waluigi fortunately stop him, Mario and Luigi appear and then a battle starts. Bowser then escapes on his Koopa Clown Car, dropping the sixth Shadow Shard.

Lakitus and Giga Lakitu preparing to attack the Mario Bros.

Then, they move to Fluffy Skies, a beautiful cloudy garden. There, the Mario and Wario Bros split and explore the place. Mario and Luigi find some clouds floating around, with faces. All of these clouds are white, except there was a purple, big one with yellow angry eyes. Suddenly, turtles pop out of the clouds, being the Lakitus and their leader Giga Lakitu. The army start chasing the Mario Bros, but they hide behind some fountains. Wario and Waluigi are catched by Giga Lakitu, starting a battle. They defeat him, and continue their adventure. After passing through many puzzle-like roads, secrets and learning more overworld stuff, the 4 heroes, are attacked by some Bullet Bills and a giant one, Banzai Bill. After defeating the great bullet, it releases a Pipe, and they return to Toad Town with the sixth Shadow Shard they got in Gritzy Badlands.

Chapter 7 - Caterpillar Shutdown

Moving to Forest of Illusion, The 4 heroes find out that the forest is infested with Fuzzies. To solve it, the Wario Bros. throw a Mini Bob-Omb to blow away the Fuzzies so they could continue. After finishing with the infestation, some Toads and other habitants arrive talking about some disaster. The Wiggler King is destroying the entire forest to take it over along with his Wigglers. With the power of the Shadow Shard, he can easlily destroy it and force all the habitants to leave the forest. The heroes try to stop him, but he runs away with the other Wigglers. The Mario Bros. and the Wario Bros. start looking for him separately. Meanwhile in Toad Town, Princess Daisy is responsible for Peach's Castle rebuild in Peach's absence, so all the attendants are working together to make it faultless.

Mario and Luigi confronting the Wiggler King.

The Wario Bros. find out some kind of statue with two holes, performing the Ball Bros. Wario has to decide which hole to enter, after entering the correct one, Wario has to pass through mazes, one harder than the other. After doing so, they find a Key. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi travel through mazes, puzzles and very strange paths, to finally find the Wiggler territory. The Bros. must avoid it to reach the Wiggler King, then after talking with him, a battle starts. The Mario Bros. successfully defeats him, and he blatantly says he can't believe he lost the shard that a tophat, caped guy gave to him, meaning that Lord Ztar not only scattered the Shadow Star into 10 pieces, but also gave them to different baddies so they could protect them and use them for more evil purposes. Wario and Waluigi appear with another Key (that it and the Doors could also have something to do with Lord Ztar), they get the seventh Shadow Shard and move to Toad Town.

Chapter 8 - Plan X!

The 4 heroes move to Starshine Bowl Beach, a very relaxing beach with Delfino resemblance. It is also known for having a university for the travelers. The heroes split again in the beach and continue the journey. Mario and Luigi guide some lost travelers to the university by passing through mazes and solving puzzles, while Wario and Waluigi need to avoid a bunch of enemies. After the Wario Bros and the Mario Bros. reach the door, they notice it is locked, so the Wario Bros. need to search for the Key while Mario and Luigi wait with the travelers and protect them.

After entering, the 4 heroes and the travelers enter in the Brainrain University, a mysterious university only for very, very smart travelers. The whole university seems to be invaded by mysterious and very familiar creatures. However, there are guards, and if they see Mario, Luigi, Wario or Waluigi, they'll be ejected of the university, and they'll have to enter and repeat everything again. The 4 heroes have to get past maze-like corridors and avoid the guards. Some of the creatures as well as Kamek find the heroes, so Kamek releases Darkus, a creation of him, to get rid of them. After defeating Darkus, Kamek tries to defeat them, starting another battle, but also fails and flees.

The Wario Bros. battling Grodus.

Mario notices little soldiers, and remembers these as the X-Nauts, the old guys commanded by Grodus. Tumble appears and distracts the X-Nauts while the plumbers escape from the room. After this, Tumble escapes, but the X-Nauts follow him. Without knowing he was being followed, he accidentally leads them to the heroes, and a battle starts. After defeating the X-Nauts, the Bros. continue the adventure and enter a room with various mechanisms. This technology seems to be controlled by the X-Nauts. The Wario Bros. decide to battle the X-Nauts, and after defeating them, the Mario Bros. turn off the mechanism that called the mysterious guards to attack, by using their hammers. Grodus notices the machine isn't working, so he decides to watch the security camera screen to see what's happening, only to see the Mario Bros. are ruining his plans again. He sends more of his troops to defeat them. The 4 heroes must hide somewhere. They run to the university's kitchen, and hide. The heroes find a secret door, and after opening it, they find a secret room installed by Grodus called the Control Room.

They finally find Grodus there, but Mario and Luigi are trapped by the X-Nauts before entering the room, so  it's up to Wario and Waluigi to defeat Grodus. Grodus uses one of the Shadow Shards to get more power and have more chances to fulfill his plans. However, the Wario Bros. defeat Grodus, and escape the room with the Shadow Shard,. The room launches with Grodus out of the university and all the X-Nauts escape along with the guards, leaving Mario and Luigi. Now the university is back to normal, and the students and tourists can enter again. The 4 heroes get the eighth Shadow Shard and return to Toad Town.

More to come....


Playable Characters

Image Name Description
Mario M&LRQ.png Mario The beloved hero, Mario, is ready for his next adventure! Mario uses Hammers as principal ability and his jumps are pretty much the average. His hammer is good for breaking crates and rocks.
Luigi M&LRQ.png Luigi Our favorite sidequick, Luigi, follows Mario in their ultimate quest to save Peach! He uses a Hammer as principal ability too, and his jumps are higher than his brother. His hammer can shrink Mario to reach normally innaccessible areas.
Wario M&LRQ.png Wario The greedy Wario is in the adventure too, alongside his best buddy, Waluigi! He uses Punch as principal ability, his jumps are low but he's powerful enough to punch his sidequick against distant places.
Waluigi M&LRQ.png Waluigi Waluigi's ready for the adventure, with his buddy Wario! He uses Punch as principal ability too, and also has the highest jumps. His punchs help with special objects and switches

Supporting Characters

Image Character(s) Description
Peach M&LRQ.png Princess Peach Princess Peach has been kidnaped by the evil Lord Ztar, to use her mysterious power and destroy all the kingdoms.
Toadsworth M&LRQ.png Toadsworth Toadsworth is Princess Peach's longtime steward. He is paranoid for the Princess Peach, because of her kidnapping and eventually faints due to his excess worrying for the princess. He also sometimes gives the player Beans.
Toadbertmlbis.PNG Toadbert Toadbert helps Mario and the others by telling them information about the locations they must travel, and sometimes creates mushrooms to give to the player.
Princess DaisyM&LRQ.png Princess Daisy Princess Daisy saw what happened in Peach's Castle and Princess Peach's kidnapping. She's inside the castle and is in charge of Peach Castle's rebuild.
TumbleMarioAdvance.png Tumble Tumble aids Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi in their travels. He helps them by carrying items, Badges, Shadow Shards and Clothing, all inside his die. His role is almost the same as what Stuffwell did in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.
BabyMarioM&LRQ.png Baby Mario Baby Mario plays in a room in Peach's Castle in the past, called Baby Playroom. He sometimes gives the player a Mushroom or a Super Mushroom if you use the time machine.
BabyLuigiM&LRQ.png Baby Luigi Baby Luigi plays in a room in Peach's Caslte in the past, called Baby Playroom. He sometimes gives the player a 1-Up Mushroom or a 1-Up Super if you use the time machine.
BabyPeach M&LRQ.png Baby Peach Baby Peach plays in the same room with the Baby Bros. She sometimes gives the player Golden Mushrooms if you use the time machine.
BabyDaisy M&LRQ.png Baby Daisy Baby Daisy plays in the same room with Baby Peach and the Baby. Bros. She sometimes gives the player Refreshing Herbs if you use the time machine.
Toad M&LRQ.png Toad Toad is Peach's longtime attendant. He actually does not have an important role in the game and can be seen in Peach's Castle alongside Toadsworth. Various other Toads, however, are met during the quest with different roles.
M&L Bowser.png Bowser Bowser is mad because Peach got kidnapped by someone else. He's hoping to rescue her (kidnap her) and try to rule the Mushroom Kingdom again, so he will try to stop the heroes in their adventure to save Peach.
M&L Baby bowser.png Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. is, of course, helping his dad. Bowser Jr. will try to beat up the heroes throughout the game.
N/A Toadette Toadette, alongside Toadiko, has her own mini orchestra theater, where she can be seen preparing events and other things.
M&L Yoshi.png Yoshi Yoshi can be seen in the Toad Town with Birdo. His species are habitants of Yoshi's Island and can help the player throughout the level.
ToadikoM&LRQ.png Toadiko Toadiko helps Toadette in her mini orchestra theater, while preparing events and other things with her.
ParakoopieM&LRQ.png Parakoopie Parakoopie is Goomberto's best friend. She's lost in Leafiholly Woods and is found by the Wario Bros.
GoombertoM&LRQ.png Goomberto Goomberto is Parakoopie's best friend. He's also lost in Leafiholly Woods and is found by the Mario Bros.

Battle System

See also: Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest/Battle System

To start a battle, Mario, Luigi, Wario or Waluigi must touch an enemy or perform a First Strike by jumping on the enemy in the overworld. A first strike will damage the enemy before the battle starts. Since the game is an RPG, players and enemies will take turns to attack each other. Using well timed attacks can deal more damage to enemies.


Each character has his own HP, SP, POW, DEF, SPEED and STACHE points. When they finish a battle, they each gain EXP points and Coins. With enough Experience Points, they can level-up and increase their respective statistic.

  • HPIcon.png HP (abbreviation of Heart Points) is the amount of health the heroes have. When an enemy hits either of them, they lose HP. When their HP reaches zero, they pass out, but can be revived with a 1-Up Mushroom or 1-Up Super. HP can be replenished with a Mushroom, a Nut or a Garlic (Wario and Waluigi only).
  • SPIcon.png SP (abbreviation of Special Points) is how many times the heroes can use a Special Move. Each attack uses up a certain amount of SP, draining the total. SP can only be restored by using Syrup.
  • POWIcon.png POW (abbreviation of Power) is how strong the player is. The higher their POW stats are, the more damage they will perform.
  • DEFIcon.png DEF (abbreviation of Defense) is how much damage the player can block from an enemy hit. The higher their DEF stats are, the less damage they will take.
  • SPEEDIcon.png SPEED is how fast the heroes are. The more SPEED they have, the more they can attack an enemy in a single turn.
  • STACHEIcon.png STACHE is the most unique of Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi's stats. The higher their STACHE stats are, the greater there is a chance of a Lucky Hit, which doubles POW. Plus, it gives the heroes discounts when buying at shops and increases the worth of items sold.

Mario and Luigi's Battle System

Mario Bros. Battling Lakitu.

Mario and Luigi's battle system is similar to the battles from previous titles. During a battle, the two heroes have six choices when attacking, these are Jump, Hammer, Bros. Items, Items, Bros. Badges and Escape. The Bros. can defend with their jumps and hammers. The Jump makes Mario and/or Luigi jump to dodge an attack or to counter-attack.

When Mario or Luigi pull off an action command, that brother's end of the bar fills slightly. When they meet in the middle, it's possible to use a Bros. Badge move. The effect varies with the equipped badge. The normal effect is to restore 20% of both brother's HP. Badges can be bought in one of the shops in Toad Town or Peach's Castle.

Wario and Waluigi's Battle System

The Wario Bros. battling Goombos.

Wario and Waluigi's battle system is almost the same as Mario and Luigi's, but with a few differences. When Wario does the Jump attack, he ground pounds in the second jump, Waluigi, however, does the same as the Mario Bros. They also, uses Punch instead of Hammer, similar to Bowser in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. If any of the Wario Bros. pass out, the other will be the understudy. If both pass out, the game will conduct a Game Over. Wario or Waluigi can go to battles separately like the Mario Bros. But if any of them pass out, it will be a game over, ignoring the other brother.

They also, have different Bros. Items, and different in-battle options, but use the same badges. Another thing is that they replenish their HP with Garlics instead of Mushrooms, and that they have different level simbols when ranking up.


When leveling up the heroes, they occasionally reach a rank. When this happen, new features are added to the game such as being able to equip more clothes or being able to shop in certain places. Here is a list of the ranks:

Mario leveling up.

Mario & Luigi:

  • Mushroom: default.
  • Shell: level 6
  • Flower: level 12
  • Coin: level 18
  • Star: level 25
  • Rainbow: level 40

Wario & Waluigi:

  • Garlic: default.
  • Pepper: level 5
  • Pipe: level 14
  • Meteor: level 20
  • Super Garlic: level 32
  • Rainbow: level 40

Bros. Items

Main Article: Bros. Items

The Bros. Items returns in this game from Partners in Time and does the same as in previous titles. There are various shops where the player can buy them and they just cost Coins.

Mario and Luigi's Bros. Items:

Wario & Waluigi's Bros. Items:

Status Ailments

Many Status Ailments appear in Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest. Each type affects the heroes and enemies with their own variables. Many of these status effects are previously found in the prequels. Many enemies can inflict the diseases, as well as some attacks that the four heroes can learn. To relieve the effects, the player can use a Refreshing Herb or - depending on the type - can wait for it to run out of their systems.

Image Name Description Affects
Status Burn.PNG Burn Player has fire on them; prevents them from attacking/dodging; loses partial HP every turn. Mario; Luigi; Wario; Waluigi; Enemies
Status Defense Down.PNG DEF-Down Defense stat is lowered; attacks on affected player are more powerful. Mario; Luigi; Wario; Waluigi; Enemies
Status Def-up.PNG DEF-Up Defense stat is boosted; attacks on affected character are less powerful. Mario; Luigi; Wario; Waluigi; Enemies
Status Dizzy.PNG Dizzy Player cannot move from confusion and is unable to attack/dodge. Mario; Luigi; Wario; Waluigi; Enemies
Status Fury.PNG Fury Player grows furious and increases damage dealt and received. Wario; Waluigi
Status Pow Down.PNG POW-Down Attack Power is lowered; attacks from affected player do less damage. Mario, Luigi; Wario; Waluigi; Enemies
N/A POW-Up Attack Power is boosted; attacks from affected player do more damage. Mario; Luigi; Wario; Waluigi; Enemies
Status Poison.png Poison Player turns purple and loses partial HP every turn. Mario; Luigi; Enemies
Status Speed Down.PNG SPD-Down Speed stat is lowered; affected player gets fewer turns. Mario; Luigi; Wario; Waluigi; Enemies
N/A SPD-Up Speed stat is boosted; affected player gets turns faster. Mario; Luigi; Enemies
Status Sick.png Sick Players gets a runny nose and loses partial HP every turn. Wario; Waluigi; Enemies

Out-of-Battle Techniques

The four heroes can also use some techniques out of battle. All of the following techniques must be learned by progressing in the game, except jumping.

Mario and Luigi Techniques

  • Mario and Luigi can both jump.
  • Mario and Luigi can both whack their Hammers.
  • Mario and Luigi can perform a Spin Jump.
  • Mario and Luigi can perform a Bros. Drill.
  • They can find a Blue Koopa shell that Mario can put on. Luigi can whack him with his hammer to shoot Mario over previously inaccessible areas to hit switches.

Wario and Waluigi Techniques

  • Wario and Waluigi can both jump.
  • Wario and Waluigi can both Punch, instead of using hammers.
  • Wario and Waluigi can both Ground Pound.
  • Wario and Waluigi can perform a Bros. Ball.
  • They can find a Mini Bob-Omb that Wario or Waluigi can punch to throw it at certain places and break walls or other things to find hidden items.

All-Character Techniques

  • Wario and Waluigi can flatten Mario and Luigi into Bros. Cakes.
  • Wario can perform a Bros. Toss, and throw Mario and Luigi to higher areas.
  • Mario and Luigi can make Wario and Waluigi perform a Spin Jump by spin jumping into them.


Image Item Effect
MushroomM&LRiA.png Mushroom Restores 30 HP to one of the bros.
MushroomM&LRiA.png Super Mushroom Restores 60 HP to one of the bros.
MushroomM&LRiA.png Ultra Mushroom Restores 120 HP to one of the bros.
MushroomM&LRiA.png Max Mushroom Restores 240 HP to one of the bros.
GoldenMushroom.png Golden Mushroom Restores all HP of the Mario Bros.
1-Up Mushroom.png 1-Up Mushroom Revives fallen bro with 20 HP.
1-Up Mushroom.png 1-Up Super Revives fallen bro with all HP.
GarlicM&LRQ.png Garlic Restores 35 HP to one of the Wario bros.
GarlicM&LRQ.png Super Garlic Restores 50 HP to one of the Wario bros.
GarlicM&LRQ.png Ultra Garlic Restores 120 HP to one of the Wario bros.
GarlicM&LRQ.png Max Garlic Restores 250 HP to one of the Wario bros.
Glow Garlic.png Glow Garlic Restores all HP of the Wario Bros.
Syrup BiS.png Syrup Restores 30 SP to one of the heroes.
Syrup BiS.png Super Syrup Restores 60 SP to one of the heroes.
Syrup BiS.png Ultra Syrup Restores 120 SP to one of the heroes.
Syrup BiS.png Max Syrup Restores all SP to one of the heroes.
Nut.png Nut Restores 10 HP to both bros.
Nut.png Super Nuts Restores 15 HP to both bros.
Nut.png Ultra Nuts Restores 20 HP to both bros.
Nut.png Max Nuts Restores all HP to both bros.
Whacka BumpM&LRQ.png Whacka Bump Restores 80 HP and 80 SP.
Whacka BumpM&LRQ.png Whacka Bump x2 Restores 150 HP and 150 SP.
Whacka BumpM&LRQ.png Whacka Bump x3 Restores 230 HP and 230 SP.
SuperWhacka BumpM&LRQ.png Super Whacka Bump Restores all HP and SP.
Refreshing Herb.png Refreshing Herb Cures all status alignments inflicted.
Pepper Red.png Red Pepper Boosts POW to one of the heroes.
Pepper Green.png Green Pepper Boosts DEF to one of the heroes.
Blue Pepper.png Blue Pepper Boosts SPEED to one of the heroes.
POW Bean.png POW Bean Boosts POW to both bros.
POW Bean.png DEF Bean Boosts DEF to both bros.
POW Bean.png SPEED Bean Boosts SPEED to both bros.



Below is a list of all the enemies in the game Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest. Some of them can only be defeated by Mario and Luigi or Wario and Waluigi.

Image Name HP EXP Coins Location
GoombaM&LR.png Goomba* 10 3 3 All except ocean
ParagoombaM&LR.png Paragoomba 10 30 21 Goomba Valley and Fluffy Skies
GrandGoombaM&LVQ.png Grand Goomba 29 34 20 Goomba Valley and Forest of Illusion
SpikedGoombaM&LR.png Spiky Goomba 15 6 10 Goomba Valley and Gritzy Badlands
HeadbonkGoombaM&LVQ.png Headbonk Goomba 25 18 12 Goomba Valley and Gritzy Badlands
Heligoomba.png Heligoomba* 20 30 15 Fluffy Skies
GoomboM&LRiA.png Goombo** 30 10 50 Sarasaland
RunBlock.png Koopa Troopa* 12 9 18 All except ocean
Koopaelite.png Red Koopa Troopa** 15 22 35 All except ocean
ParaTroop.png Koopa Paratroopa* 15 40 50 All except ocean
EliteParaTroop.png Red Paratroopa** 18 45 76 Leafiholly Woods

and Fluffy Skies

KoopaStrikerM&LVQ.png Koopa Striker 20 17 12 Leafiholly Woods and Sarasaland
Bob-Omb.png Bob-Omb* 25 48 17 Horlek Fortress and Gritzy Badlands
Elite Bob-OmbM&LRQ.png Elite Bob-Omb** 32 49 26 The Colosseum
AmpM&LRiA.png Amp* 145 132 59 Fluffy Skies
Mr.BlizzardM&LVQ.png Mr. Blizzard 67 100 57 Sherbet Glacier
MontyMoleM&LVQ.png Monty Mole* 42 85 15 Leafiholly Woods and Forest of Illusion
Piranha PlantM&LRiA.png Piranha Plant 24 11 23 Leafiholly Woods and Gritzy Badlands
Pp2.png Inky Piranha Plant** 47 15 48 The Colosseum
PutridPiranhaM&LRQ.png Putrid Piranha 20 10 18 Leafiholly Woods and Forest of Illusion
SpikyPiranhaM&LRQ.png Spiky Piranha** 80 52 43 Bowser's Castle
NipperM&LVQ.png Nipper* 20 11 15 Gritzy Badlands
SpinyM&LRiA.png Spiny 18 10 31 Yoshi's Island and Sarasaland
PipeSpinyM&LRQ.png Pipe-Spiny 30 12 40 Yoshi's Island
BooM&LRiA.png Boo 15 25 39 Forest of Illusion and Vortex Mansion
StretchM&LRQ.png Stretch** 30 20 18 Forest of Illusion and Vortex Mansion
HammerBro.M&LVQ.png Hammer Bro. 33 45 70 All except ocean
Sledge Bro..png Sledge Bro.** 150 120 80 The Colosseum and Bowser's Castle
ScuttlebugM&LRQ.png Scuttlebug 68 126 23 Gritzy Badlands
GloombaM&LVQ.png Gloomba* 12 5 5 Goomba Valley and Sherbet Glacier
Cheep-CheepM&LVQ.png Cheep-Cheep* 40 80 16 Pesky Waterlands
DullBones M&LRQ.png Dull Bones* 8 10 5 Horlek Fortress and Vortex Mansion
RedBones M&LRQ.png Red Bones** 15 12 10 Gritzy Valley and Vortex Mansion
ColdBones M&LRQ.png Cold Bones 28 19 30 Sherbet Glacier
DryBones.png Dry Bones* 46 70 58 Vortex Mansion
Dark BonesM&LRQ.png Dark Bones** 80 68 47 Vortex Mansion and The Colosseum
KoopatrolM&LVQ.png Koopatrol** 30 27 60 The Colosseum
SplunkinM&LVQ.png Splunkin 102 129 76 Vortex Mansion
Mr.IM&LVQ.png Mr. I* 18 12 8 Brainrain University and Vortex Mansion
PinkBooM&LRQ.png Pink Boo* 40 34 16 Vortex Mansion
PinkStretch.png Pink Stretch** 70 30 25 Vortex Mansion
BuzzyBeetleM&LVQ.png Buzzy Beetle* 25 61 13 Sherbet Glacier
ParabuzzyM&LVQ.png Parabuzzy* 25 62 13 Fluffy Skies
NokoBombetteM&LVQ.png Boom Beetle** 35 15 12 Horlek Fortress
MagikoopaM&LVQ.png Magikoopa 100 110 40 Forest of Illusion and Brainrain University
ToadyM&LVQ.png Toady 65 35 24 Gritzy Badlands
Sumo.png Sumo Bro. 46 23 14 Yoshi's Island
GreenPtooieM&LRQ.pngYellowPtooieM&LRQ.png Ptooie 40 32 14 Yoshi's Island and Sarasaland
BiddybudM&LRQ.png Biddybud* 17 23 12 Leafiholly Woods and Sherbet Glacier
ParaBiddybudM&LRQ.png Para-Biddybud* 17 24 12 Fluffy Skies
SkeeterM&LRQ..png Skeeter* 40 25 10 Pesky Waterlands and Starshine Bowl Beach
SkeeterM&LRQ.png Skeeterius** 82 50 25 Pesky Waterlands and Sarasaland
LakituM&LVQ.png Lakitu* 90 20 49 Fluffy Skies and Starshine Bowl Beach
PipeLakituM&LVQ.png Pipe Lakitu 90 32 50 Yoshi's Island
ThunderLakituM&LVQ.png Thunder Lakitu* 102 46 54 Bowser's Castle
Glam Lakitu Bis.png Glam Lakitu** 145 47 60 The Colosseum
Fishin'BooM&LVQ.png Fishin' Boo** 75 60 52 Vortex Mansion
GhostPiranhaM&LRQ.png Ghost Piranha* 68 50 35 Forest of Illusion and Vortex Mansion
ChuckyaM&LVQ.png Chukya** 113 126 135 Horlek Fortress and The Colosseum
AmazingFlyingHammerBroM&LRQ.png Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro. 102 75 120 Fluffy Skies
WigglerM&LVQ.png Wiggler** 99 81 54 Leafiholly Woods
SpiniaM&LRQ.png Spinia* 35 30 46 All except ocean
SpaniaM&LRQ.png Spania* 40 35 23 Gritzy Badlands
SpuniaM&LRQ.png Spunia** 68 37 50 Brainrain University
SponiaM&LRQ.png Sponia** 80 70 30 The Colosseum
PokeyM&LRiA.png Pokey 50 34 45 Sarasaland
PokeySproutM&LVQ.png Pokey Sprout 15 10 4 Sarasaland
Dark BooM&LRQ.png Dark Boo** 63 26 39 Vortex Mansion and The Colosseum
EmberM&LRQ.png Ember* 56 39 15 Gritzy Badlands and Vortex Mansion
PodobooM&LRQ.png Podoboo** 80 32 40 Bowser's Castle
DragletM&LRQ.png Draglet 42 30 21 Gritzy Badlands and Fluffy Skies
BulletBillM&LRQ.png Bullet Bill* 30 28 42 Horlek Fortress and Fluffy Skies
BombshellBulletBillM&LRQ.png Bombshell Bill** 58 40 50 The Colosseum
Mecha-KoopaM&LVQ.png Mecha-Koopa* 21 15 8 Gritzy Badlands and Bowser's Castle
Paramecha-KoopaM&LRQ.png Paramecha-Koopa** 30 18 15 Sarasaland and Bowser's Castle
Chargin'ChuckM&LVQ.png Chargin' Chuck 75 54 32 Forest of Illusion and The Colosseum
MontyTankM&LRQ.png Monty Tank** 100 72 40 The Colosseum
ThwompM&LVQ.png Thwomp** 105 60 87 Bowser's Castle
ThwimpM&LRQ.png Thwimp* 50 43 12 Bowser's Castle
Blockhopper.png Thwack Totem** 131 60 25 Horlek Fortress and Starshine Bowl Beach
ShyGuyM&LVQ.png Shy Guy 35 60 40 Yoshi's Island and Mushroom Mall
SpearGuyM&LVQ.png Spear Guy 40 60 45 Yoshi's Island and Toad Town
FlyGuyM&LVQ.png Fly Guy** 35 72 28 Yoshi's Island and Fluffy Skies
Pyro GuyM&LRQ.png Pyro Guy** 48 93 42 Yoshi's Island and Gritzy Badlands
BeezoM&LVQ.png Beezo* 45 84 36 Fluffy Skies
SnifitM&LVQ.png Snifit* 50 33 24 Sarasaland
SniflyM&LVQ.png Snifly 50 30 28 Sarasaland
TanoombaM&LRiA.png Tanoomba 30 30 41 Goomba Valley and Brainrain University
SnoozaKoopaM&LRQ.png Snooza Koopa** 50 34 12 Yoshi's Island and Starshine Bowl Beach
Fang.png Fang 32 28 15 Leafiholly Woods and Vortex Mansion
SwooperM&LRiA.png Swooper* 60 83 64 Forest of Illusion and Vortex Mansion
EerieM&LVQ.png Eerie** 60 43 26 Vortex Mansion
Seedy PodM&LRQ.png Seedy Pod* 54 70 23 Yoshi's Island and Sarasaland
Blooper.png Blooper* 60 35 15 Pesky Waterlands
BlooP-OWM&LVQ.png BlooP-OW** 82 49 10 Brainrain University and Sarasaland
BombBooM&LRQ.png Bomb Boo** 75 50 34 Forest of Illusion and Vortex Mansion
ElectrokoopaM&LRQ.png Electrokoopa 65 60 23 Gritzy Badlands and Sarasaland
FireBro.M&LVQ.png Fire Bro 115 100 78 Gritzy Badlands
BoomerangBro.M$LVQ.png Boomerang Bro. 64 67 18 Mushroom Kingdom and Brainrain University
BlazeBroM&LRQ.png Blaze Bro. 145 90 60 The Colosseum
CurveBroM&LRQ.png Curve Bro. 90 75 60 Bowser's Castle
Venus Fire TrapM&LRQ.png Venus Fire Trap 40 70 45 Yoshi's Island and Gritzy Badlands
FrostPiranhaM&LRQ.png Frost Piranha 38 43 77 Sherbet Glacier
PalePiranhaM&LRQ.png Pale Piranha* 12 20 18 Yoshi's Island
ChewyM&LRQ.png Chewy** 60 33 50 Brainrain University
XNautM&LRQ.png X-Naut 35 23 15 Brainrain University
XNautPhDM&LRQ.png X-Naut PhD* 40 25 34 Brainrain University
EliteXNautM&LRQ.png Elite X-Naut** 62 30 14 Brainrain University
Kab-omb.png Kab-Omb 93 107 50 The Colosseum
Ka BombM&LRQ.png Ka-Bomb* 65 40 32 Gritzy Badlands
BulkyBobOmbM&LRQ.png Bulky Bob-Omb** 145 123 82 The Colosseum
SpikeTopM&LRQ.png Spike Top** 40 92 25 Sherbet Glacier and Mushroom Mall
Deep-CheepM&LVQ.png Deep-Cheep* 60 45 8 Yoshi's Island and Pesky Waterlands
Squiggler.png Squiggler* 71 96 20 Leafiholly Woods and Toad Town
IcePuffM&LRQ.png Ice Puff 23 15 29 Sherbet Glacier and Fluffy Skies
PuffM&LRQ.png Ruff Puff 40 20 12 Fluffy Skies
FwooshM&LVQ.png Fwoosh* 12 15 23 Fluffy Skies
BumptyM&LRQ.png Bumpty* 50 32 75 Sherbet Glacier
Pendril.png Pendril** 124 79 26 Starshine Bowl Beach
CooliganM&LVQ.png Cooligan 40 45 24 Sherbet Glacier and Gritzy Badlands
EelM&LRQ.png Eel** 68 50 39 Pesky Waterlands and Sherbet Glacier
Cheep-Cheep School.png Cheep-Cheep School* 20 (each) 40 12 Pesky Waterlands
BroozerM&LRQ.png Broozer** 72 54 24 Brainrain University and Vortex Mansion
PeepaM&LRQ.png Peepa* 65 42 50 Vortex Mansion
Duplighost M&LRQ.png Duplighost 70 54 42 Forest of Illusion and Vortex Mansion
DarkDuplighost M&LRQ.png Dark Duplighost** 120 50 70 The Colosseum
ChainChompM&LVQ.png Chain Chomp** 153 128 89 Horlek Fortress and Bowser's Castle
IceBro.M&LVQ.png Ice Bro. 66 78 13 Pesky Waterlands and Sherbet Glacier
ThunderBro.M&LVQ.png Thunder Bro. 105 90 50 Sarasaland
FrostBroM&LRQ.png Frost Bro. 98 80 30 The Colosseum
StormBroM&LRQ.png Storm Bro. 125 92 70 Bowser's Castle
WhompM&LSR.png Whomp** 115 100 48 Gritzy Badlands and Bowser's Castle
WhimpM&LRQ.png Whimp* 54 72 32 Gritzy Badlands and Bowser's Castle
WallopM&LRQ.png Wallop* 80 61 20 Gritzy Badlands and Sarasaland
FlurryM&LVQ.png Flurry** 30 23 16 Sherbet Glacier
CataquackM&LRQ.png Cataquack* 52 35 40 Yoshi's Island and Starshine Bowl Beach
Red CataquackM&LRQ.png Red Cataquack** 114 38 86 The Colosseum and Starshine Bowl Beach
ProngoM&LRQ.png Prongo** 75 48 32 Forest of Illusion and The Colosseum
WhackaM&LRQ.png Whacka 100 25 20 + Whacka Bumps All except ocean
RexM&LRQ.png Rex 90 78 50 Yoshi's Island and The Colosseum
VirusesM&LRQ.png Viruses 35 (each) 100 72 Brainrain University
ReznorM&LRQ.png Reznor 150 87 58 Brainrain University and Vortex Mansion
CosmicDarkZtarM&LRQ.png Cosmic Dark Star 20; 40; 80; 120 15; 30; 60; 85 50 All

*means only Mario and Luigi can defeat them
**means only Wario and Waluigi can defeat them

More to come....


Below is a list of the bosses in Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest listed in chronological order.

Image Name HP EXP Coins Dropped Location
GoombossM&LRiA.png Goomboss* 25 10 9 Goomba Valley
Wariosprite.jpg Waluigi-Idle.gif Wario & Waluigi* Wario - 115
Waluigi - 100
28 15 Goomba Valley
BowserMK.png Bowser* 320 40 36 Horlek Fortress
King-Bob-omb-Idle.gif Big Bob-Omb** 470 45 105 Horlek Fortress
Lord ZtarM&LRQ.png Lord Ztar* 530 62 55 Horlek Fortress
Major BurrowsM&LRQ.png Major Burrows** 550 130 60 Leafiholly Woods
Peteyml.png Petey Piranha*** 640 100 90 Leafiholly Woods
General Guy sprite.png General Guy and Shy Guys***

General Guy - 730

Shy Guys - 35 (each)

95 140 Yoshi's Island
Boomba TroopaM&LRQ.pngHeli-KoopaM&LRQ.png Boomba Troopa and Heli-Koopa*

Boomba Troopa - 840

Heli-Koopa - 590

100 44 Yoshi's Island
MummipokeyM&LRQ.png Mummipokey*** 900 80 58 Yoshi's Island (cave)
BlooperiousM&LRQ.png Blooperious*** 1100 89 71 Pesky Waterlands
Baby Bowser.png Bowser Jr.* 1020 110 120 Sherbet Glacier
Midbus Pig Armadillo.png Midbus*** 1000 122 64 Sherbet Glacier
BoshiM&LRQ.pngBirdieM&LRQ.png Boshi and Birdie*

Boshi - 1500

Birdie - 1100

132 133 Gritzy Badlands
BowserMK.png Bowser (second time)*** 1690 200 80 Gritzy Badlands
Giga LakituM&LRQ.png Giga Lakitu** 1830 230 95 Fluffy Skies
BanzaiBill sprite.png Banzai Bill** 1256 250 44 Fluffy Skies
Wiggler KingM&LRQ.png Wiggler King* 1900 270 79 Forest of Illusion
DarkusM&LRQ.png Darkus*** 1990 330 130 Brainrain University
KamekML.png Kamek* 2030 300 125 Brainrain University
GrodusM&LRQ.png Grodus** 2100 315 180 Brainrain University
BouldergeisSprite.png Bouldergeist**


280 91 Vortex Mansion
King Boo MM2 Sprite.png King Boo* 2300 340 200 Vortex Mansion
Baby Bowser.png Bowser Jr. (second time)***


460 310 Sarasaland
Dino PiranhaSprite.png Dino Piranha** 2700 400 320 Sarasaland
ZtarM&LRQ.pngDark DinoPiranha M&LRQ.png Ztar and Dark Dino Piranha***

Ztar - 2800

Dark Dino Piranha - 2780

500 370 The Colosseum
Possesed WarioM&LRQ.pngPossesed WaluigiM&LRQ.png

Possessed Wario and Waluigi*

Possessed Wario - 2650

Possessed Waluigi - 2600

475 600 The Colosseum


3000 530 600 The Colosseum

(in the exit)

KammyM&LRiA.png KamekML.png Kammy Koopa and Kamek***

Kammy Koopa - 3000

Kamek - 2700

578 654 Bowser's Castle
BowserMK.png Baby Bowser.png Bowser and Bowser Jr.*

Bowser - 3200

Bowser Jr. - 2940

600 680 Bowser's Castle

Ztarful (second time)***

3900 680 710 Bowser's Castle
Lord ZtarM&LRQ.png Lord Ztar (final)***

Part 1 - 3500

Part 2 -4000

700 999 Bowser's Castle
ZtarSoulFinalM&LRQ.png Ztar Soul***

Right Flame - 250
Main - 4500
Left Flame - 250

0 550 Inside Lord Ztar

* means that the Mario bros must battle.
** means that the Wario bros must battle.
*** means that all four heroes must battle.


Actually, the Mario Bros. and the Wario Bros. adventure separately. But in many special occasions, the four heroes can adventure together and perform a few special out-of-battle techniques, such as the Bros. Cake or the Bros. Toss.

Overworld icons are the same as in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, displaying the characters health. Mario and Luigi still use the A and B buttons to jump, respectively and at some point, they gain Hammers. Like in the previous title, Mario can destroy crates and rocks, while Luigi can hit Mario to shrink him to reach previously innaccesible areas. Their movement icons are identified with colors, with Mario's being red and Luigi's green. Wario and Waluigi, however, use the X and Y buttons instead, to jump too. Althrough they don't get Hammers, they learn to Punch instead while progressing in the game. Wario can punch Waluigi to push him at incredible speed to reach previously innaccesible areas, while Waluigi can punch special objects to perform different tasks. Their movement icons are identified with colors, with Wario's being yellow and Waluigi's purple.

The four heroes can travel in a 3D and 2D overworld. The 3D overworld can be activated when switching from 2D to 3D in the Nintendo 3DS. This 3D overworld is pretty useful in the adventure, as with it, the character can see hidden items, secret passages, etc., that can't be seen in the 2D overworld, helping the player to progress in the game.  Also, The game makes a greater use of the 3DS touch controls like Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story does with the DS and unlike the other predecessor, that does not use it in any way.

When the 2DS was released, however, it cannot display 3D objects so the game was impossible to beat. Because of this, newer revisions of the game included 3D glasses given by Toadbert early in the game. Mario/Wario and Luigi/Waluigi can wear those glasses to find these hidden secrets.


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  • Oddly, Wiggler King looks very big in the overworld, he also looks big in-battle, but his appareance in battle is much more like normal Wigglers.