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Mario & Luigi: Reign of Darkness
Developer(s) LYON Games
Publisher(s) LYON Games
Platform(s) Nintendo Alpha
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG

Mario & Luigi: Reign of Darkness is a game in the Mario & Luigi series. The game takes place closely after the events of the game's predecessor, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. This game was developed and published by LYON Games. This is the first game in the Mario & Luigi series that is released for a home console.


Mario and Luigi are invited to a picnic by Princess Peach. The bros first arrive at the castle, where they were instructed to meet Peach. As they attempt to leave, though, Bowser is there to stop them! Mario engages in battle with Bowser, where he is instructed on battling by a Toad. Bowser is beaten as usual, and he runs off. At the picnic grounds, everyone has now eaten. Wario, who was lurking in the bushes the entire time, sees this as a good time to strike. He leaps out, kidnaps Peach, and runs off.


Mario and Luigi battling Goomboss.

The Mario Bros, shocked by Wario's sudden kidnapping, chase after him, leading them to Goomba Fields. The Goombas in the grassy plains prove easy opponents, but the bros eventually find Goomboss. He confronts the brothers, but is ultimately defeated. Through the fields, more Goombas are found. The Mario Bros. find Midbus, once a minion of Fawful. He has been hired by Wario, according to his description. Midbus attacks the Mario Bros, and proves a tough foe. The Marios defeat Midbus and move on.

After traversing Goomba Fields, Mario and Luigi reach the Everlost Woods. The woods are full of mazes, but the bros get out and stumble upon a huge mansion - Sparky Mansion. The mansion itself is also full of mazes, with the winding paths eventually leading to King Shocker. Shocker proves to be the toughest challenge yet, but is still overcome by Mario and Luigi.

Rest TBA



A beta screenshot of Mario and Luigi in the overworld of Goomba Fields.


In the overworld, Mario and Luigi can jump and hammer, like always. Mario and Luigi will eventually learn the techniques Spin and High Jump. The bros can enter battle with enemies from here.


Mario and Luigi battle enemies through turn-based combat, like the past three installments. Battles are entered through contact with enemies in the overworld. If enemies are jumped on or struck with a hammer, Mario and Luigi get a first strike, allowing them to do damage before the battle starts. However, certain enemies can attack Mario and Luigi and get a first strike themselves. Unlike previous installments, enemy first strikes now do damage, instead of rendering Mario or Luigi immobile until their first turn. Mario and Luigi can use a jump, hammer, special attacks, run away from the battle, or use an item.



  • A/B: Perform action
  • L/R: Change action command
  • Start: Enter menu
  • Left stick/D-pad: Move


  • A: Select
  • B: Back
  • Left stick/D-pad: Choose


  • HP: Stands for Health Points. When this hits 0, you will pass out. If both bros pass out, the game is over.
  • SP: Stands for Special Points. Without these, the bros can't perform special attacks.
  • Power: Abbreviated as POW. This determines how powerful an attack will be.
  • Defense: Abbreviated as DEF. The higher the number, the less damage will be taken from enemy attacks.
  • Speed: If high enough, this allows you to attack first.

Status Conditions

  • POW-Up/Down: Raises or lowers power by 20% for 3 turns (POW-Down can be cured).
  • DEF-Up/Down: Raises or lowers defense by 20% for 3 turns (DEF-Down can be cured).
  • Poison: Inflicts 5 damage every turn for 5 turns unless cured.
  • Burn: Inflicts 10 damage and renders a bro immobile for 5 turns unless cured.
  • Frozen: Renders a bro immobile for 5 turns unless cured.
  • Gradual (HP/SP): Restores 5 HP or SP per turn for 5 turns.
  • Sleep: Causes a bro to fall asleep, stopping him from moving.


Name HP Location
Goomba 8 Goomba Fields
Paragoomba 8 Goomba Fields
Spiky Goomba 8 Goomba Fields
Grand Goomba 15 Goomba Fields
Koopa Troopa 20 Goomba Fields
Paratroopa 20 Goomba Fields
Bomb Troopa 25 Goomba Fields
Spiny 24 Everlost Forest
Treevil 38 Everlost Forest
Fuzzy 33 Everlost Forest
Fuzzbush 42 Everlost Forest
Sparky 50 Sparky Mansion
Boo 58

Sparky Mansion

Dark Boo 70 Sparky Mansion
Terekuribo 48 Sparky Mansion


Name HP Location
Bowser 10 Peach's Castle
Goomboss 36 Goomba Fields
Midbus (1) 64 Goomba Fields
King Shocker 218 Sparky Mansion

Special Attacks

This is a list of special attacks that the bros. can perform.

Name Description Status SP Cost
Green Shell Kick a shell back and forth between Mario and Luigi None 3
Red Shell Like the Green Shell, but has more power. None 4
Fire Flower Shoot fireballs at enemies. Burn 4
Ice Flower Shoot snowballs at enemies. Freeze 4
Jump Helmet Bounce onto an enemy with loads of power. None 6
Trampoline Bounce onto enemies until a button press is missed. None 8
Cannonballer Luigi shoots Mario at an enemy. Catch Mario in the cannon, then repeat until failed. None 10
Ball Bros. Mario is rolled into a ball, then shot at an enemy by Luigi. None 10
Mix Flower Both bros. create a huge fireball which hits all enemies. Burn 10
Chomp Call Mario and Luigi clean a Chomp, who does more damage depending on how clean. None 12
Snack Basket Catch food, then shake the ground! None 14
Magic Window Press the button of the bro that jumps out of the window. None 15
Blue Flower Like the Mix Flower, but more powerful. Burn 16
Pipe Launcher Like the Magic Window, but more powerful. None 18
Falling Star Attach little stars to the large star to do loads of damage. DEF-Down 20