The Nintendo 3DS game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam recieved a patch on March 25th of 2016. This patch fixed different bugs and glitches that were originally in the game, and it added a few changes to the game to make it feel a little more enjoyable for newer players. 

Updated boxart


  • Many different out of bound glitches have been fixed. 
  • Losing a battle, no longer lets the player skip the fight after choosing the option to give up. 
  • The sound effects are no longer compressed by the 3DS quality. 
  • The paper sound effects are slightly softer and quieter, to make them less of an ear sore. Specifically, there's less of a "crinkling" sound and more of a "page turning" one.
  • The game has been updated to 70FPs, letting it flow it a considerable ease. 



  • The important paper characters that are vital to the story where they are demanded are given their own quirky designs. This is so new coming players will be able to tell the difference between them and the other paper characters and there will be less confussion over who is who. Something that Paper Mario: Color Splash carried over. 
  • Paper Luigi makes more cameos other than just appearing in the Soundtrack Menu and can be seen in different parts of the Mushroom Kingdom, and even during battles. 
  • Toadsworth and Paper Toadsworth are added characters to the game as they alongside Paper Luigi play the role of teaching the trio how to preform their moves in the guide. 
  • More of the original RPG characters from both series apart from Antasma, Starlow, Megasparkle Goomba and Power Tower Pokey appear as cameos in the battle cards. 
  • Paper Toads aren't the only paper species that appear in the game, Paper Yoshis and Paper Lakitus appear as two more that can be found in Gloomy Woods, the skies of Mount Brr and every single Lakitu Info Centre.
  • Red, Green and Yellow are not the only Yoshi colors present in the game, Blue, Pink, Purple, Dark Blue, Black and White show up as well.

Papercraft Battles

  • The battles skip right to the point of the actual boss instead of forcing the player to work his way up to the boss by fighting the enemies.
  • Instead of pressing the L Button once to temporarily center the camera, there's three different camera settings.
    • Auto-Front always stays behind the player's Papercraft, or behind where they're tumbling (to prevent disorientation).
    • Loose stays looking in a given direction when toggled.
    • Lock-On locks on to the boss when originally toggled. 

Battle System

  • Paper Luigi appears on the bottom screen as someone who throws up the Battle Card on the field and ground pounds on the card when the player doesn't want to use it.


  • Though there are still paper comments here and there in the game, most of them are cut down significantly later on for more actual characterization. Several lines of dialogue are also rewritten to reflect this change.

Other Changes

  • Paper Mario is given voice clips that replace the random sound effects he comes out with in the game. The same goes for the other paper characters in the game.


Some new tracks were added to the game's score.

Battle Themes

  • [[1]]Fight, Fight, Fight!
    • This track plays the exact moment Paper Mario jumps into the picture and does his job saving Mario and Luigi.
  • [[2]]Big Bad Bowser
    • This track replaces the original theme that played during the final Papercraft fight.

Location Themes

  • [[3]]Comfortable Circle of Toadwood
    • This track is played in the Toad village of Sunbeam Plains, now called Toadwood Estate. Unlike the original game, more people reside here and come here to meditate.
  • [[4]]Buddy Bob's Sandy Springs
    • This track is played in the Toad Village of Doop Doop Dunes, which is now called Bob-bud Waterhole. Unlike the original version, more Yoshis are present.
  • [[5]]Grabbing the Good Mountain!
    • This track is played during the trio's steep climb up Mount Brr. Unlike the original, there's less snow in these parts, but as the trio get higher, snow starts falling.
  • [[6]]Villa of Doom
    • This track is played in the optional area of Bowser's Mount Brr Villa. This place acts an extra challenge for the trio as they have to fight against a wave of Dry Bones and Boos in order to get to the top floor and collect a special set of gear.

Story Themes

  • [[7]]Memories Forever
    • This track is played during the final scene when the real world and paper world, bid farewell to each other. In which the book is launched into space so that it will never be touched again by any real danger.


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