Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam: Director's Cutout  is an updated rerelease of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, rereleased for the New Nintendo 3DS made by Nintendo,  Intelligent Systems and AlphaDream. The title mainly aims to address Paper Jam's fatal but few flaws in order to help it fit better in line with earlier titles in the Mario & Luigi series.


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Paper Jam: Director's Cutout stays true to the original version's core gameplay. Without making any alterations to the overworld, such as adding Paper Luigi as a playable character. As for the battle system however, that's a very different story.


Unlike the battles from the original, the battles use both screens on the New 3DS. Much like Partners in Time and Bowser's Inside Story. This to not only make the Bros Attacks, that Mario and Luigi have more challenging to preform, but to have the stylus have more involvement. The same goes for Paper Mario and his Trio Attacks. Some of the Trio Attacks in the game, have been somewhat reworked in order to give a use for the touch screen. Due to the addition of the Touch Screen, Battle Cards can only be found in a new Block command called Cards. Allowing the player to swap, any deck of Battle Cards, they have placed. However they still need to be used with Star Points like in the original.

The brother who has selected the command can send out a Card. Cards still do the same thing they did in the original. So there's no real change to their effects.

The newest feature to this battle system however, is the Beat. In each battle, Paper Luigi will sit in a comfy chair, listening to the battle music, playing from his Jukebox beside him. The beat of the song playing can affect the Bros. Attacks, putting them in an endless cycle, until the enemy dies. The same goes for a few Trio Attacks.

This only happens whenever the trio get his attention by getting at least Three Excellents in Battle, on the first turn.

Sometimes he brings out a melody system. This replaces the chase aspects from the boss fights from the original. In this system, Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario help Paper Luigi trap the boss in a Treble Cleft Bubble and once the enemy is trapped, the trio preform combinations in unison for both their Special Attacks and dodging special enemy attacks, the button prompts are displayed as either the enemies attacks which follow the beat of the music being played or when performing Special Attacks as a rainbow band that has each button prompt indicated on the band for the player to press, hold or move when necessary.

Sometimes the Special Attacks in the rainbow band require the player to hold the stylus down in order to charge up an energy blast, that can send vibrations out of the Jukebox, which corresponds with the Special Attacks in the Treble Cleft Bubble, the characters and enemies are inside.

  • Leveling up is much more like the earlier games in terms of selecting stats. 
  • Amiibo cards are only activated once and not four times, like in the original.

Papercraft Battles

Instead of pressing the L Button once to temporarily centre the camera, there's three different camera settings.

  • Auto-Front always stays behind the player's Papercraft, or behind where they're tumbling (to prevent disorientation).
  • Loose stays looking in a given direction when toggled.
  • Lock-On locks on to the nearest enemy when originally toggled. After destroying that enemy, it locks onto the next nearest enemy. If no enemies are present, the camera reverts to Loose.

General Changes

  • Some enemies have been redisgined 
  • Mario and Luigi's battle animations are completly reanimated.
  • The Crinkly Paper Sound effect, is completly cut from the game and is replaced with the Page turning one from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
  • Whenever there is shouting in the game. The sound effect for when the text comes up is raised up and sped up. Much like Bowser's Inside Story.
  • Neo Bowser's Castle has been renamed Castle CraftTEX
  • The character buttons are given the same format from the earlier games.
  • The Papercraft Battle music is much more serious toned and slowed down a bit.
  • The animation is more fluid.
  • More music has been added to the soundtrack

Story Changes

  • The Paper characters are oblivious to the fact that they are paper characters.  So this results in a good amount of the lines of dialouge being rewritten. 
  • The final boss plays out in a notabliy different way, and is more climatic than the original. 
  • Bowser and Paper Bowser are given a more valid reason why they're adding all the ore and rockets to the bottom of Bowser's Castle.
  • Nabbit has a much bigger role in the story than he did in the original.
  • Before the scene with Luigi and the Toad, there is a flashback sequence following the events of Paper Mario: Sticker Star, through pictures

Character Changes

  • Toadsworth and Paper Toadsworth are added characters.
  • Paper Luigi is the main voice and guide of the game, replacing Starlow.
  • The Sunbeam Plains Goomba is given a different skin color and is given a proper name. Which is GoomKen. 
  • Paper Toads are the only ones who appear in Sunbean Plains while different species appear in other regions of the Mushroom Kingdom, like Steam Gardeners, Bubblaininians, Tostarennans and so on. 
  • Bloopers and Paper Bloopers are added enemies. 
  • There is a new type of enemies added to the game called Mixtro enemies. The name Mixtro emplies that both Normal and Paper enemies are fused together to form one enemy.


The plot is almost the same as the original version of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Just with some of the added changes.

Prologue: A Question...

In the past, there have been lots of fights between a lot of different people. Some of those fights are over breaking the law. Others are personal belongings. But what matters is that sometimes....... It's fights like these, that in fact. An italian man does everything to protect the damsel in distress from a fat turtle that always tries to steal her and take over the home she lives in. But in the end, he's the one to lose the fight. And the Italian is the one to win.  Their fights are usually filled with Jumps, Hammers, Fire, Punching. The list goes on. But sometimes when they are alone, not around each other. They ask themselves, the same question every night.  "What brought us all together?" 

Chapter One: The Jamathon Awakes

One afternoon, Luigi and a Toad head up to the attic of Peach’s Castle to investigate a sudden breeze. As they check around, they find something infinitely eviler, something that will gaze into your soul, something that shouldn't be there-Nabbit! This Purple little monster, sends Luigi in a chase with him. Leading to a battle.

The dust from the fight makes Luigi go blind and fall off the bookshelf they are standing on. Thankfully, he’s OK. Not so thankfully, the dust makes him sneeze into the bookshelf, knocking Nabbit off the bookshelf and making a book fall out of the shelf.

Nabbit grabs it before it falls to the ground. He opens it, but before something happens, Luigi regains his bearings and jumps on Nabbit. Covering the book completely. Defying all logic, the book shoots out a number of paper-like people from its contents sending Luigi and Nabbit up into the sky, and back down.

These Paper-like-creatures end up in all sorts of regions across the Mushroom Kingdom. Doop Doop Dunes, Mount Brr. even Sunbeam Plains.

After what feels like hours, the erruption is finally finished. Toad is gone back downstairs, but is unware of the shadow of a pink sheet of paper, sleeping on the ground.

In the throne room of Peach’s Castle, Mario, Peach, Toadsworth, and Luigi? are gathered around. Luigi enters the room with a bad leg and…a Paper Princess Peach? The two Luigis see each other and do a mirror dance, copying each others' moves. They eventually catch on who is who. Paper Peach makes her acquaintance with the real Peach and her subjects.

Paper Peach then asks for the Bros to find some of her subjects.

As if someone higher up was cutting them some slack, Mario and Luigi find some scared Paper Toads and Toadettes in the main chamber of the castle.

Mario and Luigi bring the mushroom folk into the throne room. The Toads and Toadettes still shiver in fear, however, as several other inhabitants of their world, such as a few Garden Steamers on vacation had gotten into a fight against one of Bowser's Oversized Minions.

Thinking on it, Paper Peach realizes Bowser and his minions are also in this world, as the portal brought the paper inhabitants out in the middle of a reunion party Paper Peach was holding, which Paper Bowser gatecrashed. Upon realizing the danger Paper Bowser could bring about to both real and the scattered Paper people, Mario promises to help get them all back. Paper Peach also lifts their spirits by pointing out that her Mario is bound to turn up sometime.

The Bros try to stock up on some Bros. Attacks in the storage room. Unfortunately, Nabbit breaks and enters the castle, stealing all but two of the Bros. Attacks. While the Toads are thrown off by this robbery, Mario and even Luigi remain calm. Paper Luigi doesn't even budge.

Toadsworth comes out with a.....Paper Toadsworth? After a little conversation they've had in the spare room. Mario and Luigi look at them as if they had missed something.

On their way out of the castle, meanwhile, the Bros. bump into Toadette, now aspiring to invent giant Papercraft floats. Promising to help the bros with a giant Papercraft, Toadette is called away by the Toads and Toadettes. Said Toads and Toadettes give Mario and Luigi a strange Command Block called a Copy Block. Finally, a friendly Lakitu offers his assistance to the Bros. on behalf of Princess Peach. Finally all geared up, Mario and Luigi begin their Paper Jam of an adventure.

Chapter Two: Two Reds! One Green. And one other Green........

As soon as the brothers enter the fields of Sunbeam Plains, they’re quickly met with adversity from two Paper Goombas. One of them, a particularly eager Goomba, takes a closer look. This turns out to be a mistake, as Mario & Luigi touch the Paper Goomba in a way that makes him uncomfortable- and that’s no good. Enraged by this invasion of privacy, the eager Paper Goomba and his close friend engage the Bros. To no-one’s surprise, and with maneuvers that recall a superstar saga, Mario and Luigi defeat the duo. While the normal Paper Goomba gets out of there, the eager one warns the Bros. he’ll rally up the trusted Paper Goombas to get them next time. Shrugging this off, Mario and Luigi solve a simple gate puzzle and continue onwards.

Thousands of miles away, at Bowser’s Castle, an especially fearsome Bowser is going over his new plan with his trusted Magikoopa mentor, Kamek. This mini-meeting is quickly interrupted by the Paper counterpart with attitude, Paper Bowser. This conflict of attitudes leads to an all-out brawl between the two titanic turtles. As the two scuffle, Kamek learns from a confused Goomba that many paper people and Bowser minions are pouring over the Mushroom Kingdom. With this, Kamek remembers a paper book he looked for long ago, yet gave up on- a book said to contain a parallel world. On a lighter note, Bowser Jr. also meets his Paper counterpart a few feet away. Unlike their dear old dictator dads, the Juniors do get along.

Back with the Mario Bros., the two battle normal Goombas who regard Mario as “the real deal this time”. Though the Bros win, they get no more info on the whereabouts of the other Mario. Nevertheless, they press on.

Mario and Luigi meet a Paper Toad shortly after. Frightened, the Paper Toad makes a run for it, until the Bros are unable to find him. This also happens with a Paper Blue Toadette, who escapes from a Goomba by moving Sideways through an opening no-one can follow through.

These continuing dead ends and hang-ups in leads come to a head when the Bros. come across the eager Paper Goomba. The eager Paper Goom-(okay you know what? Let's just call him GoomKen for the heck of it.) Goomken and his twelve Goombros join up together into a Goomba Wheel. Mario and Luigi jump way up into the sky to avoid getting run over, only for his wheel to drop in, giving the Bros. unexplained concussions.

Paper Luigi looks at GoomKen and he starts insulting him, and jumps high in the air and is about to slam down on their brown little bodies. But then he gets slammed down himself by a thin, red angel from the sky-Paper Mario. Working very fast, Paper Mario crumples the Goombas. GoomKen runs away but not without a warning, which leads to him being given the boot, into the sky.

Regardless, the duo and paper bro form a fellowship, or a trio of Paper Jam Bros, lead and supervised by Sargent Paper Luigi allying to take down the twin Bowser armies. With expert timing and a unique kinship, the trio figure out a flow to their movement and jumping.

The first test of the new trio comes when a Paper Red Toad is kidnapped by a normal Goomba- along with several others the Bros somehow missed . The Bros manage to rescue over half of the Toads, but the other half are so frightened, their speed has dramatically increased beyond the trio’s current max. Seeing this, some of the rescued Paper Toads give and teach the Bros about the Dash Socks. The combined gift and tutorial allow the Bros to body chec- er, rescue the remaining Paper Toads. With Lakitu’s help, the Paper Toads are flown to Peach’s Castle, no worse for wear.

Fortune continues swinging in the Bros’ direction when the friendly Deliverytoad brings the trio a gift from Peach’s Castle. It’s a Trio Hammer, courtesy of the Paper Toads, yet fashioned after a legendary figure from a faraway island. Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi get to test the Trio Hammer out on a pack of angry Goombas, unleashing the power of the mythical Trio Racquet on them. Marvelling at the Trio Hammer’s excellent power, the three Bros continue using it on the local baddies.

Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario soon arrive in a clearing…with paper landscapes. This gets Paper Luigi's attention, as he realizes it wasn't just people who came out of the book, but the land too- specifically, part of the Decal Lands around Decalburg. The nearby Bowser emblem wall explains a bit of this, but is still troublesome. A quick ramp sling jump topples the Bowser emblem wall, though. The Inky Little Pond in the tree near the entrance doesn't explain how it's even there in the first place. Paper Luigi just assumes it must've been a fail experiment.

Unfortunately, some bad news from a Purple Toad makes the Bros feel as though the emblem wall toppled them instead, as they learn the two Bowsers have joined forces and kidnapped both Peaches. Speaking of the Koopa Kings, they arrive in their Koopa Klown Cars to taunt the Bros. The Bros try to follow the Bowsers, but the normal Koopa King summons his abnormal Koopa Kreep minion, Petey Piranha. Against Petey, the sunshine-liked Piranha Plant tries munching on the Bros, but the Bros keep up the burn. The Bros sometimes even topple Petey over, exposing his belly button.

Nevertheless, Mario and his Bros’ victory ends up pyrrhic, as the Bowsers still get away. All Petey leaves behind is a strange ? Card. Seeing it, the purple Toad explains the ? Card can become a Character Card if Mario has alien technology called NFC Reading, to be used with equally alien merchandise called amiibo. Realizing Mario and the forces beyond their comprehension might not have appropriate funds for these alien items, the purple Toad quickly mentions Mario can also sell these ? Cards for just coins. The purple Toad finally leaves.

After the conversation with the Purple Toad ends, the plumbers head to the exit of the plains, but they see that it is blocked by a large group of Paper Toads shaking in fear at the sight of a sinister Papercraft replica of Goomboss. Then Paper Kamek arrives and threatens to tear the Paper Toads up. This scares them and they run off to hide in the nearby Toad Village. The malevolent Magikoopa leaves.

Thankfully, Toadette arrives with some good news. She tells Paper Luigi that she can get Paper People to build a special Papercraft in-order to clear the blockage. So the plumbers head into the Toad Village and round up the Paper Toads. Toadette arrives and tells the bros that she needs about 30 extra Paper Toads to help them.

The plumbers head on over to the Lakitu Info Centre and the owner of the establishment, welcomes the plumbers and he tells them that they need to pay at least 100 Coins for a Stache Discount. So after paying 100 Coins to the owner, he runs through some steps on what the Plumbers need to do in order to find some Paper Toads the quick way. There are three types of ways he goes through "Neutral", "Puzzle" and "Overheder".

After collecting 30 Paper Toads, they arrive back at the Papercraft Goomba's location. As the bros wait, several Goombas arrive to carry the Papercraft. Before the Goombas can do anything really nasty and make Mario and Luigi as flat as Paper Mario, a gigantic version of Papercraft Mario drops from the sky, quick thinking Paper Luigi makes a move and yanks out the Copy Block, forming into millions of copies. As the Papercraft lands, they catch it. Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario jump atop the Papercraft red plumber from atop a cliff, and begin their assault.

During this first Papercraft battle alone, Mario and his bros learn the ropes of Dashing at the right time and place to push enemies over, Jumping to inflict massive damage, and allowing their Green Saints to dance to motivate them. Their curiosity sated by this knowledge, the bros disassemble every single Papercraft Goomba.

But before they are about to call it quits, a familiar face, not so friendly face drops in. Goomken atop a sinister Papercraft replica of an early thorn in Paper Mario's side- Goomboss. Papercraft Goomboss takes more punishment than it's lower counterparts, and Perry's command of it motivates the Goombas below to keep up the pace. In the end, the bros use Papercraft Goomboss' moustache to their advantage.

After this heated battle GoomKen starts ranting about how much he has hated these four barber-plumbers, ruining his plans. Paper Luigi decides to shut him up by kicking him up the jaw, away from the fields. Paper Luigi launches the papercraft up into the sky, where Toadette catches it with her ShroomerCopter.

Chapter Three: Dunes of Dismay

In the Doop Doop Dunes, the plumbers see Nabbit and chase after him. During the chase, Nabbit drops a Bros Attack and two Hammers. The bros continue to chase Nabbit, but their chase is put to a halt by Kamek and Paper Kamek spawning different cardboard platforms everywhere. So the brothers decide to find a way through the platform that's blocking their progress.

On the way, they find a real metal platform that can only be activated by hammering a button connected to it. After hammering it, the platform rises out of the ground and a Burrbo pops out of the ground. And so the brothers fight the not so scary sight, learning how to use the hammers in battle.

After winning, the brothers continue on. As they brave the sands, the trio battle more Burrbos as well as Spinies. The brothers run into Nabbit again but this time he's looking at a pattern on the side of a cliff. He steals the brothers' Hammers. With their Dash Socks and incredible athletics, the trio take back the Hammers as well as another Bros Attack and press onwards to the sand-slide stairs. As they climb the stairs, Mario and his bros see Nabbit up ahead. Just as they reach the top, a giant tower of an unlikely duo drop down from the sky. This duo is none other than Mumipokey and Paper Knucklotec 

The crash causes the heroes to land in a rock-pit, where a big Brick with eyes is blocking their escape route. So Mario and Luigi try to hammer it, but it doesn't work. Paper Mario then thinks to himself and realises what needs to be done.

Paper Luigi is called out by Paper Mario and he is given the instructions, Paper Luigi calls the brothers over and explains what Paper Mario has come up with. He pulls out the Copy Block, the brothers hammer down on the block, so hard that the block scans whatever hit it, and copies the thing that hit it. About ten Hammers, start flying out of the Copy Block and Paper Mario jumps in the air and grabs the hammers.

Then in a rhythmic order, the bros slam their hammers one on top of the other, multplying the force of impact. With this combined Trio Hammer move, the three bros destroy the Brick.  This success allows the brothers to proceed onwards and take a shortcut, reaching the bridge. Unfortunately,  Then suddenly Kuncklme rock the bridge and force the brothers into the groto below them.

The brothers wander around in the grotto, fighting all kinds of underground baddies. Eventually, they find a pipe leading up to the surface. When Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario reach the surface, they end up in a Bob-omb Buddy oasis town. The three are greeted by a Paper Tostarenan. He tells them that Bowser, sent his minions to capture his triad group. Paper Mario turns around to the biotic Bros. They jump in agreement and rush off to rescue the brethren.

Throughout the mission while rescuing the Skull Saints, they see different blocks, labeled T. So they decide to hit them, they recieve different Jigsaw pieces for getting them, which seems like a puzzle. 

After the mission the Tostarenans thank the brothers for their bravery. Paper Luigi asks them if it is possible for them to build a tramopline for them. So heading into the DDD Lakitu Establishment they rescue more Tostarenans and find the last remaining T Jigs. Unlocking another Trio Attack.

The trio proceed to head back into the grotto and place the Trampoline. However before they jump on the trampoline, they smell more ink, being drawn on the walls by a figure in Black. He runs off when he sees the four plumbers staring at him. 

After compeltly destroying the body of the beasts which is Mummipokey, making him mad. The Segemented Mummy forms back together and reattaches himself to the head of the beasts, starting a fight. 

The battle revolves around taking down the body, while beating the ever loving Koopas out of the head when the body is gone for one turn.  The knucles are also part of this treatment of the battle because of the shockwaves and punches they send.  After the duo are destroyed, the trio jump onto the trampoline. They land on the end of the bridge and head over to the bridge entrance to Bowser's Castle. Outside of the entrance, Kamek and Paper Kamek are looking for tools and supplies for their next project. However their investigation is put to a hault when the ground rumbles really loudly. 

The sight of a giant robotic Hisstocrat, with Nabbit aboard. Toadette whistles from the sky and drops another Papercraft- Papercraft Luigi! The brothers climb aboard the Green Plumbers' oversized replica and battle the machine. Robocrat speeds along the arena, forcing Papercraft Luigi to stay in the air . The robot has it's own snake protectors surrounding it.  As the battle continues, though, the bros eventually get an idea to toss Papercraft Luigi over the barrier. With time and patience, Papercraft Luigi finally drops the hammer on the robot. 

After the fight Nabbit just lays there until the brothers and Kameks have left. He gets up and is about to pull something out of his pocket when the force of a bang sends him tumbling to his face. The second bang sends the brothers flying on top of him. Then four of Bowser's Koopalings- Wendy, Roy, Larry and Ludwig- arrive. Though the Koopalings wonder why their Paper counterparts never came through, they eventually rationalize it as them being busy back home.

The Koopalings clean up the mess and take the three bros to the underground dungeon in Twinsy Tropics. As they do, the bros accidentally drop the Paper Book. Roy tries to take it for himself to destroy, but the Juniors (thankfully) pull rank and snatch it instead when they arrive. Paper Junior also seems to oddly support the theory of the Paper Koopalings whereabouts...

Chapter Four: Of Papers and Plumbers

The brothers wake up in a prison cell in the dungeon. Though it appears there’s no way out, Paper Mario slips through the gap in one of the bars and hammers the lock on the door. Nothing happens, Paper Luigi slips out and decides to tag along with his big bro in order to find a key.

They pass a prison cell where they see two familiar allies of the two worlds. Brighton the Sun Agent and Twila the Moon Agent, along with their paper counterparts. Relieved to see their two old party pals, they explain that they wanted to escape, but Bowser has his eye on the prisoners. More concerningly is Bowser’s minions apparently harvesting something in the area.

Paper Mario walks past different jail cells, even seeing a strange shadow on the wall. As he's about to enter the next room, four Hammer Bros block his way, but the cake taker is that they're holding the Battle command blocks. So this forces him to evade the Hammer Bros for early fights just to get their basic moves back. Soon enough, the skinny Red Saint turns the tables and restores the abilities, one of the Hammer Bros, drops a giant set of keys.

This is the opportunity for him to free his two companions. The bros are relieved at first- at least, until Luigi checks his person and realizes the not-really-that-important, incredibly minor detail that THE PAPER BOOK’S MISSING!

Luigi looks down on the ground in shame for losing the book. Paper Luigi however pats him on the back assuring that there will not be anymore screw ups. Pepping themselves up in light of this emergency, the brothers have a bit of a look around to see if there's a way out of the dungeon.

Their journey is interrupted yet again by the deadliest of adventuring obstructions- a locked door. The good news is the key is just across a nearby old rickety bridge. The bad news is despite the three bros’ absolute delicate movement, the bridge gives out anyways. The bros try to climb out using Paper Mario as a sort of bonding rope.

This gives Paper Luigi an idea for a move- using Paper Mario as a retractable “line” and normal Mario as a “hook”. And it was on that day, in that dungeon, that the Trio Grab maneuver was born.

Meanwhile, in Bowser’s Castle, the Juniors consider destroying the Paper Book for fun. Happy to just have a friend his age, Paper Junior is excited at the idea. Eventually, the two Princes decide against it, as they could go to Paper Junior’s world to cause havoc if they’re really bored, especially with another “friend” of Paper Junior back home.

The Juniors try to show the book to their dads, but the Bowsers are busy discussing the plan Bowser cooked up. When the Princes throw a tantrum, the Kameks suggest sending them up there for peace and quiet. At the same time, the twin Peaches not only try to cook up a way to escape, but they also talk about how annoying it is for them to be kidnapped all the time. Unfortunately, this otherwise honest talk removes the chance they had to escape, as the Juniors return.

However before the Juniors tell the Peaches to be quiet,  the four of them smell the stench of Ink. From outside the window. They shurg it off as if it isn't really that big of a deal. 

As all this is going on the Marios and Luigis continue through the dark, dank dungeon. They pass through many different jail cells, in one room there's a huge set of prisoners....sucked dry. To put it nicely.....The trio arrive at another strange spot- a green door with a depressed Bowser emblem. Paper Luigi looks at it and looks at the brothers, telling them that maybe it's time that they should leave this part alone for a while in case it might be a security door.

Shortly after shilling the brilliance of the green wall, Mario and friends come across some enslaved Toads, loading some kind of Dark Ore onto a conveyor belt. In the midde of their conversation, the Toads hurriedly get the heroes to hide, as the grumpy Roy swings by to ensure the Toads are working. The Toads barely manage to save the bros’ caps without getting theirs kicked into their bodies by the suspicious Roy.

After another dungeon segment with plenty of dungeon bridges, the brothers move onto the next room. As they find another familiar party pal from a long time ago. MC Ballyhoo, the owner of the Star Carnival. He gives Mario a Battle Card set as a little souvenir from one of the carnivals that were across the different Kingdoms.

Some Paper Hammer Bros arrive, angry that they escaped the cells, and thus starts a battle, where Big Top teaches teaches the brothers how to use the mystical Battle Cards. After the battle MC Ballyhoo teaches them how to change a set. Paper Luigi unlocks the door for him and gives him the set of keys. Their job is done.

Finally after finding more dryly sucked people, the brothers make it to the exit. However, Wendy and Roy are waiting for them…though not Larry, to the bros’ relief and Roy’s irritation. Despite this, Wendy and Roy begin the brawl.

Surprisingly, Roy and Wendy are incredibly tough despite being outnumbered 2-to-1. This is no thanks to Roy’s incredible boulder-throwing strength and Wendy’s various aqua ring patterns. The two Koopalings’ meticulous chasing move, with Wendy breathing fire while Roy aims his giant brass ball at a normal bro, is especially problematic. The bros prove they possess more camaraderie, as when Roy flubs some of his boulder-throwing, it can irritate Wendy enough for her to whale into her brother. Even Paper Luigi's taunts are enough to trigger Wendy and engage a fight between them. The only other problematic maneuver the bros must contend with is an ultra powerful magic ball drop after KOing one of the Koopalings. Eventually, the bros get the timing on this last ditch move and defeat the two Koopalings.

Worn out from the fight, Roy and Wendy slowly walk away to lick their wounds. Both jailmasters out of sight, the many Toads and Yoshis escape the dungeon, thanks to the Star Carnival owner. The brothers escape the jail through the pipe the jail mates escaped out of and end up on the beach. The escaped Toads and Yoshis look around and wonder where they are.

Upon arriving at a local Yoshi settlement, Yosha's Grand-view Village, Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario meet a sad New Donker. He gives himself a full fledged poem about the matter of life and death and how suicidal he is about it. Paper Luigi comforts the guy telling him that going out the quick way over something will not solve his problem. 

The New Donker turns around and explains why he's sad in the first place. Apparantly his wife died from an uncurable disease before the two of them went on their holiday to the Mushroom Kingdom. Ever since then, he was feeling so depressed about the situation that he wanted to go the extra mile. But he didn't.

During their conversation, the New Donker brings up the idea of building a Sail Boat. So he tells them that he knows someone who would need about 16 Paper Lochladies to help out with the build. The brothers decide to go and find a Lakitu Establishment and rescue the Paper Ladies.

After all of them have been rescued, they build the boat. After the construction is finished the boat is ready to set sail, but the New Donker desides to stay behind because, he thinks it's time to make his wife proud and do something she would've loved him to do. Go beyond his boundaries and start a new leaf. 

Chapter Five: Super Princess Peaches?

Our heroes and passengers eventually arrive back in Sunbeam Plains. What should have been a peaceful return is disrupted, however, by the sight of more scenery from the Paper World's Decal Lands. Twila advises the brothers to head back to Peach's Castle while she and her fiery companion team up with the Top Hat and the worm. In order to investigate more of this situation.

Heading back to the castle, the brothers notice an outbreak of Monty Moles and Paper Bob-ombs. More concerningly, however, some of the Paper enemies are now Shining like stickers, massively increasing their power and durability. Worse still, enemies they have never seen before appear to be more like mixtures. The three Bros defeat them, with Paper Mario providing an especially huge hand. Nevertheless, it's apparent that other forces are at play.

When they get to the castle, Toadsworth and Paper Toadsworth tell them that they've seen where the Bowsers have taken the Peaches.

Up in the Mountain of Brr. the two Peaches are imprisoned in a fortress/"villa" atop an icy mountain known as Mt. Brr. Nearby, Bowser Junior is looking outside a window of the villa, when Paper Junior arrives. Paper Junior and Bowser Junior head downstairs to "chill out" with their new friend, leaving the Princesses alone and shivering. To keep warm, the Princesses not only huddle together- they also stay optimistic that the bros. will save them, as well as just talk about "girl things". The Peaches are so cute huddling and talking, a good load of minions are secretly interested in what's going on between the two while the others are just putting their heads in the hands in embarrassment.

Everyone realizes the obvious- the Princesses are no longer at Bowser's Castle, creating an opportunity to easily save them.

Chapter Six: Luncheon Losers

On the way up to Gloomy Woods where the entrance to Mount Brr is, the bros see Nabbit arguing with a Papery kind of character, Major Burrows. He jumps on him and smashes a Syrup Jar on his head, causing him to get really angry. Starting another fight. During the fight, Major Burrows will leave out a huge trail of Ink behind him whilst attacking one of the brothers.

After the fight is finished, Nabbit runs off into the woods. The brothers follow him. When the bros enter the woods they each see a familiar face, Tumble. In both forms. Paper and Normal. They tell the brothers that paper trees and landscapes have been appearing out of nowhere along with paper baddies. Paper Luigi tells them that they are getting to the bottom of the situation. The Marios jump in agreement.

The brothers travel into the entrance of the forest fields, and hear a voice. A deep voice. They shrug it off as if it's none of their business. Kamek arrives then and pulls out a Paper Wand he got from his other him. He then looks at the bros. Some magical shapes show up and drop to the ground. He jeers them and flies off. Paper Luigi and the brothers resolve to removing the magical shapes.

The brothers venture a head and find a Wiggler who tells them that he's hungry and that he needs a berry. After finding one using the Trio Grab, they feed it to him. Wiggler then starts to get happy again until he sees the Magical Shapes in the distance. Mad, Wiggler destroys the shapes by ramming into them. The brothers prepare to walk onwards, but then Wiggler blocks them, insisting he's hungry and that he needs 10 berries.

Using the trio grab, the bros rescue one berru from a river. The move is also used to "retrieve" one from a Paper Koopa who wants a promotion from the Koopa Kings. Looking around the fields does the trick meeting the quota. In this time, the bros learn quite well from battling the various Ninjis, Spear Guys and Uproots. With all the berries, the brothers give the berries to Wiggler and are about to head on their way. To almost everyone's annoyance Wiggler tells them that he's still hungry. Paper Luigi, finally gives in and decides that a dessert, wouldn't be as much as a pain to give. The question is, where to find the dessert.

Suddenly a Marathon Yoshi speeds past with a Water Melon in his arms. The green saint, has an idea.

So the brothers follow the Yoshi and when they reach the place he's sitting down at, they ask him if they could use the Water Melon. He promises only if they beat him in a race around the village. So using the dash during the race, the brothers win the race and the Yoshi gives the Melon to them. Heading back into the fields they give the melon to Wiggler and he roars up again smashing more Magical Shapes.

Venturing into the forest, the brothers find that there's another problem. There are some gates that have to be opened by breaking the electrical spike powering them, since there's no button to open the gates. So before they can do anything else, the brothers see Nabbit and throw a Bob-omb bud at him, making him drop another Bros Attack. They then preform the Trio Grab and throw two Bob-omb Buds that the two Electrical Spikes. This process continues until they reach one that has two spikes. After breaking the two, Kamek arrives on his broom and fights the brothers during a minigame.

After throwing some Bob-omb Buds at him three times, he flies away, battered and bruised. So the brothers continue and reach the entrance stairs, which are blocked out by a couple of overgrown trees. They then notice the Kameks  and Wiggler arguing about the Magical Shapes and how they're not allowed. But Paper Kamek zaps  Wiggler. This makes Wiggler go nuts. The brothers try to make him snap out of it, but nothing works. Wiggler stomps the ground. The fight begins.

True unclouded teamwork wins in the end, though as the bros win the fight , freeing Wiggler. However, the victory almost ends up hollow, as Wiggler goes into a deep sleep from his injuries. As Paragoombas lift Wiggler to a better place , Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi salute him Goodbye. 

Kamek looks at his Paper counterpart as if that they went too far with it......

But Kamek's thought is proven wrong as  it turns out Wiggler is OK! He was just preparing for his transformation into a Flutter. Everyone relieved  Flutter proceeds to give Mario and friends a lift to the cold heights of Mount. Brr.

Chapter Seven: Reaching the Heights

Flutter lands on the lowers of Mount Brr. The brothers travel onwards in the mountain, battling tough Paper Snowmen and Ice Snifits. However some of them...smell. Not even a few moments later, they hear a bang in the higher part of the mountain. It starts to get annoying after three times. Then some ice colored origami drills start falling from the sky and landing in the snow- an effect of the Koopalings’ cooperation with King Bob-omb. Upon further examination of the ice drills, Paper Mario gets an idea. He tells Mario and Luigi his idea.

Understanding Mario spins around, Luigi spins around with his hand above his head and then Paper Mario jumps in the air and forms into a Paper cone and then Paper Luigi jumps on top of the cone and forms into the drill of a Screw-Driver. The Trio Drill is born. They use it to drive through a cardboard platform, as well as collect some Beans, Coins and items in the ground.

Halfway up the mountain, the bros meet Toadette. The pink papercraftist once again has the idea of using manual labour from Paper People to build another Papercraft. She tells them that there's a village up ahead and to meet her there. On their way up, the team hear the Bowser Junior Duo. The 3D one is talking about the view, while the 2D one tells him that their new giant friend is chill and awesome.

Mario, his bro, his paper self, his bro's paper self, and their sense of direction eventually end up at the village. After a friendly greeting from a Toad and a reminder from Paper Luigi, the bros head to the Lakitu Info Centre. For the first time in forever, the Lakitus not only have missions for the local area- they also bring the bros back to past areas like Doop Doop Dunes to find more Paper People they somehow missed.

With their combined power, the bros rescue enough Paper People for Toadette to build the next Papercraft titan. In addition, with all the T Jiggies they collect, Paper Mario receives a new Trio Attack to use in battle the Trio Whirligig. Since it’ll take a bit, though, Toadette recommends the trio continue up the mountain while the Paper People work.

Leaving the Lakitu Info Centre by the now open back door, the bros see how different the Shiverians of the real world are compared to the Bumpties of the Paper World. The second leg of the mountain is just as difficult to climb as the previous leg. On top of needing to burrow into the walls, the Dash Socks are needed for the bros to run across vanishing platformers. The armored Bullies and climate-displaced Paper Sombrero Guys don’t make things any easier.

Though the snow blows white on the mountain that day, and even with no footprints to be seen, the team finally nears the villa. Unfortunately, they soon learn the Bowser Juniors have a powerful new friend. A mixture of both a Papery friend and a Realish friend. Paper Petey Piranha and Cookatiel, the two find the mixture cool. Kamek and Paper Kamek on the other hand don't take it as kindly as they find it wrong.

However even after the mixture is destroyed by the new Papercraft Peach. Making their escape, the Kameks and Juniors accidentally drop a strange Bowser symbol. Quickly examining the symbol, the bros give chase. However the mixture slowly dissolves into ink.

As the Kameks and Juniors fly off with the Princesses. Mario and Luigi give chase- failing to notice the lack of snow in front of them or below them for a few hundred feet. Realizing their reckless heroics too late, Mario and Luigi fall to their imminent demises. Thinking fast as always, Paper Mario dives down and acts as a parachute for Mario.

Paper Luigi and Luigi on the other hand don't land in a dignified fashion. Impressed with his Paper counterparts’ heroics, Mario tries to turn himself into a parachute. Needless to say, he doesn’t quite have the flexibility to pull it off. Paper Mario still encourages Mario that he has his own advantages. As long as he isn't cursed by someone that is.

Finally out of the ground, the two greenies tell the reds to put that kind of do-hicky aside and concentrate on the more important stuff. Paper Mario remembers the strange Bowser symbol the Juniors left behind. They decide to go and look for a socket that might resemble it.

Conveniently, the team finds a path from the mountain to the Dunes. Because the Mushroom Kingdom laughed at the laws of geography a long time ago.

Chapter Eight: Fishy Activity

Arriving back at the Dunes, the brothers see Nabbit, and using their Trio Drill they yank him out of the dirt, making him drop another Bros. Attack. Then they spot the Bowser Juniors in the sky heading to the tropics. Mario tells Paper Luigi that there's a secret entrance to the castle he forgot while rescuing Peach one time ago. Climbing through the cardboard terrains, the bros continue fighting new and familiar 2D and 3D foes. On the way to the entrance of the beaches a familiar face shows up. None other than the little manky monster himself.....Goomken.

Goomken asks the brothers if he could join. Paper Luigi tells him to scram. He asks if he will reconsider, Paper Luigi tells him to make like a Double Cherry Tree and grow away. He takes that as a yes, much to their bad luck. They arrive at the entrance of the Tropics and are about to carry on, when suddenly, they hear a noise. It turns out to be a gang of Chain Chompikins, dragging Motley Bossblob behind them.

During the fight, the Chompkins spin around causing Motley to fly high in the sky and slam on the ground, causing a blobish shockwave. He will also change his color appearance, the color of which bro he will attack, that is not their color. After the fight, the brothers question where this black stuff is coming from all the time. Goomken tells them to forget about it and move on already.

They enter the tropics and find that there's more Cardboard terrains than before. Goomken tells them to head over to the pipe they exited. Paper Luigi is still unsure about this, telling his brothers to save the game just in-case something bad happens. However inside the dungeon, Goomken goes as far as throwing the Medallion over to a Fire Bro.

So they decide to rescue the medallion from the Fire Bros. After completing the mission, Paper Luigi punches Goomken in the face for what he did. He runs off telling him that this was part of his big plan. He wants to give chase, but his big bro stops him assuring him that he's just a Goomba and that Goombas can do nothing at all.

Once they reach the gate, requiring the medallion. They place the medal in and it sinks into the earth, showing another earth wall. They use the Trio Drill to drive up the wall and continue onwards, reaching the pipe to the Rocky Bays of the Tropics. Surrounded by three pipes, each are placed beside a Clam Laser. After solving these three puzzles, they enter a pipe that was unfrozen by the laser. It leads to the Bowser Road.

Once they arrive at the destination before Bowser's Castle smell comes back into the bros' noses, suddenly the smell is interrupted by the sound of a conveyor belt, starting up. It echos across the cave. Paper Luigi looks around and sees the machine, bringing up all the ore. At this point in time he starts to get really annoyed at the smell and tells the brothers that they should investigate where it's coming from.

After seeing the last ore on the machine, Paper Luigi notices a blank folded up Paper Ukiki. It only takes him a second to realize that the ink has come from the folded character. More follow. The brothers are extremely shaken up by the sound and look. Paper Luigi has had enough that he runs into the pipe leading up to the castle.

Arriving at Bowser's Castle, Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario, see that all the ore that was brought from the Dungeons and Undeground Suburbs of the beach is being used for something. Paper Luigi tries to recover from what and the others saw, Paper Mario assures him that everything will be okay and that they won't be the next ones on the list.

While travelling across the halls, they still smell more Ink, Paper Luigi looks like his stomach is about to drop out of his body, but he keeps it on, none the less. Up to the point where they reach the back of the castle and reach a platform, that is burst out of the lava, launching the brothers into the ceiling. Quick thinking Thin Red Angel forms into a Paper Airplane and rescues the brothers who are about to fall into the lava. Thus teaching them the Trio Airplane.

Once they reach the entrance of the castle, a Banzai Bill shoots at the bros. They jump over it. Kamek and Paper Kamek descend. Two Papercraft Dry Bones follow... then Papercraft Kamek, makes his appearance. Ugly, vicious and repulsive. The Kameks descend down to their Papercraft’s face. But then they're shocked to see a Paper-craft Yoshi, drop down from the sky. Angry at the sight. The Kameks order Lemmy and Iggy to attack the paper-craft.

After destroying the fight, Kamek orders a Fly Guy to take Toadette away and drop her somewhere in the lava. The brothers chase him down, and when they grab him, the scene freezes. While frozen, Fly Guy decides to tell them to stop following him and let him escape through the roof. Paper Luigi tells him to shut up, and then a fight breaks out.

After the battle, Toadette is grateful. Paper Luigi tells her that she's lucky he came in time and that he dealt with some underground goons like a boss. Everyone does that ellipses thing, in response. Mario speaks fake Italian to Toadette, indicating that he's worried she might get killed. But she assures them that she'll be okay.

Up on the top floor of the Castle, Peach and Paper Peach find a way to escape from the cage, and their next idea is to escape out of the window. However before they escape the cage, the Juniors enter the room, still angry over the destruction of their mixture. They decide to leave their plan for now. When the Juniors leave the room they are confronted by the brothers. They run away.

After catching the two of them, they rescue the book. Or so they think. It turns out the book is a book containing the story of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The two run away, Paper Luigi sighs angrily. As they reach the entrance to the Juniors room, they confront them and start a fight. With the Juniors beaten down and bruised. So bruised, in-fact they pass out cold. The Peaches burst through the doors, kissing the two Marios on the cheek, making the Luigis jealous. The Bowsers arrive and see the Juniors knocked out, thinking they were killed by the brothers.

Suddenly the Castle starts rising out of the ground. Bowser reveals it as his latest invention code named Castle CrafTEX. The heroes try to escape but are swiped to the wall by the wind caused by the rockets at the bottom of the castle. Luckily, Paper Mario grabs onto the ledge. Paper Luigi is at the back of the line when hanging on. Unfortunately, this leaves him an easy target for Kamek's first spell. Everything else, is history

Chapter Nine: Erosion of a Greenie

When our heroes land back in Sunbeam Plains, everyone worries about Paper Luigi. Mario however calms them down thinking the Flat Green Stache probably might be on his way here. Then there's trouble. In the sky the castle's cannons are shooting everything. The biggest one is an easy target for Peach's Castle, so Bowser orders the person loading the cannon to open fire.

This results in the castle being destroyed in one hit. The brothers inspect the damage, much to their dismay, everything is destroyed.

The Peaches worry that Bowser could strike the castle again, killing them all in the process. No one knows how to get up to the castle since its obviously in the skies, at this point. The Toadsworth arrive with Toadette. Toadette explains that she plans to build a road up to the castle, starting from the Mountain up to the castle, Paper Toadsworth also tells them that the road shall be made with the Paper People that they rescued. So the brothers head to the mountain to collect those extra Paper People.

They have to pass through the dangerous part of the woods, this time because the entrance to the village is blocked by a large terrain of cardboard. This part is why the woods is addressed as Gloomy Woods, because of the legend of the Gloomster's Mansion that has been destroyed for agricultural, some say a dark spirit with a crown haunts that part and waits to find those who destroyed the mansion.

The brothers find the site of the demolished mansion, but are unaware that the spirit is there. Luigi and Mario recognise him right away as King Boo. Luigi scared out of his Dark Blue Overalls, runs away to hide, while Mario and Paper Mario get taken away by the dark and angry spirit.

Two Hours later, Luigi is still shaking in fear at what he just saw. He then hears a thustle in one of the Flowers. He goes to inspect it, but the first time he looks, there's no one there. Then Paper Luigi pops out of the flower, he looks at Luigi and hugs him, crying softly. Luigi hugs him and cries too. Both scared of the fact they're facing their one and only fear....Ghosts that might actually kill them.

Suddenly a flash of anger, goes into Paper Luigi's mindset he decides the only thing to do, is to face his fear of ghosts, he picks up Luigi and throws him on the ground and runs into the forest, off to face his darkest nightmare. Luigi decides to follow him in case he gets hurt. He travels through different obstacles with Boos patrolling the areas. He manages to sneak past them all. He reaches King Boo's hide out and sees so many mirage Marios in the area. He touches the first one, thinking it's Mario. Sadly it's not.

He then sees Paper Luigi looking for Mario, Paper Luigi sees Mario in the tree surrounded by many mirage Marios, he runs over to the mirages and is about to attack them, but Luigi takes the first and only shot of fighting them. Rescuing Mario in the process their reunion is interrupted by King Boo’s voice echoing through the forest. Paper Luigi shouts back at the echo.

The brothers reach two blocks that activate two platforms. They finally reach the Paper Trees the hungry spirit is hiding in. Paper Mario walks out of the trees and they reunite. Or so they think. When Mario and Luigi are walking away with "Paper Mario", Paper Luigi looks behind and senses something isn't right. However, King Boo resumes his shape to scare him. King Boo transforms back, but now the plumbers are suspicious, due to Paper Luigi's reaction.

When they do catch King Boo in the act, he transforms back into Paper Mario. Mario, Luigi, and Paper Luigi meanwhile stare him off, ready to fight. While King Boo tries to pretend to be Paper Mario, Waluigi starts laughing at King Boo's failure at trickery when the latter raises his hand. Suddenly, King Boo shape shifts to Paper Peach, Paper Luigi, Paper Bowser, and Paper Mario again. Paper Luigi looks at King Boo and charges a run, releasing into him and slamming into his face. Starting a battle.

Through the battle, King Boo says certain battle quotes the first time he does certain things. Ranging from shape shifting from a giant Bowser to a purple piece of Koopa. Eventually the brothers win the fight and reunite with Paper Mario, Paper Luigi hugs him. They head to Flutter's air stop at the end of the woods, as he takes them to Mount Brr. for a final stop.

As they leave the woods, a shadow appears on the ground and dissolves into ink. A familiar voice is heard, as he tells the shadow something. The shadow molds back together as an angry fist.

Chapter Ten: Blizzards, Brains and Bombs

After rescuing enough Paper Captives from the minions, with the work of the Lakitus helping them out and finding the last two Trio Attacks. The brothers head up to the top of the mountain. On their way there, they sees some words in the snow that read, "Your Mistake", "Nothing But Lies", "Limitless Stress", "You Joke".

These appear so many times in the cave as well, the brothers have no idea what it even means. hey reach the top of the mountain, and find out that it is a factory, building different terrains made out of Cardboard. King Bob-omb is in charge of inspecting the machines and when he sees the brothers, he activates a self-destruction countdown. So in order to stop the place from exploding, the brothers have to fight him. They win the fight and all of the Paper Captives, arrive.

Their idea of turning into a stairway to the castle is put into action. However there's a problem- the remaining captives don't know what to do since they can't be on the stairs. Toadsworth gives them the idea to form into a little "Special Attack" for Mario. Giving them the only opportunity to turn into Mario's final Bros Attack, "Paper Trail." The Party Scholars arrive and reunite with Toadsworth, Mario and Luigi are glad to see them. Twila tells them that they will help the brothers from this spot sending a signal out for them in case of any trouble down in the kingdom.

Loyal to the brothers, the Paper People who make up the staircase swerve as best they can to protect everyone. Eventually, the bros reach the final stretch of their quest. They don't look back down.

Chapter Eleven: Streak Of The Space

The spine tingling sight of the castle doesn't phase the brothers one bit and they enter it, confident and brave. They run into Nabbit, who has stolen some special coins and other items from the chamber of the castle. He looks at the brothers in a way hinting that he wants them to go away and mind their own business.

His stare is interrupted by the yell of one of Bowser's Broozers, who is angry at Nabbit for stealing the special coins from the castle chamber on Earth. Nabbit throws a Monkey Wrench at him so he can shut up. Angry at the bang on the brain. The Broozer calls all of the minions in the castle to chase after the thief in Purple.

During the chase, the brothers have a big involvement in the chase. They fight Nabbit whenever they catch him, starting some battles or two. But most of the time, he joins up with the brothers and they help him fight the Broozers and Skellobits. After the fight however Nabbit loses and drops the final Bros. Attack of the game.....MEAG TWONK!!.

They proceed up to the top floor and find three of Bowser's cheeky little devils, Lemmy, Morton Junior and Iggy. Pointing at the brothers with Paper Swords, Luigi and Paper Luigi laugh at their pathetic attempt to scare them. But get more than they bargained for when the swords start shooting Paper Bullet Bills at them. They duck for cover.

At the top of the castle, Bowser looks out of the window, staring at the starry space sky. Kamek enters the room and has a conversation with Bowser, about what to do with Paper Bowser, once they leave the earth with the book. At first Bowser is uninterested about it, but Kamek tells him that at one point he might double cross him after the final strike and steal the book for himself. Bowser listens in....

Back downstairs, they open their eyes, they see that the little scoundrels are gone. They decide to find a different route. Their route involves a set of Drill Walls blocking their way so they use the Drill Move. Even some Bob-omb Buds make their way into the blockages, but with the help of the Trio Grab, they solve all of the puzzles. They find a piece of the Bridge. They try to preform the Trio Hammer but are interrupted by the arrival of the Bowser Duo, holding Toadette captive.

The two Kameks arrive with all four of the Papercrafts in their spells. Suddenly the ground starts shaking and out of the ground slowly rises a giant robotic version of Bowser. Kamek presses a button and this activates the fire in the robot. It flares out on the Papercrafts, Toadette cries in sorrow for her masterpieces.

Despite her sadness about the Papercrafts, Toadette has an idea involving the Fire Ore around the castle. She needs all three bros, though, for her plan. The four of them make a beeline for some Fire Ore, not noticing more writing on the gates, reading "You Did This", "I Hate You", "Why Can' You Stop?". Sure enough, Mario retrieves a piece of Fire Ore for Toadette. By harnessing the ore’s energy, Toadette believes she can build a special Papercraft! Quick to take action, the three brothers agree to return to the basement to find two more chunks.

It’s not as simple as it looks, as Bowser and some of the Koopalings take the initiative to protect the ore from the Italians. Taking the battle to sky-shocked arenas, Bowser and the Koopalings attempt to assault Mario, Paper Mario and Green Mario with a barrage of ballistics. With Lakitu and Starlow’s help, thankfully, as well as deceptive timing with their Trio Hammer, the bros are able to kick some shell and take the ore for themselves.

Ignited with their victory, the bros return to Toadette with three Fire Orbs aloft. Grateful for the bros’ assistance, Toadette gives an inkling of how hot the next Papercraft will be. As it will take some time to actually build the thing, Toadette recommends the bros go ahead, and she’ll bring the Papercraft when it’s ready. Toadette scurries off.

The three bros return to the upper floor, then head through a huge red door. Immediately after passing through, two shadows appear on the floor. They look at each other. The one on the left instructs the one on the right to let this keep going before the final fight.

Arriving in the next room and oblivious of the conspiracy behind them, the three plumbers see and rush towards the Bowsers and Kameks…with a giant Bill Blaster... aimed straight down the only hallway leading to them. Their mistake sinking in too late, the Banzai Bill chases the brothers down the hall. In the nick of time, an equally enormous ember destroys the Banzai Bill and its Blaster. Of course, Toadette arrives with the newest, most powerful, most ornate, and good looking Papercraft of all, Papercraft Fire Mario. The grateful Marios rush towards and board the Papercraft as always.

While thrown off by this new challenger, Paper Kamek tries psyching the bros out by insulting them and revealing the three Koopa Clan Papercrafts, as well as Bonechill, are back for revenge. This does not phase the brothers, as they boogie and burn through the Papercraft Whomp and Airships that dare stand in their way.

One by one, Papercraft Fire Mario burninates the Koopa Clan Papercrafts like they were doodles of noodles. At first, Papercraft Goomboss puts up a fight. Then it just gives up. Next, Tutankoopa is eager to bury the bros in burning cardboard. Of course, they send the Koopa pharaoh flying instead. Bonechill steps up to play next, while indicating his own minions are busy with other things. Bonechill actually takes his defeat alright, as he believes “his new allies” have all they need to know. Finally, the Kameks put up their last stand before Bowser. Upon their defeat, Paper Kamek is distracted by the sight of someone in the distance. He quickly jets, and the flesh yet confused Kamek follows.

The bros and their fourth “sibling” arrive in Bowser’s custom arena, face to face with the terrible Koopa King times three- normal, Paper and Papercraft. Proud of their creation’s power, the Bowsers taunt the Marios and Luigi to face them.

Unlike most Papercrafts, the bros learn from experience that blindly ramming Papercraft Bowser from behind only hurts them, a fact the Koopas carrying it use to their advantage. By continuously pelting the gargantuan turtle-ox when its breathing fire, the bros can agitate and force the Koopa King replica off its pedestal. As the battle wears off, the Bowsers resort to more brutal tactics such as spinning around the arena really fast, catapulting the Papercraft, and overextending their fire breathe weapon.

Though impressive, the bros still destroy it anyways. Infuriated, the Bowsers decide to assemble the Koopalings, while wondering where the Kameks are. To delay the bros even more than they already have been, the Bowsers make the bridges disassemble. Unfazed by what essentially amounted to Bowser being a sore loser, the band of bros utilizes all their skills to find and reassemble the four bridge pieces. Amidst the rest of the castle, the bros have to drill on the dirty walls, carry bombs across a “maze” of dash-pads, dash across disappearing mini-platforms, and time their Airplane flights across nearby industrial fans. While the bros find several of the normal castle’s minions, they also see some Astro-Lanceurs sneaking on board the castle.

But something isn't right about them.....They dissolve instead of exploding.

When the bros complete the bridge, no-one tries to disassemble it again. Instead, with the push of a button, Morton, Lemmy and Lemmy decide to disassemble Peach’s Castle. With a giant cannon. Set to go off in 5 minutes. A call comes from Brighton, telling Mario to get to the cannon at the end of the castle.

The danger on the innocent Princess’ lives vividly ticking down, the bros dash as fast as their overall-covered legs will carry them. Several powered up enemy militias try to stop them, but the Marios and Luigi make haste in their assault. Reaching the cannon with only seconds to spare, the bros use their hammers to cave the lip of the weapon in.

Paper Luigi contributes to the bros by advising them to steer clear of the sealed cannon. The bros flee as he suggests, shortly after, the cannon blows itself in, taking out Bowser’s third-deadliest weapon. With no-one standing in their way, the bros finally- FINALLY- succeed in crossing that stupid Fliprussing bridge. Unfortunately, on the very next room is another bridge, and someone insists on getting in their way. This time, Kamek and Paper Kamek try to be the big Koopas and want to play fair. However, Kamek immediately gives a signal, and a huge Yellow Block from Paper Mario’s world almost crushes the trio. Openly admitting that was cold and taking pride in it.

Paper Luigi looks at the block and then at the three brothers, they know what to do. They do another Trio Hammer. Kamek and Paper Kamek, both mad at the fact that this happened, decide to start a two on three flight or fight. It's a showdown for these five, revolving around cloning, musical numbers, Magical beats and hits, and so on. Defeated after the fight, Kamek and Paper Kamek lay on the ground. As they face their final moments as boss characters, Kamek and Paper Kamek admit they were fond of each other.

The brothers just leave, before it gets all ugly. Their little moment however is ruined by Kamek making a remark about his Paper clone's ugly lips. This argument is stopped before it begins by the same two Shadows. Sucking up both their powers entirely. Until there is nothing left..........................

Within the room where the bros originally fought both Bowser Juniors is the final Warp Pipe, several Mechakoopas, and the previously closed door they didn’t go through the first time, now open. The bros, feeling the toughest ordeals lay beyond that door, decide to use the Mechakoopas to squeeze in a little more training. They also check the verandas for some extra free supplies. Once the bros feel they’ve done enough, they use the Heart Block to heal their bodies, savor this moment, and walk through that door.

On the other side of the door is a multi-parted platform, with both Bowsers waiting on the furthest one. The bros make a beeline down the one path, only to be ambushed multiple times by various waves of enemies. A tired old tactic does nothing to the bros’ resolve, as they chew through the enemies like a goat chews on their tail. Though this constant string of victories slightly unnerves the Bowsers, the original one decides doubling down on minions is the ideal solution.

On the fifth and final wave, though, several Ice Snifits and Skellobombers appear instead of the Broozers the two Bowsers plan, puzzling the two. Regardless, this last bros beatdown spurs Bowser to finally summon the Koopalings. After defeating the final wave, the bros get another chance to rest with a Heart Block and a chance to really take in the moment. Paper Luigi looks at the two real brothers and thanks them, for everything that they did.

True to his word, the seven Koopalings- Roy, Wendy, Ludwig, Larry, Morton, Iggy and Lemmy- arrive shortly after to ambush the bros. First, Roy and Wendy decide to unleash their tricks first. Wendy justifies the battle by claiming this isn’t for revenge, but rather a chance to show some all-new tricks. She’s a terrible liar, as the beauty and beast duo have no new moves, and they get spanked just like last time. Roy regrets the aftermath, while Wendy isn’t completely sure they can win in the future.

An unimpressed Ludwig takes his turn, claiming himself to be leader. The other remaining Koopalings don’t exactly agree with him, arguing on the authenticity of his rule. Through discussion with his siblings and his own psyche, Ludwig realizes what’s really most important of all- GETTING MARIO! Larry begrudgingly helps. Just like Roy and Wendy before them, the duo have no actual new tricks and are overthrown. Well, except for one of their insanely powerful Dark Battle Cards, you know the one, but the bros still win. Even in defeat, Ludwig still regards himself highly, annoying Larry.

With only three Koopalings left- the only ones the bros hadn’t actually fought normally this adventure, to boot- Morton is incredibly perceptive of how mucked he and his siblings actually are. Iggy and Lemmy beg to differ, as the four previous Koopalings likely wore the bros ragged and tired, giving them their best chance to attack.

Not taking any chances, Morton uses his magic wand to suppress the bros’ Battle Cards. Lemmy follows up with a circus ball rollout and Bob-omb throws, but the bros boomerang him off. Inspired by Lemmy, Iggy summons a giant Chain Chomp to follow him while he flails his arms. With Paper Mario’s airplane, Mario and Luigi time a counterattack, slowing Iggy down enough for his pet Chomp to bite. Angered by his skinnier brothers’ dazed dispositions, Morton picks up Iggy’s Chomp and throws it as far as he can. Yet again, with Paper Mario’s Trampoline, the bros bounce the bow-wowing behemoth back at Morton, dazing him too.

Paper Luigi sees this chance and gives the brothers some spare Drumsticks he was saving, and orders them to hit the last three Koopalings with everything they’ve got- otherwise, they’ll have to daze them all over again. They’re the Mario Bros, though- of course they perfect it. In their final breaths, Morton, Iggy and Lemmy beg Master Bowser to avenge them, before they and old-school Koopaling fans explode.

Relieved at the Koopalings’ defeat, Starlow declares they only have to defeat Bowser and Paper Bowser. This remark incenses the two Koopa Kings enough for them to march towards the bros. The Bowsers are confident with their new three-part plan- defeat the bros, throw them in the book, and…use the book to give them power. Normal Bowser indicates he doesn’t want to share, however, angering Paper Bowser greatly.

Paper Luigi interrupts their little fight, telling them that they're becoming more pathetic by doing this kind of stuff every single day of their lives for no reason, since the fact they always lose every single time. Bowser tells him that he's no different from them since all he does is just sit a home not giving any Koopas about the stuff going on around him since he's too scared to even leave the house.

Paper Luigi walks up to him and smacks him so hard in the face that, war is declared. Equally unmoved, the two Bowsers strike fighting poses- Paper Bowser in what could be called a sorrowful “round king” pose, while Bowser simply looks ready to pounce. Bowser points out the simple fact of there being two Bowsers, while Paper Bowser brags that “we’ve” got enough arms and legs to stomp the bros. Within seconds, an epic battle begins.

During this intense battle, the Bowsers unleash everything they have on the bros. Double fire and a megabreath- check. Spikes carrying spike balls for them to throw, with the Paper ones serving as a distraction- check. Going into their shells and kicking each other towards the bros- check. Chasing the bros in their shells at the same time- check. It seems like the Bowsers have this in the bag, right? Wrong- the bros, with their nimbler acrobatics and technological prowess, wear the Bowsers down.

Though worn out, Paper Bowser suddenly gets an idea at that moment to try out- that is, until he notices something above Bowser’s head. Bowser thinks Paper Bowser is lying, only for a question to slap him in the face, reading "Are You Happy?". The sentence, was shot by none other than.......................................Nabbit? And someone walks out from behind him.....Goomken.

Paper Mario looks puzzled to see the two nerds. Paper Luigi finally gets the whole idea that all of the messages, ink smells and deaths of those Paper Dwellers.......Was Nabbit.

Nabbit hearing none of it, rips off his Purple Suit and looks at Bowser eyeing angrily. The sight of Nabbit is a like describing a Koopa Kid that got dissected, Bowser looks at the little monster and doesn't really remember him. Nabbit gives his back story:

During the money shower rescue of Princess Peach, Bowser had hired Nabbit as a trainee to work in his castle as a janitor. Here, he was a novelist deciding to create a story about Mario and his travels for his son. All with Stickers....

He was the number one minion during those days, always giving Bowser some new blue prints for a project that he called the "Convo". A little machine that would trap Mario and send him to another dimension far away from the Mushroom Kingdom. So far in fact that not even the Master Hand would own that dimension. Bowser was pleased all was going well.

Until one day, the machine failed the final testing stage. Bowser scolded Nabbit after the machine nearly caught fire. They had a huge argument that night over what had happened, in the end. Nabbit was fired from the crew. That was during the time that his son was having a battle with a disease, and he had lost that battle. His wife had ended it all, because she couldn't cope anymore. He was in a terrible state, and ended up physically harming himself

So the only way to keep on going was to steal many different items in the Acorn Plains. He had not only been looking for something important and grand, something that his son would've wanted, but also a new leaf he would've started. Becoming a novelist, he decided to leave the book behind at his old job, for something to remember him by.

Furious at how he missed something powerful looking him in the face, the purple little punk vowed to make the book his. Writing another Paper Mario Story. This one, was unfinished. He decided to just hide the book in Peach's Castle so that no individual would go to the trouble as mugging him and finding it. He heard from a Chime that the books he had found were magic.

So the excitement came back to him as he decided that the only thing for him to do was to steal the books back. However the only one he nearly got was the unfinished one in Peach's Castle. When Bowser had got involved, Nabbit realized that this would be the best opportunity of all time to show Bowser that he made the worst mistake, firing him. As he proceeded with his little plan, he decided to use the already rebuilt "Convo" as a little ink eraser. And it was a giant success.

He finishes his story finally. Paper Bowser looks at the Koopa Kid, in shock. Paper Luigi asks them that they're not living beings, and they're just drawings, brought to life by hand.  Nabbit shuts them up and holds the Paper Book open 3/5 a way. GoomKen sees the Sticker Book and snatches it out of Luigi's overalls also opening it halfway. 

Dark Hands form around the two characters and are about to crush the brothers, but Paper Luigi pushes the brothers out of the way and he ends up getting crushed, as his ink is about to be drained of the color he has left, courage over barriers Paper Bowser as he breathes a huge ton of fire on the hands, causing them to catch fire.

The two Spiky Shells ram into the hands, Bowser bites the finger of one of the hands, which he spits out because of how horrible it tastes. The hands melt down and drop Paper Luigi, who has nearly half of his color drained. Nabbit looks at Bowser and tells him that was only a part of his plan. And that he's not finished at all.

He pulls out an Ink Ray and points it at Bowser who punches it out of his hands. The ray lands on the ground and it starts shooting out different Ink particles, in the sky. Many hands swarm around the place, one traps Paper Bowser inside it, sucking up nearly all of his ink. The hand closes.

Paper Luigi jumps on Bowser and pushes him to the edge so he doesn't get sucked up entirely by the hands. As a matter of fact, every single minion in the castle starts getting trapped by these hands. merging a giant suit for the two nerds. They jump on top of each other and spring jump into the tornado......Creating........BleackBit.

The shape of Bleackbit, is a purple head with teeth the size of ice bergs, eye sockets lit up by a red light, only papery hands, a giant crown the size of a statue and tentacles helping the invisible body float.

Paper Luigi regains, very little of his conscious and doesn't seem really phased by the new sight of Nabbit and Goomken's little creation of death. Bowser and the Brothers however are mortified at the sight of the monster. The final phase of death, is about to begin.

During the fight, a super hard substance is formed over the head. Afte attacking the protected head three times. BleakBit stops the fight and is impressed with the brothers' moves and skills and shows it. Paper Luigi confused by this is shocked to hear that it was all thanks to his skill in music.

He then reveals that this whole battle was an il-fated battle from the beginning, The second hand clicks it's fingers and catches the brothers inside them, Paper Luigi finally snaps at this point in time, and jumps on the head. Punching it, however the ink on the shield absorbs Paper Luigi. But he still does more damage to it.

Bowser involves himself in this little fight too. He charges up a punch and releases, sending the head flying into the air. With Paper Luigi on board. Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario look up into the sky and see Paper Luigi and the eyes of the beast, fighting furiously. The second hand lets go of the brothers and they continue their little fight.

The fight continues with the hands only. Without Paper Luigi by their side, it seems really hard for them. But no hard feelings at all bring them down. They keep on going as a trio. Just what Paper Luigi would've wanted. But without any music, then that means that they have no extra power on their sides.

The fight finally ends, as the hands explode. The head in the sky starts shake and shutter, making it unstable. Paper Luigi nearly about to die, sees his chance. As he wishes for the help of the Party People of the Past to help him out in this crisis. Twila shows up in his mind and tells him that he lived an excellent life as a little brother for a great hero.

Paper Luigi just ignores this compliment, thinking that he's not going to die, and that he'll survive the impact as he always does. Brighton joins in with the compliment and tells Paper Luigi that you only life once and that's it. No more partying like no tomorrow, you end it off. With a big bang.......

The head finally explodes, and so do the two Nerds, evaporating into thin air never to be seen again. The brothers and Bowser look up and see Paper Luigi float down to the ground. Paper Bowser also joins him. They're both colorless and dry. The brothers pray for their sorrows for the two.

Ending: A Funeral For a Fighter

That night. The bros and their friends are at Peach’s Castle, still in ruins but still pretty as always. Both princesses express their gratitude for Paper Luigi's sacrifice. They all walk outside and see him and Paper Bowser in two coffins, where Bowser acts as the priest and he says all the nice things and not nice things about these two individuals.

However in the sky, ink starts sprinkling down and it lands in the coffins before it can close. It hits the two paper peeps, as they rise out of the coffin as if the hands are taking them up. They wake up and don't really remember anything. Paper Mario knows what to do as he brings them inside the castle.

He pulls out the book, and starts rewriting the whole story.....

The sunrise begins, with a goodbye. All the Paper People start jumping back into their world. With their safe treturn, it’s finally time for Paper Peach, Paper Luigi, and Paper Mario to say goodbye. The Peachs take it the hardest, but they’re confident in her, Paper Mario and Paper Luigi  being able to stand up to anything. Paper Mario gives his trademark thumbs up, then Paper Peach enters her world.

Next, Toadsworth and Paper Toadsworth part ways. Congratulating each other on their cooperation and partnership with each other's Party Pals. The same goes for them too, they all bid each other fairwell.

Before the Paper Brothers enter the book the two Bowsers storm in angry at the fact that they weren't thanked for helping out in the fight. The brothers look at each other as if. "Yep that's what it's all about."  and they start a battle, and the remaining credits show a montage of still images showing their little friendly fight. Shaking hands at the end of it all bruised and what not.

The two books are loaded into a slingshot where Mario and Luigi pull the trigger and send them flying into space. The bros wave goodbye to the book. Paper Mario and Paper Luigi pop out and wave goodbye to them back.  And thus the sun sets on another day in the Mushroom Kingdom.


The game started development when Yoshiaki Koizumi and Shigeru Miyamoto had a conversation with Shunsuke Kobayashi about the idea of making a recut of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Shunsuke Kobayashi had turned down the idea when Koizumi first suggested it because he was afraid that it would be another bloodbath to develop, but he took sometime to think about it.


The first decision of the game was to make it a spiritual, but much more darker successor to Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The game was originally going to use a story that was planned for the original that would revolve around Mario and Luigi jumping between The Mushroom Kingdom and the Paper Universe, while the Mushroom Kingdom would slowly turn to paper.

The only difference between this game's early story and the original's was that there was no Paper World, at all. Only Nabbit would be the cause of the Mushroom Kingdom slowly turning into paper, but this was changed because it was dull in a sense of tone and style that didn't match the first three Paper Mario games.

Nabbit was the villain from the very start of development. This was because Myiamoto, felt like the story of the game could give Nabbit an eviler personality and explanation as to why he does what he does. In terms of stealing items from the Toad Houses, why he wears one of Bowser Junior's Bandadas. And so on.

Since Starlow was the only original character in Paper Jam, the decision to cut her out and replace her with Paper Luigi was for the better, and it worked because Paper Luigi has a role of speaking in the Paper Mario series.


The original decision for the art style was to reuse the models of the background from the original, but they felt as if it would look a lot better and cleaner if the game was to use the same sprite background style they incorporated in Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions.

As for character designs, the opposite approach was taken. The days of only having Toads as NPCs were over. All sorts of Mario Odyssey species would be drawn upon and incorporated.