Mario & Luigi: Friendly Frenzy
Developer(s) AlphaDream
Blender Maximum
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) TBA
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) TBA
Age Rating(s) TBA

Mario & Luigi: Frendly Frenzy (known as Mario & Luigi: Friendly Frenzy Bros. in PAL regions and Mario & Luigi RPG 6!!! in Japan) is the sixth game in the Mario & Luigi series. The game, for the New Nintendo 3DS, will be developed by both AlphaDream and Blender Maximum and is to be released in 2017. The game retains elements from previous titles while adding a new "partner" system that is described as "somewhat similar to that of Pokémon."


Friendly Frenzy has near-identical gameplay to that of Paper Jam; players, controlling both Mario and Luigi, will have to go around the overworld, controlled by the Circle Pad or D-Pad. They can learn Bros. Moves to access new areas, and they will participate in turn-based battles using timed attacks. In battle, the Bros. can use items to heal themselves. They are also able to counterattack or dodge if they time enemies' attacks well enough. Mario and Luigi can also gain Badges that have different effects the more times they attack successfully.

New to the game is the partner mechanic, somewhat inspired by the Paper Mario series. This mechanic allows the Bros. to add enemies and some characters to their party although only one of each species can be in it. The partners can help them in the overworld and can be switched out in battle. Items can be used on them, but if both of the Bros. die, any remaining partners will not be able to go on without them. As a contrast to Bros. Attacks, partners can also use Team Attacks that involve all three of them, but each partner only has access to one with the exception of a select few.

Replacing the Giant Battles and Papercraft Battles from previous titles in the series, the Army Battles are a new way to battle in certain scenarios. These battles pit all of Mario and Luigi's partners against enemy troops in an area of similar manner to a 3D platformer. Each partner can use specific moves to fight and can gain power-ups, but the enemy team can use them as well. The partners are affected by their stats and have collective HP. Some places will have Army Battles that may spawn and are optional as opposed to only being scripted.





Character Description
Mario, known best for saving the princess and throwing fireballs, finds himself having to save the kingdom with his brother again! Equipped with his hammer and trusty boots, Mario can jump around and smash nearly anything in sight.
Luigi is Mario's more cowardly brother, but he'll still do anything to stop evil, even if it means leaving Mario. Luigi is much more agile than his brother although he still has his classic jump and hammer attacks.





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