Mario & Luigi: Darkness Revealed is the 6th RPG in the M&L series. Known for Mario & Luigi RPG 6. US Release is in July 16, 2019, CA Release is in                                                          


Mario & Luigi: Darkness Revealed North America Boxart 3DS

August 1, 2019 and EU Release is in April 1, 2019.


Chapter 1: Journey to Bright Island

It starts with E.Gadd presenting the Subboat 9000 to the crew and the Mario Bros. before them going on vacation again. After E.Gadd explaining it they travel to Bright Island but suddenly Bowser drops in and the first battle commences! After defeating Bowser, Peach uses her magic to throw Bowser out of here and the gang get to the island.

Mario & Luigi Darkness Revealed Screenshot 1

Peach asking E.Gadd what does the Subboat do.

Chapter 2: Darkness Begins

After the gang arrives at the island The Bright Souls take the gang around for a tour, Starlow and Dreambert were found at the Mushroom Shop so the tour then continues but then suddenly they get attacked by The Dark Thief's. Mario & Luigi decide to protect the town. And so, after defeating each enemy, the bros. encounter the Dark Crusher. After defeating the Dark Crusher. The heroes proceed to explore Bright Island. Until.. On Dark Island, Bowser decides to take over Dark Island castle, and proceeds to control the Dark Creatures.

Enemies in Light Village
Dark Thief HP: 40 EXP: 5 Coins: 10
Dark Elite HP: 45 EXP: 10 Coins: 15
Bosses in Light Village
Dark Crusher HP: 150 EXP: 70 Coins: 60

Chapter 3: Enemies Unite

Bowser meets the Dark Lord, they talk about how to take over the world. So they say that to take over the world by destroying the Crystal of Life. Buying them time to combine their powers. So then, they begin the plan. They go to the Light Village and terrorise it and then reach the castle, but spotted by Mario & Luigi. Mario & Luigi pursue them, but they are too late. Bowser and the Dark Lord shatter the crystal and the 7 small crystals of the crystal fly to locations that are related to their colour. 

Mario & Luigi then talk to the Light King about the crystals. The King then says that every crystal has an element. Blue = Water  Light Blue = Ice  Red = Fire  Green = Earth  Yellow = Lightning  White = Wind  Grey = Tech.

So then, their journey begins with the first crystal: Earth.

Chapter 4: Going Green

The bros start in Grassy Greens, a peaceful area in Bright Island. The bros. try to find the crystal. But they are needed by Flowy, the living flower. He wants the bros to find a way to the other side of the tree debris. So the bros help her, they find loads of enemies but still find the way to the other side. Suddenly, they find a red badge. So they wonder what it does. Starlow explains the bros how it works but she says that they need a green badge to use them. So they continue to adventure forth. And finally find a green badge, and suddenly get attacked by 3 Goomgrasses and Starlow explains the use of them, after defeating the Goomgrasses, they adventure forth yet again. And they finally find a way around the tree debris, Flowy thanks them by giving them energy to do a Bros Attack. And Flowy warns them about the Tree of Life. She says that the Tree is possessed, so the Bros continue and see the Tree of Life, but the tree is asleep, so they try to grab the crystal but...

The Tree wakes with red eyes and angers and fights the bros. But the bros defeat him and the curse breaks and the Tree of Life apologizes and gives the earth crystal to them. So the bros return to Light Castle and tell the Bright King about the first crystal has returned.

Battle Vs Goomgrass and Stoump

Mario & Luigi battling a Goomgrass & Stoump.

Enemies in Grassy Greens
Goomgrass HP: 50 EXP: 10 Coins: 10
Stoump HP: 55 EXP: 15 Coins: 15
Beevil HP: 40 EXP: 10 Coins: 10
Bosses in Grassy Greens
Tree of Life (Possessed) HP: 300 EXP: 100 Coins: 90

Chapter 5: A Big Problem

Once the bros tell the King that the crystal returned, Starlow mentions them why they can't just battle Bowser now. The bros never thought of that and tell the King that they will stop Bowser. So they go through Grassy Greens but see's Bowser Jr. blocking the way. So Bowser Jr. tells them that they'll never reach Bowser so he turns his Clown Car into a Giant Clown Car. With the bros shocked, Starlow tells the bros that she had a power that can turn her into a giant robot of herself. Where starts the first Giant Battle!

M&LDR Rocket to the Fluffy Puffs

Mario & Luigi riding a rocket to Fluffy Puffs Stairs.

So Dreambert tells the bros the tutorial then off to battle! The bros defeat the robot and then go straight to Light Town. They see Sore Sands with the Subboat over there. They finally venture forth in the Subboat and then try to stop Bowser once again.


Special Attacks

Mario & Luigi can each can do special moves by learning power from friends from Light Island. This is quite different from Paper Jam, Bowser's Inside Story, Dream Team & Partners in Time, because instead of using items for Bros. Attacks. They do it like in Superstar Saga. And they still cost SP points. Mario & Luigi still have a limited amount of SP.


Name Description Location SP
Jump Bros. Mario starts crouching waiting to jump

once Luigi jumps on Mario, so mash the

A button. Once you succeed, Luigi will

jump on Mario so press the A button

once Luigi is about to land on you. Once

you succeed, mash both the A & B

buttons and when you succeed you will

end up smashing your opponent with

Mario & Luigi's jumps combined.

Grassy Greens 24
Spin Bros. Mario & Luigi will run a few meters away

from the enemy, so Mario will be spinning

so mash the A button to succeed, so

once you are done, use the circle pad to

find where Luigi will spin you for more

damage, once you see Luigi, go to him

and press the B button for Luigi to spin

you to deal more damage, keep doing

this until Luigi will jump on you to join the

spin. Press B once he is about to land on

you then KA-POW!

Wet Wave River 41
Fire Bros. Mario will go in front of Luigi & shoot fire

in the air, so mash the A button to

succeed, while you finish shooting fire

balls, use the circle pad for Luigi to move

to see where the fire balls are falling.

When one is about to hit Luigi, hit the B

button to hit the fireballs to the enemy,

they will get faster each hit. Once

succeeded, the enemy has a 1/2 chance

of getting a burn effect.

Rocky Mountain 58
Ball Bros. Mario & Luigi will go a few meters away

from the enemy, so Mario will curl into a

ball and Luigi must hit him with his

hammer with the B button at the right

time. So once you finish hitting Mario,

press A once Mario is about to hit the

enemy, then he will bounce back but

Luigi will need to go where Mare is about

to land, then they'll both fuse their ball

forms to hit the enemy, hit the A & B

buttons at the same time once they are

about to hit the enemy again.

Free-ease 79


Mario & Luigi will hit the ground with

hammers, so if Mario's hammer shines,

press A, if Luigi's hammer shines, press

B. Keep doing this until you succeed.

Then the bros will have pillars pushing

the bros in the air, so mash the A & B

buttons while in the air, once succeeded,


Tech-World 88


Mario & Luigi must shoot their Fire Balls &

Lightning Balls to create an Elemental Ball.

Mash the A & B buttons to make the

Elemental Ball bigger, once succeeded,

the bros jump in the air & must hit the

Elemental Ball. Hit the A & B buttons at

the same time. Then the attack is complete.

Dark Castle 101




Darkness Revealed Map
  • Light Castle
  • Light Town
  • Grassy Greens
  • Wet Wave River
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Firehold
  • Free-ease
  • Fluffy Puffs
  • S.H.O.C.K
  • Sore Sands
  • Tech-World
  • Beach Base
  • Dark Castle



What you are going to see is all the Bosses of Mario & Luigi: Darkness Revealed, Optional Bosses will be coming soon enough.

Name HP Coins EXP Location
Bowser (1st Fight) 100 0 0 Subboat 9000
Dark Crusher 150 60 70 Light Town
Tree of Life 300 90 100 Grassy Greens
Dark Mario 600 120 500 Dark Castle Entrance
Dark Luigi 750 125 700 Dark Castle Entrance
Cheep Chomp 1,000 200 1300 Wet Wave River
Shhtarfish 1,300 240 1600 Wet Wave River
WreckRock 2,400 360 1900 Rocky Mountain
Lavfire 2,800 400 2200 Firehold
Bowser (2nd Fight) 3,200 500 2600 Firehold
Elite Trio Private Goomp:



Paraplonk: 1,900

Sergeant Guy:


150 (each) 1000 (each) Airship
Bowser Jr. 3,000 520 3100 Light Town
Icers 2,000 (each) 250 (each) 1530 (each) Free-ease
Frozt 5,700 845 5000 Free-ease Castle
Bang Bing Blow Cloud 7,100 1000 8000 Fluffy Puffs Stairs
Whistlow 6,900 990 7800 Fluffy Puffs
Terminado 8,100 1400 9000 S.H.O.C.K
Frozt & Terminado Terminado: 6,380

Frozt: 5,990

700 (each) 4500 (each) Fluffy Puffs Stairs
Mummipokey 9,000 1600 10000 Sore Sands Cave
Clock Bonk 9,999 1800 12300 Tech-World
Gearzo 11,020 2200 14000 Tech-World
Bubbleswap 14,310 2500 16230 Wet Wave River
Bowser (3rd Fight) 18,900 2900 18900 Dark Castle Entrance
Dark Bowser 20,010 3400 20030 Dark Castle
Dark Mario &

Dark Luigi

15,100 (each) 3900 15900 (each) Dark Castle
Luigi (Possesed) Luigi's HP Half of total coins Luigi's total EXP points Dark Road
Mario (Possesed) Mario's HP Half of total coins Mario's total EXP points Dark Road
Bowser &

Dark Bowser

17,200 (each) 4500 18200 (each) Dark Road
Dawser 46,900 9000 30000 Dark Road
Dark Lord 50,300 15000 40000 Dark Lord's Prison
Dark Lord Dawser 100,000 0 0 Dark Castle Top
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