Mario & Luigi: Cosmic Chaos
M&LCC Boxart
Developer(s) AlphaDream
Shooting Star Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) RPG, Action
Series Mario & Luigi series
Predecessor Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Release Date(s) Spring 2017
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating3Rating
Media Included 3DSCardIcon Catridge
Media DL icon Digital download
Available Input 3DSIcon Control pad

Mario & Luigi: Cosmic Chaos (also known as Mario & Luigi RPG 6: Dimensional Voyage in Japan and Mario & Luigi + Cosmic Bros. in Europe and Australia) is a title for the Nintendo 3DS, developed by AlphaDream in collaboration with Shooting Star Studios. It is the sixth title in the Mario & Luigi series. The plot of the game revolves around Mario and Luigi teaming up with their Cosmic Clones from a different dimension in order to prevent an evil being from completely mixing up the dimensions.


"In a world completely different to the Mushroom World, a big land exists, known as the Voeedian Kingdom. This kingdom is gobernated by an evil tyrant named Gorlassar. Gorlassar reveals a mysterious orb, from which he observes the space. He used to think that his kingdom was the only place with living beings, until he saw a different planet in his orb. With the help of his henchmen Tricky, Smarty and Psycho* he explored this planet, discovering a different species of living beings living in it. Figuring out that more dimensions with more planets had to exist, he decided to upgrade his orb abilities just a little bit more. Now capable of seeing beyond dimensional boundaries, Gorlassar discovers a world that really caught his attention... the Mushroom Kingdom's world..."

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The basic gameplay is similar to past games, especially Dream Team and Paper Jam, maintaining traditional features in the series, such as the enemy attack avoiding techniques, Bros. Item usage, BadgesBros. Moves and also out-of-battle techniques. The game introduces new techniques that require the Mario Bros. and the Cosmic Bros. to mix their abilities. The Cosmic Bros. have a strange ability that allows them to become shadows, and they are able to use this in order to become Mario's and Luigi's shadows and complete certain puzzles that require this ability. For example, Mario and Luigi can use the Cosmic Bros. as means of transportation over certain hazards by using their shadows, and also as a way to confuse overworld enemies. The cosmic shadows can also stretch themselves in order to reach normally unachievable items or important areas. In order to control the cosmic shadows, the player will have the Cosmic Mario and Cosmic Luigi silhouettes in the bottom screen, and will be able to perform their moves with the stylus. Several objects and obstacles can only be altered, moved or destroyed by the Cosmic Bros., and others only by the Mario Bros.

Battle System

To start a battle, Mario, Luigi, Cosmic Mario or Cosmic Luigi must touch an enemy or perform a First Strike by jumping on the enemy in the overworld. A first strike will damage the enemy before the battle starts. Since the game is an RPG, players and enemies will take turns to attack each other. Using well  timed attacks can deal more damage to enemies. In the battles, players will control the four members of the group. Unlike in Partners in Time and more like in Paper Jam, Cosmic Mario and Cosmic Luigi will fight alongside but independantly from Mario and Luigi. There are now six categories of attack, as in Bowser's Inside Story. These are Jump, Hammer, ItemBros. Attacks (for Mario and Luigi) or the new Cosmic Attacks (for Cosmic Mario and Cosmic Luigi), Bros. Badges and Flee. Similarly to Dream Team, an additional seventh option appears named Hint if the player loses a battle and tries again. Ranking returns, along with Lakitu in the level up system, as opposed to Dream Team in which he was absent.


Each character has his own HP, SP, POW, DEF, SPEED and STACHE points. When they finish a battle, they each gain EXP points and Coins. With enough Experience Points, they can level-up and increase their respective statistic.

  • HPIcon HP (abbreviation of Heart Points) is the amount of health the heroes have. When an enemy hits either of them, they lose HP. When their HP reaches zero, they pass out, but can be revived with a 1-Up Mushroom or 1-Up Super. HP can be replenished with a Mushroom or a Nut.
  • SPIcon SP (abbreviation of Special Points) is how many times the heroes can use a Special Move. Each attack uses up a certain amount of SP, draining the total. SP can only be restored by using Syrup.
  • POWIcon POW (abbreviation of Power) is how strong the player is. The higher their POW stats are, the more damage they will perform.
  • DEFIcon DEF (abbreviation of Defense) is how much damage the player can block from an enemy hit. The higher their DEF stats are, the less damage they will take.
  • SPEEDIcon SPEED is how fast the heroes are. The more SPEED they have, the more they can attack an enemy in a single turn.
  • STACHEIcon STACHE is the most unique of Mario, Luigi, Cosmic Mario and Cosmic Luigi's stats. The higher their STACHE stats are, the greater there is a chance of a Lucky Hit, which doubles POW. Plus, it gives the heroes discounts when buying at shops and increases the worth of items sold.



Status Effects


Out-of-battle techniques


Special Attacks

Bros. Attacks


Cosmic Attacks

New attacks that allow the four members of the team to perform special attacks by combining their moves. Most Cosmic Attacks have something to do with the Cosmic Bros. Abilities to turn into shadows and help Mario and Luigi perform more techniques. Not all Cosmic Attacks involve the four players, though. They are divided in Common Cosmic Attacks and Core Cosmic Attacks



Character Description
Mario CosmicChaos
As a hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario is definitely ready to embark on a new adventure, and even more if it means saving the world! All the universes have faith that people might solve the cosmic chaos, and Mario is one of them.
Luigi CosmicChaos
Luigi, the favorite sidequick! He along with his brother will not let any evil come to disturb the peace of the Mushroom Kingdom... even though that often happens with Bowser... The fact that another Luigi exists amuses him.
CosmicMario CosmicChaos
Cosmic Mario
A cosmic clone from a faraway universe arrives at the Mushroom Kingdom along with his brother and a lot of other cosmic creatures. However, he isn't a threat, instead he and his brother will be helping with their cosmic abilities!
CosmicLuigi CosmicChaos
Cosmic Luigi
Cosmic Luigi is also ready to save the universes along with the Mario Brothers and his own brother! He and Luigi might have a very nice time talking about their younger brother problems.

Other Characters

Character Description
Peach CosmicChaos
Princess Peach
Looks like Peach is not in trouble this time around. That's a relief. She is aware of what's going on, and entrusts Mario and Luigi with helping solve this incident. Meanwhile, she studies more about the current occurences in the castle and sends the heroes useful informarion, and items once in a while.
Toadsworth CosmicChaos
Toadsworth helps the princess with her investigations on the dimensions and from where the attack might take place. It's nice that nothing has happened to Peach, he hasn't suffered from anxiety or faints in a while. Good job, Toadsworth!
Toad M&LRQ
The Toads are terrified of the cosmic visitors arriving the Mushroom Kingdom. Some Toads at the castle and houses can give Mario useful information and maybe even items if he talks to them. Some Toads have to be saved from the evil cosmic clones, though.
A smart Toad that is actually amazed by the arrival of the new dimensions. As a such, he decides to go and investigate them, sending Peach information in the process. Mario and co. might find him occasionally.
Starlow CosmicChaos
Starlow once again accompanies our heroes in their ventures through the dimensions. Starlow discovers that she can actually understand the cosmic clones' language, and this allows her to help the Mario Bros. and the Cosmic Bros. get along and work together.
Toadette - Mario & Luigi Paper Jam
Toadette has opened her own little restaurant at the Mushroom Kingdom. If Mario and co. bring her certain edible objects, she can prepare useful and unique items for them, such as the Shroom Syrup or the Star Omelette.
Bowser Jr. Uh oh, kid with bad parenting roaming around once again! Bowser Jr. and his father are actually exploring dimensions as well, but not to solve the incident. If he sees Mario and co., he will definitely fight them. Bowser has taught him to be very determined.
Bowser Fabled Melody
Mario's arch-nemesis is going from dimension to dimension, probably planning some kind of secret scheme. Our heroes will eventually encounter him, and he will not hesitate to attack them, or just order his troop to do so. He doesn't seem to be the one behind the problem, but he is certainly a big obstacle.
Kammy Koopa Kammy, remember her? Yeah, she decided to go outdoors and help the Koopa King once again. Kammy will be by Bowser's side most of the time, and will help him during battle. She will sometimes find our heroes during her flight, and will somehow attempt to block their paths.
Ilonians A race of human-looking people from an alternate world named Ilonia. Ilonians are very kind people, and could be considered similar to the Mushroom World in many aspects. The citizens are being attacked by undead beings from another dimension. Our heroes will not hesitate to help them as well.
KingLaxus CosmicChaos
King Laxus
Laxus is the king of the Ilonian Kingdom. Despite being a king, he is actually very friendly, silly and even cute at times. He talks in a very calm way, even when things are not going well. Sometimes his wife, Karin, scolds him if he doesn't get serious under certain situations. Despite his usual indifference, he is very worried about his son's disappearance.
Queen Karin Queen Karin is King Laxus' wife and Olmee's mother. She is very kindhearted but also very serious and strict, unlike Laxus. She is extremely worried about her son Olmee, and gladly accepts Mario and co.'s help to search for him during their quest.
Prince Olmee Prince Olmee is the son of Laxus and Karin. He disappeared around the same time the dimensions started to mix up. Because of the great security of the castle, it's said that he escaped. Maybe he wanted to see other worlds too, but knowing his parents wouldn't let him... Let's hope he is okay, Mario and co. surely will find him.
Molily TBA
Elfers A race of elf-like, small people. Males are always elves, but females can grow wings and become an elf-fairy hybrid. Elfers are very dutiful, and are often working with cultivating food and the likes. Their fruits are actually delicious!
Eldfer TBA
Eleoler TBA
Lyrica and Mimica TBA
Lady Bonalba Lady Bonalba is a female Dry Bones who owns a big mansion in an undead, alternate dimension where the forgotten spirits and skeletons reside. She will be an enemy to our heroes at first, as she has resentment towards living beings for being forgotten by them.
The Galactian Scouts TBA
Cosmic Clones (citizens) TBA
Kylie Koopa Kylie Koopa, ready to report on the cosmic news! She is actually interested in those new worlds popping out all around, because she considers them to be "juicy material" for her journals. Maybe she wants to gain more recognition in the Koopa Kronicle.

More coming soon.















  • This is the 6th game in the Mario and Luigi series (8th if you count the remakes) to date.
  • This is the third game to feature Cosmic versions of Mario and Luigi, the other two being the Super Mario Galaxy games.
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