Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms
The North American box art
Developer(s) AlphaDream
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) RPG. Action
Series Mario & Luigi
Predecessor Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Successor TBA
Release Date(s)

25px-FlagofUSA.png November 17, 2018
25px-FlagofJapan.png November 22, 2018
25px-FlagofEurope.png November 23, 2018
25px-Flag of Australia-1-.png January 18, 2019

Mode(s) Single player
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E.png Cero a.png YfgPEGI 3.svg.pngUSK 6.png
Media Included

Nintendo Switch:
3DSCardIcon.png Cartridge
53px-MediaDLicon.png Digital Download


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Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms (Mario & Luigi RPG 6!!! in Japan) is a turn-based action RPG video game developed by AlphaDream and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch in November 2018. It is the sixth installment in the Mario & Luigi series, preceded by Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for the Game Boy Advance, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story for the Nintendo DS, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam for the Nintendo 3DS. Brothers in Arms is the first Mario & Luigi game on the Nintendo Switch.

Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms was released on Superstar Saga's fifteenth anniversary. It is the first game in the series to feature the sidekick system, along with several other features, such as the FAME stat being added. Additionally, the game is the first Mario & Luigi game to have the story split up into several parts.

The game follows Mario and Luigi as they explore the Shrullen Kingdom, trying to stop the evil wizard Gigaroth and his lackey Trideous. Along the way they will encounter many familiar faces, such as Bowser, Yoshi, and Princess Peach, along with some new ones, like Prince Piran and the Yoshi Bandits.



Mario, Luigi, Starlow, Princess Peach, Toadbert, Toadiko, and Toadsworth are all aboard a cruise ship known as the S.S. Toad on their way to the Shrullen Kingdom. Peach holds a meeting and explains that Prince Piran is going to become the new king, and that they've been invited to celebrate. Toadsworth, however, made Mario and Luigi tag along due to the dangerous monsters that inhabit the island.

The meeting is interrupted by a disturbance on the boat deck. Mario, Starlow, and the ship's captain, Toadilo, head out to investigate, but they are attacked by Trideous, a large hawk. Mario is able to defeat him, but Toadilo is knocked overboard. Mario and Starlow rush back to the bridge of the S.S. Toad, but the ship crashes due to the lack of a helmsman.

Part 1 - Shipwrecked

The S.S. Toad sailing on the open seas.

Mario finds himself washed ashore on Pollent Beach. He spots the wreckage of the S.S. Toad and decides to go investigate, and finds the ship filled with ghosts. Knowing he can't defeat the ghosts, Mario decides to head back the way he came. After heading down the beach some more, Mario finds Starlow.

The duo continues down the beach, eventually finding the small town of Yule. The town is inhabited by the Yulian people, a small race of tree-like humanoids. The leader of the tribe, Yukental, greets them. He reveals that his people found Luigi on the beach. Mario reunites with Luigi, allowing the two to fight together in battle. Mario also receives a map of the Shrullen Kingdom from Rooter, the traveling merchant.

Yukental requests that Mario and Luigi head into the Yule Forest and defeat a turtle that has been setting the Yulian people on fire. Starlow believes that this may be Bowser, so the Bros decide to investigate. They head into the forest, but find the path blocked by a large sleeping bug known as Snorepillar. Mario and Luigi are unable to wake her up, so they decide to explore the forest, looking for a solution. They eventually find all of the attack pieces for the Green Shell special attack. Using the attack, Snorepillar wakes up and attacks the bros, leading to the first true boss battle of the game. After defeating her, Mario and Luigi advance further into the forest.

Mario and Luigi find Snorepillar blocking the path.

Soon, Mario, Luigi, and Starlow come across a mysterious mansion. They spot Private Goomp and Corporal Paraplonk near the doorway, so the trio decides to sneak inside through a window. Defeating the Koopa Troop along the way, Mario and Luigi make their way to the main hall of the mansion, where they confront Bowser, Bowser Jr, and Kamek. Bowser is enraged that the Mario Bros are on the island as well, and he tells them that he is only there because a large bird stole his scepter. Starlow suggests that this bird might be Trideous.

Bowser, however, decides that he wants to teach the Mario Bros a lesson in front of his son, Bowser Jr. Mario and Luigi try to escape, but Goomp, Paraplonk, and Guy lock the doors. Bowser lunges forward when Mario's back is turned, but Starlow is able to knock him out of the way. Mario and Luigi then engage in a battle with Bowser and defeat him, causing the Koopa King to flee. Kamek and the rest of the Koopa Troop follow suit. Professor E Gadd enters the room, telling the bros that he was being held captive. As a thank you, he gives them the Poltergust Assault special attack, and tells them that it will even defeat ghosts. Mario and Luigi return to Yule, where they are thanked by Yukental.

Realizing that they can now defeat the ghosts, Mario and Luigi return to the S.S. Toad wreckage and enter. They make their way through the ship, but Starlow stops them. She says she was thinking about how she stopped Bowser back at the mansion, and she believes that she can help more. Starlow then introduces the sidekick system, which allows Starlow to help in battle. They eventually reach the bridge of the ship, where they find Toadiko cornered by Bogmire. Mario and Luigi confront and defeat Bogmire, freeing Toadiko.

Mario, Luigi, Starlow, and Toadiko encounter the Yoshi Bandits for the first time.

Toadiko explains that Princess Peach, Toadsworth, Toadbert, and the other Toads were chased off into Hyland Valley by Trideous. Mario and Luigi decide to investigate. On their way, they are stopped by the Yoshi Bandits: Yossy, Bossy, and Rossy. They steal Mario's coins and run off farther into the valley. Mario and Luigi track them down and get the coins back by defeating the bandits. Yossy pleads for mercy and offers to teach Mario and Luigi the Spin Jump technique. Mario accepts and lets the Yoshi Bandits go.

Using the Spin Jump, Mario and Luigi are able to escape from the Hyland Valley, but they are stopped by a large boulder blocking their path. They instead head to a small hut on the side of the road, where they find Toadbert locked in a glass cage. Unable to hear what he is saying, Toadiko suggests that they make hammers and free him. Toadiko decides to stay at the hut while Mario, Luigi, and Starlow enter Tearko Cavern. They retrieve stone rather easily and then return to the hut. Toadiko uses the stone to create two hammers for the Mario Bros, and they free Toadbert, who immediately tells them to run.

Mario, Luigi, and Starlow recover from being thrown onto Mount Flawn by Trideous, the hawk.

Suddenly, Trideous once again appears. He grabs Mario and Luigi and flies to the top of Mount Flawn, where the dark wizard Gigaroth awaits. He grabs Starlow and immediately zaps her with electricity, causing a small star to appear. Starlow reveals that this is her Source Star, which allows her to talk with the other Star Sprites and generally gives Starlow her power. Gigaroth stashes the Source Star away and then tells Trideous to deal with Mario and Luigi, as he has to find a Heart Stone. Trideous attacks the bros, but he is defeated. Unfortunately, Gigaroth escapes.

Not knowing how to get off of Mount Flawn, Mario spots a cape, which allows him to glide through the air. He carries Luigi and Starlow back down the mountain, where they meet up with Toadbert and Toadiko. Suddenly, they spot Broggy behind them, who knocks the boulder aside and runs down the path. Mario and Luigi decide to follow him.

Part 2 - Journey to the Castle

Mario and Luigi, along with Starlow, Toadbert, and Toadiko, follow Broggy into Hyland, a small mountain city next to Mount Flawn, Mount Icarus, and Mount Posda. The town is inhabited by Brocks and Shrulls. The group finds that Captain Toadilo has somehow become the mayor of the town, running it with an iron fist. Broque Monsieur, Broque Madame, Broggy, and Britta all live in Hyland.

Mario, Luigi, and Toadbert speak with Captain Toadilo.

Toadilo tells the bros that a large and seemingly indestructible root is blocking the path to Cyprus, the capital of the Shrullen Kingdom. He is having Britta and the Monty Moles create a tunnel through Mount Icarus in an effort to redirect the path. However, the mining team has been delayed repeatedly due to the monsters in the cave. The Monty Moles interrupt the conversation when they enter, saying that the cave collapsed onto Britta. Broque Monsieur and Broggy immediately rush off to help. Mario, Luigi, and Starlow follow.

The group eventually reaches the location of the cave-in. Broque Monsieur has Broggy knock most of the boulders aside, but he gets tired and has to rest. Mario and Luigi try to break the rocks with their hammers, but the largest rock turns out to be Okooru, who attacks in rage. Broque Monsieur lends Broggy to the bros. With Broggy's help, Okooru is defeated and Britta is freed from the rocks. She plans to continue the drill, but she realizes that it is out of fuel. Broque Monsieur lets Mario and Luigi use Broggy to go find fuel. Broggy is then unlocked as a sidekick.

Mario, Luigi, Broggy, and Starlow return to Hyland and recruit the Monty Moles' help. They open a path leading up Mount Posda, telling the bros that a large fuel reserve is located at the top of the mountain. However, it is guarded by the Whomp King. The moles show Mario how to get shrunken down by Luigi's hammer, and they use that to get up the mountain.

Mario and Luigi return to Icarus Tunnel with the fuel they collected.

The group makes it to the top of Mount Posda, where the Whomp King is waiting. He is defeated and the Mario Bros receive the fuel. They head back to the tunnel and give it to Britta, who powers up the drill. After completing a small minigame, the tunnel is completed. Mario and Luigi, however, return to Hyland and try to convince Toadilo to come with them. After he hears that the princess is still missing, he agrees to come with. The party sets off down Cyprus Path, directly towards the capital.

On the way, Starlow spots a badge lying on the ground. She gives it to Mario and Luigi and explains how they work. However, the Yoshi Bandits once again appear, demanding the badge. Starlow refuses, and Yossy reveals his new recruit, Popple, who is humiliated when he sees Mario. A large fight soon follows, but it is broken up by the Cactines, a race of Cactus-like humanoids that act as the military on the island. Popple and the Yoshi Bandits are arrested, and Mario's group is allowed into Cyprus Castle.

Mario, Luigi, Starlow, Toadbert, Toadiko, and Toadilo all reunite with Toadsworth and the other Toads, but they are horrified when they realize that Princess Peach is still missing. Starlow immediately confronts King Shuck and a gigantic meeting is held. King Shuck has his steward Priest Shroad explain what is really going on. Shroad tells everyone that Gigaroth is after the Five Sprite Stones, a group of five gems that unlock unlimited power when fused together. They were originally created by the Star Sprites long ago, but they were lost when the Dark Star was arisen.

Mario and Luigi meet with Toadsworth at Cyprus Castle.

Priest Shroad explains that Gigaroth at least has a Star Stone, as Starlow's Source Star can be converted into a Star Stone. He says that the Heart Stone is likely with Peach, the Darkness Stone is likely with Bowser, the Power Stone is currently inside of Cyprus Castle, and the Courage Stone has not yet been found. Shroad warns the attendees of the meeting, saying that if Gigaroth is able to fuse the stones together, he will be able to overthrow the Star Sprites and take over the world.

Prince Piran, who was annoyed that his ceremony was delayed, forms a search party for Peach. Toadilo and several other Cactine soldiers join the search party and leave almost immediately. Meanwhile, King Shuck and Prince Shroad speak to Mario, Luigi, and Starlow in private. Shroad tells Starlow that without her Source Star she can easily be corrupted by the forces of evil, and that she should try to get it back as soon as possible. King Shuck recommends that they head to Yoshington, a small Yoshi settlement near the top of the island, as a large observatory is located nearby. Shroad explains that Gigaroth will need to head to that observatory if he wishes to turn her Source Star into a Star Stone. However, before Mario can leave, Toadbert arrives and asks if he can help Mario on his journey. Toadbert is then unlocked as a sidekick.

Part 3 - Search for the Stones

Mario, Luigi, and Starlow enter the Truttlenov Desert. They soon come across a Yoshi wagon, which they decide to ride in. The Angry Sun appears and chases the wagon, but Mario and Luigi are able to defeat it. The wagon arrives at Yoshington, and the group is greeted by one of Mario's old friends, Yoshi. Starlow and Toadbert explain the situation, and that they want to access the Observatory. However, Yoshi states that it has been abandoned for years, causing it to fall apart. The group decides to enter anyway, but they find that the doors are locked.

Mario and Luigi approach the Yoshi Temple.

Toadbert notices that they could glide into the Observatory through a window, and that the Yoshi Temple is positioned perfectly to do that. Mario and Luigi enter the temple and soon find the F.L.U.D.D., which they use to solve puzzles to access the temple's balcony. However, the balcony ends up being blocked by the Yosphinx, a Yoshi Mummy. It attacks the bros, but ends up getting defeated. Mario and Luigi then use the cape to glide into the Observatory.

Once inside, Mario, Luigi, and Starlow head to the main room, where they find Kopper, a Koopa scientist. Kopper claims that he has been studying the Star Sprites for years. However, Gigaroth and Trideous appear. Mario and Luigi attack, but Trideous grabs both of them and pins them to a wall. Gigaroth knocks Kopper aside and places the Source Star in magnified sunlight. Starlow tries to fight him, but she is knocked aside.

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, which knocks Mario and Luigi out of Trideous' grasp. A Bullet Bill shatters one of the Observatory's windows, revealing that the Koopa Cruiser is circling above Yoshington. Starlow knocks her Source Star out of the sunlight, but Gigaroth snatches it away. Mario and Luigi prepare to fight the wizard, but they are interrupted by Bowser and Kamek, as Kamek traced the scepter to the Observatory using his crystal ball. Bowser takes his scepter back from Gigaroth with the help of Goomp, Paraplonk, and Guy, and then he orders Bowser Jr to eliminate the others.

Mario and Luigi fight Bowser Jr's Megahammer.

Suddenly, Bowser Jr enters with his Megahammer and attacks Mario and Luigi. He ends up getting defeated, but Gigaroth is able to convert Starlow's Source Star during the battle. Enraged, Starlow attacks Gigaroth, sending him and Trideous fleeing through the shattered window. Bowser, Bowser Jr, Kamek, and the Elite Trio manage to escape as well. Toadbert suggests that they go after Bowser and get the Darkness Stone (or his scepter), as he will be much more easier to track than Gigaroth.

They discover that a previously blocked path leading to the Kraken Jungle is now open due to the obstacle being destroyed by a Bullet Bill. Toadbert notices that they might be able to hop onto the Koopa Cruiser from one of the branches of the Great Tree. Following Toadbert's plan, the group heads through the dangerous jungle and arrives at the Great Tree, only to find the entrance blocked by strong vines. The bros continue their search around the jungle and find the attack pieces for the special attack Fire Flower.

Kamek confronts the Mario Bros on the Koopa Cruiser.

Using the attack, the bros burn down the vines and enter the Great Tree. However, the keeper of the Tree, Treeletta, attacks them, but she is defeated. Afterwards, Mario and Luigi realize that the only way to get up the tree is to go up a circular ramp, but it is far too slippery for the bros to climb. Toadbert instead suggests they use the Ball Bros technique and roll up the ramp. Using the transformation, Mario and Luigi reach the top of the tree and then hop aboard the Koopa Cruiser just in time.

After defeating the members of the Koopa Troop and solving Kamek's puzzle, the Mario Bros enter the bridge of the Koopa Cruiser, confronting Bowser and Bowser Jr. Bowser tells Bowser Jr to step back, and a fight follows, except Bowser uses his extremely powerful scepter. However, Mario and Luigi end up destroying it during the battle, revealing the Darkness Stone. Starlow grabs it before Bowser can, and he ends up stumbling back into the control panel, destroying it, and sending the Koopa Cruiser plummeting into the Tzar Lake.

Part 4 - The Turning Point

Mario, Luigi, Starlow, Toadbert, and Broggy manage to escape from the sunken Koopa Cruiser and swim towards dry land. They escape from the lake and plan to return to Cyprus. However, Starlow, who is still holding the Darkness Stone, is sent walking the other way. Mario and Luigi follow her into a cave, but they end up falling into a chasm, trapping them inside. Starlow explains that she feels attracted to a part of the cave.

Mario, Luigi, Starlow, Broggy, and Toadbert discuss inside of the Sacred Tunnel.

Mario and Luigi continue to go deeper and deeper into the Sacred Tunnel. Toadbert eventually discovers the Boomerang, which he believes Mario can use. He is indeed correct, and Mario is able to use the Boomerang to complete many of the puzzles in the cave. When the bros enter the final room, they spot Princess Peach and a glowing, red and green stone. Mario and Luigi celebrate.

Princess Peach explains that her Heart Stone led her to this cave, and Starlow concludes that the Darkness Stone must have been what also led her. Toadbert chimes in, saying the attraction of the stones is probably why Bowser is always trying to kidnap Peach. After a short explanation of the events by Starlow, Princess Peach realizes that the red and green stone must actually be the Courage Stone. Mario and Luigi celebrate about finding three of the Stones and Peach, but they are interrupted by Gigaroth and Trideous, who found the cave using the Star Stone. Starlow viciously attacks them, but Princess Peach and Toadbert hold her back.

A massive battle ensues, but in the end Gigaroth and Trideous are defeated. Gigaroth manages to escape, but Trideous is crushed by a giant boulder pushed by Captain Toadilo. Prince Piran and the other soldiers arrive soon after. However, Piran is enraged that the Mario Bros once again stole his moment. He grumpily returns to Cyprus. Mario, Luigi, Starlow, Peach, and the others follow suit.

Mario and Luigi return to Cyprus Castle.

King Shuck and Priest Shroad hold a giant celebration for the Mario Bros and names them "The Official Heroes of the Shrullen Kingdom" while Princess Peach reunites with Toadsworth and Toadiko. Soon after a meeting is held in the main hall. King Shuck announces that he has placed the four Stones inside of the safest place on the island, the Cyprus Vaults. He also reveals that the Cactine General Lochtrok spotted Gigaroth inside of the Cactine Military Facility. Shuck wants Mario, Luigi, and Prince Piran to go and retrieve the Star Stone from Gigaroth.

Piran grabs his rescue team from before (including Toadilo) and tells Mario to stay behind right before he leaves. Starlow suggests that they "show him" and Mario's group heads for the Cactine Military Facility as well. However, they are stopped by Britta and the Monty Moles, who teach Mario how to use helium to his advantage. Britta explains that a large wall surrounds the Cactine territory, and that Mario and Luigi will need to scale the wall if they want to get inside.

Mario, Luigi, and Starlow enter Lava Lane, the only path to the Cactine area. They traverse the area with ease, but soon come across the gigantic wall. Using the helium, Mario and Luigi climb up the wall, but they are stopped by the Cactine Turret, which fires at them. Mario and Luigi defeat it and then float down the other side of the wall. They enter Cacton, a small Cactine outpost/city. However, they are interrupted by a soldier, who says that Shadowhein Prison is under attack.

Popple teaches Mario and Luigi about the Metal Mario technique.

The bros head over to the prison and enter, only to find that the prison has been completely overrun by the inmates. Some other soldiers arrive, but they flee almost immediately. Starlow spots Gigaroth in another area of the prison, and the bros head there. However, they are subdued by the Yoshi Bandits, who are furious at Mario and Luigi since they were the reason they got arrested. The bandits attack the Mario Bros, but they are defeated. Yossy tries to escape, but Popple appears and knocks him out. Popple explains that he needs help escaping the prison, and that he's willing to help Mario. Popple is then unlocked as a sidekick. Popple teaches Mario to use Metal Mario so he can advance further into the prison.

Mario, Luigi, and Starlow venture deeper into the prison until they find the warden's office, with General Lochtrok hiding under his desk. He tells the bros that Gigaroth went through the Underground Bunker and is heading towards the Cactine Headquarters. Lochtrok shows them the way into the bunkers, but he decides to stay behind. Mario and Luigi make their way through the Underground Bunker and enter the headquarters. They snoop in on a conversation between Gigaroth and Bowser.

Mario and Luigi exit the Underground Bunker.

Gigaroth reveals that Bowser is his new sidekick, as he needed a new one after Trideous was crushed. Mario, Luigi, and Starlow reveal themselves and confront the baddies. Gigaroth laughs and explains that he wanted to attract the Mario Bros and the military into this area so that Cyprus would be wide open. Suddenly, Prince Piran, Toadilo, and a few soldiers storm into the room. Bowser knocks them all aside and unleashes Dug and Tug, two bulky Koopas. Mario and Luigi battle them, but Gigaroth, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Kamek, and the Elite Trio are allowed to escape on the repaired Koopa Cruiser during that time.

Starlow explains Gigaroth's plan to Prince Piran, who says that they have to get back to the castle immediately. They see Gigaroth commanding the freed prisoners and the remains of the Koopa Troop as the gate of the Cactine Wall is opened. They begin to march towards Cyprus. However, before Mario and Luigi can leave, General Lochtrok arrives and explains that they might be able to get to the castle quicker if they take the Cactine Subway, a secret underground train that allows the soldiers to travel around the island quickly.

Part 5 - An Unstoppable Alliance

Mario, Luigi, Starlow, Prince Piran, Toadilo, and General Lochtrok pile aboard the Cactine Subway. However, the subway stops halfway through, and the group makes the rest of the trip on foot. When they finally make it out, they find that they are too late, as the siege on Cyprus has already begun. Mario and Luigi head through Cyprus Grounds, fighting the Koopa Troop and the prisoners along the way. They find that most of the shops have been destroyed.

Mario and Luigi venture into Cyprus Vaults.

The group heads to the main hall of the castle next, where they find an injured Toadiko, Princess Peach, and Priest Shroad. Shroad tells Mario that King Shuck is in the Cyprus Vaults trying to defend the Stones. Mario and Luigi try to access the vaults, but they find that the vault has been locked. Britta and the Monty Moles once again arrive and teach Mario and Luigi how to use the Drill Bros technique. Using Drill Bros, Mario and Luigi access the vault.

A large monster known as the Guardian is found sleeping on the ground. Mario and Luigi try to sneak past him, but he is awoken and he attacks the bros, but he is defeated. They continue through the vaults until the bros reach the main safe, where the Stones are being held. Starlow spots King Shuck trying to stop Gigaroth from combining the stones, but Shuck is knocked aside.

However, Mario, Luigi, and Starlow intervene. Gigaroth applauds their effort, but he combines the Stones anyway, creating the Cursed Star. Powered up by the Cursed Star, Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, and Sergeant Guy attack the Mario Bros. It is an incredibly tough fight, but Mario and Luigi manage to pull out on top. King Shuck is still devastated, as the Cursed Star has been arisen and Gigaroth escaped with it.

Mario uses the Ice Mario technique to cross Tzar Lake and reach Kopper's Laboratory.

King Shuck then holds a massive meeting in the damaged castle hall. Broque Monsieur, Britta, Lochtrok, and Yukental all attend. Shuck and Priest Shroad explain to all the attendees about what has happened and why they need to stop Gigaroth and Bowser at all costs. Starlow suggests that the Mario Bros find Kopper, as he is in expert on the Star Sprites, and he may know what to do. Shuck reveals that Kopper lives on an island in the middle of the Tzar Lake. Mario, Luigi, and Starlow leave, but Princess Peach goes with them. Peach is then unlocked as a sidekick.

The group heads to the Tzar Lake and tries to swim to the island, but they realize that would be impossible. Prince Calamari attacks the bros, and they decide to return to land, although he is defeated. Mario and Luigi try to find a way to get to the island, and Toadbert suggests that Mario transforms into Ice Mario and just walks across the water. Mario does as he is told and makes it to the island.

Mario, Luigi, and Starlow enter Kopper's Laboratory and find that it is somehow overrun with the remains of Gigaroth's army. The bros make their way through the lab, but they are stopped for one final time by the Yoshi Bandits. Kamek appears and powers them up, making them into a formidable foe. They end up getting defeated anyway. Kopper is freed and Kamek flees.

Mario and Luigi battle the Yoshi Bandits after Kamek has powered them up.

Starlow, Toadbert, and Princess Peach explain the situation to Kopper. He says that Gigaroth will need to go the highest point on the island, Mount Flawn, and place the Cursed Star there. A portal will then open up which will lead to Limbo, the place between their world and the Star Sprite world. In order to stop Gigaroth, Mario and Luigi will have to destroy the Cursed Star before King KaStar, the leader of the Star Sprites, is defeated.

Starlow thanks Kopper, and the group leaves, but Kopper decides to go with them. They return to Cyprus and find it under attack by Cursed Soldiers. Starlow informs the others of their information, and King Shuck decides to send Prince Piran, Priest Shroad, Toadilo, Toadsworth, and the Guardian with Mario and Luigi. Shuck says that he, General Lochtrok, and the others have to stay back to defend the castle.

Mario, Luigi, and Starlow head down Cyprus Path, leading to Hyland. The Guardian destroys the roots that were blocking the path and the group enters. They discover that Hyland is also under attack by the Cursed Soldiers, but the townspeople aren't doing nearly as well at defending. Broque Monsieur requests their help.

Mario and Luigi traverse Mount Flawn.

The Guardian begins to subdue the Cursed Soldiers while the Monty Moles reveal the path to Mount Flawn. They destroy the obstacles with their Monty Tank, allowing Mario and his party to pass. They continue down Flawn Chasm until they reach the mountain, where they find Britta's hut. Britta explains that Mount Flawn is incredibly hard to climb and that it will use all of their past techniques and power-ups.

After carefully climbing Mount Flawn, Mario and Luigi reach the top. They find the Koopa Cruiser, along with Gigaroth, Bowser, Bowser Jr, and Kamek. Gigaroth creates the portal, and he tells the prince to deal with the others. All of a sudden, Prince Piran turns on the Mario Bros and knocks Toadilo and Priest Shroad off the mountain. However, Shroad is able to grab on, and Kopper helps him up.

Meanwhile, Gigaroth has Bowser, Bowser Jr, and Kamek pilot the Koopa Cruiser into the portal, as that will help them avoid having to traverse through Limbo. Prince Piran challenges Mario and Luigi, saying that now he will have control of the entire world, not just the Shrullen Kingdom. He reveals that he was the one that told Gigaroth that the Mario Bros were headed to Kopper's Laboratory. Prince Piran puts on a mask and a fight soon follows, although the prince is defeated. He is knocked back and grabs onto the ledge. Mario tries to help him up, but Starlow knocks Prince Piran off anyway. Immediately after, Luigi, Starlow, Kopper, Priest Shroad, Toadsworth, and the others all enter the portal, leaving just Mario and Princess Peach. The princess states that she is very worried about Starlow right before she jumps into the portal. Mario follows.


Mario, Luigi, Starlow, Kopper, Shroad, Toadsworth, and the sidekicks all arrive in Limbo. They spot the Koopa Cruiser flying away, and Kopper reveals that they must reach the other end of Limbo if they wish to enter Star Road. Additionally, Mario notices that Kamek departs from the Koopa Cruiser on his broomstick, presumably to try and stop the bros. He zaps a building that the group has to path through.

Mario and Luigi walk through Limbo. A Golden Lakitu is behind them.

Mario and Luigi enter, only to find that the room has been transformed into a giant dungeon. A tiny control panel appears and Kamek begins to operate it. Suddenly, previous bosses begin to appear, including Okooru, Whomp King, Trideous, Prince Calamari, etc. The bros are able to eventually destroy the control panel, causing Kamek to flee. The group follows him throughout Limbo and are eventually able to confront him. Seeing as the Koopa Cruiser is almost to the other side, Kamek decides to fight the bros. However, he ends up being defeated, and Kopper uses his wand to grow Mario, Luigi, and the sidekicks to a giant size.

Mario grabs the Koopa Cruiser and throws it backwards. The ship attacks the giant Mario and Luigi, but the Koopa Cruiser is no match. It eventually crashes down into Limbo. Mario and Luigi are shrunk down to normal size since the wand ran out of power. During the transformation, Gigaroth, Bowser, Bowser Jr, and Kamek advance on farther ahead, into the Star Elevator.

Mario and friends take the elevator as well, finally arriving at Star Road. They find the place destroyed and most of the Star Sprites injured on the ground, and the town filled with Cursed Star Duplicates. The bros advance through the town and reach the Star Gate, where they see the Elder Sprites fighting off Gigaroth and the Cursed Star. However, the Star Sprites are defeated.

Mario and Luigi battle Bowser and Bowser Jr

Gigaroth spots Mario, and he orders Bowser to defeat him. Bowser tells Bowser Jr to show his new trick, transforming into Shadow Mario. Mario and Luigi attack the Koopas, and after a difficult battle, the bros defeat them. Bowser asks for help from Gigaroth, but Gigaroth backstabs Bowser and leaves without him. Enraged, Bowser and Bowser Jr hop up and chase him off towards Star Gate, where they find Gigaroth standing directly at the center of the platform. Bowser and Bowser Jr begin to punch him, although it does not seem to affect Gigaroth. Kamek tries to stop them, but fails.

All of a sudden, the illusion wears off and the Gigaroth that Bowser and Bowser Jr were punching is actually revealed to be King KaStar, the king of the Star Sprites. Weakened, King KaStar sends Bowser, Bowser Jr, and Kamek flying in the opposite direction. However, Gigaroth zaps King KaStar from behind and defeats him. With the final line of defense destroyed, Gigaroth and the Cursed Star finally have complete control.

Yossy approaches the Cursed Star as Mario and the others watch.

Mario and Luigi confront the two and fight them. Gigaroth and the Cursed Star are inevitably defeated. Dumbfounded, Gigaroth begins to sob that his plan failed as the Cursed Star falls to the ground, lifeless. Starlow begins to slam into Gigaroth in rage and knocks him off of the platform. Suddenly, Yossy of the Yoshi Bandits appears from the crowd, telling Mario that he followed him all this way to get revenge. Yossy takes the Cursed Star and, assuming that it is Mario's, he throws it into the ground, shattering it. The dust goes to the nearest and most vulnerable target, Starlow.

The Cursed Star remains absorb into Starlow, and she is, just as Priest Shroad warned, corrupted by the forces of evil. Combined with her hatred for Gigaroth, Starlow stands no chance and is easily consumed. Toadsworth tries to approach her, but he is blasted away, causing Yossy to flee. Dark Starlow attacks Mario and Luigi (note that Starlow is not available as a sidekick during this fight), but she is ultimately defeated. Kopper and Priest Shroad try to figure out a way to get the Cursed Star out of Starlow's system. Before they can do anything, King KaStar and the three Elder Sprites, although weakened, use their combined powers to remove the Cursed Star and return it to its previous form, the Five Stones.

Bowser and his minions awake on Pollent Beach.

Kopper has an idea and puts the Star Stone in the moonlight, and due to the Moon being so close, the Star Stone is reverted back into Starlow's Source Star. Peach gives it to Starlow, who is awoken by the return of it. King KaStar teleports the group back to Cyprus. Everyone reunites and a huge celebration is held. Prince Piran arrives and apologizes to Mario, and he tells King Shuck that he is not yet ready to be king, as he still has a lot to learn.

Meanwhile, Bowser, Bowser Jr, and Kamek find themselves on Pollent Beach, along with Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, and Sergeant Guy. They grumpily hop aboard a rowboat designed to look like the Koopa Cruiser and row home.


The gameplay in Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms is obviously very similar to the other Mario & Luigi games, although there a few key differences. The sidekick system is one of the more larger additions.

Battle System

Mario and Luigi fight a Red Para-Biddybud.

To start a battle, Mario or Luigi must touch an enemy. They can also perform a First Strike by jumping on or hammering the enemy in the over-world. Respectively, this will damage or stun the enemy before the battle starts. However, if Mario and Luigi take damage from enemies in the overworld or their backs are touched, they are unable to move until their turn, since the character has tripped (see status effects for more information). Since the game is a turn-based RPG, Mario, Luigi, and enemies take turns attacking each other.

The player can also use timed attacks to deal more damage. Depending on how well the player timed the hit, they can get an OK, GOOD, GREAT, or EXCELLENT ranking. Mario and Luigi can also counter-attack or dodge enemy attacks if their jumps or hammer attacks are timed right. Lucky Hits, which do twice the damage of the regular attack, can also happen randomly. The Mario Bros get coins, experience, and even items from winning battles.

The bros have access to six different options when it is their turn. These include Jump, Hammer, Special Attack, Sidekick (see the Sidekick section), Item, and Flee. Jump and Hammer can be used at any time. Some enemies, however, can be resistant to either Jump or Hammer attacks. Special Attacks can only be used when both Bros are active, and they cost SP to use. If a bro does not have enough SP to use a certain special attack, he will be unable to use it. However, that bro can still participate in special attacks used by the other bro. Items can heal a bro's HP/SP or even power him up, although they do take up that bro's turn. Finally, the Mario Bros have the option to flee from battle. To do this, the player must repeatedly spam the A and B buttons. Some coins and items are lost during this process.

If a bro's HP reaches zero, he will faint, unable to perform any attacks or use any other moves. The other bro will have to carry the bro while defending, decreasing his reaction time and slowing him down. Additionally, special attacks cannot be used during this time period. Because of these consequences, it is recommended that the other bro use a 1-UP healing item as quickly as possible to get the fainted bro back into the battle.


Each brother has their own Heart Points, Special Points, POW, DEF, SPEED, STACHE, and FAME points. When they finish a battle, they each gain Experience Points. With enough Experience Points, they can level-up and increase each respective statistic.

  • HPicon.png (abbreviation of Heart Points) is the amount of life Mario and Luigi has. When an enemy hits either of them, they lose HP. When their HP reaches zero, they die, but can be revived with a 1-Up item.
  • SPicon.png (abbreviation of Special Points) indicates how many times Mario and Luigi can use a Special Attack. Each attack uses a certain amount of SP, draining the total. SP can be restored by using Syrup and other items.
  • POWicon.png (abbreviation of Power) is how strong either Mario or Luigi is. The higher their POW stats are, the more damage they will perform.
  • DEFicon.png (abbreviation of Defense) is how much damage either Mario or Luigi can block from an enemy hit. The higher their DEF stats are, the less damage they will take.
  • SPEEDicon.png is how fast Mario or Luigi are. If an enemy has a greater speed they will attack first. If Mario and/or Luigi has a higher speed they will attack first.
  • STACHEicon.png is one of Mario and Luigi's most unique stats. The higher their STACHE stats are, the greater there is a chance of a Lucky Hit, which doubles POW. Also, the player will be more likely to get hits on Scratch Cards with more STACHE.
  • FAMEicon.png is another unique stat of Mario and Luigi. It lowers the prices of items bought at shops and increases the worth of items sold (caps at 75%). Additionally, NPCs are more likely to give random items to Mario and Luigi with more FAME.

Status Effects

Status effects can be caused by enemies and other causes. Some increase/decrease Mario and Luigi's stats and some prevent them from attacking. Statistic increases/decreases can be combined while true status effects such as poison/burn cannot.


Mario sets his sidekick Starlow to automatically use Star Shot every two turns.

A new feature in Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms, the sidekick system allows each of the Mario Bros to team up with another character in the game, meaning two sidekicks can be active at one time. Sidekicks make automated moves entirely separate from the bros. The player can control what moves the sidekicks make via the sidekick category. In this menu, Mario and Luigi can see how many turns it will take for the sidekick to perform a certain move. Some of these moves will occur every turn, while others will occur every other turn and so on. However, sidekicks can only work on one move at a time.

There are three possible ranks that sidekicks can be: Acquaintance, Friend, and Companion. Sidekicks rank up when they spend enough time with a bro. Ranking up unlocks an additional move for the sidekick, meaning they can have a total of three possible moves. In addition, sidekicks do not have their own stats. Instead, their Bro's stat is taken and cut in half. Because of this, players must be strategic when they apply sidekicks. For example, Broggy, a physical attacker, would do much better on Mario since Mario is also a physical attacker. Below is a list of all of the available sidekicks in the game.

Sidekick Description Moves Turns
Starlow BIS.pngStarlow The star sprite Starlow is ready to help to Mario Bros! She is a good all-around fighter with a variety of moves! Star Blast: Starlow will ram into a random foe, causing damage. 2
Star Shot: Starlow will fire three powerful stars at a random foe, dealing lots of damage. The enemy might become dizzy. 3
Star Support: Starlow will heal 1/4 of a bro's SP. 4
Broggyartwork.pngBroggy Broque Monsieur has lent you his powerful Broggy! He is a strong physical attacker with a mean bite! Head Slam: Broggy will charge forward and dive into an opponent, causing major damage. 1
Dirt Kick: Broggy will kick dirt in a random foe's face, lowering their speed. 1
Bite: Broggy will sneak up behind an opponent and bite them in the back. There is small chance that the opponent will be poisoned. 3
Toadbert 2.pngToadbert The intelligent Toadbert has joined your party! He isn't good at fighting, but he has developed several helpful medicines that will boost the bros' stats! Defense Boost: Toadbert gives a bro a small shell to eat. This boosts that bro's defense. 5
Speed Boost: Toadbert gives a bro a tiny mushroom to eat. This boosts that bro's speed. 2
Power Boost: Toadbert gives a bro a large mushroom to eat. This boosts that bro's power. 6
Popple-0.pngPopple The sly and deceitful thief Popple is willing to help! He isn't really that strong, but he can sure steal a lot of coins! Thief: Popple will sneak up behind a foe and pickpocket them. He'll stash the coins in his bag and flee back to Mario, gaining 1-50 coins. 2
Leftovers: Popple will toss his bro a type of Mushroom depending on the bro's rank. 6
Multiplier: Popple will concentrate carefully, multiplying the amount of coins gained at the end of the battle. 5
Princess Peach TTS.pngPrincess Peach The graceful princess of the Mushroom Kingdom has arrived! Violence isn't her thing, so she'll heal and support the Mario Bros instead. Toad Regeneration: Princess Peach will place a temporary regeneration on a bro, causing them to heal 1/16th HP per turn, lasting 2-3 turns. 4
Miracle Cure: Princess Peach will give the Miracle Cure to a bro, healing all of their status effects. 2
Song Heal: Princess Peach will sing a song that heals 35% of a bro's HP. 6
TheProfessor Elvin Gadd PiT.pngProfessor E Gadd* The crazy Professor E Gadd is ready to fight! He has a wide variety of moves, and he may even use his ghosts in battle! Poltergust Assault: Professor E Gadd attacks all opponents with a large blast from his Poltergust. 3
Jump Scare: Professor E Gadd sends out a ghost that will scare a random opponent, lowering their attack and/or speed. 3
Ghost Blockade: The Mario Bros are shielded from damage for one turn. 6
Yoshiartwork.pngYoshi* Mario's old pal Yoshi can't wait to help! He has a unique arsenal of eggs with various effects! Poison Egg: Yoshi traps a random opponent in an egg. They will immediately escape, but they will be poisoned in the process. 4
Fire Egg: Yoshi traps a random opponent in an egg. They will immediately escape, but they will be burned in the process. 5
Sick Egg: Yoshi traps a random opponent in an egg. They will immediately escape, but they will get sick in the process. 7

Note: * indicates that a sidekick is unlocked via a sidequest

Out-of-Battle Techniques

Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms features many out-of-battle techniques, most of which originate from other Mario games, such as the F.L.U.D.D. from Super Mario Sunshine, or the Cape from Super Mario World. They can be used to access secret areas or complete puzzles. Below is a list of all the out-of-battle techniques.

Image Action Learned
Mario and Luigi can both jump to reach high places and hit blocks. S.S. Toad
Mario and Luigi can both whack things with their hammers. They can press buttons, break rocks, etc. Hyland Valley
Mario can do a "Spin Jump" by jumping on top of Luigi and spinning through the air. This is necessary for crossing large gaps. Hyland Valley
SS Dunk L.png
Luigi can perform "Drill Bros" by hopping on top of Mario and drilling into the ground. This can be used to go under fences and other areas. Additionally, the bros can collect beans from doing this move on suspicious spots of ground. Cyprus Castle
Mario can be squished into Mini-Mario if Luigi hits Mario with his hammer. Using this technique, Mario can move into small openings not accessible by Drill Bros (usually due to a hard floor). Mount Posda
Mario can fill himself with helium via gas pumps to jump extra high. However, the bros fall much faster than they did in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Cyprus Grounds
Mario and Luigi can peform "Cape Bros" when free falling to glide over long distances. However, unlike Spin Jump, Cape Bros will slowly descend over time. Mount Flawn
Mario can use the F.L.U.D.D. to put out fires and complete other various puzzles involving water. However, the F.L.U.D.D. will have to be refilled after a certain amount of time. Yoshi Temple
Mario can transform into Boomerang Mario in order to hit faraway targets with boomerangs. Sacred Tunnel
Mario and Luigi can perform "Ball Bros" by rolling up into balls. They can roll into tubes and go up ramps. The Great Tree
Mario can transform into Metal Mario, making him weigh more. This can be used to complete puzzles, break frozen blocks, and activate switches. Shadowhein Prison
Mario can transform into Ice Mario in order to walk across large bodies of water and climb waterfalls. Tzar Lake

Special Attacks

Mario and Luigi obtain these attacks via Attack Pieces found by hitting an Attack Piece Block, along with numerous other ways. These Special Attacks can perform more damage than standard attacks if pulled off correctly. However, using the attacks costs SP, of which Mario and Luigi have a limited amount.





Green Shell*
One of the brothers kicks this item towards an enemy. It rebounds off the enemy, while the enemy takes damage, and back towards the other brother. The other brother must kick the shell back to the enemy to repeat the process, while the Green Shell increases its speed more times it is kicked. The Green Shell disappears when the enemy is defeated, sixteen successful hits are dealt, or if a brother misses it. Yule Forest 3
Poltergust Assault*
Both bros take out a Poltergust and begin to try and suck up the enemies on the field. The player must spam the A and B buttons. If the enemy is a ghost, they will take lots of damage. Non-ghost enemies will take no damage from this attack, although there is a small chance of stealing an item. Haunted Mansion 3
Bean Shot
One of the brothers throws a bag of beans high into the air. Mario and Luigi then surround the enemies and take out their hammers. Pressing the correct button, the bros will then hit the falling beans with their hammers and redirect them at the enemies. The attack ends after twelve beans have been successfully hit or if one of the bros misses. Hyland Valley 4
Pipe Launch
Mario and Luigi create clones of themselves that all walk into a green pipe. The pipe than appears above the enemies, and the player has to remember the correct order of bros. Pressing the A or B button, the clones bombard the enemies, jumping onto their heads. The attack goes on until all clones have successfully attacked or if the player presses the wrong button. Mount Posda 5
Egg Barrage
One of the brothers kicks the egg to an enemy. As it flies in the air, the player must hold the corresponding button to let a brother build up energy to kick the egg at the enemy. When released with correct timing, the brother kicks the egg at the enemy. The process repeats back and forth until either the egg cracks or when the enemy is defeated. When the egg cracks, a possible free item can result out of it. Truttlenov Desert 6
F.L.U.D.D. Flush
Mario takes out the F.L.U.D.D. and sprays lots of water into the air. Then both bros grab a tube and direct it at the enemy. The player has to move Mario and Luigi back and forth so that the frozen chunks will go into the tube and shoot out the other side. Each chunk deals lots of damage if it is successfully redirected at the enemies. The attack ends once all fifteen pieces have fallen. Yoshi Temple 7
Fire Flower*
Both brothers toss fireballs at multiple enemies. The player should spam the button of the brother when the big fireball is on that brother's hand. Both brothers toss fireballs at the end of the attack. This item can cause a burn status to enemies. Kraken Jungle 8
Ball Bounce
When using this attack, Mario transforms into a giant ball and Luigi hops on top of him. The ball flies into the air, and the player has to readjust Luigi so that he's in the middle of the ball. If this is completed successfully, the ball flies back into the air. After doing this six times, the ball lands on one of the enemies, dealing massive damage. If Luigi is too close to one of the edges the attack stops. The Great Tree 8
Red Shell
Identical to the Green Shell, except the shell is capable of hitting more than one enemy and lasts until a brother misses the shell or if all enemies are defeated. Sacred Tunnel 9
Yoo Who Cannon
When using this attack, Mario and Luigi will briefly appear in eight barrels on screen; the player has to remember where they are. After a barrel rises, the player has to press the correct button, depending on which brother was sitting there but, the player has to press that button before the fuse reaches the barrel to damage the enemy. If the wrong button is pressed or if the player takes too long, the other barrels will be destroyed, and the attack will fail. Lava Lane 10
Metal Slam
Mario transforms into Metal Mario, and Luigi throws him into the air. Luigi then has to readjust a trampoline so that Metal Mario can land on it and be launched farther into the air. Once Mario has bounced four times, he falls onto one of the enemies and does massive damage. Shadowhein Prison 10
Ghost Launch
Mario and Luigi both turn into ghosts, and they surround the enemies. The player has to press the A or B button whenever the enemies are facing the other way. There is a small indication when the enemies are about to turn around, so the player must react accordingly. If one of the bros reaches the enemies, they all become scared and are launched in the air, dealing massive damage when they hit the ground. However, if one of the bros is caught moving, the attack fails. Cactine Subway 12
Snack Basket
One of the brothers takes out a picnic basket and throws it into the air. Luigi then has to catch all of the food in his mouth, causing him to become very bloated. Mario then grabs him and begins to try to toss him into the air. The player must rapidly mash the A button to aid Mario. Luigi is thrown into the air, and he Ground Pounds, creating a large shockwave. Levitating or flying enemies can dodge this move. Tzar Lake Caves 14
Ice Flower
Identical to the Fire Flower, except the attack does more damage and has a chance to lower the foes attack, defense, and/or speed. In addition the attack has no chance of burn. Kopper's Laboratory 17

Note: * indicates a required Special Attack



  • Starlow - A Star Sprite that helps Mario and Luigi on their journey
  • Princess Peach - The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
  • Toadsworth - Princess Peach's steward
  • Toadbert - An intelligent Toad that assists Mario and Luigi on various occasions
  • Captain Toadilo - The brave captain of the S.S. Toad. He is a stereotypical drill sergeant
  • Toadiko - A friend of Toadbert and the owner of the badge shop
  • King Shuck - The wise king of the Shrullen Kingdom
  • Priest Shroad - King Shuck's steward
  • Prince Piran - King Shuck's naive son and future king
  • General Lochtrok - The cowardly general of the Cactine army and owner of the Colosseum
  • Gigaroth - An evil wizard and the primary villain
  • Trideous - Gigaroth's giant pet hawk
  • Bowser - The Koopa King and the secondary villain
  • Bowser Jr - Bowser's son
  • Kamek - Bowser's caretaker
  • The Elite Trio - Three loyal members of the Koopa Troop
  • The Yoshi Bandits - A group of thieves and the tertiary villains
    • Yossy: A slightly overweight green Yoshi and the leader of the gang.
    • Bossy: A light blue Blimp Yoshi
    • Rossy: A red Dash Yoshi
  • Yoshi - Mario's old friend
  • Professor E Gadd - A crazy professor obsessed with ghosts
  • Popple - A thief that has encountered Mario in the past
  • Kopper - A Koopa scientist specialized in the Star Sprites
  • Broque Monsieur - A Brock gentleman that lends Mario his pet dog
  • Broggy - Broque Monsieur's pet dog
  • Britta - A Brock miner
  • Bricksmith - A Brock shopkeeper located in Cyprus
  • Monty Moles - A group of mole miners that help Mario at random times throughout his adventure
  • Yukental - The chief of the Yulians
  • Rooter - The traveling Yulian merchant
  • The Elder Sprites - Three powerful Star Sprites responsible for originally stopping the Dark Star
  • King KaStar - The king of the Star Sprites
  • The Cursed Star - A powerful and destructive star that is awoken if the Five Stones are combined



  • Pollent Beach
  • Yule Forest
  • S.S. Toad Wreckage
  • Hyland Valley
  • Tearko Cavern
  • Icarus Tunnel
  • Cyprus Path
  • Truttlenov Desert
  • Kraken Jungle
  • Tzar Lake
  • Tzar Lake Caves
  • Sacred Tunnel
  • Lava Lane
  • Flawn Chasm
  • Limbo
  • Mount Flawn
  • Mount Icarus
  • Mount Posda
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Yoshi Temple
  • Observatory
  • Great Tree
  • Cactine Wall
  • Shadowhein Prison
  • Underground Bunker
  • Cactine HQ
  • Cactine Subway
  • Cyprus Vaults
  • Kopper's Laboratory
  • Star Road


  • Yule
  • Hyland
  • Cyprus
  • Yoshington
  • Cacton


Mario and Luigi walk towards a gear shop.

Several shops are located at different locations around the island. The Cyprus Grounds are home to the largest amount of shops, including the gear shops and the badge shops. There are four separate gear shops, all ran by the Toad survivors of the S.S. Toad. However, some of the locations can only be accessed when Mario and Luigi reach a certain rank. The higher-end shops contain better gear, but higher prices as a result. Aside from the gear shops, Cyprus also contains a badge shop, ran by Toadiko. In addition, Bricksmith's Refreshing Joint is also situated in the city. Mario and Luigi can have their HP and SP fully restored for a small price at the store.

Finally, the last shop on the island is Rooter's Traveling Item Shop. The store is located at six different locations, being the five cities and the Tzar Lake. Rooter starts off by selling very basic items, but his products get more and more advanced as the bros rank up and advance in the story. Finally, all shopkeepers on the island will hand out scratch cards after Mario and Luigi make a purchase. The player has a chance to win back 10%, 20%, or 50% of the coins spent.

Item Blocks

Item blocks are located all around the Shrullen Kingdom. Some are in plain sight, while some are in more obscure locations. When bumped, the block can give coins, items, or gear. A separate variation, attack piece blocks, supply Mario and Luigi with attack pieces. Once all ten attack pieces in an area have been collected, a new Special Attack is unlocked.

  • Questionblock.png ? Block - A standard item block. Jump into it or hit it with a boomerang to receive whatever's inside.
  • Hiddenblock.png Hidden Block - Same as the ? Block except they're invisible. Beans and other useful items can be found inside.
  • Relayblock.png Relay Block - Mario and Luigi stand a distance apart as the relay block moves toward one of them. If they jump and hit it, the block is sent towards the other bro, slowly increasing in speed. Some relay blocks require that the bros get to a certain number, while others will just go on forever.
  • Orderblock.png Order Block - An order of M's and L's is revealed above the block. Mario and Luigi must hit the block in the correct order if they want to receive the reward.
  • Questionblock.png Bounce Block - Mario and Luigi stand a small distance apart and must jump to send the block over to the other bro. The bros receive coins for how many times they hit the block within the time limit.
  • Numberblock.png Number Block - The block breaks into nine different blocks when hit. A number (1-9) is shown on each of the blocks briefly before disappearing. Mario and Luigi then must hit the blocks in the correct order to receive the reward.
  • Groundblock.png Frozen Block - Large item blocks in the floor. Mario will have to fall on it as Metal Mario in order to get the item.
  • Saveblock-0.png Save Block - A blue block that allows the player to save. No additional effect.
  • Attackpieceblock.png Attack Piece Block - A multicolored block that rewards Mario and Luigi with attack pieces when hit.


Mario and Luigi find a bean spot in Lava Lane.

In the game, Mario and Luigi can collect Beans by coming across bean spots all throughout the Shrullen Kingdom, which are "X"s or other distinguishing features on the ground. The Beans can be collected by performing Drill Bros on the targeted area. There are 250 Beans from bean spots. Beans, along with other gear, can also be found in hidden blocks. However, only 125 Beans can be collected using this method.

Additionally, there are five green Warp Pipes scattered around the island. These pipes help Mario and Luigi travel faster around the Shrullen Kingdom, similar to the pipes in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. The Warp Pipes are located in the five cities: Yule, Hyland, Cyprus, Yoshington, and Cacton.


The following is a bestiary for all enemies encountered in the game Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms. Please note that some of these enemies are variations of a single enemy or were fought in a grouped-battle. For convenience, these variations are listed separately. The game features a total of seventy enemies. Ghost enemies are indicated in bold. They can be hurt regularly but can only be defeated by the Poltergust Assault Special Attack.

Image Name HP Coins EXP Location
1ScoutBloop.png Scout Bloop 7 1 3 Pollent Beach
2PropellerGoomba.png Propeller Goomba 12 3 5 Yule Forest, Haunted Mansion
3Chewy.png Chewy 15 4 6 Yule Forest, Hyland Valley
4AngryWiggler.png Angry Wiggler 20 8 13 Yule Forest
5KoopaTroopa.png Koopa Troopa 24 7 14 Haunted Mansion
6BlueElectrokoopa.png Blue Electrokoopa 22 7 14 Haunted Mansion
7BallBro.png Ball Bro 36 11 17 Haunted Mansion
8Fishbone.png Fishbone 25 8 14 S.S. Toad Wreckage
9JuniorGhost.png Junior Ghost 10 4 4 S.S. Toad Wreckage
10RedBiddybud.png Red Biddybud 35 9 14 Hyland Valley
11RedParaBiddybud.png Red Para-Biddybud 35 9 14 Hyland Valley
12Tanoomba.png Tanoomba 42 12 15 Hyland Valley, Tearko Cavern
13RockyWrench.png Rocky Wrench 47 13 17 Tearko Cavern, Icarus Tunnel
14Thwimp.png Thwimp 51 13 18 Icarus Tunnel, Mount Posda
15Thwomp.png Thwomp 62 15 20 Icarus Tunnel, Mount Posda
16Whimp.png Whimp 57 14 18 Mount Posda
17SpikePiranha.png Spike Piranha 64 17 23 Cyprus Path
18FishinBoo.png Fishin' Boo 70 18 26 Cyprus Path, Truttlenov Desert
19Pokey.png Pokey 88 20 37 Truttlenov Desert
20Conkdor.png Conkdor 93 21 38 Truttlenov Desert
21BuzzyBeetle.png Buzzy Beetle 52 14 28 Truttlenov Desert, Yoshi Temple
22FakeBlock.png Fake Block 90 20 38 Yoshi Temple
23MadPokey.png Mad Pokey 106 25 44 The Observatory
24Viruses.png Viruses 95 22 43 The Observatory
25PutridPiranha.png Putrid Piranha 110 26 46 Kraken Jungle
26Stingby.png Stingby 119 29 49 Kraken Jungle, The Great Tree
27Spiny.png Spiny 102 24 45 Kraken Jungle, The Great Tree
28Spike.png Spike 130 34 56 The Great Tree
29BoomerangBro.png Boomerang Bro 137 35 57 Koopa Cruiser
30HappyKoopa.png Happy Koopa 134 30 56 Koopa Cruiser
31BulletBill.png Bullet Bill 140 35 61 Inside Tzar Lake
32Blooper.png Blooper 146 36 62 Inside Tzar Lake
33WaterPiranha.png Water Piranha 147 36 65 Tzar Lake
34Bramball.png Bramball 152 38 70 Tzar Lake
35Wallop.png Wallop 184 49 93 Sacred Tunnel
36GoldTanoomba.png Gold Tanoomba 156 50 72 Sacred Tunnel
37Smeech.png Smeech 161 41 73 Sacred Tunnel
38DinoTorch.png Dino Torch 159 40 70 Lava Lane
39DryGoomba.png Dry Goomba 166 44 75 Lava Lane
Waddlewing-0.png Waddlewing 172 47 78 Lava Lane
41DinoRhino.png Dino Rhino 180 50 83 The Cactine Wall
42Crowber.png Crowber 174 48 82 The Cactine Wall
43BombBro.png Bomb Bro 181 52 86 Shadowhein Prison
44Bully.png Bully 189 55 93 Shadowhein Prison Underground Bunker
Grayguy.png Gray Guy 187 53 88 Underground Bunker
46RedElectrokoopa.png Red Electrokoopa 195 58 95 Cactine Headquarters
47ShadyKoopa.png Shady Koopa 202 62 101 Cactine Headquarters
48BooBarrel.png Boo Barrel 205 63 98 Cactine Subway
49Broozer.png Broozer 211 64 103 Cactine Subway
50VeteranGhost-0.png Veteran Ghosts 209 60 99 Cactine Subway
Armoredkoopa.png Armored Koopa 219 68 107 Cyprus Grounds, Cyprus Castle
52PtooiePiranha.png Ptooie Piranha 225 73 112 Cyprus Vaults
53Chuckya.png Chuckya 240 81 119 Cyprus Vaults
Underwaterspike.png Underwater Spike 234 77 115 Tzar Lake Caves
Sushi-0.png Sushi 243 82 121 Tzar Lake Caves
56AngryKoopa-0.png Angry Koopa 255 89 127 Kopper's Laboratory
57MechaKoopa.png Mecha-Koopa 253 88 125 Kopper's Laboratory
58ThunderBro.png Thunder Bro 264 94 133 Kopper's Laboratory
Cursedsoldiers.png Cursed Soldiers 268 100 139 Cyprus Grounds, Cyprus Path, Hyland
Grooveguy.png Groove Guy 271 103 141 Cyprus Path
Kritta.png Kritta 285 112 149 Cyprus Path
62KissSis.png Kiss Sis 287 114 150 Flawn Chasm
Snowpokey.png Snow Pokey 293 117 154 Flawn Chasm
64DinoPiranha.png Dino Piranha 341 137 178 Mount Flawn
65Reznor.png Reznor 324 129 171 Mount Flawn
66PalePiranha.png Pale Piranha 336 134 175 Limbo
67Robirdo.png Robirdo 348 139 180 Limbo
Goldenlakitu.png Golden Lakitu 359 180 188 Limbo
Fallenstars.png Fallen Stars 361 183 191 Limbo, Star Road
Cursedstar.png Cursed Star Duplicates 666 278 312 Star Road


The following is a bestiary for all bosses encountered in the game Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms. The first table shows all of the bosses required to be defeated to progress through the story; the second, on the other hand, details optional bosses that can be completely skipped over if the player desires so. These bosses include the X Bosses found at the Colosseum, and the Boo Bosses relating to Professor E Gadd's Ghost Hunt (see Sidequests).

Image Name HP Coins EXP Location
Trideous.png Trideous #1 15 0 0 S.S. Toad
Snorepillar2-0.png Snorepillar 50 35 50 Yule Forest
Bowserboss.png Bowser #1 120 55 90 Haunted Mansion
Bogmireboss-2.png Bogmire

Bogmire: 150
Large Copy: 50
Medium Copy: 30
Small Copy: 10

60 110 S.S. Toad Wreckage
Yoshibandits.png Yoshi Bandits #1

Yossy: 100
Bossy: 150
Rossy: 75

90 150 Hyland Valley
Trideous.png Trideous #2 300 140 215 Mount Flawn
Okooruboss-0.png Okooru 425 130 230 Icarus Tunnel
Kingwhomp-1.png Whomp King 500 140 250 Mount Posda
Yoshibanditspopple.png Yoshi Bandits and Popple

Yossy: 275
Bossy: 350
Rossy: 200
Popple: 300

160 300 Cyprus Path
Angrysun-0.png Angry Sun 575 120 325 Truttlenov Desert
Yosphinx.png Yosphinx 650 150 340 Yoshi Temple
Bowserjrmegahammer-0.png Bowser Jr's Megahammer

Body: 700
Left Arm: 200
Right Arm: 200

210 400 The Observatory
Treeletta.png Treeletta

Body: 850
Roots: 150

275 430 Kraken Jungle
Bowserboss.png Bowser #2 1,050 350 500 Koopa Cruiser
Gigarothtrideous-0.png Gigaroth and Trideous

Gigaroth: 900
Trideous: 750

440 600 Sacred Tunnel
Cactineturretboss.png Cactine Turret 1,100 485 620 The Cactine Wall
Yoshibandits.png Yoshi Bandits #2

Yossy: 525
Bossy: 700
Rossy: 400

550 700 Shadowhein Prison
Dugandtug.png Dug and Tug

Dug: 800
Tug: 800

625 750 Cactine Headquarters
Theguardian2.png The Guardian 1,350 700 810 Cyprus Vaults
Theelitetrio.png The Elite Trio

Goomp: 750
Paraplonk: 750
Guy: 750

830 950 Cyprus Vaults
Princecalamariboss.png Prince Calamari 1,500 865 990 Tzar Lake
Yoshibandits.png Yoshi Bandits (final)

Yossy: 800
Bossy: 975
Rossy: 675

940 1,040 Kopper's Laboratory
Maskedprincepiran.png Masked Prince Piran 1,750 1,050 1,200 Mount Flawn
Limboroom.png Limbo Room

Control Panel: 800
Boss Clones: 500

1,090 1,260 Limbo
Kamekboss.png Kamek 1,800 1,180 1,400 Limbo
Koopacruiserboss-0.png Koopa Cruiser 2,000 1,315 1,630 Limbo
Bowserbowserjrboss-0.png Bowser and Bowser Jr/Shadow Mario

Bowser: 2,000
Bowser Jr: 1,500
Shadow Mario: 800

1,535 1,750 Star Road
Gigarothcursedstar-0.png Gigaroth and the Cursed Star

Gigaroth: 2,550
Cursed Star: 2,400

1,800 9,999 Star Gate
Darkstarlow.png Dark Starlow 4,350 2,100 9,999 Star Gate

Image Name HP Coins EXP Location
Booguysquad.png Boo Guy's Squad

Boo Guy: 350
Other Ghosts: 85

125 245 Icarus Tunnel
Ghostluigi.png Ghost Luigi Luigi's HP 0 Immediate level up for Luigi Kraken Jungle
Mrluggs-0.png Mr Luggs 960 450 585 Lava Lane
Kingboo.png King Boo 1,225 675 800 Cactine Subway
Fawfulclones.png Fawful Clones 700 (each) 650 825 S.S. Toad
Snorepillarx.png Snorepillar X 1,225 500 0 The Colosseum
Okoorux.png Okooru X 1,270 650 0 The Colosseum
Kingwhompx.png Whomp King X 1,345 725 0 The Colosseum
Angrysunx.png Angry Sun X 1,450 950 0 The Colosseum
Yosphinxx.png Yosphinx X 1,560 1,275 0 The Colosseum
Bowserjrmegahammerx.png Bowser Jr's Megahammer X

Body: 1,050
Left Arm: 500
Right Arm: 500

1,650 0 The Colosseum
Treelettax.png Treeletta X

Body: 1,680
Roots: 350

2,500 0 The Colosseum
Trideousx.png Trideous X 1,735 5,000 0 The Colosseum
Dugandtugx.png Dug and Tug X

Dug: 1,090
Tug: 1,090

8,000 0 The Colosseum
Theelitetriox.png The Elite Trio X

Goomp: 950
Paraplonk: 950
Guy: 950

10,500 0 The Colosseum
Princecalamarix.png Prince Calamari X 1,950 12,225 0 The Colosseum
Yoshibanditsx.png Yoshi Bandits X

Yossy: 1,150
Bossy: 1,400
Rossy: 985

14,000 0 The Colosseum
Kamekx.png Kamek X 2,450 15,500 0 The Colosseum
Bowserbowserjrx.png Bowser and Bowser Jr/Shadow Mario X

Bowser: 2,875
Bowser Jr: 2,350
Shadow Mario: 1,550

18,000 0 The Colosseum


Key Items

There are many items that appear in the game that Mario and Luigi must obtain in order to advance in the game. Most of these items require the player to go through some trial, whether it be a challenge, facing a boss, or through other means. Items required to complete sidequests are also listed here.

Image Name Description
Stone-0.png Stone Can be used to create hammers.
Hammer-2.png Hammers Use 'em to whack and break stuff!
Capefeather.png Cape Feather Used to transform into Cape Mario.
Fuel-0.png Whomp Fuel Found on Mount Posda. It is used to power drills.
Fludd.png F.L.U.D.D. A nifty tool that can spray water everywhere.
Ballflower.png Ball Flower Used to transform into Ball Mario and Ball Luigi.
Boomerangflower-1.png Boomerang Flower Used to transform into Boomerang Mario.
Metalmushroom-0.png Metal Mushroom Used to transform into Metal Mario.
Iceflower-0.png Ice Flower Used to transform into Ice Mario.
Darknessstone.png Darkness Stone One of the five Sprite Stones.
Couragestone.png Courage Stone One of the five Sprite Stones.
Heartstone.png Heart Stone One of the five Sprite Stones.
Beandetector.png Bean Detector A strange machine that can detect hidden beans.
Bogmirepainting.jpg Bogmire Painting Obtained after defeating Bogmire. Bring it to E Gadd!
Booguypainting.jpg Boo Guy Painting Obtained after defeating Boo Guy. Bring it to E Gadd!
Ghostluigipainting.jpg Ghost Luigi Painting Obtained after defeating Ghost Luigi. Bring it to E Gadd!
Mrluggspainting.jpg Mr Luggs Painting Obtained after defeating Mr Luggs. Bring it to E Gadd!
Kingboopainting.jpg King Boo Painting Obtained after defeating King Boo. Bring it to E Gadd!

Consumable Items

These are the consumable items that appear in Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms. Certain items, such as the Max Candy and Retry Clock, cannot be bought in stores and can only be found in secret item blocks around the Shrullen Kingdom. Please note that some of the items used in this game have appeared in the previous installments.

Image Name Price (coins) Description
MushroomM&LRiA.png Mushroom 20 Restores 30 HP to one of the bros.
MushroomM&LRiA.png Super Mushroom 50 Restores 60 HP to one of the bros.
MushroomM&LRiA.png Ultra Mushroom 120 Restores 120 HP to one of the bros.
MushroomM&LRiA.png Extreme Mushroom 250 Restores 240 HP to one of the bros.
MushroomM&LRiA.png Max Mushroom 525 Restores 480 HP to one of the bros.
Mushroom One Up BiS.png 1-UP Mushroom 50 Revives a fallen bro with 1/3 HP.
Mushroom One Up BiS.png 1-UP Super 150 Revives a fallen bro with 2/3 HP.
Mushroom One Up BiS.png 1-UP Deluxe 450 Revives a fallen bro with full HP.
Nut-0.png Nut 25 Restores 20 HP to both bros.
Nut-0.png Super Nut 75 Restores 40 HP to both bros.
Nut-0.png Ultra Nut 225 Restores 80 HP to both bros.
Nut-0.png Max Nut 675 Restores 160 HP to both bros.
Syrup BiS.png Syrup 20 Restores 10 SP to one of the bros.
Syrup BiS.png Super Syrup 60 Restores 20 SP to one of the bros.
Syrup BiS.png Ultra Syrup 180 Restores 40 SP to one of the bros.
Syrup BiS.png Max Syrup 540 Restores 80 SP to one of the bros.
StarCandy.png Candy 75 Restores 20% of a single bro's HP and BP.
StarCandy.png Super Candy 250 Restores 40% of a single bro's HP and BP.
StarCandy.png Ultra Candy N/A Restores 60% of a single bro's HP and BP.
StarCandy.png Max Candy N/A Fully restores a single bro's HP and BP.
Herb Refresh BIS.png Refreshing Herb 30 Cures status effects.
POW Bean.png Heart Bean N/A Increases the HP stat of a bro by 1 Point.
POW Bean.png Special Bean N/A Increases the SP stat of a bro by 1 Point.
POW Bean.png Power Bean N/A Increases the POW stat of a bro by 1 Point.
Retry Clock.PNG Retry Clock N/A Allows the player to restart a battle.


Mario ranking up to the Shell Rank.

When leveling up Mario and Luigi occasionally reach a rank. When this happens new criteria is added to the game such as being able to equip more clothing or being able to shop at certain places. Here is a list of the ranks:

  • Mushroom (default) (1 piece of gear)
  • Shell (level 7) (2 pieces of gear)
  • Flower (level 15) (3 pieces of gear and Shop at Flower Rank gear shop)
  • Shine (level 24) (Shop at Shine Rank gear shop)
  • Star (level 36) (Shop at Star Rank gear shop)
  • Rainbow (level 50) (Get Excellent!! Badge)


The badge gauge

The badge system from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story returns in Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms. Once the first badges have been collected, a gauge at the bottom of the screen with Mario and Luigi's heads on either end will appear during battle. When Mario or Luigi pull off an action command, that brother's end of the bar fills slightly. When they meet in the middle, it's possible to use a Bros. Badge move.

The effect varies with the equipped badge. The normal effect is to restore 10% of both brothers' HP. Badges can be bought at Toadiko's Badge Shop, located in the Cyprus Grounds. Some of the badges require that the action commands be pulled off perfectly (EXCELLENT is displayed), and some only need OK!. However, the better and more skilled badges provide better rewards. Unlike previous games in the series, badges can only be swapped outside of battle. Switching badges resets the badge guage.

Types of Badges

Name of Badge Icon Price (coins) Found In Effect
Mushroom Badge MushroomBadge.png N/A Found in Cyprus Path Restores HP.
Powerful Badge PowerFuryBadge.png 2000 Bought from Toadiko's Badge Shop Increases both brothers' POW in the next attack.
Coin Badge BonusBadge.png 1000 Bought from Toadiko's Badge Shop Increases amount of Coins that the brothers get in the battle it was used.
EXP Badge XpBadge.png 1000 Bought from Toadiko's Badge Shop Increases amount of EXP that the brothers get in the battle it was used.
Bro Badge BrotherBadge.png 1500 Bought from Toadiko's Badge Shop Restores SP.
OK Badge OkBadge.png N/A Found in Cyprus Path Mario or Luigi must achieve at least an "ok" rating to fill the meter.
Good Badge GoodBadge.png 1000 Bought from Toadiko's Badge Shop Mario or Luigi must achieve at least a "good" rating to fill the meter.
Great Badge GreatBadge.png 1500 Bought from Toadiko's Badge Shop Mario or Luigi must achieve at least a "great" rating to fill the meter.
Excellent! Badge ExcellentBadge1.png 2000 Bought from Toadiko's Badge Shop Mario or Luigi must achieve at least an "excellent" rating to fill the meter.
Excellent!! Badge ExcellentBadge2.png N/A Obtained after Mario and Luigi become Rainbow-Ranked (Level 50) Mario or Luigi must achieve at least an "excellent" rating to fill the meter. If the attacker gets lower than that, his side of the bar empties. If an excellent is not possible at the time, the meter will not break.

Combined Effects

Badge MushroomBadge.png PowerFuryBadge.png BonusBadge.png XpBadge.png BrotherBadge.png
OkBadge.png Recover 10% of HP Increase power by 1.2x Increase Coins by 1.2x Increase EXP by 1.2x Recover 10% of SP
GoodBadge.png Recover 20% of HP Increase power by 1.4x Increase Coins by 1.4x Increase EXP by 1.4x Recover 20% of SP
GreatBadge.png Recover 30% of HP Increase power by 1.6x Increase Coins by 1.6x Increase EXP by 1.6x Recover 30% of SP
ExcellentBadge1.png Recover 50% of HP Increase power by 2x Increase Coins by 1.8x Increase EXP by 1.8x Recover 50% of SP
ExcellentBadge2.png Recover all HP & Clear status effects Increase power by 4x Increase Coins by 3x Increase EXP by 3x Recover all SP


Clothing boosts the brothers' stats. There are four categories of clothing: overalls, socks, gloves, and boots. Overalls typically improve DEF, gloves and boots typically improve POW and STACHE, and socks typically improve HP and SP. Depending on their rank, each bro can wear one, two, or three pieces of clothing at a time. However, they may not wear two articles of the same category. For example, Mario cannot wear two overalls at one time.

Unlike Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, clothing is not restricted to a specific brother. Clothing is either dropped by enemies, found in blocks, or purchased in shops. Some of the best clothing can be obtained by completing sidequests for the other characters in the game.

MLRPG3 C Overalls.png   Overalls   MLRPG3 C Overalls.png
Name Location(s) / Drop(s) Price/Requirement Effect(s)
Thin Wear --- Equipped at Start DEF +5
Picnic Wear Cyprus Grounds, Yule Forest 30 coins DEF +15
Leisure Wear Cyprus Grounds, Tearko Cavern 200 coins DEF +30
Koopa Wear Cyprus Grounds 500 coins & Flower DEF +40
Hero Wear Cyprus Grounds 1,500 coins & Flower DEF +60
Balm Wear Cyprus Grounds 2,000 coins & Shine DEF +90
King Wear Cyprus Grounds 2,500 coins & Star DEF +120
Fighter Wear S.S. Toad Wreckage, Icarus Tunnel --- POW +5, DEF +25
Muscle Wear Cyprus Grounds 1,800 coins & Shine POW +20, DEF +65
Brawler Wear Cyprus Grounds 2,500 coins & Star POW +35, DEF+75
Heart Wear Mount Posda (x2) --- HP +10, DEF +40
Medic Wear Yoshi Temple, Kraken Jungle --- HP +25, DEF +55
Doctor Wear Cyprus Grounds 1,900 coins & Star HP +30, DEF +70
Mage Wear Tzar Lake, Shadowhein Prison --- SP +5, DEF +50
Star Wear Cyprus Grounds 3,000 coins & Star HP +20, SP +10, DEF +120
MLRPG3 C Socks.png   Socks   MLRPG3 C Socks.png
Name Location(s) / Drop(s) Price/Requirement Effect(s)
Rag Socks Yule Forest, Hyland Valley --- +5% DEF
Starched Sock Cyprus Grounds 250 coins +10% DEF
Rugged Socks Cyprus Grounds, Yule 900 coins & Flower +20% DEF
HP Socks Bowser Jr's Megahammer --- +20% HP
DX HP Socks Cyprus Grounds, Tzar Lake 550 coins & Flower +30% HP
SP Socks Yosphinx --- +20% SP
DX SP Socks Cyprus Grounds, Cactine Turret 1,400 coins & Shine +30% SP
Coin Socks Cyprus Grounds, Koopa Cruiser 350 coins If the wearer takes no damage during a battle, 1.5x coins awarded
XP Socks Cyprus Grounds, Tearko Cavern 300 coins If the wearer takes no damage during a battle, 1.3x EXP awarded just for the wearer
Bro Socks The Colosseum --- Doubles defense when holding a KO'ed bro
Gall Socks Shadowhein Prison, Yule --- Foes are 50% more attracted to attack the wearer
Nurse Socks Cyprus Grounds, Icarus Tunnel 500 coins 4 HP regenerated per turn
Special Socks Cyprus Grounds 1,250 coins & Shine 4 SP regenerated per turn
Doctor Socks Cyprus Grounds 2,100 coins & Star 8 HP and 2 SP regenerated per turn
No-touch Socks Flawn Chasm --- Immune against all status ailments
MLRPG3 C Glove.png   Gloves   MLRPG3 C Glove.png
Name Location(s) / Drop(s) Price/Requirement Effect(s)
POW Gloves Cyprus Grounds, The Colosseum 950 coins +10% POW
DX POW Gloves Cyprus Grounds 20,000 coins & Star +20% POW
Heavy Gloves Underground Bunker (x2) --- Solo hammer POW +20%
Flower Gloves Cyprus Grounds, Yoshi Bandits #2 1,400 coins & Flower Fire Flower POW +20%
Shell Gloves Cyprus Grounds, Dug and Tug 1,400 coins & Flower Green Shell POW +20%
Softener Gloves The Colosseum --- Lowers an enemy's DEF by 20% at the beginning of a battle
Softener Gloves 2 The Colosseum --- Lowers an enemy's POW by 20% at the beginning of a battle
Special Gloves Cyprus Grounds, Truttlenov Desert 900 coins Special attack POW +15%
Fawful Gloves S.S. Toad Wreckage --- Special attack POW +30%
Siphon Gloves Cyprus Grounds 1,750 coins & Shine Solo hammer attacks by wearer restore 10% SP
Item Gloves Cyprus Grounds, Yule 800 coins & Shine Enemies hammered (solo) by wearer randomly drop items/equipment.
Bye-Bye Gloves Kopper's Laboratory --- Solo hammer attacks by wearer may one-hit KO an enemy regardless of its HP
Dent Gloves Cyprus Grounds 1,900 coins & Star A hammer first strike by the wearer may KO all enemies.
POW Mush Gloves Cyprus Grounds, Angry Sun 750 coins When wearer eats any type of mushroom, POW +20%
Lucky Gloves Cyprus Grounds, The Great Tree 500 coins & Flower Increases rate of lucky hits +50%
MLRPG3 C Boot.png   Boots   MLRPG3 C Boot.png
Name Location(s) / Drop(s) Price/Requirement Effect(s)
POW Boots Cyprus Grounds, Lava Lane 950 coins & Flower POW +10%
DX POW Boots Cyprus Grounds 20,000 coins & Star POW +20%
Famous Boots Kraken Jungle --- FAME +20%
Heavy Boots Cyprus Grounds, Treeletta 1,050 coins Solo jump POW +20%
Shell Boots Cyprus Grounds 1,400 coins & Shine Green shell POW +20%
Big Stomp Boots Cyprus Grounds, Cactine HQ 1,200 coins Jump First-strike POW +30%
Tip-Top Boots The Colosseum --- +30% POW only when wearer's HP is 100%
Mushroom Boots Cyprus Grounds 900 coins & Flower All drops become mushrooms
Sidekick Boots Cyprus Grounds, The Guardian 1,100 coins & Flower All moves that sidekicks can perform are reduced by one turn
Dizzy Boots The Colosseum --- On solo jump attacks, enemy may become dizzy
Poison Boots Yule (x2) --- On solo jump attacks, enemy may become poisoned
Healing Boots Cyprus Grounds, 1,350 coins & Shine On solo jump attacks, 5% HP regenerated per hit
DX Healing Boots The Colosseum --- On solo jump attacks, 10% HP regenerated per hit
Expensive Boots Cyprus Grounds, Yule 1,150 coins & Shine Special attack POW +30%, but SP cost doubles
Daredevil Boots Shadowhein Prison --- Doubles POW but any hit KOs the wearer instantly


Yoshi Hunt

Upon Mario and Luigi's arrival at Yoshington, they meet their old friend Yoshi, who tells them that Trideous scared off twelve of his friends into hiding. He tells them that the other Yoshis are hidden in tough to reach locations. Upon finding all twelve of the missing dinosaurs, Yoshi will join Mario's party as a sidekick. Below is a list of the Yoshis' locations.

  • Pollent Beach
  • Yule Forest
  • Tearko Cavern
  • Mount Posda
  • Truttlenov Desert
  • The Observatory
  • Kraken Jungle
  • The Great Tree
  • Tzar Lake
  • Lava Lane
  • Underground Bunker
  • Cactine Subway

Professor E Gadd's Ghost Chase

Mario, Luigi, and Starlow find Professor E Gadd.

Possibly the earliest sidequest available to the bros, Professor E Gadd's Ghost Chase is unlocked once Mario and Luigi save Professor E Gadd from Bowser and the Koopa Troop in the Haunted Mansion. The professor explains that five of his ghosts escaped from their paintings when Bowser attacked, and that Mario should hunt them down before they cause any trouble. These five ghosts include King Boo, the Boo Guy Squad, Ghost Luigi, Mr Luggs, and Bogmire. Once the five ghosts have been located and defeated, Professor E Gadd joins Mario's team and is unlocked as a sidekick. Note that one of the ghosts, Bogmire, is mandatory to defeat in order to progress further into the game.

  • Bogmire - Found in the S.S. Toad
  • Boo Guy's Squad - Found in Icarus Tunnel
  • Ghost Luigi - Found in Kraken Jungle
  • Mr Luggs - Found in Lava Lane
  • King Boo - Found in the Cactine Subway

Il Piantissimo's Courses

Il Piantissimo makes his return from Super Mario Sunshine in Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms. He tests the bros' knowledge of the game's various out-of-battle techniques. The bros will not only have to complete several challenging courses, but complete them in the time limit given.

Name Description Location Reward
Forest Race A fairly simple obstacle course that involves jumping from platform to platform, along with avoiding obstacles. Note that this course is mandatory. Yule Forest Green Shell Attack Piece
Scaling the Mountain Utilizing the Spin Jump and Hammer techniques, Mario and Luigi will have to scale a separate side of Mount Posda. Mount Posda Heart Wear (x2)
Oasis Obstacle Course Mario and Luigi test their skills as they maneuver their way through the oasis, using the Mini Mario and Cape Mario techniques along the way. Truttlenov Desert Special Gloves
Treetop Jump Leaping from tree to tree, the bros use their newly acquired F.L.U.D.D. to open up new areas. If Mario or Luigi falls, they both need to start all over. Kraken Jungle Famous Boots
Factory Maze Using the Metal Mario and Helium Jump techniques, Mario and Luigi must traverse a factory-like portion of Shadowhein Prison. Shadowhein Prison Gall Socks
Basement Race Upon entering Kopper's Laboratory, Mario and Luigi have the option of attempting one of the final courses. It utilizes the Ice Mario and Drill Bros technique. Kopper's Laboratory Bye-Bye Gloves
Final Challenge Il Piantissimo's final course takes place in Flawn Chasm. Similar to Mount Flawn, the course uses all of the previous out-of-battle techniques. Flawn Chasm No-touch Socks

Yukental's Special Attack Quest

Shortly after returning to Yule, Yukental requests that Mario and Luigi amaze his people by displaying their Special Attacks. However, the bros will have to get an "EXCELLENT!" rating in order to get a reward. These rewards include coins, items, and even gear. Rewards get bigger when the Special Attacks become more complicated and more difficult. In addition to these rewards, Yukental will give Mario and Luigi the Bean Detector if they manage to get perfect ratings on all fourteen Special Attacks.

The Fawful Clones

Mario and Luigi find the Fawful Clones inside of the S.S. Toad.

Upon obtaining the Metal Mario technique, Mario and Luigi have the option of returning to the S.S. Toad and using the technique to open a secret area. This area has several puzzles that unlock a door when completed. Inside of this room are three clones of Fawful. The main clone explains that the original Fawful cloned himself before the Dark Star was awakened, just in case. He also reveals that they snuck aboard the ship and were hoping to defeat the bros. However, the clones were locked inside of a secret room. A battle then ensues, and Mario receives two pairs of Fawful Gloves if the clones are defeated.




  • "The Mario Bros!? What on earth are you two doing here!? Besides, this is Koopa turf, so I suggest you both scat!"
  • "We can work together, magician, but don't pull any magic tricks on me! If you do, I'll punch your face in!"


  • "I hardly see how I am the bad guy. After all, you are the ones that have been stalking me non-stop for the past eighteen hours!"
  • "Oh, poor Trideous. He didn't deserve to be crushed by a boulder. No one deserves that kind of fate. Well, except for Mario and Luigi. They definitely deserve that."
  • "King of the Koopas! Can you please deal with these plumbers? I don't see any broken pipes around here and they are absolutely refusing to leave!"

The Yoshi Bandits

  • "Listen up, Mario. I followed you all this way just to get revenge for what you did to Rossy and ol' Boss, so you better look me in the eye when I break this star of yours into a million pieces!" - Yossy
  • "Ah, crap! Yoshi Bandits, we're trapped! Now everyone stay calm, you know the plan. Sacrifice Rossy while the others flee!" - Yossy

Pre-release and unused content

An unused Bowser sprite

  • Unused code reveals that Bowser and Il Piantissimo were at one point going to be sidekicks. Bowser would have been a powerhouse similar to Broggy, while Il Piantissimo would have improved the amount of XP gained from battles.
  • A Speed-Up status effect was originally going to be in the game, and several enemies were supposed to use it. However, it was cut sometime during development, although Toadbert is still able to boost the bros' speed.
  • Brickle was originally going to be in the game, but he was cut for unknown reasons. He would have appeared in Cyprus.
    • One sprite shows him holding what appears to be a cup of coffee, hinting towards that fact that Brickle was originally going to be running Bricksmith's Refresing Joint.
  • Early screenshots show Shady Koopas being fought at an unknown mushroom location, likely Kraken Jungle.
  • Interestingly, code reveals that a crafting system was at one point planned for the game. Bricksmith would have taught Mario and Luigi how to use the system. When it was cut Bricksmith was instead sent to Bricksmith's Refresing Joint.
  • Similar to the Fawful Clones, three Antasma Bats were going to appear in the game. It is unknown where they would have appeared.


A complete playlist of all the songs found in Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms can be found here. Alternatively, all the invidual songs are listed below.


The Japanese video game development studio AlphaDream developed Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms. Tetsuo Mizuno was the executive producer, with Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka acting as senior producers. The music heard in the game was produced by Yoko Shimomura and Kazumi Totaka. The game's director was Hiroyuki Kubota and Makoto Aioi was the main programmer.

All of the sprites used in this project are listed below.
  • Custom Sprites
    • OnagaKoopaJr for the Daisy Cruiser sprite
    • Flare for the Mario FLUDD sprite
    • Chrispriter Martinez for the Boomerang Mario, Ice Mario, Metal Mario, Ball Mario, Yoshi Bandits, Chuckya, Fishbone, Wiggler, Megahammer, Reznor, and so much more. Seriously, check his stuff out.
      • FaisalAden for the King Whomp edit for Chrispriter's Whomp sprite
    • Peardian for the adapted Okooru sprite
    • Parakoopa for the Bogmire sprite, Electrokoopa sprites, Pokey sprites, and Thwomp sprites
    • Lucoshi10 for the Propeller Goomba sprite
    • BlistinaOrigin for the Stingby, Tanoomba, Biddybug, Fake Block, Wallop, and other sprites
    • BindingOfToad for the Bullet Bill Cannon sprites
    • Assassannerr Koopa for the Broozer and Boo Barrel sprites
    • YoshiSonicSmashFan77 for the Bowser Jr and Shadow Mario sprites
    • Nerdsri for the Conkdor sprite and Robirdo sprite
    • AvirgoEvo for the Dry Goomba and Golden Lakitu sprites
    • Blistinaorigin16 for the Smeech sprite
    • Cyberguy64 for the Waddlewing sprite
    • TheHacker for the Mr Luggs, Poltergust sprites, Shy Guy Ghosts, and King Boo sprites
    • Kevin for the Groove Guy sprite
    • Shadowsilverfox12 for the Il Piantissimo sprite
    • Mutantyoshi/yoshimaster206 for the Kludge sprite
    • Ridge Troopa for the Koopa sprites, Mechakoopa sprites, Spiny Sprites, and lots of other things
      • Cyber Wolf for a few edits
    • Chaoxys for the Bramball, Dino Piranha, and Crowber sprites
    • A.J. Nitro for the Piranha Plant sprites
    • Jack for the Gooper Blooper sprite
    • Pokemon Diamond for the Snow Pokey sprite
    • Body the Dragon for the virus sprites
    • Tebited15 for the Yoshi sprite
  • Rips
    • Mageker for the battle icons sprites, hammer tutorial sprites, special attack tutorial sprites, Toadiko sprites, special attack sprites, item sprites, and Treevil sprites
    • A.J. Nitro for the various PiT battle backgrounds, blooper sprites, ghost sprites, Stardust Fields sprites, SS items sprites, Koopa Cruiser sprites, Luigi overworld sprites, HooHoo Mountain sprites, S.S. Chuckola sprites, Popple sprites, Scout Bloop sprite, and Beanbean Guard sprite
    • Ryan914 for the SS battle backgrounds
    • Dimentio44 for the Bowser sprites
    • Lemon and Mageker for the Broggy sprites
    • Bacon for the BeanBean Castle sprite and repaired Koopa Cruiser sprite
    • Vice for the Gritzy Caves, Gritzy Desert, Near Hollijolli Village, and Yoshi's Island Mountain sprites
    • Crazy Koopa for the Dark Star sprites, Bowser's Castle sprites, snack basket sprites, block sprites, and Fawful sprites
    • RedBlueYellow for the Keroro RPG rips and the Angry Sun sprite
    • Croshi for the goomba sprites
    • Mitchcom for the BeanBean Castle Sewers and Joke's End sprites
    • XenoDream for the HooHoo Village sprite
    • Megamario1234 for the Kamek sprite
    • Dimentio44 for the Luigi battle sprites
    • Greiga Master for the Mario overworld sprites, Monty Mole sprites, and the Mario+Luigi overworld sprites
    • Sphacks for the Princess Peach sprite
    • Majin Piccolo for the speech balloon sprite
    • Daisy-Star for the Starlow sprite
    • Lemon and Ragnarok for Toadsworth, Toadbert, and other Toad sprites
    • The Purple Stuff for the Woohoo Hooniversity Basement sprites
    • Moon for the Woohoo Hooniversity sprites
    • KokinhoKokeiro for the credits scene sprites
    • Royce/Bluxxon for the Toad Town sprites
  • Other
    • TechBreloom (tbc) for nominating the article to be featured
    • Everyone else who supported the project


  • Trideous' name is similar to Fawful's, as they both come originated from derogatory words, hideous and awful.
  • Treeletta is similar in appearance to the Treevil enemy for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
  • The Shrullen Kingdom is based off of the real world island of Cyprus.
    • Additionally, Mount Flawn is based off of Mount Olympus, the tallest point on the island.
  • Prince Calamari may be a reference to the Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars boss King Calamari.
  • Toadsworth, Toadbert, Toadiko and Starlow are now best friends.
  • Dug and Tug appear to be two Ankoopas from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.
  • It was revealed during an interview with the developers that early drafts of the plot included time travel into the future. Bowser Jr would have also had a much larger role.
  • Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms was featured on the creator's birthday, September 4. 

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