Mario & Luigi: All Stars
Developer(s) AlphaDream
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Logo
Genre(s) RPG, Adventure
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating 3Rating
Mario & Luigi: All Stars(also known as Mario & Luigi RPG 6) is an RPG that is the sequel to both Mario & Luigi Dream Team and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. It is created by DoubleTake8.



A comet has hit the Mushroom Kingdom from the depths of Outer Space! Mario,Luigi, and Peach are invited to help investigate it. Mario is just waking up, when a mailtoad delivers the letter. He then immediatly gets his clothes on, while Luigi stays back to eat breakfast. Mario arrives at the comet, where Peach and Toadsworth are waiting. Bowser bashes in, trying to claim the comet for himself. Mario duels Bowser, while Toadsworth instructs him on how to battle. Once Bowser has been defeated, Luigi finally arrives. Then the comet starts reacting to the chaos. It transforms into several black-colored stars and a small cloaked humainoid creature. The creature reveals himself to be Chancellor Hedron, a villain of the galaxy. Mario and Lugi try to challenge him, but he hops into his ZtarSuit, a large metallic suit designed for combat. He creates a force blast that knocks everyone but Peach back to Peach's Castle.

Meanwhile, Wario is eating breakfast in his hut with Waluigi. They read a newspaper of a comet. Waluigi estimates that the comet is worth millions of coins, and rush to it. However, they only find Chancellor Hedron. Waluigi tries to fight him, but gets defeated by a single force blast. Wario then engages in a duel with him. In this duel, Chancellor Hedron accidentally teaches Wario how to battle. Chancellor Hedron will use an unavoidable force blast attack when he is "defeated", however, knocking Wario out. Chancellor Hedron flings Wario and Waluigi far, far away, then starts his "plan".

Part 1

Mario, Luigi, and everyone else wakes up in Toad Town. Toadsworth starts freaking out about Peach, but then Professor E. Gadd appears and calms Toadsworth. He tells the Mario Bros to come to his lab. Toadsworth teaches the Mario Bros how to move and jump, before dashing off. Mario and Luigi make it to E. Gadd's lab, where he reveals an ancient prophecy made by Peach's long-time ancestor, Queen Tayora. The prophecy says that a force of darkness would come to Mushroom Kingdom from deep space. Four heroes would have to collect all six ancient Star Shards to defeat the evil. Professor E. Gadd also reveals the rest of the prophecy is contained in a book, but he doesn't know where it is.

Professor E. Gadd then reveal his latest invention: B-Cubo. B-Cubo acts as a companion to the Mario Bros, as well as a storage case and a communication agent. Gadd teaches the Mario Bros how to store things in B-Cubo. E. Gadd then asks B-Cubo to scan the kingdom for the location of the book. B-Cubo starts his scan, which takes a while.

Meanwhile, Wario and Waluigi wake up in Collio Forest . A nice blue Pirahna Plant named Perrywinkle comes along. She teaches Wario and Waluigi how to move and jump. Wario and Waluigi move along in the forest and get in a fight with Tanooki Goombas. Perrywinkle explains how to fight as pair before leaving. Wario and Waluigi keep going and find a weird library, and decide to try and find a good book.

Just then, B-Cubo finishes his scan, and says that the book is located in a library in Collio Forest. Mario, Luigi, and B-Cubo head for Collio Forest. While adventuring, they find Perrywinkle being attacked by Tanooki Goombas. Mario and Luigi attack the Tanooki Goombas, and B-Cubo teaches them how to fight as a pair. Perrywinkle is greatful, and gives Mario and Attack Peice before running off. B-Cubo explains that Attack Peices can be used to preform Bros Attacks if you find them all. As Mario and Luigi adventure through the forest and find a total of 9 Attack Peices, they run into Perrywinkle being attacked by Tanookie Goombas, who gives them the last attack peice to form Jump Bros, Mario's first Bros Attack. They use it to defeat the Tanooki Goombas.

Once the Tanooki Goombas are defeated, Perrywinkle gives Luigi the 10 Attack Peices for Spin Bros, his version of Jump Bros. Mario and Luigi then find the Mystic Library, where the book is. They walk in the find Wario and Waluigi, who just got the book needed to locate the Star Shards. Wario and Waluigi want to sell it for coins, and a battle ensures between the Mario Bros and the Wario Bros. The Mario Bros win, and get the book. The B-Cubo remembers the prophecy saying "4 Heroes" and suggests that Wario and Waluigi are the other two heroes. Mario invites Wario and Waluigi to join them, and they accept. B-Cubo teaches them how to switch and move around. Wario gets tired and asks for a piggyback ride, and Mario quickly refuses. But B-Cube says it's a very good way to get around, and teaches the four heroes how to get on Piggyback, the Wario Toss, and the Escalated Jump. When a Tanooki Goomba runs in, B-Cubo teaches the four heroes how to fight on Piggyback.

After learning these techniques, B-Cubo suggests that they read the book, now called the Star Shard Guide. It is mostly in a foreign language, and B-Cubo deciced to head back to Toad Town. On the way, the Wario Bros find a crate full of Blue Shells. Using this, they get their first Special Attack, Blue Shell.

They go back to Toad Town and then Professor E. Gadd's lab, where he translates the first part of the book, which says the first Star Shard is in Sandalov Desert. Just then, one of the dark stars crash into E. Gadd's lab. E. Gadd identifies it as a Ztar, a Power Star gone corrupt. The four heroes engage the Ztar in a duel, starting the first piggyback boss fight. After the Ztar is knocked out, E. Gadd keeps it for research purposes, and the four heroes head for Sandalov Desert.

Part 2

They go through a path that leads to Sandalov Desert, but a security guard says that they need Hammers to get it, due to danger. The guard says that there used to be a hammer store to the west, but it is out of business now, but they might be able to salvage a hammer or two. All four heroes head for the store, which they find. However, the store is completely empty. Luigi and Waluigi find a secret hatch that leads to a factory. Soldiers called Ztarmen are making Ztars to help their conquest. However, they see the four heroes, and attack. The Mario Bros fling the Wario Bros to safety while they take on the Ztarmen. 

The Wario Bros explore the factory and find the two Hammer Bros that owned the shop. They are being possessed by a Ztar and forced to make spears for Ztarmen. They see the Wario Bros and attack. Once they are defeated, the Ztar flees and leaves the Hammer Bros. The Hammer Bros are greatful and give the Wario Bros two of their hammers. Plus they teach them how to use them, along with the Wario Drill technique. They also teach them how to use them in battle.

The Wario Bros come back to find that the Mario Bros have been defeated. They use their new Wario Drill technique to defeat all the Ztarmen and revive the Mario Bros. However, more Ztarmen are deployed, and B-Cubo teaches the four heroes how to use hammers on piggyback, overworld and battle. Then they go back to Sandalov Desert to get past security. However, the security guard reveals himself to be Popple, who needs hammers to get past the real security. They engage in battle, and Popple flees after losing.

The four heroes then enter the security and pass, so they enter Sandalov Desert. They find Kolorado and Goombella, who are mining for artifacts. They four heroes go on and find a cave. The Mario Bros and the Wario Bros and seperated a cave-in, filling the cave with trees. The Mario Bros are seperated, but Mario finds a mysterious recording that teaches him the ancient art of Firehand. When some Rockos come in, he learns how to use Firehand for attack and defense. He is reunited with Luigi, who was kidnappd by the Rockos, and they improvise the Fire Dash move.

They use Firehand to burn down the trees, bringing the Mario Bros and the Wario Bros back together. Some more Rockos appear, giving them a chance to learn Piggyback Firehand and Thunderhand. After exploring the cave more, they find the Star Shard. But Petey Pirahna appears, eating the Star Shard and battling the heroes. They defeat Petey and get the Star Shard. B-Cubo gets a call from Professor E. Gadd, saying that he made a new break in the translation. He suggests that they use the Pipe Transport System to get home. B-Cubo exposes a pipe near the four heroes, but the pipe is out of power. The four heroes go off to get help. They encounter a four-way split, and they each split up to go on each path.

On his path, Luigi finds another ancient recording that teaches him the art of Thunderhand. He uses this to continue down the path and reunite with Mario, Wario, and Waluigi, who were kidnapped by Rockos. After another battle, he frees the three other heroes. B-Cubp

Part 3

E. Gadd is excited that they found the first Star Shard, and reveals that the next Star Shard is on the Summit of Thwomp Volcano. In order to climb it, they need some new techniques. They call over Kolorado and Goombella to teach them. They teach Mario and Luigi the Spin Jump. They also teach Wario and Waluigi the Wario Pound. All four bros learn the Mini Mario move.

With these new moves, they head towards Thwomp Volcano. On the volcano, they climb and meet up with Kolorado and Goombella, who are coming along for investigation. Once they reach the top of the mountain, they find Bowser, who is taking the Star Shard for himself. After a long battle with Bowser, he lets up and hands over the Star Shard. However, Chancellor Hedron comes along. He implants a Ztar in Bowser, turning him into Bowztar. Bowztar takes the Star Shard and jumps into the volcano. Wario and Waluigi are too scared to go into the volcano, so only Mario and Luigi go in.

While making their way through the volcano, they find Kolorado and Goombella again. They teach the Mario Bros the High Jump Technique. They also find a water flow, which Kolorado and Goombella teaches them how to use. While descending the volcano, they discover a sleeping Thwomp. They have to wake him in order to pass, and when he is woken, he goes into a rampage and reveals he is the King Thwomp, who "crushed" the mountain, creating a hole and turning it into a volcano. Mario and Luigi engage him in battle. When they beat him, he goes into another rampage and destroys the floor, leading Mario and Luigi to the lower parts of the Volcano.

After navigating the lower parts of Thwomp Volcano, they find the entrance to the chamber where Bowztar is hiding. When they are about to enter, King Thwomp blocks the exit. When he broke the floor, he landed in a pit of lava and turned into Skele-Thwomp, surviving as a skeleton. He engages the Mario Bros in battle once again. When he is defeated, he crumbles into a pile of bones, allowing the Mario Bros to pass.

Eventually, they find Bowztar, who is using the Star Shard to enhance himself. Suddenly, he grows giant, way bigger than the Mario Bros. Bowztar crushes the Mario Bros with his foot. The Wario Bros finally muster the willpower to come down, only to find Bowztar. B-Cubo reveal he had an Energy Cannon and a Blank Mushroom as a last resort. Wario and Waluigi use these to create a Mega Mushroom, which Wario uses to become Mega Wario. This initiates the first Giant Battle of the game. B-Cubo teaches Wario how to Jump, Hammer, Hammer Chop and use Special Attacks. In the end, Wario defeats Bowztar using Finishing Hammer. Bowztar returns to normal Bowser, and the Mario Bros themselves are saved.

Bowser drops the Star Shard, saying he doesn't want it anymore if "those things" will attack him, and he jumps out of the volcano. The four heroes then return to Toad Town.

Part 4

They return to E. Gadd's lab, who has deciphered that the third Star Shard is on Yoshi's Island. However, Yoshi's Island is on the other side of Ojo Ocean. The four heroes go to Ojo Shores to have another run-in with Popple. After defeating him again, they meet Captain Turno, the captain of the S.S. Turno. However, the ship was stolen by a giant Blooper. Luigi offers to help, and Captain Turno gives the four heroes Blooper Shrooms that allow them to go underwater.

B-Cubo teaches them how to move underwater, before he is stolen by three Bloopers. The four heroes work their way to the S.S. Turno, where King Calamari is waiting, as he was using the ship to house his many children. He and his children battle with the four heroes. After he is defeated, they fix the S.S Turno and agree to find a new home, swimming away. The ship returns to the surface, and Captain Turno is grateful. He says that Mario and Luigi are "man enough" to go on his voyage, but he's not sure about Wario and Waluigi. He has them do his "Turno Turnover" move, which the Wario Bros use as a new technique, the Wario Ball.

After the Wario Bros prove themselves, Captain Turno allows them to come aboard. They sail all the way to Yoshi's Island. However, they find out that Chancellor Hedron used Yoshi's Island to build a supreme castle. A few stray Yoshis come up and interpret the four heroes as enemies and attack them. After defeating the Yoshis, B-Cubo explains that they are actually here to stop Chancellor Hedron. The Yoshis explain that they were used as servants to build the castle, and that they are keeping the Star Shard in there. 

On the way to the Ztar Castle, Wario and Waluigi find a suit of armour with a scroll attached to it. When they attempt to take it, it awakens, and battles the Wario Bros. Once the Dark Armour is defeated, the Dark Scroll drops. It has unreadable language, B-Cubo recognizes it as Starspeak, but he wasn't programmed to translate it. He stores it in himself and continues on.

The four heroes advance across the island and get to the castle. Since the entrance is locked, the Mario Bros have to throw the Wario Bros in through a hole. The Wario Bros make their way up to the king's floor, where Chancellor Hedron sits, keeping Princess Peach in a cage. He engages in battle with the Wario Bros. After he is defeated, he activates the castle's security system, which throws the Wario Bros out. The castle then transforms into a giant mechanical monster, that once again crushes the Mario Bros. Waluigi reveals that, before they were thrown out, he stole an Energy Cannon and a Blank Mushroom. The Wario Bros uses these to recreate Giant Wario to battle Mega Ztar Castle.

After Mega Ztar Castle is defeated, Ztar Castle crumbles, Wario returns to normal, and the Mario Bros are saved. Chancellor Hedron declares his revenge, and reveals he still has Peach. He teleports with her into the Ztar Dimension. The Mario Bros dig in the rubble and find the Star Shard. B-Cubo congratulates them, then the four heroes return to Toad Town. B-Cubo gives the scroll to E. Gadd, who says that it is in the same language as the Star Shard book. He says he will try to translate it, but he will focus on the Star Shard Book more. While E. Gadd is not looking, the Ztar from earlier uses a dark type of energy on the scroll.

Part 5

The four heroes go to E. Gadd's lab in hopes of learning the location of the next Star Shard. However, a seagull has taken the book and put in in an unreachable spot. The Mario Bros try to use their Spin Jump to get it, but a strong wind blows the Mario Bros into the Wario Bros, causing them to fly up into the air and spin around too. The four heroes use this to improvise the Wariocopter technique, which they use to reach the seagull.

However, the seagull flies off to another area that requires Wario Ball to get to it. However, the wind returns and Wario rolls over the Mario Bros, turning them flat. The four heroes use this to improvise the Bros Cakes ability, and use this to get up to the book and scare the seagull away. They get the book and return to E. Gadd, who confirms the next Star Shard is in Ojo Shore. 

The Bros go back to Ojo Shore, where they make their way across it and find the fourth Star Shard. Bowser Jr, however, comes and steals all the Star Shards and flies back to Bowser's Castle. Due to the Pipe Transport System being broken, the four heroes have to cross Collio Forest again to get to it. Wario and Waluigi get kidnapped by Wigglers, so the Mario Bros have to find them. They find a secret Wiggler hideout where King Wiggler, a giant Wiggler, rules them. Mario and Luigi defeat King Wiggler to get Wario and Waluigi back and continue their adventure. Once they make it to the entrance of Bowser's Castle, Bowser Jr, along with all the Koopalings, engages them in battle. After their defeat, the Koopalings run away while Bowser Jr goes up to his dad.

The four heroes make their way through the castle and get to where Bowser is. They are about to battle, but then Bowser pulls a lever. Suddenly, the castle starts floating due to rockets. Bowser Jr reveals he put in a mechanism to make the castle fly. Bowser uses a punch to get the four heroes out, then makes the castle crush the Mario Bros. Wario then reveals that he stole an Energy Cannon from E. Gadd's lab. Waluigi reveals that he also stole a Blank Mushroom from E. Gadd's lab too. They use these to create a Mega Mushroom which Wario uses to become giant.

Bowser re-activates the rockets, along with a bunch of weapons to fight Giant Wario. In the end, however, it is no use. Giant Wario defeats Bowser's castle, returns to normal size, and saves the Mario Bros. The castle's rocket system and weapons systems deactivate, and the castle is in bad shape. During the battle, the Star Shard flew out of the castle and Waluigi got it, thus earning them the fourth Star Shard (for real this time). They make their way back to Toad Town.

Part 6

When the four heroes return to E. Gadd's lab, they find it on fire. E. Gadd tells Mario and Luigi to use their Fire Dash

Part 7 E. Gadd congratulates them for finding the fourth Star Shard, and has decided the fifth Star Shard is located at the Star Shrine. However, the Ztar finishes channeling dark energy into the scroll, and from the scroll comes Fawful, corrupted by the Ztar energy. Fawful frees the Ztar, and the four heroes engage in battle with the Ztar and Fawful. When they are defeated, the Ztar does a last-ditch attack by fusing with Fawful and then exploding, opening a gateway to the Ztar Dimension. Emerging from the portal, lots of Ztarmen and Ztars attack Toad Town. Professor E. Gadd gets the four heroes into the Sky Pop and sets its course for Star Hill, and then it flies off before the Ztars destroy E. Gadd's lab.

The Sky Pop crashes at the base of Star Hill. The four heroes ascend it. Along the way, the find a cliff too high for even the High Jump. The four heroes improvise a new technique that allows Waluigi to get up to high places: the Waluigi Throw. They use this to finally get up to the summit, where they find Popple. Popple reveals he recruited two new members: Boshi and Yirdo. They engage the four heroes in combat. After they are defeated, they all run away, allowing the four heroes to progess.

The four heroes make it to the top of the hill, where the Mario Bros are allowed into the shrine, but the Wario Bros are forced to stay out. The Mario Bros meet up with Rosalina and Starlow, who have taken residence in the Star Shrine. They say that the Star Shard is behind a Stardoor, which needs five Lumas to open. They also say that Luma blocks that produce Lumas can be found around the shrine.

After the Mario Bros collect all five Lumas and open the Stardoor, they walk inside and collect the Star Shard. However, a Ztar crashes through the roof, carrying a message from Chancellor Hedron. It shows a Peach's Castle and a Toad Town completely overtaken by Ztarmen and Ztars. Then the messenger Ztar possesses Starlow, who came to see what was happening. Starlow turns into Ztarlow, and battles the Mario Bros.

After Ztarlow is defeated, the Ztar comes out, very annoyed. The Ztar then possesses Star Hill itself, turning it into Ztar Hill. Ztar Hill grabs the Mario Bros and throws them to the ground, then steps on them. The Wario Bros fall off of Ztar Hill, which is very annoyed. B-Cubo says he knew this kind of thing would happen, and takes out an Energy Cannon and a Blank Mushroom. They use this to make another Mega Mushroom and turn Wario into Giant Wario.

Giant Wario engages Ztar Hill in battle. After Ztar Hill is defeated, it reverts back to Star Hill, Mario and Luigi are saved, and Wario returns to normal. Rosalina and Starlow come down to wish the four heroes good luck, and giving Luigi all ten Attack Peices for Flame Bros, before going back up.

Part 8 (Finale)

The four heroes go back to Toad Town to find it completely in ruins. Peach's Castle has been turned into Ztar Castle II. They go to Professor E. Gadd's lab. He tells them that the last Star Shard is locked inside Peach's Castle, so it is definitly in Chancellor Hedron's possession. He also gives them an Energy Cannon and a Blank Mushroom, just in case.

The four heroes break in Ztar Castle II. When they get in, they are greeted by Chancellor Hedron. Chancellor Hedron deploys a Ztar to mess with the castle, before Hedron flies away. The four heroes eventually get past the spell and make it to the Ztar. They battle it and defeat it.

After proceeding more into the castle, they meet up with Chancellor Hedron again. He reveals that Fawful survived, albeit as a wisp of his former form. Chancellor Hedron leaves his suit and turns into his true form: a Ztar. He creates a portal to the Ztar Dimension, sucking himself, Fawful, and the four heroes into it. Chancellor Hedron calls all Ztars to himself and absorbs them to become giant. He channels the energy into Fawful to make him giant too. Fawful sucks up Mario and Luigi, seeing them as a bigger threat. B-Cubo takes out the Energy Cannon and the Blank Mushroom. This is again used to make another Mega Mushroom to turn Wario giant again.

This is the last Giant Battle of the game, and once Fawful is defeated, Mario and Luigi are saved. The destruction of Fawful causes the Ztar Dimension to collapse in on itself, making it fade away around them. Though the four heroes are unharmed, it had a much greater effect on Chancellor Hedron, leaving him paralyzed in a smaller version of his true form. The Four Heroes make it up to the Royal Chamber, where Peach is being kept. However, Bowser jumps in at the last second, saying that he wants to be the one who claims Peach. Bowser serves as the penultimate boss. After Bowser is defeated, the Wario Bros use their hammers to send him out of Ztar Castle. Chancellor Hedron, still in his Ztar form, shows up in his ZtarSuit, which he adapted to his new form, and takes Peach to the roof of the castle.

The four heroes go up to the roof, where Chancellor Hedron is using the last Star Shard to power his mech suit. The four heroes battle him until the Star Shard comes out of his mech. They use a one-time action command: Grand Star to defeat him. The four heroes form the Grand Star out of the Star Shard and are about to use it on Hedron. However, Hedron swipes the Grand Star and reveals his true intentions: to use the Grand Star to take over the universe, and use it to create a new Ztar Dimension. He powers up the Grand Star using Peach as a Wish Power source, and fuses with the Grand Star to become the Grand Ztar. He defeats the four heroes in one hit, and absorbs them into his new body.

The Wario Bros wake up with only 1 HP (the Mario Bros have 0 HP) and hears Chancellor Hedron's Ztar Core. The Ztar Core says it will finish off the heroes, and Wario and Waluigi go onto the offensive. Despite it being nearly impossible, the four heroes defeat the Ztar Core, defeating Chancellor Hedron once and for all. Once Chancellor Hedron is defeated, all the Ztarmen terrorizing Toad Town vanish and the cage with Peach opens up.

Peach thanks the four heroes for their help. Wario and Waluigi ask for a reward, so Peach gives Wario a kiss, causing him to faint from infutuation. Waluigi is demanding, however, and wants a real reward. The Mario Bros steal Waluigi's hammer and use it to send him far away. In the credits, it is shown that Mario, Luigi, the Toads and even the Wario Bros helped to rebuild the castle and Toad Town.

Part 9 (Bonus)

Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi have almost finished fixing the castle when Princess Daisy arrives from Sarassaland to help reconstructing. Then Popple comes out of the shadows and kidnaps Princess Daisy, running to Collio Forest to get away. The four heroes follow in quick pursuit into the deeper parts of the forest. They find a secret hideout that Popple was using as a base for the Mushroom Kingdom. When they try to enter, they accidentally activate a security system that fires a Banzai Bill at them. The Banzai Bill serves as a boss. When it is defeated, the four heroes enter the hideout.

After progressing through the hideout, they meet up with Popple, who is surprised they made it past his defenses. He reveals he built a giant mech suit, which emerges out of the ground, towering over the four heroes. Mario and Luigi are crushed by the mech suit, and Wario reveals that he was carrying a Blank Mushroom and an Energy Cannon so he could grow giant and swim to Pi'illo Island. Wario and Waluigi use it to make Wario giant, and engage Popple in battle. When Popple is defeated, the mech suit breaks down, and Popple falls out, hitting himself on the head. Before he goes unconscious, he reveals that he only kidnapped Princess Daisy because "Some Dude" told him to.

The four heroes find an elevator that takes them to a much lower floor of the hideout, where things seem a lot more high-tech. After several more puzzles, they enter a chamber full of Crystallized Ztar Essence that is preserving Elder Princess Shroob, who kidnapped Princess Daisy in order to use her Wish Power to restore her to a form where she isn't dependent on Crystallized Ztar Crystals. She engages in a battle with the Four Heroes, halfway through morphing into a Ztar-shaped form due to most of her entire body becoming replaced with Ztar Energy. After her defeat, she explodes into Ztar Energy, freeing Princess Daisy and causing Popple's Hideout to collapse. The four heroes escape just in time and witness Popple stealing the S.S. Turno to sail to Pi'llo Island.

Special Attacks

There are two types of Special Attacks: Bros Attacks and Bros Items. Bros Attacks are used by the Mario Bros. Bros Items are used by the Wario Bros. Also, Mario and Luigi have their individual Bros Attacks, while Wario and Waluigi share Bros Items.

Bros Attacks


  • Jump Bros
  • Drill Bros
  • Trampoline Bros
  • Fire Bros
  • Ball Bros


  • Spin Bros
  • Mini Bros
  • Sniper Bros
  • Flame Bros
  • Pound Bros

Bros Items

  • Blue Shell
  • Bob-Omb Blaster
  • Pocket Chomp
  • Garlic Pipe
  • Trampoline Helmet
  • Cosmic Comet


  1. Bowser (1st)
  2. Chancellor Hedron (1st)
  3. Wario + Waluigi
  4. Ztar (1st)
  5. Possessed Hammer Bros
  6. Popple (1st)
  7. Petey Piranha
  8. Bowser (2nd)
  9. King Thwomp
  10. Skele-Thwomp
  11. Bowztar (Giant)
  12. King Calamari
  13. Popple (2nd)
  14. Yoshis (Green Yoshi, Red Yoshi, Blue Yoshi)
  15. Dark Armour
  16. Chancellor Hedron (2nd)
  17. Ztar Castle (Giant)
  18. King Wiggler
  19. Bowser Jr. and Koopalings
  20. Bowser's Castle (Giant)
  21. Fawful + Ztar (2nd)
  22. Popple (3rd) + Boshi + Yirdo
  23. Ztarlow
  24. Ztar Hill (Giant)
  25. Ztar (3rd)
  26. Giga Fawful + Ztar Chancellor Hedron (Giant)
  27. Bowser (3rd)
  28. Chancellor Hedron (3rd)
  29. Ztar Core (Final Boss)
  30. Banzai Bill (Bonus)
  31. Popple Mechsuit (Bonus, Giant)
  32. Elder Princess Shroob (Bonus)
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