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Mario+Splatoon: Kingdom Splat
Mario Splatoon Kingdom Splat Box-art
Help Mario and the Inkling known as Agent 5 defeat Bowser and DJ Octavio. Use water and Ink to reach the end of these levels.
Developer(s) Nightcap Devs.
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Super Mario,Splatoon

Mario+Splatoon: Kingdom Splat is a 3D crossover platformer featuring the characters from the Super Mario series and the Splatoon series. It's developed with the assistance of Nightcap Devs. for the Nintendo Switch.



After once again escaping his snowglobe, DJ Octavio returns to his destroyed lair. He then notices how small his army has become due to how many Octolings have moved to Inkopolis. While he's thinking about a way to make his army big again, one of the remaining Octolings barge into the room and tell them that a flying ship was spotted outside of the lair.

After reaching the balcony, Octavio sees the flying ship closing in on the lair. Bowser then jumps of the ship and requests a conversation with Octavio. During the conversation, Bowser explains that he has heard of Octavio's situation thanks to his assistant, Kamek. Bowser then offers to give Octavio a bigger army in exchange for helping him take over the Mushroom Kingdom. After Octavio agrees, Bowser laughs before casting a spell above Octavio's lair.

Meanwhile, in the mushroom Kingdom, Mario and his friends are having a discussion in Peach's Garden after Princess Peach told them she saw a portal in the sky earlier. As Mario and his friends try to figure out what's going on, Mario hears a loud noise. He then looks in the sky and notices it getting purple. A couple Bowser's airships appear and start shooting missiles at the castle. Mario and his friends quickly enter the castle and tell Princess Peach about the attack. After a missile destroys the wall of the throne room, the group quickly evacuate the castle.

Shortly after evacuating, Bowser and Octavio enter the castle and start capturing everyone in it. Octavio then presses a button on a remote and creates a giant barrier made of Ink around the castle. The Koopa Troop, along with the Octarian army, leave the castle and start marching towards the rest of the Kingdom.

Meeting the Squidbeak Splatoon

Mario and his group can be seen hiding in a cave. Mario looks outside the cave and notices that most of the kingdom has been covered in some kind of purple goo. As they look at the ink, they hear another crash. The group quickly make their way to where the noise came from and notice a giant machine shaped like a kettle standing there. The door of the machine is open and colored ink is all over the place. As Mario approaches the machine, he sees something swimming in the ink. Mario then approaches the puddle of ink and reaches for it. Before he can touch the ink, a squid/octopus jumps out of it and lands in front of Mario.

The squid/octopus then transforms into a kid and introduces themselves at Agent 5. While they're introducing themselves, four more humanoid squids and a humanoid octopus step out of the kettle. The old squid introduces himself as Captain Cuttlefish and his group as the New Squidbeak Splatoon. The octopus, who introduces herself as Marina, tells the group that they traveled here thanks to the time machine behind them to help them. She then explains that Octavio managed to escape his prison and he seems to be planning take over the Kingdom with the help of another enemy. Princess Peach then tells the New Squidbeak Splatoon that the one Octavio is teaming up with is called Bowser. After telling them their history with Bowser,Peach agrees to help the New Squidbeak Splatoon defeat the Octarians and the Koopa Troop.

Before they can move out, E. Gadd approaches the two groups and tells them he's been listening to their conversation. He then gives Mario and his group upgraded versions of F.L.U.D.D. so that they can clean all the Ink that's in the Kingdom. After putting on their F.L.U.D.D. packs, Mario's Group and the New Squidbeak Splatoon start making their way back to Peach's Castle.


This game combines the mechanics of Super Mario Sunshine and the two Splatoon games.

The Mario characters have access to F.L.U.D.D., who they can use to spray water and clean up any ink in their way. Mario has his moveset from Super Mario Sunshine and he shares his moves with the rest of his group. However, all characters have their own unique traits that make them control differently from one another. Mario characters have Health Points and as such they have more endurance than Inklings/Octolings. However, they cannot swim in the ink and their movement become pretty slippery when they walk in it.

The Splatoon characters are capable of transforming of shooting ink thanks to their weapons. They can swim in this ink by transforming into a squid and they can even use this to scale up walls. Inklings run out of ink pretty fast, but their ink can easily be refilled by diving in their ink. If they get hit by enemies, all they have to do is dive in their ink to recover their health. However, if they get hit to much, they will be splatted and they'll have to return to the last checkpoint.


Mario's Group

Characters Description
F.L.U.D.D.: The Mario groups's main way of dealing with badies. Every Mario character equips him and they can use his water to defeat enemies and clear ink. They also have access to 3 nozzles.

Hover Nozzle,Wich Allows them to hover in the air for a short time. The Jet Nozzle wich allows them to speed forward and ram whoever is in their way. and finally,the Rocket Nozzle wich Alllows them to launch themselves upwards to reach new heights. In this game,F .L.U.D.D. can also be merged with Power ups.

Mario: The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and the leader of his group. He has the most balanced stats of the group and as such is perfect for beginners.
Luigi SSBL
Luigi: The younger brother of the Bros. He isn't as brave,but he will still do whatever it takes to save the Kingdom. He has the highest jump of the group,But his traction is the worst. Especially if there's ink all over the place.
Princess Peach: The ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. While she's usually the damsel in distress, in this game she managed to get away from danger in time to become one of the heroes. She is one of the slower characters of the group,b ut she has very slow falling speed. She can also float for a few seconds. Combine this with the Hover Nozzle and she can fly quite a distance.
MTOCG Blue Toad
Toad: One of the bravest (If not THE bravest) Toads in the Mushroom Kingdom. He is the fastest of the group, but his jumps are very weak and as such it can be difficult to reach certain platform with him.
Yoshi (SSBVMK)
Yoshi: This Dinosaur from Yoshi's Island as a fully playable character instead of just a ride. He doesn't use F.L.U.D.D. Like the rest of his friends. Instead,he shoots juice out of his mouth to deal with enemies. He can also Flutter Jump use his tongue to eat far away enemies.
Wario: This greedy rival of Mario has decided to join the group in hopes of getting a prize. He is the slowest and heaviest of the characters, but he has the most power of the group.

Agent 5

Agent 5
MnS Inklings and Octolings
Agent 5:The newest addition to the New Squidbeak Splatoon. Their appearances (Gender/Species , hair color and hair Style, eyes, skin, and pants) can be customized to your liking. They wield all kinds of weapons that shoot ink.
1.S2 Weapon Main Splattershot
S2 Weapon Main Splat Charger
S2 Weapon Main Splat Roller
Splattershot: A very straightforward weapon. Allows you to shoot Ink forward as long as you hold down the weapon. Splat Charger: Allows you to charge up your shots before firing it forward. The range of the shot is determined by how long you hold down the button. You can also dive in your ink and save the charged shot. Splat Roller: Allows you to mow down whoever is in your way. You can swing the roller and sent a wave of Ink forward.
S2 Weapon Main Heavy Splatling
S2 Weapon Main Slosher
S2 Weapon Main Splat Dualies
Heavy Splatling: You can charge up this weapon to shoot a barrage of ink forward. It takes a while to fully charge, but the power of the ink combine with how long firing last should make up for it. Slosher: Allows you splash ink in front of you. It has a lot of range and power, but can't be swung rapidly. Splat Dualies: You can shoot forward as long as you hold down the button with these and you can even roll away do dodge attacks with them.
S2 Weapon Main Blaster
2.S2 Weapon Main Splat Brella
128px-S2 Weapon Main Octobrush
Blaster: Allows you to shoot a ball of ink forward that explodes after a while. The explosion is powerful, but it doesn't have a lot of range when shot. Splat Brella: Allows you to shoot ink forward. The firing rate is pretty slow, but if you hold down the button,you can open an umbrella to protect you from attacks. Octobrush: Allows you to dash forward very fast. You can swing your brush around and spray Ink all over the place by tapping the button repeatedly.

New Squidbeak Splatoon

The Squid Sisters and Off the Hook are playable in this game as well. They have the same stats as Agent 5,but they wield only one weapon. The weapon upgrades you give to Agent 5 are also carried over to these characters.

Characters Description
Callie/Agent 1: The energetic member of the Squid Sisters. She uses a Roller to mow down her enemies.
Marie/Agent 2: The calm, yet snarky member of the Squid Sister. She uses a Charger to take care of enemies that are far away from her.
Pearl/MC. Princess: The rapping member of Off the Hook. She uses Dualies to roll around and splat enemies quickly.
Marina/DJ Hyperfresh: The DJ Octoling of Off the Hook. She uses a Brella to defend herself against enemies while splatting them.


Characters Description
5.Toadsworth And Captain Cuttlefish
Captain Cuttlefish & Toadsworth: These two will give you advice both in and outside the levels.
6.E.Gadd And Sheldon
Professor E.Gadd & Sheldon: These two will allow you to upgrade your weapons in exchange for Power Moons and Coins/Sardinium and Power Eggs. They will also talk to you during levels via radio.
Captain Toad: He can be found in certain levels. Sometimes he'll be surrounded by enemies and sometimes he'll be trapped under ink. Rescuing him will reward you with a Moon Sardinium.


Bowser's Army

The enemies are part of Bowser's Army and they will usually have some kind of move that leaves goo/ink behind.

5.Shadow Mario Clones
Shadow Mario Clone: These clones come in the shapes of the playable Mario Characters and are capable of performing their moves. They use brushes instead of F.L.U.D.D. to spread ink around.
Kug EJ-0
001 (1)-2dssdf
SuperMarioParty KoopaTroopa
Kug: This slimy electric Goomba will leave electric goo behind while walking. They will charge towards you when you're close. Oily Goomba: This oily goomba will leave oil behind while walking. If hit by a fiery projectile,they will burst into flames and chase. Koopa Troopa: They will chase after you when you're close and retreat in their shells when attacked. Attacking them with Water/Ink while in their shell will make them slide around while leaving Water/Ink behind.
Inky Spiny
Lava Bro.: They will jump around and throw balls of Lava at you. Their lava will create puddles that can be washed off with Ink and Water. Touching these puddles will inflict burning damage. Lakitu: They will hover around and drop spiky balls of ink that create puddles upon landing. Spiny: They will emerge from the Ink dropped by Lakitus and will leave Ink behind as they walk. They can be pushed back with Water/Ink.
Electro-Buzzy with Paratroopas
Purple Ink Piranha
20.SMSR Poison Cheep Cheep
Electro-Buzzy: They are usually carried by Paratroopas. They will discharge electricy below and electrocute puddles of Ink,should they be below them. Ink Piranha Plant: They will stand still and shoot balls of ink at you that'll blind you if you touch it. Poison Cheep Cheep: They will circle around platforms by swimming in poison.
3.Cheep Cheep Front
MTOCG Blooper
Cheep Cheep: They will swim in normal water and jump out when you're close. Blooper: They will float around and dive towards you when you're close. They leave Ink behind while diving. Bullet Bill: They will be fired from Bill cannons and fly in a straight line.
1.Inky Bob-Omb
2.Pokey with Ink
3.Ink Guy
Inky Bob-Omb: They light their fuses when you're close and explode after a short while. Pokey: They will slide side to side and leave ink behind. They will try to slam you with their head if you get close. Ink Guy: They will blow ink from their mask when you get close.
Ecto-Boo: They will fly towards you when your back is turned towards them. Facing them will cause them to stop. They will leave Ectoplasm behind while moving. Thwomp: They will hover above the ground and try to stomp you. Each time they land,they will create small waves of ink. Whomp: They will walk towards you and try to faceplant you. You need to strike their backs whenever their on the ground.

Octavio's Army

These Octarians are "Koopatized" versions made by Kamek. They always leave Ink behind in some way or another.

4.Koopatized Octolings
Octolings: Like the rest of the army,These Octolings are created by Kamek. Like regular Octolings and Inklings,they can use different Ink weapons and transform into Octopuses to swim in their Ink.
1.Koopafied Octotrooper
2.Koopafied Twintacle Octotrooper
3.Koopafied Twintacle Octotrooper Deluxe
Octotrooper: They will usually move around (Or stand still) and shoot Balls of ink that slowly fly towards you. Sometimes,they'll hide behind shields and need to be distracted in order to be defeated. Sometimes they'll even slowly fall thanks to balloons attached to their vehicle. Twintacle Octotrooper: They will usually move around (Or stand still) and shoot small bits of ink at you rapidly. You will lose HP/be splatted if you get hit by all the ink. Sometimes,they'll hide behind shields and need to be distracted in order to be defeated. Sometimes they'll even slowly fall thanks to balloons attached to their vehicle. Twintacle Octotrooper DX: They will usually move around (Or stand still) and shoot small bits of ink at you rapidly. You will lose HP/be splatted if you get hit by all the ink. They will also boost around thanks to the exhausts attached to their vehicles.
4.Koopafied Octocopter
5.Koopafied Octocopter Deluxe
Koopatized Twintacle Octocopter
Octocopter: They will fly around and shoot blobs of ink at you. Octocopter DX: They will fly around and shoot blobs of ink at you. Twintacle Octcopter: They will fly around and shoot small bits of ink at you rapidly.
1.Koopatized Octobomber
2.Koopatized Octobomber DX
Octostamp Koopatized
Octobomber: They will fly around and shoot bombs at you. Octobomber DX: They will fly around and shoot bombs at you. They will also boost around thanks to the exhausts attached to their hats. Octostamp: They will run towards you and try to crush you by faceplanting.
Koopatized Octosniper
Koopatized Octo Missile
Koopatized Octohurler
Octosniper: They will stand still and shoot at you when they spot you. When they shoot,they'll create a line of ink Octo Missile: They will fly in a straight line and leave ink behind. Octohurler: They will sit down and spit rolls of ink at you.
1.Koopatized Octobob-omber
2.Koopatized Octostriker
3.Koopatized Octocommander
Octobob-omber: They will fly around and shoot Inky Bob-Ombs at you. Octostriker: They can be found at the end of certain stages and they will launch Bullet Bills and Octo Missiles at you. Octocommander: They will stand still and spit a barrage of ink at you.

Items and Objects

Stage Items

0.Question Box
1.Power Coin
2.Golden Calamari Ring
Question Crate: They can be usually found on the ground or floating. Breaking them will reveal items. Sometimes there are enemies hidden in them. Power Coin: These can be collected and used to upgrade your weapons. Golden Calamari: Going through these will reward you with a random amount of Power Coins.
3.Moon Sardinium
4.Mushroom Armor
5.Star Armor
Moon Sardinium: These are usually hidden in levels and are needed to upgrade your weapons. Mushroom Armor: They will give Mario characters an extra hit point and allow Inklings/Octolings to survive attacks that would normally splat them. Star Armor: Collecting these will make you invincible for a limited amount of time.
6.Water and Ink Bottle
Water/Ink Refill: Collecting these will refill your water/ink supply. They are usually hidden in crates. Fire Flower: Collecting these will let you shoot hot water with F.L.U.D.D. this water will deal more damage to enemies and you can even shoot bouncing water bubbles with this.

The flower also allows inklings to create fiery ink puddles,wich will harm the enemies that make contact with it.

Ice Flower: Collecting these will let you shoot cold water with F.L.U.D.D. this water will freeze enemies upon contact,allowing you to pick them up and throw them.

The flower also allows inklings to create icy ink puddles,wich will freeze enemies as well.

MnS Bubble Cheep
MnS Checkpoint
MnS Launch Star
Bubble Cheep: Spraying these will cause them to explode. They will explode in water or in ink depending on wich character sprays them. Checkpoint: You'll respawn at these whenever you lose a life. Launch Star: These will launch you to another section of a level.
Inky Hitbox
472px-Plus Clock Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Shine Sprites
Inky Hitbox: Entering these will lead you to an arena. In this arena,you have a limited amount of time to defeat the enemies. Defeating them all before time runs out will net you a reward (Usually a Moon Sardinium.) Clock: These will add some seconds to your timer. Shine Sprite: These can be found at the end of most stages. Collecting them will allow you to complete the stage.


(Blue is for Mario Characters,Orange is for the Squidbeak Splatoon)

1.MnS Splash Bomb
3.MnS Water Bag
5.MnS Seeker Spiny
Splash Bomb: This bomb filled with water can be thrown and will detonate a second after hiting the ground.  Water Bag: These can be thrown and will explode upon hitting something. Doesn't deal a lot of damage,but can be used a lot before you run out of water. Seeker Spiny: They will walk in a straight line and explode when they collide with something. They will home in on close opponents.
2.MnS Splat Bomb
4.MnS Curling Bomb
6.MnS Auto Bomb
Splat Bomb: This bomb filled with water can be thrown and will detonate a second after hiting the ground.  Curling Bomb: They will slide along the ground and bounce off walls. After sliding a certain distance,It will explode. Auto Bomb: These bombs will slowly home in on enemies and explode.

Special Weapons

1.MnS Water Bill Launcher
3.MnS Bubble Shield
5.MnS Bomb Rush
Water Bill Launcher: This will allow you to hold a Bill Launcher that shoots Water Bullet Bills. These Bullet Bills will create a water explosion upon colliding with something. Bubble Shield: Prevents you from taking damage from attacks,but will bounce you back if you're hit. Bomb Rush: Allows you to throw an infinite amount of bombs for a short time.
2.MnS Baller
4.MnS Bubble Blower
6.MnS Splashdown
Baller: Allows you to run around and leave ink behind. Holding down the button will allow you to create an Ink Explosion. Bubble Blower: Allows you to create bubbles that'll bounce along the ground and leave ink behind. Shooting the ink will create a big ink explosion. Splash Down: Allows you to strike the ground and create a huge ink explosion.


World 1: Inky Plains

The first world of the game. It's filled with grass and ink...Lots and lots of grass and ink. There are a lot of enemies in this world that can be used as dummies for your weapons.

World 1 Boss
Octogoombrat Render
1.OctoGoombrat Font
Octo Goombrat: The boss of Inky plains. To defeat him,You need to spray him with Ink/Water until he reveals the tentacle on his head. You will then have to spray the tentacle until it explodes. The Octo Goombrat will attack you by:
  • Running towards you and trying to stomp you.
  • Hopping around and creating puddles of Ink.
  • Trying to chomp them.

World 2: Octo-Cake Desert

In this world,you'll start outside the piramid. Where you'll need to get past a lot of enemies and the heat of the desert. Once you're inside the piramid,you'll need to get past all the dessert that's being thrown at you.

World 2 Boss
4.Grand Octo-Cake
2.Grond Octo Cake Font
Grand Octo-Cake: The boss of Octo-Cake Desert. To defeat him,You need to spray the box he is inside until it comes off. Once it's gone,You need to spray him until he explodes. This needs to be done 3 times in order to win. The Grand Octo-Cake will attack you by:
  • Jumping at you and trying to stomp you.
  • Summoning smaller Octo-Cakes.
  • Creating sand tornadoes.
  • Stomping in place and causing inky debris to fall from the ceiling.

World 3: Rainbow Snow Base

In this world,you need to infiltrate the base that's located in the middle of a snow land. The enemies have beefed up their defense in this world,so you'll be put to the test in this level until you get outside the base.

World 3 Boss
2.Octo Ice Cream
3.Octo Ice cream font
Octo Ice Cream: The boss of Rainbow Snow Base. To defeat him,You need to spray the Ice Cream on his head until his tentacle is exposed. You will then need to spray the Tentacle. He will attack you by:
  • Shooting Ice Cream balls at you that'll freeze you upon contact.
  • Zooming around and freezing you with the orbs under him.
  • Shooting small balls of ink.

World 4: Colored Ocean Harbor

This world is surrounded by water. The ocean has been poluted by ink and as such,not even the Mario characters can swim in the water. You'll also need to avoid lightning and all the debris coming out of the tornado in the distance.

World 4 Boss
Octo Cheep Cheep
4.Octo Cheep Chomp font
Octo Cheep-Chomp: The boss of the Colored Ocean Harbor. To defeat him,You need to spray the 3 tentacles on his body 3 times. He will attack you by:
  • Spinning around and creating tornadoes.
  • Swimming towards you.
  • Trying to chomp you.
  • Spitting ink at you.
  • Jumping towards you and creating shock waves.

World 5: Lava Forest

This forest is commonly visited by Bowser and Octavio's army due to all the beautiful bubbles that can be seen floating around. So try not to get too distracted by all the light,cause there are a lot of enemies hiding in the bushes.

World 5 Boss
5.Octo Podoboo
Octo Podoboo: The boss of the Lava Forest. To defeat it,You need to spray it until the fire is completely gone. Once the fire is gone,you need to spray it's tentacles until it explodes. This needs to be done 3 times in order to win. It will attack you by:
  • Moving around and leaving lava behind.
  • Shooting bouncing fireballs that leave lava on the ground.
  • Blowing flames forward.
  • Shooting fireballs that explode.
  • Creating Bubbles that'll bounce around.

World 6: Mansion of Ecto

This mansion is filled with floating objects,ghosts and ink/ectoplasm. You'l be exploring a bunch of rooms in this world and you'll have to stay alert for illusions.

World 6 Boss
Octo-Portrait subtitle
Octo Portrait: The boss of the Mansion of Ecto. To defeat it,you need to cover it's face until the tentacle is exposed The Octo Portrait will attack you by:
  • Trying to squish you.
  • Creating Minions and sending them towards you.
  • Create rains of ink.
  • Striking the ground and creating earthquakes.
  • Swinging a floating brush around.

World 7: Prisma Mines 

In this world,you'll spend most of your time in the mountain. Where the are a lot of crystals and ink. There are also minecarts you can use to get around faster.

World 7 Boss
1.MnS OctoWhomp
1.MnS OctoWhomp Sub
Octo Whomp: The boss of the Prisma Mines. To defeat it,you need strike it's tentacle while it's down. The Octo Whomp will attack you by:
  • Trying to stomp you
  • Trying to faceplant you.
  • Summoning some thwomps.
  • Running around while leaving Ink behind.
  • Shooting Rainbows at you from his crystals.

World 8: Water Paint Sky

In this world,your head will literally be in the clouds. You need to jump on a bunch of cloud platforms to avoid falling in the huge amounts of bottomless pits in this world.



  1. This is the 2nd crossover developed by Nightcap Devs.
  2. This is also the 2nd time Mario and Splatoon have crossed over. The first time being the Splatoon DLC in Super Mario Splashers.
  3. The Koopatized Octarians' color scheme are based off the Gooper Blooper.
  4. The Boss of the Prisma Mines was User:KingEvilWaffle idea.
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