Mario's Block Mess
Marios block mess
American coverart
Developer(s) Nd Cube
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Platform
Warp black pipe

Concept art of the black pipe.


Mario, Luigi and Peach are in a picnic, until a black pipe appears from the ground, and Bowser's arm appears and picks Peach and both go underground. Mario heads to Bowser's castle, but he sees impossible paths (he can't jump that high) and notices he needs help of the player.


The player must add blocks in the sceneray and controll Mario. Each level the player unlocks new blocks, and throught the way Mario can find Black Pipes in which there is a unlockable character.

Unlockable Characters

Mario can find Black Pipes throught the way, and unlock characters.

Picture Special Abilities
  • Advantages:

-Uses an giant sheet to fly through 2 blocks

-Can attack enemies with a spade

  • Disvantages:

-Can't jump

-Ground enemies are strong against him

Captain Toad
Picture Special Abilities
Kooper by T0M.V.12
  • Advantages:

-Uses his shell to dash and defeat enemies


-Double Jump

  • Disvantages:

-If shells hits spiky objects it takes damage

-Very weak against Flying enemies

Picture Special Abilities
  • Advantages:

-Can fly to all sides

-Can go underground and find special items

  • Disvantages:

-To fly again, must wait 10 seconds or more depending of the time spent

-Can't Swim

-Lava enemies are very strong against him

Picture Special Abilities
Sochi 2014 olympic wario 3d render by ratchetmario-d8j2g4e
  • Advantages:

-Can punch enemies

-Can ground pound

  • Disvantages:

-Can ground pound on small enemies, doesn't work on larger enemies

-Punching spike enemies hurts Wario


Secret Characters

Instead of the usual way of unlocking characters, throught the Black Pipes, the player can unlock secret characters who each have a specific way to unlock.

Mario's Block Mess/Secret Characters


Acorn Village

World 1 acorn village

Acorn Village is the first world, thus the easiest. The first 5 levels are tutorials, and the other 15 are normal levels. This world features basic enemies, such as goombas, koopas and falling acorns. A Giant Waddlewing is the boss of the world. This level features the Super Acorn.

Water Mountain

World 2 water mountains

Water Mountain is the second world, in here, the player will fight against level 2 enemies (stronger enemies). This world features several floating bubbles, sometimes the player haves to climb mountains, and avoid falling rocks. the difficult starts increasing in level 10 in this world. A Giant Cleft is the boss, but it becomes gray after its first form. This level features the Propeller Mushroom.

Gran Schneewand

World 3 is hard

Gran Schneewand is the third world, in level 2, snow start falling from the sky, and the other levels are filled with snow. Between the first two levels, enemies from world 2 appear. In other levels, ice enemies such as Ice Goombas, Ice Rex, and others. A ice-colored rex that becomes smaller at each hit (10 hits) is the boss. This levels features the Penguin Suit.

Lava Cove

Sky Palace

Magical Fall


World 8

According to the developers, World 8 will be added in July 10.


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