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Marika Island is a battle royale game developed by Revelation Heroes Entertainment for the Nexus. Though based upon similar titles, Marika Island aims to be a title that provides a unique experience in an original setting. It was released on July 10th, 2019. The game is free to play, with cosmetic microtransactions. All new characters can only be earned through in game currency.


For eons, the island has existed outside of time and space, a completely unknowable location of eldritch origin that defies all natural laws. For the last few millenia, the island has been the personal playground of the Old God Khorn, who whisks away great warriors from their places of origin and forces them to fight and survive for his amusement. But as his power wanes, Khorn is more desperate than ever to feed off the bloodshed and carnage of his personal games.

Not only has Khorn grown more brazen in his abductions, but he has decided to change the rules, forcing his subjects to be reborn after each death and fight over and over again, rather than toying with them for his personal amusement before their inevitable deaths. So begin the games.

Season 1: Come a Little Closer

After abducting a new group of tributes, Khorn decides on the rules for his new 'games'. He also creates the Villa to ensure that the sacrifices have time to rest between bouts, so that they do not become too mentally drained to continue fighting for his amusement.

The few survivors left on the island proper band together, hiding in the recesses of the island and leaving behind clues that may help the new batch of Tributes to escape Khorn's wrath.

Season 2: How Are You True

Began on the 1st of January, 2021.

With his strength slowly returning to him, Khorn's new plan to renew his harvest seems to be working. As new tributes arrive on the island, they begin to form alliances and rivalries, each slowly building towards their own goals away from Khorn's prying eyes.

Seemingly overnight, new structures have appeared in every region of the island. While some are little more than wooden shacks built by former inhabitants of the island, like many of the structures on Marika, some are clearly far older and better constructed. Could they have been pulled from other worlds? Or were they built of Marika by far more ancient inhabitants?

Jormungandr's computers have picked up a strange device inside the ship, and requests help recovering it from anybody willing to lend aid. But it appears Khorn is against this idea....


Marika Island is a first-person battle royale where up to 25 four man squads battle to the death. Each player selects a playable character (Referred to as 'Sacrifices' in game). No character may be selected twice in the same squad. All teams are then thrown out of a portal in the sky, with one player guiding the other three in a drop to the island.

Once on the island, players can scavenge for weapons, shields, and other items that is scattered around the island or in makeshift buildings created by previous survivors. Weapons can also be found in Mystery Boxes, strange relics that spawn random weapons, and in Loot Caches, chests buried by previous survivors that can be dug up to obtain legendary equipment or a characters unique weapon.

Unlike most Battle Royale games, Marika Island makes every effort to make melee combat just as viable as ranged combat, with melee weapons generally being stronger but more complicated to use, with the ability to block and parry with melee weapons.

If a player is downed, their allies can revive them. If a player is killed, they are still not out of the game. Their allies can pick up their fallen allies Totem, which spawns where they died (alongside a crate containing all their items), and burn it at a sacrifice altar in Khorn's name to have him bring them back. Other totems may be found around the island and burned at altars for aid.

Throughout the match, the game's safe zone will reduce in size around a random part of the map, forcing players into a smaller space. Players outside the safe zone will be assaulted by a field of energy which will eventually kill them unless they return to the safe zone. Players outside the safe zone receive a small speed boost as long as they moving towards the safe zone.

The last players alive win the match. If multiple players from a single squad are left alive, they are encouraged to kill each other, earning a small bonus to in-game currency if they succeed, though still winning regardless. All players are rewarded with in-game currency based on their performance, which can be used to buy cosmetics.

Marika Island also allows players to host their own custom lobbies or play offline with bots. Offline and peer hosted games can be modded with custom maps, gamemodes, weapons or characters as the player pleases.


Each character possesses a passive ability, a movement ability, an active ability, an ultimate ability and a unique weapon. All characters can climb a short distance up walls and other such obstacles. Ultimates charge over time and recharge faster when dealing damage.

Season 1

All Season 1 characters are playable from the beginning.

Adam 361
The Defect
Assault / 43yo / Male / Retired
From A Land of War and Fear
One of thousands, Adam is a mass produced clone bred for war. He served his planet for 30 years, battling on the frontlines with a near flawless combat record, it was only when his commanding officer discovered that he held a rare genetic defect that he was discharged. 361's cells replicated at an unprecedented rate. Though he tried to argue that this made him a better asset, being a defect defeated the purpose of pure genetic cloning. His commanders informed him that his existence was a flaw, and would compromise his superiors authority.
Disgusted by the poor judgement of his superiors, Adam fled, knowing that if he could not convince command of his worth he would be terminated by force. Going on the run, Adam started investigating the circumstances of his creation. But right as he began to scratch the surface of a conspiracy that possibly ran through the entire government, he vanished. Some say he was killed, others say he just picked a different fight.
Genetic Defect
Thanks to his genetic defect, Adam's cells can replicate themselves at a rate superior to that of his clone brethren. If Adam has not taken damage for 5 seconds, he begins to slowly regenerate health.

Enhanced Movement Gear
Standard issue combat gear for Adam class clones, the EMG consists of two leg braces with several booster jets. Using this on the ground will launch Adam forwards a short distance. Using it while airborne will launch Adam up, as if he is jumping whilst airborne. 6 Second cooldown.

Adam was born and bred for war. A hardened veteran, he knows no fear. For four seconds, he becomes immune to status effects and takes reduced damage. 15 Second cooldown.

Tactical Optics Visor
A tactical optics visor is a special piece of gear given to special ops squads and commanding officers. When activated, it highlights enemy targets and their equipment, even through walls. It will also alert Adam if an enemy is close, but outside his view.

Originally a standard issue battle rifle, Adam has heavily customised this automatic rifle into his personal firearm. Holding 40 rounds a clip, this fast-firing, hard hitting gun is incredibly easy to handle. It is also equipped with an ACOG scope for mid-range engagements.

Unique Skins
Adam is a tall man with short, dark grey hair. He has a full beard that he keeps short, which contains a few light grey hairs. He has a small vertical scar over his lip, and a longer horizontal scar over his right eye. On his left inner forearm the number 361 has been tattooed. He wears a plain white t-shirt underneath a grey and white tactical jacket. He also wears dark grey cargo pants, plated combat boots and olive green tactical gloves. On his head he wears a tactical visor.

Order 361
A set of white full body armour worn over a black body sleeve.

Clone Flaws
A set of blue full body armour worn over a white body sleeve.

The Professional
Adam's hair is completely black. He is clean shaven with dark stubble. His arms and neck are covered in tattoos. He wears a black turtleneck with the sleeves rolled up and black cargo pants with black combat boots.

Stroke of Death
Adam's hair is completely white. His beard is well groomed. He wears a black eyepatch over his right eye. He wears an orange turtleneck with the sleeves rolled up and white cargo pants with black combat boots.

Adam is dressed in green military drabs, with an unbuckled green helmet and brown boots.

The Avenger
Adams hair is jet black. He wears a black shirt underneath body armour with a white crow painted on it. He has black cargo pants with a dark brown belt.

Aeserius Deykin Luna III
The Moon King
Assault / 39yo / Male / Moon King
From a Land of Adventure and Exploration
As a young man, Aeserius knew he was destined for greatness. Born on Earth, Aeserius parents were wealthy aristocrats, but he had no interest in his inheritance. He wanted a far greater prize. He wanted the moon.
Throughout his younger years, he studied at the University of Greater America, earning a double degree in History and Medicine. Fresh out of college, Aeserius boarded the next shuttle to the moon and finally took the first real step towards his goal. But when he left the vessel that took him there, he couldn't help but be disappointed.
Initial colonisation of the moon had been immensely successful; the early colonies had prospered under the guidance of the Earth's government. But as it always did, Earth had quickly become greedy, and what had once been a distant paradise had quickly devolved into yet another bland extension of it's predecessor. Aeserius knew he could return the Moon to it's glory, and he wasted no time in putting his plan to action.
Rallying those who had been born on the Moon, Aeserius declared his new home a sovereign planet, and ordered those loyal to Earth to return home immediately. The Earthlings laughed at him. But Aeserius was mere inches from his goal, he would not be swayed now. Swiftly and mercilessly, he and his new army subjugated the Earthlings, forcing them into shuttles and returning them home with a message: If you seek freedom and prosperity, come to the moon. But only if you will obey the Moon King's rule.
Selene's Guidance
When an enemy is within 35 metres of the Moon King, he will hear whispers to alert him of their presence, growing louder as the enemy grows nearer. Intermittently, a faint blue glow will point Moon King in the direction of the enemy.

Chang'es Love
The Moon King aims where he wants to go and then teleports there in a dazzling beam of light. Although bright, the beam is silent. 30 seconds cooldown.

Mani's Light
Moon King fires a brilliant beam of light that deals a small amount of damage and temporarily blinds anybody it hits. 15 second cooldown, holds two charges. Enemies hit with ability twice within ten seconds take additional damage.

Bahloo's Venom
Moon King calls forth a brilliant beam of light from the moon, healing allies and burning enemies in it's radius.

Tsukuyomi's Spite
The legendary bow of the Moon, Tsukuyomi's Spite fires arrows of light that regenerate over time. Successive hits from this weapon deal additional damage.

Unique Skins
The Moon King is a man of average build, wearing a white shirt and dark gray robes with blue trim. He has short, dark black hair and blue eyes, and he wears a white crown on his head. Two small, moon like objects orbit him. He also has a well trimmed black beard.

Moon of Madness
The Moon King appears in a torn dark grey wool jacket over an equally ruined black t-shirt. He also wears tattered black jeans. His hair is white and he has a long, unkempt beard. His hands appear calloused and bruised. He wears a tin-foil hat. Two small UFO's orbit him.

President Moon
The Moon King appears in a white suit with matching pants and a white tie, with a white shirt underneath. His shoes are also white. His hair is black, short, and slicked back. He is clean shaven. He wears a black glove on his right hand. He is orbited by two small drones.

The Moon King appears as a white robot with a single red eye. He is orbited by two drones similar in appearance to his head.

The Moon King appears as a translucent blue figure, with glimmering white stars around his form. His legs, hands, and the top of his head are white armour with a golden trim. A similar piece of armour is in the center of his chest. Two stars orbit him.

Lunar Knight
The Moon King wears a white suit over a white vest and white shirt with a white tie and white gloves. His head is covered by a white balaclava with a moon symbol on the forehead. His dress shoes are white. He is orbited by two half moon shaped disks.

Mera of the Burning Heart
The Flaming Crusader
Defender / 27yo / Female / Holy Crusader
From a Land of Faith and Flame
When Mera was young, her parents died to the scourge of the vampyr. Orphaned and alone, Mera was taken in by the Sisterhood of Flaming Hearts, a sect of nuns who worshipped the Holy Flame and defended the church with fire and blade. She buried herself in her study and proved herself worthy of training to be a Holy Knight, an extension of the flames will. The day she swore her oath, the Flame in her church burned fiercer than ever before. The Nuns said it was a sign that she had been chosen by the will of the flame.
By her eighteenth birthday, Mera's name was known throughout the land as one of the Holy Flame's most devout followers. She was the youngest of her order to ever lead her own convent, and under her watchful eye her nation flourished, free from the fear of the many evils that plagued the world.
But when the Dark Lord returned, he quickly set his sights on her. He became obsessed with her, and made every effort to have her join him. But her faith never wavered until the very last moment, when the Dark Lord revealed a devastating truth. In that instant, she vanished, never to be seen again.
Holy Guardian
Mera purges the wicked with the light of the holy flame. Whenever an ally is attacked while within four metres of Mera, the attacker becomes marked by flame. Enemies marked by the flame take 25% additional damage from Mera and deal 10% less damage to her. The mark dissipates after eight seconds.

Warm Embrace
The flame wills Mera to rally to the defence of those in need. She instantly teleports to the targeted ally, regardless of distance, releasing a burst of flame when she appears. 45 second cooldown

Mera grants her allies the will of the fire, increasing their movement speed and damage for five seconds. 20 second cooldown.

Ignited Passion
Mera projects the will of the flame to push aggressors away from her allies. For fifteen seconds, she projects an aura around herself that burns enemies within six metres.

Cleansing Inferno
A holy broadsword forged in the holy flames of the church specifically to be wielded by Mera, it is constantly burning with the will of the flame. Alt fire will release a short burst of flame that destroys projectiles and harms foes.

Unique Skins
Mera is a tall woman clad in heavy white armour with gold trim. Over her chest is the symbol of a burning heart. She wears a golden necklace with the same symbol. Her eyes are a deep blue and she leaves her long, bright red hair loose.

Officer Mera
Mera wears a red suit and pants with a gold shirt underneath, black shoes, and a red tie. A police officers badge is clipped to her hip.

Dark Flame
Mera wears black armour with silver trim. Over her chest is the symbol of a blue heart, wreathed in thorns. She wears a silver necklace with the same symbol. In this costume, she wears an enclosed helmet. Her eyes glow blue through her visor.

Space Crusader
Mera is covered head to toe in dark red power armour, similar to that of DOOM.

Mera is a red skinned woman with loose, long black hair. She wears a torn, black tank top with equally damaged blue jeans. Her eyes are glowing gold.

The Psychic Gorilla
Defender / 17yo / Male / Gorilla
From a Land of Gorillas and Science
Bobo was born in captivity. He never particularly minded, but he did wonder about the world beyond his enclosure. For years, he was both experimented on and taught by his human handlers. From them he learned a great deal, and over time his intelligence increased exponentially. The day he spoke his first words, his handlers seemed overjoyed.
But Bobo's fate lay elsewhere. During a raid by a mysterious shadow organisation, Bobo's enclosure was breached. Though he cared for his human friends, Bobo wasted no time in escaping, bowling over armed men as he went. When he made his way into the outside world, Bobo was confused to find Gorilla's everywhere. He had assumed that he was the only intelligent Gorilla around, but in the outside world, certain Gorilla's lived alongside Humans as comrades, friends, even family.
Bobo was readily accepted by society, but he quickly learned why he had been kept apart from it so long: Bobo, and likely the rest of his family, held special power. He could feel the minds of others near him, and reach out and alter those minds. His power was both useful and dangerous, and Bobo swore to his new family and friends that he would use it only to benefit society.
Bobo never had the opportunity to make good on that promise however, as he disappeared just a few days later.
Wild at Heart
As a Gorilla, Bobo is capable of climbing much faster and higher than anybody else. He is also able to leap from one surface to another and hold himself in place with one hand, allowing him to shoot while perched on a wall. He is also capable of climbing and standing on surfaces others cannot, such as trees.

Using his powerful limbs, Bobo launches himself high into the air. When he lands, he knocks down anybody next to him. If he hits a wall he can immediately grab on and start climbing. 10 second cooldown.

Psychic Barrier
Bobo uses his power to reinforce an allies mind, slightly reducing the damage they take, reducing the time they are affected by statuses such as blind or burn, and stopping them from flinching when hit. Lasts for five seconds. 15 second cooldown.

Vanishing Point
Bobo uses his psychic power to create a bubble around the targeted area. While inside this bubble, his allies are completely invisible to everyone except their allies, and they make no noise. Firing or being touched while inside the bubble will break the bubble. Otherwise, the bubble lasts for a minute.

Mind Spike
A pink gem that allows Bobo to focus his psychic power. It's primary fire unleashes a psychic bolt which ignores armour and instantly hurts the targeted enemy, but consumes a lot of ammo. Secondary fire releases a wave of force that pushes enemies back but deals very little damage. Ammo regenerates over time. Regenerates faster if Bobo is not under fire.

Unique Skins
Bobo is a large, black silverback gorilla who stands on his hind legs. He wears a green arm band and has a silver circlet upon his head with a pink gem. He has green eyes.

Bobo appears as a furry, white ape-like creature with large fangs. It's hands are covered in frost.

The Muscle
Bobo appears as an abnormally large man, bald man with a groomed black beard and mustache. He is shirtless and wears blue jeans, with a black belt. The belt's buckle is gold and depicts a raging gorilla. Both arms are covered in tattoos, mostly depicting wild animals. His chest has the word "WILD" tattooed across it. He wears black combat boots. He also wears a silver chain with a pink gem at the end.

Bobo appears as a black scaled creature with dark yellow eyes and a fanged jaw. Small wings protrude from his back.

Sonya Tayurskaya
The Impenetrable Bastion
Defender / 20yo / Female / Amazonian
From a Land of Peace and Progress
Sonya grew up hearing stories of her ancestors. Great and powerful warriors, Sonya's ancestral line was one of renown and prestige. But little did she know, she was destined to surpass them all.
Sonya was trained from an early age to wield a variety of weapons, but she quickly excelled beyond her peers. By the age of 16, Sonya was ready for combat. Alongside her sisters she waded into battle, shield to her arm, spear in her hand. Sonya's shield never let her down. It never cracked, never buckled, never chipped. It served her well throughout her short career.
Sonya was there at the fateful Battle of Eisarhold, landing the decisive blow on an enemy general that ultimately turned the tide of the battle. When she returned home, she was praised as a hero. But the next morning, she was nowhere to be found.
Shield Wall
All damage Sonya takes is reduced by 15%. When she is aiming with a weapon, she raises her shield, reducing damage taken by a further 35% if it contacts the shield and reducing weapon sway. While blocking with a melee weapon, Sonya completely negates incoming damage.

Sonya dashes forwards with her shield up, damaging enemies in her path. Sonya takes half damage while dashing. If dashing towards an ally, the dash range is increased. 10 second cooldown.

Sonya stands fast with her shield. While using Stalwart, she cannot use firearms and her movement speed is reduced by 25%, but her shield radius is doubled and it's damage reduction is increased to 200% Allies behind or adjacent to Sonya receive the 50% damage reduction while within two metres of Sonya. Stalwart can be cancelled at any time, and automatically ends after 15 seconds. 30 second cooldown.

War Cry
Sonya bellows, providing a 25% damage reduction buff, and a 100% movement speed buff to nearby allies for 30 seconds. Allies within range also immediately have 50% of their health and armour restored. These effects do not stack with Stalwart.

Sonya's spear. Primary fire stabs, causing bleed for two seconds and halfling their healing for five seconds. Secondary fire performs a shield bash that knocks back enemies.

Unique Skins
Sonya is a young woman with long, blonde hair she keeps plaited. She wears armour made of leather and bronze which covers her torso and an armored skirt. She wears leather sandals and fingerless gloves. Her shield is a round bronze shield, the face of which depicts a rams head.

Ragnarok Beckons
Sonya wears full body armour made of leather and steel underneath a bear skin cloak, lined with fur. She wears large leather boots. Her shield is round and made from wood and steel, with nordic runes painted on it in red.

The Moon Police
Sonya wears her hair up in a ponytail, and has a pair of black aviators. She wears a white shirt, with a moon police badge affixed to her chest. Her shirt is tucked neatly in to her black pants, with clean black dress shoes. Her shield is made to resemble the moon.

Pulp Classic
Sonya's hair is red, and is kept loose. She has a silver chain mail bikini, with a brown leather belt resting on her waist. She wears a silver armlet on her left arm, and has a gold tiara. Her shield is a plain wooden buckler.

Sonya's hair is black, and is only braided on the sides. A red bandanna is tied around her head, and she has a black eyepatch over her right eye. She wears a white blouse underneath a brown vest, with red breeches and black boots. A green parrots sits on her right shoulder. Her shield is the lid of a wooden barrel.

The Parasite
Specialist / Unknowable / Genderless / Eldritch Being
From an unknowable realm
Born before time itself, Xexanoth was once a powerful Eldritch god. Slowly moving throughout reality, consuming all in his path to meet some unknowable goal. After spending millenia with his brethren consuming galaxies and growing to near limitless power, Xexanoth was defeated by a mere mortal. This pitiful being pierced his flesh with metal from the stars, and ruptured his spirit with the tainted light.
Stripped of his godlike power and shunned by his kin, Xexanoth was forced to take on a form far from befitting a being of his stature. Unable to consume the cosmos as he once did, Xexanoth now feeds off the pitiful lives of mortal creatures to regain his strength. Khorn dares to humiliate him by trapping him in this unworldly prison, but Xexanoth will have his revenge.
Brain Worm
Xexanoth itself is a small parasite about the size of a football. When its host body is destroyed, the player takes control of the parasite itself and is forced to slither away until it can find a new host, either the corpse of a dead tribute or spawning a replica of its starting host after 30 seconds. While in its parasite form, Xexanoth moves faster and can slither up walls, but not jump, and it has very little health. If Xexanoth takes over a corpse it gains all their items. If Xexanoth possesses a corpse, it takes on their passive ability. Xexanoth will always wrap around its hosts face.

Forced Movement
Xexanoth forces its host's body to move in an unnatural way, crumpling in on itself and falling to the ground before leaping upwards. 10 second cooldown.

Release your Mind
Xexanoth spits a glob of mind numbing acid to make potential hosts more receptive to its will. Affected enemies take a small ampount of damage and become plagued with hallucinations of Eldritch horrors which periodically cause them to scream in anguish, revealing their location. Can be cured by an ally. 6 second cooldown.

Destruction of Form
Xexanoth pushes its host to their limits, causing them to move faster and jump higher. After twenty seconds or if the ultimate is activated again, the host body will grotesquely bloat and explode. Xexanoth may immediately spawn a new host body if they wish.

Will of the Parasite
A shred of Xexanoth's former body, the Will of the Parasite is a large strip of flesh that covers the right arm and ends in a terrifying mass that can be used to maul opponents. Using alternate fire will make the weapon stretch forwards about ten meters to pull distant foes towards Xexanoth. This is the only weapon Xexanoth keeps if it's host dies.

Unique Skins
Xexanoth's default appearance is a pale worm like creature. Its default host is a young woman in her mid 20's with dark black hair and glassy, dead eyes. She is wearing a dirt covered red jacket over a navy blue T-Shirt with blue jeans and black sneakers.

Pharoah's Curse
Xexanoth is a dark grey creature with many legs. It's host is a male mummy wrapped in pale yellow bandages with glowing red eyes and decayed flesh.

Xexanoth's host is a green skinned zombie with long, curly black hair. It wears a red and black leather jacket, with red pants.

Xexanoth is a mass of green jelly. It's host is a man in a white lab coat with messy brown hair and a red bow tie.

The Unstoppable Hacker
Specialist / 31yo / Male / Hacker
From a Land of Technology and Progress
Records of Jormungandr are scarce and vague. The first known use of the handle was when it appeared buried in the code of the National Bank of America's servers. Shortly after, employees discovered that millions of dollars had been discreetly diverted from their clients accounts to seemingly nowhere. Early speculation assumed Jormungandr was one of the banks employees, though this was later disproven.
Almost a year later, several classified documents belonging to the highest levels of government surfaced on the black market. When this came to public attention, a virus activated, replacing all information on government computers with the image of a snake eating it's own tail.
These attacks have made Jormungandr one of the most sought after individuals in the world, though many believe it must be a group of hackers. In truth, Jormungandr is one man, who seeks nothing more than to prove that he is unstoppable. Or even, as he prefers; inevitable.
Whenever Jormungandr calls out an enemy, they become highlighted. Highlighted enemies appear to all allies, and Jormungandr can see their exact health values, as well as their ultimates charge. Only three enemies may be highlighted at a time. If an enemy is not seen by Jormungandr or any of his allies for 5 seconds, the highlight will disappear.

Jormungandr mantles objects faster than other characters, and slides over small objects. He is also capable of wall-running. His normal ground slide is also faster than other characters.

Jormungandr throws out a stationary camera. Whenever an enemy passes one of these cameras, the feed is transmitted directly to Jormungandr. Only 3 cameras may be active at a time. 20 second cooldown.

Hack the Planet
After channeling for one second, Jormungandr hacks the targeted enemy, removing their HUD and disabling their abilities for ten seconds.

Iron Fang
An axe said to be capable of cleaving mountains in half. Secondary fire will throw the axe, creating a small explosion of frost where it lands. Secondary fire will make it return to the user, dealing damage to anybody it passes on the way.

Unique Skins
Jormungandr is a young man with short, light brown hair and an unkempt goatee. His eyes are hidden behind reflective aviators. He has thin cybernetics across his left temple. He wears a green Hawaiian shirt with orange floral patterns and beige khakis shorts. He wears brown sandals with white socks.

Lazy Saturday
Jormungandr's physical appearance is the same as his default, but he wears grey track pants and a grey cardigan over a dirty white top.

Jormungandr appears as a green-skinned alien with antennae on his head and blonde hair. He is topless, and wears blue shorts with white flowers on them, and brown sandals.

The Bog Witch
Support / 356yo / Female / Witch
From a Land of Magic and the Mundane
Calathea was abandoned as a child, her parents unknown to her. It was only by luck that a local witch found her and took her in. Raising her as equal parts student, servant, and daughter, Calathea's childhood was both difficult and wonderful.
By the age of 20, Calathea had already become a powerful witch in her own right, but it was another 20 years until she carved her own name. For a while she was the right hand of a king, working as his confidant, advisor, and, eventually, lover.
But Calathea was used to the way of the wilds, not the court, and she slowly grew jealous. She killed the Queen in a ploy to take power for herself, but was caught in the act. Unsure of her choices, Calathea fled the kingdom and became a recluse, making her claim in the swamps until she could find a new purpose.
Witches Brew
If Calathea has less than 3 healing items in her inventory, she will create a Healing Potion over 15 seconds.

Witches Flight
Calathea rides her broomstick into the air, speeding through the sky for ten seconds. Her hitbox size is increased while flying. 30 second cooldown.

Magic Missile
A powerful magical blast that explodes on contact, dealing medium damage and reducing healing effects on those damaged by it for 10 seconds. Twenty second cooldown.

Calathea cackles, creating a bubble of darkness that enemies cannot see through. All allies in the bubble on its creation immediately have their health restored to full. Hostile explosives dissipate in the bubble harmlessly, while bullets deal 50% less damage. The bubble remains for 30 seconds.

Calatheas black cat. Primary Fire causes Bonnie to automatically fire small motes of light that move quickly, tracking enemies but dealing minimal damage. Secondary Fire has Bonnie leap at their enemy, mauling them to deal DOT and disrupt their movement and vision until she is recalled.

Unique Skins
Calathea is an old crone with dark skin and long, frizzled white hair, a black witches hat with yellow stars, and a black cloak. She also wears red boots. Her eyes are bright green and catlike.

Ages Past
Calathea as a young woman. Her hair is long, straight, and jet black. She wears black cross earrings and a dark green witches hat. She also wears a dark green dress underneath a grey cloak, with matching dark green boots. She has dark red stockings.

New Orleans
Calathea wears her hair in dreadlocks, and has a sharks tooth necklace. She wears a tattered brown dress and no shoes.

Calathea has a bright green mohawk, and she wears a black leather jacket with a high collar over a black fishnet top. She has a long green skirt and black sneakers. Her right arm has geometric patterns tattooed on it.

Sea Hag
Calathea is a beautiful young woman with long, messy black hair. The top half of her body is covered by two white clams, and she wears a long white skirt that mostly conceals the green scales covering her legs.

Vincent Vale
The Detective
Support / 34yo / Male / Detective
From a Land of Crime and Mystery
Ten years on the force would take a toll on anyone, Vincent had always reasoned. He'd narrowly dodged the corruption that seeped through the very soul of his department on every occasion, but each time the cut come closer and closer.
His latest case had been no different; a group of kids brutally killed at summer camp. His only lead was a man claiming to know the killers identity, but Vincent couldn't quite catch him.
He was slipping, or so he thought. The drink was finally getting to him. The mob had offered him his witness. All he had to do was drop another one of his cases against a lower ranking mob boss. A tempting offer.
But when Vincent had finally made his decision, he vanished. Whisked away, with nothing left behind but a half done cigar. Everybody assumed he'd ran. But the truth was far worse.
Private Eye
Vincent can see the footprints left behind by enemies. In addition, the edges of his vision glow when he's close to a legendary item. The first time he opens a Loot Cache or uses a Mystery Box, he will always get his unique weapon.

Vincent mantles objects faster than other characters, and slides over small objects. He is also capable of wall-running. His normal ground slide is also faster than other characters.

Hard Boiled
Vincent takes a swig from his hip flask, reducing the damage he takes for the next ten seconds.

Vincent 'finds' a Loot Cache in the ground, providing loot for his team.

Laid to Rest
A six round revolver that deals devastating damage to whoever hits, and makes them bleed, making them easier to track.

Unique Skins
Vincent is a middle aged man with yellow eyes, 5'0 clock shadow and short, black hair underneath a black fedora. He wears a white button up shirt with a loose fitting black tie underneath a black trenchcoat. His pants are grey, and he wears black boots.

The Force
Vincent wears a light blue button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a red tie underneath a grey vest jacket and two leather shoulder holsters. A police badge hangs from his brown leather belt, which holds up his sandy brown dress pants.

What a Dame
Vincent wears a red sequin dress with matching heels and lipstick. His hair is dyed blonde and is in a bobcut.

Vincent wears a black sweater and matching cargo pants underneath a dark brown leather jacket with blue neon lines up the sleeves. His hair is slicked back, and both his lower jaw and left arm are made of steel, with blue highlights.

Sir Vincent of the Vale
Vincent wears a white blouse under a loose grey vest with grey trousers. He wears a grey musketeers hat with a white feather, and has a black mustache.

Season 2

Both Season 2 characters, Velocity and Louise Sapphire Archimedes the Third, were given to all players for free at the beginning of Season 2.

Non-Playable Characters


The Villa The Villa is the lobby area where players rest before a game begins. The player can also opt to have it act as an interactive menu. Players are able to fully explore the Italian style buildings three floors. On the ground floor is the Billiards room, two sitting rooms, a bar and two bedrooms. On the first floor is the main hall, the dining room, a living room with a piano, four more bedrooms, a pool, and two sitting rooms. It also features extensive, though withered gardens in both the front and back yard. It is said that Khorn rewards his favourite tributes with private instances of the Villa, which can be customised to their liking.
Marika Island Marika Island is an ancient place, possibly even predating Khorn himself, as his influence has done little to change it. Formerly where all his tributes would first arrive, the Shores of Time lie to the south. A long beach that quickly leads into the dense Forest of the Lost, a seemingly endless thicket of vegetation housing a few small huts from previous tributes. On the eastern edge of the Shores of Time is Mount Rithe, a steep mountain that has one of the largest structures on the island at its peak, a large home cobbled together from wood and stone by previous survivors. North of the mountain is the Field of Reflection, a plain of solid Ice. Though seemingly impenetrable, the incredibly reflective ice field is riddled with thick tunnels seemingly all carved by the same thing. Northwest of that is the Oasis of Creation a long abandoned settlement that once housed a small civilisation. Further west lies Infernus, the Forgotten a volcano made from the husk of a felled god. Back to the Northeast is Lake Oblivion, a large lake littered with small islets that harbours dark creatures in its depths. Directly north of the lake is The Ship, a crashed spaceship from an unknown world that somehow made it's way to Marika. East of that is The Carcass, the bones of a giant that died on the island. Perilous structures have been built between the corpse, abandoned since Khorn's renewed efforts to grow his power have taken place. Finally, at the northern most point of the Island, is the Tower of the Infinite, a large stone tower with a crystal at the top. Strange noises can be heard inside the tower, and its mirrors offer glimpses of home.


Assault Rifles
Deakin .39 - A stock standard automatic assault rifle with no noteworthy features. Completely ordinary in every regard, but very reliable. 30 Round Mag. Incredibly common.

Galil - A reliable, sturdy automatic weapon with reasonable, rounded stats. Compatible with virtually every attachment. 30 Round Mag. Common.

Zanarkand 040 - A futuristic energy weapon with a rotating barrel. Deals higher damage to unarmored enemies, and fires very quickly. 20 Round Mag. Uncommon.

Vandheim Shroud 7 - A black and gold assault rifle with high damage and accuracy. Reliable, but far from top of the class. 45 Round Mag. Rare.

Penitent Hand - A weapon made from odd geometric shapes that is difficult for a humanoid to hold. A single fire weapon with incredibly poor handling, but the highest damage in its weapon class. 10 Round Mag. Rare.

SAV 82 - An automatic rifle that fires quickly, but has a high recoil rate. Comes with a bayonet built in. 35 Round Mag. Rare.

Woo'shei - A twisted knot of wood that eats up ammo and spits it out as acid. Possibly alive. Don't water it. Must be manually loaded, but has no magazine capacity. Very rare.

Blood Rite - A weapon formerly belonging to one of Khorn's champions. Obviously has a built in bayonet. Fire rate increases the longer the trigger is held. High damage, average handling. 30 Round Mag. Legendary.

Smart Gun - Automatically targets enemies. Possibly the only remarkable thing about this otherwise average piece of technology. 20 Round Mag. Legendary.

Zeshi F2 - An alien weapon that fires plasma bolts. Incredibly destructive, but not very accurate. 40 Round Mag. Very rare. Added in Season 2.

Sub Machine Guns
Tommy Gun - The classic tool of gangsters everywhere. While easily outclassed by nearly every other weapon, a handful of upgrades can drastically improve it's performance. 50 Round Mag. Common.

Viper TK - A laser weapon known more for making a spectacle than actually being useful. 30 Round Mag. Common.

Sir Elliot's Magic Crossbow - A seemingly anachronistic weapon that fires crossbow bolts automatically. Not particularly accurate, and slower than other weapons of its class, but deals high damage. 15 Round Mag. Uncommon. Silver Vein - A sleek weapon that superheats it's ammunition to fire liquid metal projectiles. High damage, slow to reload. 25 Round Mag. Rare.

Urtek 005 - An automatic ray gun that fires pulses of highly radioactive energy. 25 Round Mag. Rare.

Session 66 - Standard issue laser weaponry for stealth units in the Galactic Armada. 30 Round Mag. Very rare.

Bullet Hell - A twisted metal spike that that fires faster than anything known to mortals. 50 Round Mag. Legendary.

Light Machine Guns
RPK - A sturdy LMG that is commonly found in the military of less developed worlds. 50 Round Mag. Rare.

MG08 - A watercooled, mounted LMG that is intended to be operated by two people. High damage for its class. 50 Round Mag. Rare.

Tesla's Miraculous Thunder Gun - A device with an inbuilt tesla coil that converts bullets into a stream of lightning, latching onto targets and quickly eviscerating them. 100 Round Mag. Legendary.

Reaver A6 - A laser weapon that fires quickly and deals moderate damage. 40 Round Mag. Added in Season 2. Rare.

Hydra - A double barreled LMG that can deal ridiculous damage with little build up. Dual 50 Round Mags. Legendary.

Ballista - A modular, air cooled sniper rifle that is everything you would expect from a sniper rifle. 6 Round Mag. Rare.

Heat Death - A rifle that charges up a laser beam, then fires. Deals high damage, but very slow to fire. 3 Round Mag. Rare.

Volcano Rifle v2 - The pinnacle of military technology on its world of origin, the volcano rifle fires rounds filled with tiny amounts of magma, burning targets. 6 Round Mag. Legendary.

Yamask - A semi automatic rifle that does the least damage in its weapon class. 10 Round Mag. Added in Season 2. Common.

Syringe Gun - Heals allies, poisons enemies. Extraordinarily slow firing rate. 8 Round Mag. Added in Season 2. Very rare.

Brandy 33 - A pump action shotgun renowned for being spectacularly inaccurate. 7 shot. Common.

Coach Gun - A double barreled shotgun with astounding stopping power at short ranges. Rare.

Zemnus 4 - A pump action shotgun that is very easy to use. 6 shot. Rare.

Super Shotgun - An infamous double barreled weapon said to have killed countless demons. Legendary.

Valhalla - A shotgun built into an axe. Unreliable, but deadly. 3 shot. Added in Season 2. Rare.

M1911 - A basic pistol that is standard issue in many worlds. 9 Round Mag. Common.

Teknikal - A scrap weapon that is absolutely awful. Don't bother. 10 Round Mag. Common.

Calton .57 - A reliable pistol that can be used in a variety of circumstances. Highest accuracy in its weapon class. 12 Round Mag. Uncommon.

Blunderbuss - A very old weapon that fires balls. Extremely inaccurate, but high damage. Holds a single round at a time. Uncommon.

Goldsliver .22 - A pistol highly prized by assassins for its sharp accuracy and reliability. 12 Round Mag. Rare.

Morrowind - A pistol that is unremarkable, other than for having surprisingly high damage for an automatic weapon. 20 Round Mag. Rare.

Cincinnati Whistler - Shots rebound off walls. Otherwise average in stats. 8 Round Mag. Very Rare.

Ray Gun - Rez me, I have ray gun! 20 Round Mag. Legendary.

Remington New Model Army - An amazing 6 shot revolver that is incredibly lethal. Legendary.

Replicant Retriever - A stylish revolver from the future with a 6 round mag that has rather high statistics. Added in Season 2. Uncommon.

Sal 62 - An automtic pistol that fires faster than most SMG's, but has very low damage. 15 Round Mag. Added in Season 2. Uncommon.

Nail Gun - A Nail gun. Low range, but high damage. May cause bleeding. 30 Round Mag, but each shot consumes 5 ammo. Added in Season 2. Rare.

Fireball - A blast of fire that moves slowly, exploding on contact. Consumes 5 mana. Rare.

Frostbite - A bolt of ice that chills its target, slowing them down. Consumes 5 mana. Rare.

Lightning Bolt - An electrical shock that hits quickly, delaying cooldowns. Consumes 5 mana. Rare.

Magic Missile - A blast of arcane energy that homes in on its target for medium damage. Consumes 5 mana. Rare.

Light Blade - Throw a blade of light at the enemy, jabbing through cover and dealing high damage. Consumes 20 mana. Legendary.

Darkness - Throw an orb of darkness which obscures an area for a short period of time. Consumes 10 mana. Added in Season 2. Very rare.

Wind Blast - A blast of wind that throws enemies away, or can be used to boost allies into the air. Consumes 5 mana. Added in Season 2. Very rare.

Flare - A legendary spell that launches far before obliterating everything in a large area. Consumes 50 mana. Added in Season 2. Legendary.

Melee Weapons
Broadsword - A generic sword that deals average damage. Common.

Helmsplitter - A war axe that has short range, but does good damage. Can be thrown as a last resort. Uncommon.

Vibroblade - A sword that vibrates at high frequencies, making it capable of cleaving through solid steel like butter. Rare.

Greatsword - A hefty sword that can be used for a spin attack to hit everything in the surrounding area. Slow, but strong. Very rare.

Masamune - An iconic katana that is incredibly deadly. Long reach, high speed, incredible damage. Secondary fire is a charging stab. Legendary.

Meatgrinder - An old battle-weary Warhammer that is used to crush enemies from overhead. High damage, but very slow. Added in Season 2. Common.

Hockey Stick - A weapon that seems out of place on the Island. Deals low damage, but can also be used to punt grenades far away. Added in Season 2. Common.

Frying Pan - The true weapon of a warrior. Short range, but briefly stuns enemies on hit. Added in Season 2. Uncommon.

Riot Shield - Used to block incoming projectiles. If you have a pistol or SMG, you can fire from behind it. Not actually useful as a weapon though. Added in Season 2. Rare.

Whipblade - A sword which can extend to attack enemies from a distance. Difficult to use effectively. Added in Season 2. Very rare.

Light Sword - A copyright free replica of a very iconic weapon. Comes in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Purple. Can deflect projectiles. Secondary fire throws it like a boomerang. Added in Season 2. Legendary.

Ammo - Put it in guns so they can shoot good. There are separate ammo types for Assault Rifles/LMG's, SMG's/Pistols, Shotguns and Snipers. Unique weapons generally use one of these ammo types. Common.

Mana Crystals - Ammo for Spellbooks. Spellbooks usually don't have to reload, but they do have a cooldown. Very common.

Syringe - A syringe full of painkillers or something that is used quickly, and restores about an eighth of your health. Common.

Health Potion - A potion full of healing goodness. Takes a while to drink the whole thing, but restores all your health. Rare.

Self Revive - An emergency kit that allows you to revive yourself from the downed state one time. A little slow, but unnoticeable by your enemies.

Body Shield - A overshield that slightly reduces damage taken and grants you a single bar of armour. Comes in four tiers, with each successive tier providing an extra bar of armour. Each tier is a higher rarity than the last. Common is white, rare is blue, very rare is purple, and legendary is gold.

Fortification Rune - A rune that can be used once to restore one bar of armour. Common.

Nanite Capsule - A pod full of nanites. Takes awhile to charge up, but then it restores all your armour. Rare.

Backpack - Allows you to carry more stuff. Comes in four rarities, each having better storage capacity. Same rarities as the Body Shields.

Holster - Allows you to carry a third weapon. Very rare.

Grenade - It's a grenade. Uncommon.

Molotov - Ye olde rag in a bottle of alcohol. Sets fire to an area. Useful in enclosed spaces. Uncommon.

Lightning in a Bottle - Exactly what it says on the tin. Anyone struck by the initial blast will be struck by a bolt of lightning shortly after. Uncommon.

Acid Flask - A vial filled with acid. If somebody gets this thrown at them, they'll trip hard. Uncommon.

Crystal Construct - Quickly builds a crystalline wall where it lands. Can be used for quick cover, or to temporarily block off areas. Rare.

Goo Bomb - A vial containing a strange, grey goop. Covers an area in glue that reduces the movement speed and jump height of anybody in it. Rare. Added in Season 2.


  • Credit for the headers goes to Pyra


  • Like Dominant Rage, Marika Island is based on an old RP made by the creator, which was about people from across the multiverse surviving on a mysterious island.
  • Adam 361's 'Order 361' and 'Clone Flaws' skins are based on the Clone troopers from Star Wars. His 'Stroke of Death' skin is based on Deathstroke from DC Comics.
  • The Moon King's 'President Moon' skin is based on President Lex Luthor's attire from Smallville.
  • Sonya's name is taken from the lead singer of the Russian band Little Big.
    • Sonya's 'Pulp Classic' skin is a reference to the character Red Sonja.