Maria and Luigia
Maria and Luigia
Leader(s) Luigia
(Notable) Members
Maria and Luigia
Founded at/in unknown
First Appearance Super Fawful Adventure
To destroy Bowsie's Palace
Rival Group(s)
Bowsie, the Koopalings, Fururuella

Not to be confused with Maria.

Maria and Luigia are the genderswapped versions of Mario and Luigi. They first appeared in Super Fawful Adventure as the bosses of Gendersawpped World. Unlike their male counterparts, they are cruel, vicious, evil bullies who try to harrass Bowsie, the Koopalings, and Furururella by destroying thier homes.


Maria fights by using Mega Mushrooms to grow giant and try and crush Fawful. Luigia, being more powerful, fights using a mallet. They are both powerful, but Luigia has the upper hand, she is faster, stronger, and has more defense.


Fawful and Noah land in the Genderswapped world after killing Zombie Mario. There, they saw Bowsie and mistook her for Bowser. She thought Fawful was genderswapped version of her friend, Fururuella. They see the genderswapped koopalings, Bowsie Jr, Laura, Mortina, Wendell, Izzy, Joyce, Emmy, and Ludia. After lots of explaining, they all figure out that they're in a genderswapped world. Maria and Luigia try to destroy Bowsie's Palace, but Fawful defeats them. They then run away, and Bowsie Jr. decides to join Noah and Fawful on thier mission.

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