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Maria Auvic
Maria Auvic, the biological mother of Sarah Auvic.
CURRENT STATUS Deceased (Prime Universe)
AGE 23
Stanford Auvic (husband)

Sarah Auvic (biological daughter)

Susan Syringe (killed by)

Maria Auvic is Sarah Auvic's biological mother. Due to the fact that the child was born with purple hair while neither parent had it, it was suspected that Maria may have cheated on her husband Stanford Auvic, however nothing concerning the subject has ever been uncovered even after 24 years after the fact. She was murdered by The Twisted Cross, who then took her baby to raise and it has been it shown that it was specifically Susan Syringe she was killed by.


Maria is a brown haired woman who is often seen wearing a black dress that covers almost all of her body. Her purple boots and eyes really pop out due to this. She was seen often with a tired expression the days before her death.


Maria was described as a overly cheery person who tried her best to make everyone happy, however after the birth of her daughter and the scandal surrounding it, she grew bitter and unhappy. Much of her last days were spent dealing with the controversy and she was seen drinking wine often.

In The Normal Life of Sarah Auvic, she is rather protective of her daughter and encourages only what she thinks is the best for Sarah, even if their opinions clearly don't match up.


The Normal Life of Sarah Auvic

Appears very briefly in this. Her real name isn't mentioned at all, oddly. She is shown as alive and well, as this is a universe where Sarah's parents weren't killed and Sarah Auvic grew up relatively normally.