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行こう、 Mario!

Maria くん
This is about the cousin of Mario. For the cousin of Dr. Eggman, see Maria Robotnik. For the evil genderswapped versions of Mario and Luigi, see Maria and Luigia.

Maria くん
BIRTHPLACE Mushroom Kingdom
Luise (sister)
Mario (cousin)
Luigi (cousin)
CLASS Heroine
New Super Mario Kun

Maria is a cousin of Mario and Luigi, and the older twin sister of Luise. She made her first appearance in New Super Mario Kun.


Maria has as much courage as her brother Mario. She has a lot of interest in things such as dresses and rings. She dislikes Wario and Bowser because they're mean to everyone and don't care about others. Wario dislikes her for being too "girly". She also may have a relationship with the gender-swap version of Peach named Prince Toadstool

Maria really cares for her sister Luise. Her favorite Power-Up item is the Thunder Flower. She is the higher jumper out of Maria, Mario and Luigi.

Physical Appearance

Maria has a lot of the same physical features of both Mario and Princess Peach. She is the same height as Mario and even wears the same cap as him. However the "M" on her hat has lines curling up out of the ends of the "M". She also wears overalls and a red shirt. Her overalls are purple and have a skirt coming out of them, and she wears brown boots. Her face is long and narrow and she has long brown hair that is the same shade as Mario's, with large blue eyes.

Game Appearances

New Super Mario Kun

Maria debuted in New Super Mario Kun as an unlockable character. She must be bought for three Star Coins after collecting all the Star Coins of the Normal Worlds. She was also able to do a stronger Star Spin than Mario.

Female's Star Journey

Maria appears yet again in Another Volume Of New Super Mario Kun as playable character. She falls slowly and could levitate. She is unlocked after getting three Super Keys, and is imprisoned by the one who holds the third Super Key - Lemmy Koopa.

New Super Mario Kun 2

She makes another appearance as a downloadable character in New Super Mario Kun She was the first downloadable character released. She has almost identical stats to Mario, except for her jump, which is one star higher. She can also glide around, like Peach in New Super Mario Kun 2. She can also come to an immediate stop, even on ice. 

Unlockable Character

Maria appears as an unlockable character in New Super Mario Kun 3 She is part of the plot and she is only playable if you buy her at the Character Shop.



  • In the events of Super Paper Mario, a minion of Count Bleck (O'Chunks) calls Mario "Maria". But this was before the events of her first appearance so it must have been a coincidence.
  • Strangely, her sprite in New Super Mario Kun gives her no dress, except in the beta.
  • "Maria" is the feminine form of "Mario".