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Marcus Metals is a minor character in the Ella-Metals series and Ella and Strafe Metals' adopted son. First appearing in Fantendo - Wounds of Time.


Marcus is curious, but quite shy in front of adults but playful with children like most 6 year olds.

At 15, he has been shown to be quite athletic. He is quite calm, even in extreme situations as shown in Wounds of Time. And makes the odd joke to lighten the mood. He is a good reader of body language, and is always quite cheery due to the traumatic events of WoT strengthening him.


Relationships with other characters

Athene and Ritvert

Although Athene and Ritvert are not related to Marcus by blood, he is very protective of them both and treats them as his own brother and sister.

Ella and Strafe Metals

Even before being adopted, Marcus had always greatly admired Ella, though he didn't know her in person until the events of Fantendo - Wounds of Time. When Strafe and Ella were married, he quickly grew to admire Strafe as well and considers them both his parents (as both of his real parents died when he was young).


Fantendo - Wounds of Time

Marcus is a small electric using kid from VineVille who Ella seems to of noticed somewhere but she couldn't put her finger on it. This bugs her throughout the story until the dramatic ending with the VineVillian children, once Marcus finds out that Ella sacrificed herself for the crew. Marcus deeply gains respect for Ella and begins to cry but vows to defeat Jacob with the rest. If they didn't win, Strafe promised to take care of Marcus. They did and Ella was revived and they agreed to adopt Marcus. In the epilogue he is a teenager playing with the kids and robots while the parents watch on. He is shown to be very mature for his age and athletic.

Ella-Metals 4

Marcus is 15 by Ella-Metals 4 and is playable. Marcus' ability is electricity, the second most powerful, medium accuracy but does a bad job at defending. Luckily, Marcus' speed makes up for this factor.


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