Jacquleyn Moxworth Female
230 lbs
25 years old Maractus-Human Hybrid
FULL NAME Jacquleyn Moxworth
POWERS Spiky Body
High Pain Tolerance
Blood Siphoning
BIRTHDAY November 22nd
ALIGNMENT Chaotic Neutral
OCCUPATION(S) Deathmatch Wrestler

Pahoa (Girlfriend)
Garlique (Pet)

CURRENT LOCATION Nowhere in particular

Inflicting Pain


Lisa Leyser




"Maractus" Jacquelyn Moxworth is a Maractus-Human hybrid Wrestler in the New Fantendoverse. Based in Seattle, Maractus Jaq is a Deathmatch Wrestler who works as a mercenary on the side. Her and her Magma Sentinel girlfriend Pahoa (as well as their vampiric dog Garlique) live in an apartment above Magdalene "Maggie "The Mad God" Magog" Magog's Club, where Pahoa also works.


Jaq is clearly a hybrid of a Maractus and a human, with a humanoid physique but green skin, a strangely shaped mouth and spikes across her body. She has dyed her hair purple to evoke Leah Needlenam, which garners a lot of controversy and thus a lot of views on her ProWrestlingTees page. Her attire tends to be a damaged leather jacket thrown over her white and gold blood-stained wrestling gear. She tends to be bloody, and occasionally forgets to pull the thumbtacks and glass shards out of her skin.


On the surface Maractus Jaq is a foulmouthed, short-fused, ultraviolent motherfucker. This is all true, but to many's surprise there's more to her. When she isn't fighting she's a lot more calm, still grumpy but more approachable. The only legal thing that seems to bring her joy besides money is her girlfriend Pahoa and their dog Garlique.


  • Body Spines: Being a Maractus means that her body is covered in sharp, pointy spines that can drain from things they stick into. In Jaq's case it's mainly blood, which is absorbed into energy by her body.
  • High Pain Tolerance: Years of Deathmatches and a manic streak mean Jaq is a very tough lady to put down. She seems to bounce back no matter how hard she's hit, regardless of her health

Special Moves

  • Lava Hammer - Jaq hoists them up into a Fireman's Carry over her shoulders before falling on her side, dropping them face first.
  • Draconian Hold - Jaq yanks their jaw open with one hand, her other hand slipping in to press the spikes on her knuckles into their inner walls. Ouch.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Foldsilk Duffel Bag - A bag who's inside is weaved with foldspace, allowing it to store a near-infinite amount of objects. Jaq gives
  • Pahoa Jr. - A baseball bat with her broken spines glued onto it. They still siphon blood, which she drains out after every match to give to her dog. Written across the body is the URL to her ProWrestlingTees page.
  • Staple Shotgun - A juryrigged combination of a shotgun and a staple gun, which fires a barrage of staples each shot.
  • Lego Brick Table - Two halves of a broken table with 32x32 green lego plates glued onto them, and an assortment of lego bricks placed on top of them. After being broken it can also serve as a trap due to the pile of lego bricks it produces.




  • Jaq is clearly based off a variety of hardcore and deathmatch wrestlers from real life, most predominantly Mick Foley's 'Cactus Jack' persona, as well as Jon Moxley and Jimmy Havoc.
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