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Mana (fruit)
ManaFruit Victory.png
A Mana Fruit as it appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.
Item Type Healing, Energy
Kind of Item Fruit
First Appearance Fantendo Sports Resort
Latest Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory
Speed, Stamina, and Strength Boost (Fantendo Sports Resort)

Healing (Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory)

Mana is a fruit produced by Yggrasil trees. They were first visually seen in Fantendo Sports Resort as a fruit that could be planted and grown with white seeds. They later appear in FantendoQuest and Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. Their function varies from game to game, but it is usually a recovery item.


Yggdrasil produces white fluffy fruit called Mana, which can melt if out in the hot sun too long but oddly can be baked into a white ring like cereal that is said to have the taste of a banana and pineapple. The Mana fruit itself can be eaten, the flavor of said fruit varying based off what day it is.

It is rather filling; a couple of Mana Fruit can fill a person for a entire day. They only last a single day before going completely rotten and inedible as well as completely unusable. Mana is completely good for 24 hours before completely becoming rotten in mere seconds after this 24 hour period.

White Seeds create a weakened version of Mana Fruits.


Fantendo Sports Resort

Grown with White Seeds in this game's gardening mode. It should be emphasized that while these are grown with White Seeds, they are not true Mana and do not come from Yggdrasil. Regardless, they have the same one day restriction.



Sell Back: UntenCoin.png50 Coins

Expiration Date: 1 Day
Typically these grow on Yggdrasil trees, but seeing as these are magical seeds that completely avoid the concept of gardening...

Speed Boost
Strength Boost
Stamina Boost


Mana is not explicitly seen in FantendoQuest but is mixed into two of the potions in the game: The Mana Potion and The Greater Mana Potion. These do not seem to be restricted by the one day limit, although the time stretched across in FantendoQuest is vague.

Potion Mana.png

Mana Potion

Heals the player's party by 50%.
Potion GreaterMana.png

Greater Mana Potion

Heals the player's party by 75%.

Yggdrasil (game)

Appears as a common ingredient in the game Yggdrasil. It has a randomized flavor.

The mysterious fluffy fruit that grows on all Yggdrasil trees. Its flavor changes from day to day, so it's a very versatile ingredient.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory introduces Mana as a healing item. It heals 50% of the current damage, scaling based off how much damage the player has taken.


Image Info

Mana Fruit
Fantendo Sports Resort (2015 - 2016)

A white and pink fruit that only lasts a single day, but boosts all three stats in FantendoQuest. In Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, it is a healing item that heals 50% of a character's health.



  • Mana is a reference to the book of Exodus in the Bible.
  • Mana, along with Stardew and Milk Quartz are commonly referred to as the Fantendoverse food items.