Mall or Nothing
Mall or Nothing logo
The official logo for Mall or Nothing.
Developer(s) Deep Freeze Studios
Publisher(s) Deep Freeze Studios
Director(s) DoodleFox
Platform(s) PC, Xbox One X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) FPS
Series Mall or Nothing
Engine Promenade
Release Date(s) February 9th, 2018
Age Rating(s) Teen
Cost $29.99

Mall or Nothing is a massive multiplayer online game made by Deep Freeze Studios released on February 9th, 2018. The game is centered around Black Friday at a variety of local malls with the objective being to collect the most objects with the most value while also staying alive. The game is known for it's physics, gameplay, and sense of humor. Overtime, more and more content will be poured out for the game, including new maps, new cosmetic items for your character, and new music. Most notably, the game came with a brand new engine used for that specific kind of game, with it being dubbed "Promenade".


Mall or Nothing, at first, appears to be another massive multiplayer online in a similar style to games like Overwatch and PlayerUnknown: Battlegrounds. However, while it clearly does take inspiration from those games, the developers have compared it's physics and sense of humor to the fan community of tools like Garry's Mod, claiming it to be "an unholy fusion of the two styles".

This game has a simple concept: each player, who is given a set amount of money and a shopping cart at the beginning of each round, must get the most items for the lowest total amount of money and head for the check-out line while not getting killed or having your stash stolen. What makes Black Friday (along with most of the other modes) more complex than the sum of it's parts. A leaderboard sits in the top right corner of the screen, showing which player is in the lead. This leaderboard acts as a game changer, switching up how everyone plays the game.

If you want to come out on top in this game, you need to beat the other players at every turn. This means that you must use items you can't buy or don't want to buy to attack any enemy that comes your way. This can be as simple as ramming their face in with a rolling pin and running off with their shopping cart or setting up a Rube Goldberg-styled trap that results in huge hassles for others. This is the crux of the game: engaging in all of the chaos you can while managing your budget and winning the game for yourself. You are just as open as other players, however, so it's important to keep your guard up and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Once each round is over, the amount of money you have left is added to your Savings Account, which is essentially a fully virtual wallet that allows to buy clothing, shopping cart skins, taunts, and more customization-based items. Each time you play in any of the available modes, the map's layout is switched up along with the theme. This means pathways and the locations of products are all switched up, in addition to the music and scenery. This makes for a unique experience every time a player is able to join a match.

Mall Themes

Theme Name Description
Normal Beige The "iconic" mall design. Complete with overheard glass, dated fake palm trees, escalators, and glass railings you can throw people through (not recommend by the state).
Dying 80's This place hasn't seen a big renovation since it's opening day. Outdated slang, faded neon colors, and out of place giant triangles.
Galactastar Battleca This mall is themed after the FUTURE! Surely not to be dated in a few years, this place is up in far reaches of space. You can even see our dear planet down below!


Below are a lists of all articles of clothing you're able to purchase with the in-game currency.


Shirt Description
Stripped Shirt A bland, simple, regular green, white, and black stripped shirt. Perfect for dads.
Pink Petticoat A nice, pink petticoat that breaks boundaries and is able to worn by anyone, anywhere.
Deep Freeze Studios T-Shirt Whoever made THIS shirt is clearly a sell-out. I mean...SPONSORED content?! Bleugh.


Pants Description
Your Dad's Old Dungarees Description says it all, really. Relic of a bygone era.
Bell-Bottoms Imagine if you looked like the biggest jackass on the block. Now imagine that you could go FARTHER.
Black and White Shorts Just some normal looking shorts. Complete with discernable feature one and discernable feature two!


Hat Description
Top Hat Our intern suggested we put this in. Thought it looked ok, so we did it.
"GAMER" Certified Hat The perfect hat to wear when being immature dick-pickle while playing a battle royale game.
Burlap Sack Why?


  • One of Mall or Nothing's central ideas at the start besides the premise was that once you bought the game, there was nothing else to buy. Deep Freeze decided to leave out lootboxes unlike a lot of other games in the genre it occupies.
  • The game's new engine, Promenade, is named after the games creator's local mall.

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