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She is the Mario Kart Shop employee.
AGE 19
ZODIAC ♑ Capricorn
BIRTHPLACE Mushroom City
Mr. Shop (manager)

Roberto (partner)

Veronique (partner)
Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8
Hello! What do you need at this moment?
Maliene in Mario Kart 8

Maliene is the Mario Kart Shop employee. She is friendly and she always have a smile. She offers everything: information, items, discount... Her manager is Mr. Shop. She is always in the shop but in the future Mr. Shop says he will take on a mate for her. She uses a blue uniform with a white scarf. She also appears Mario Tennis Legends as an employee in the Mario Tennis Shop.


She is very friendly and good fun. She always work but she is happy because every day is interesting for her. She has a great admiration for Mario because he is brave and famous. When you go out of the Shop, she always winks at you because she's loving. Every day she advises you the better item because it's a discount. She does as her manager tells her because she is helpful. She loves to help anybody.

The 20th time you come in the Shop she speaks about the Golden Card where you accumulate your money and she gives you the card. Normally it costs 200 coins but like you are she gives you free.


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