Magiragna is a turn based strategy game for the 3DS. It stars Gerald and has a great assortment of elements.

​ Story

Chapter 1

The Ragna Heart Awakens

Once upon a time, there was a balance of good and evil. The world is in a great harmony. The balance is kept by the Ragna Heart, a gem shaped like a heart that seals the evil of the world. It was a world of magic and greatness. Today, in a time where magic is long-forgotten and technology is the norm, Gerald, a optimistic kid with a great imagination, goes on a field trip with his class to the Rubule Mines. Gerald finds the Ragna Heart, which at the time everyone thought was just a gem.

The class go to the Gemstone Cleanery, a place inside the Rubule Mines where the miners take rocks to take the gems out of them. Gerald accidentally trips and drops the Ragna Heart into the Rock Crusher, destroying it. This releases all the evil and magic inside the gem. The magic goes inside Gerald, giving him the ability to cast magic. More to come...

​ Characters

Main Playable Characters

These are characters that appear on the battlefield when you start the battle. Some characters can use abilities to spawn the other characters.

Character Description Abilites Element
Gerald A optimistic kid with a great imagination. He always believed in magic, but his friends didn't believe him. When he gets infused with the magic from the Ragna Heart, he knows he can make a difference.
  1. Crystal Form
  2. Great Magic
Sagus A mage revived when the DNA of him was cloned and inserted into a baby 18 years ago. He is very smart and must face his own fear to face the truth.
  1. Wood Form
  2. Steam Teleportation
Grant A pixie who is very scared of the modern times. He wants everything to be the way things used to be, but does he have the courage to try to do it?

1: Soil Form

2: Golem Infantry


Spawnable Playable Characters

These characters can spawn from Infantry Abilites. The list is coming soon...



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