Magical Snowman
Logo for the Magical Snowman franchise
Developer(s) Thorn Industries
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Genre(s) Fantasy
First Game Magical Snowman
Most Recent Game Magical Snowman & Magical Bear The Crossover

Magical Snowman is a franchise by Thorn Industries originally thought of and made by rolandthedude. Not much has been revealed about the series only that its five main characters will appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters.



Character Name Role Description Debut
Magical snow man Magical Snowman/Eis Main Character A snowman from the snowman world where all snowmen are born with magical powers. He is the strongest snowman and soon to become king. Magical Snowman
Bun Bun Bunbun second person unlock A magical bunny from earth but doesn't know he is magical and gifted until he is sucked in a portal. Magical Snowman
Magical Dolphin Magical Dolphin only swimmer(at beginning) A dolphin from an unknown place who meets you at (blank) and has magical powers to control the water and. Magical Snowman
Bear Bear Brawler A bear that has learned many fighting techniques. Magical Snowman
Polar bear Polar Bear ice magician A polar bear that is known for it's monstrous bite. Magical Snowman
Purple bear Purple Bear
Purple dolphin Purple Dolphin
Brun Bun Brun Bun
Opal bunny Opal
Voltage Finn Voltage Finn
Leemee Leemee
Ashlyn Ashlyn
Smiley Smiley.jpg
Royal Blue Royal Blue


Character Name Role Description Debut
Evil M.S./Evil Eis Main antagonist Evil Eis is the demon inside Eis and wants to destroy the universe. Magical Snowman
Robert Erlin & Ronald Erlin. First human antagonists. Two humans that use the Howling Swords. Magical Snowman


  • dero
    • Species: Doron
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Thorn Industries
TI Original Unnamed Game ???
City Racers ???
Mega Racers Jake, ???
Magical Snowman Magical Snowman, Bun Bun, Magical Dolphin, Bear, Polar Bear, Evil M.S.
Magical Bear Magical Bear, Gerald, Warty, Denny, Tiger, Shane, Pinky, Fishy Mcfishter, Micheal Bear, Jeff Snail, Diana, Dan, Xander, Aimée
Princess Bear Princess Bear Hira ???
Detectives Nicholas Finn Brunce Devin Kamari
Magical School Academy George Yuri Mr. Rodriguez ???
G.O.L.D. Gabor Olivia Léon Dicy
Legend Fighters ???
Thorn Industries Crossovers ???
TI Co-Owned Angry Birds Bobby Isaac Bird Red Jr. + John Piggy Tales III
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Custom Character
New Super Bowser Switch Wrench Bro
Kid Icarus: Venture into the Human World Karme
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