This article is about the Multiverse as a whole. For information about the original Male or Female bear see Magical Bear (Series). For information about the future see Princess Bear (Series). For the titular protagonist see Magical Bear.

Magical Bear
Top logo for Magical Bear. Bottom logo for Princess Bear
Developer(s) Thorn Industries
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Genre(s) Platformer MMORPG Free-World
First Game Magical Bear
Most Recent Game Magical Bear and Magical Snowman the Crossover

The Magical Bear series (known in Japanese as 魔法の熊, in Spanish as Oso Mágico, and in French as Ours Magique) is a fanon video game franchise made by Thorn Industries. It is also the one of the flagship series of Thorn Industries along with Magical Snowman. The games involve anthropomorphic animals and humans with magical powers & weapon of the elements in an alternate version of earth who fight the poachers and each other.




Character Name Role Description Debut
1.Stuffed Magical Bear Magical 'Mark' Bear Main Protagonist/One of the leaders of The Magicals. The choosen one by the deities and a polar bear. Originally just a normal bear. A gender swap character that is know as Mary. Has the power of the three mythical bears mostly inhirited from his parents. Also a smasher in SSBUF. Marco's Imagination
2.Stuffed Gerald Gerald the Giraffe Secondary Protagonist A hero from the african savana and quite young in actually. Lost his parents to the poachers and was caged up in the first game. Completely loyal to The Magicals. Also one of one of the possible second in commands to MB. A smasher in SSBUF Magical Bear
3.Stuffed Warty Warty the Wart Hog Secondary Protagonist A wart hog from the african savana. Captured by the poachers and mind controlled in the first game. Super tough and quite loyal to The Magicals. Another possible second command to the bear. Fighter in SSBUF. Magical Bear
4.Stuffed Denny Magical 'Light Blue' "Denny" Dolphin Protagonist A dolphin that was kicked from his family due there being to many members. Captured by the poachers in the first game. Often kinda wimpy but always reddy for anything. Very loyal to The Magicals. A fighter in SSBUF Magical Bear
5.Stuffed Tiger Tiger Neutral Character Tiger that was minded controled after being catured by the poachers in the first game. Usually loyal to The Magicals. Really prone to being confused. Smasher in SSBUF. Magical Bear
ShaneSnake Shane the Snake/Snakey Mostly Good Character Striped Snake from North America. Almost had his town raided by the poachers. Really tough and has lots of loyality to the Magicals. one of the round two DLC fighters in SSBUF. Magical Bear
Pinkydolphin Pinky the Dolphin Another Protagonist Originally from and enemy family of Denny's. Joins the Magicals due to the poachers. Completeyl loyal to the Magicals. Has a crush on Denny that only keeps getting bigger every day. Magical Bear 3
Fishymcfishter Fishy Mcfishter Another Protagonist Clown Fish that heard of the Magicals from his family. Teams up with the remaining heros in the Alternate Story. Magical Bear the Alternate Story
MIkeBear Micheal Bear Hint Character/Minor Protagonist Brown Bear that is pretty much the last piece of the puezeel. Magical Bear and Magical Snowman the Crossover



The Wise Old Snail/Jeff Snail Hint Character/Minor Protagonist Snail that is very very old and thus has gained a lot wisdom. Technically member of the Magicals. Magical Bear 2
Ann (MB) Ann Protagonist A hexapus (an octupus w/ six arms) that joins up in five due to Pinky and Denny being famous. Magical Bear 5
Archie (mb) Archie Protagonist A baby emperor penguien that joins the squad because the Magicals jornery to Antartica to stop illegal oilling. Magical Bear 5
Olympia Olympia Protagonist A jelly fish that was hit by a poacher beam meaning she now has a brain and stuff. Joins up because she finds Denny and Pinky. Magical Bear 5
Evelyn Evelyn Protagonist A unicorn that joins the magicals some time in 5. Magical Bear 5


Character Name Role Description Debut



Diana Leader of the UAKD A demigod that wants to reverse human kinds mistakes. Founded the UAKD with help from her mother. A tough women that is also quite girly. Ends up having a crush on Magical Bear (male). Magical Bear



Raylee UAKD intell/Diana's second in command An intell to Diana and then becomes her second in command. Daughter of the poacher's leaders. Raised by bears (*cough* Mike's family*cough*). Ends up having a crush on Magical Bear (male). Magical Bear 2



Dan Diana's second in command/brainwashed minion One of the originally founders of the UAKD and Diana's old second in command. Had a crush on Diana until she fell for Magical Bear (male) or ends up wanting Magical Bear (female). Magical Bear
Randall(MB) Randall some member of the UAKD/human leader in 'Alternate Tale' A member of the UAKD. One the first to find out of the heors defeat in Alternate Tale. Had a crush on Raylee until she fell for Magical bear (male) or ends up wanting Magical Bear (female). Magical Bear 3
Abigail(MB) Abigail Pysical attack leader One of the strongest human females of the series. Another original member of the UAKD. A hero like most of the others. Magical Bear
Victoria(MB) Victoria some member of the UAKD/teacher of the next generation A swordfighter that joins the UAKD in 4. Not one for violence but knows when its time. A teacher of the next generation of heros. Magical Bear 4

Mia J


Mia J. UAKD member Some who is both a first and second generation UAKD member. Mia J. has dropped her last name after a life-scaring incident in pre/elementary school. Runs away and eventually joins up with the UAKD. Magical Bear 5
Parker Parker Young hero An austrialian that has the power to turn into a kangaroo. His mentor was a kangaroo who knew Magical Bear which is why he is sent to Imagionation Land. Princess Bear


Character Name Role Description Debut
Beth(MB) Beth Goddess of raptors
first deity to join UAKD
Diana's mother
Was one of the many deities to oppose humans eons ago. Helped Diana, her daughter, found the UAKD and revese human mistakes. Magical Bear

Non Demi-God Hybrids

Character Name Role Description Debut
Princess Bear Princess Bear A human-bear hybrid. Daughter of the hero chosen by the dieties. Princess Bear
Prince Bear Hira A human-bear hybrid. Son of the hero chosen by the dieties. Princess Bear
Jelena Jelena A unicorn-human hybrid Her mother was a unicorn breed with her father as a soviet experement. Her caretaker knew Diana which is why she is sent to Imagination Land. Princess Bear



Character Name Role Description Debut



Xander Main Antagonist/Raylee's father The poachers leader. Married Aimée in france before the created the leage of poachers. Left Raylee to die in Greenland when he found out she was against poaching. Magical Bear



Aimée Main Antagonist/Raylee's mother The poachers leader. Married Xander in France befroe the creation of the leage of poacers. was semi against leaving Raylee in Greenland due to Raylee being against poaching. Magical Bear
Ciana Member of the Leage of Poachers/UAKD An african (not african-american) who had her tribal village attacked by poachers and now under their control. After the poachers defeat she joins the UAKD. Magical Bear
Zaylee Zaylee Main Antagonist/Raylee's second cousin Leader of a new evil organisation in Princess Bear. Princess Bear


Character Name Role Description Debut
Shark(mb) Shark Main animal antogonist. Somhow likes the idea of killing animals. Partially brainwashed by the poachers. Seems problematic.


Character Name Role Description Debut
Grm Giant Rock Mob First boss fought by MB Minor Deity that has power of small rocks and pebles. Also stones. Actually is a bunch of rocks thats quite easy to defeat. Magical Bear

Non Demi-God Hybrids

Character Name Role Description Debut
Real Liger Samé Liger tiger-lion hybrid Major antogonist of the Princess Bear Princess Bear


Magical Bear (Game)

M.B. wakes up from hibernation and remembers his home the Bear Home World in modern day Greenland. The bear gets to to know the Union of the Animalia Kingdom and Deities. Once he gets home he finds it to have been raided by the poachers. He goes to get revenge on humans and along the way he encounters allies and enemies alike in the eight worlds in the game.

Magical Bear 2

After winning Magical bear remembers his/her name to be Mark/Mary. When realizing this he/she also truly and fully realizes not all humans are bad so he/she has gained access to the internet and goes on a quest to stop overpopulation and overfishing.

Magical Bear 3

Contrary to what the heroes belived at the end of the original game the poachers are still very much a thing. With the mains and some heroes gone this game is a free-world.

Magical Bear:The Alternate Tale

In an alternate universe the heroes failed to beat the poachers in MB3 and it is up to a bee and a goldfish to revive the heroes and collect more allies.

Magical Bear 4

Once again the poachers have returned and the heroes go to stop them. Prequel to Magical Bear and Magical Snowman the Crossover. Also introduces Ninja Bear due to Magical Bear getting kinapped by the poachers.

Magical Bear 5

After the treaty of Paris which completly stops all poaching and after meeting Magical Snowman, the heros need to fix some problems with their world that remain.

Magical Bear:The Golden Age

A fighting game with many characters from the Magical Bear series.

Princess Bear

Around 12-16 years later MB's (male) daughter is called by the dieties to be a hero like her father. Ohasaki, Hira, Jelena, and Parker awake with no memories in imagionation land (sounds fimiliar).

Princess Bear:Olipana



Like every other Thorn Industries games Magical Bear will have an anime in the future.

Sequal Series

Princess Bear (Series) is the sequal series to Magical Bear (Series). The series will follow Princess Bear (whose name is Ohasaki, お刃先) MB's (male) daughter and her adventures.




Magical Bear mapnote: the map accurate at the start and most of Princess Bear.

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