Magic is a form of energy which originated in Oestus, that can be manipulated by those who learn or have an innate ability to perform various supernatural feats. Magic was first utilized by the ancient Elves of Aeo, who also created the artifacts which draw magic energy across from Oestus to Mortus.

Magic, in it's raw form, is dangerous to most living creatures and causes various harmful effects. As such, it must be purified before it can be safely absorbed as mana.


Artifacts are items (usually created of crystals, gemstones or precious metals) which have had special runes written on them that allow them to draw magic from Oestus, purify it, and release it into Mortus. Those within the radius of an artifact absorb the energy as mana, which they can then manipulate if they are capable. Otherwise, a large mana reserve may manifest as innate abilities within multiple generations.

Despite their name, not all artifacts are necessarily ancient, as the Scirevicis Academy and other organizations have discovered methods of creating new artifacts.

Major Artifacts

Major artifacts have a very large radius, allowing them to supply mana across a very large area (enough to cover anywhere from a small island, at the least, to a whole planet at the most). The most notable artifacts are the Winged Nexus, an unnamed artifact located on Aeo in possession of the Scirevicis Academy, and the Quiet Stone which was destroyed in the separation of Aereus and Marais.

Exposure to a major artifact leaves enough residual mana in a person that they may continue to retain any magical abilities for a period of time after leaving the radius of the artifact.

Minor Artifacts

Minor artifacts are smaller artifacts, which are much easier to produce. They have a much smaller radius, small enough that the person who hopes to absorb the mana it produces must carry the artifact on their person.

Minor artifacts are small enough that they are often sewn into or attached to clothing, armour or weapons, or worn as jewellery such as necklaces or earrings.



Alchemy is a field of study which focuses on making use of latent mana reserves to create potions or other consumable magic items that apply magical effects as if a spell has been cast when consumed. Plants, fungi, insects, and products from animals (such as fur, severed body parts, organs, etc.) are all used as ingredients, and various combinations of these ingredients yield different effects.

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