Angry Moon - Mad Moon
Mad Moon (also known as Angry Moon) is an enemy serving as the lunar counterpart to Angry Sun. It resembles a moon with an angry face, inspired by that of the Moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Mad Moon attacks by swooping at the player and shooting iceballs.

Mad Moon first appears in the game mod Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, and returns in its successor, Newer Super Mario Bros. DS.


Super Mario Maker Chi

The Angry Moon appears as a variant of the Angry Sun and Calm Moon. When shaken too many times, the Angry Sun or Calm Moon will transform into the Angry Moon. The Angry Moon passively revives defeated enemies and can transform Koopa Troopas into Dry Bones. They retain the same movement pattern as Angry Sun and can hurt Mario. The only way to defeat them is through a Star.



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