MKTV is a spinoff of the Mario Series made by Vined Inc. it is an adaptation of many popular reality television programs but with Mario characters, they are mainly mini games and they feature no consistant plot or cast list. All of these games are able to be played online and with multiplayer to make interaction more fun, if the game is full players can vote on other's online games.


Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom

Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom is based off the television show Survivor and it is set in Dinosaur Land in the harsh wildreness. The players are split up into two different tribes Rattana and Nobag (the tribe names taken from Survivor: Borneo and Survivor: Gabon respectivly). The player gets to choose one character to play as on a tribe and has to complete both the tasks and schmooze other NPCs and make alliances to avoid elimination. If the player is eliminated the game ends.

Big Mario

Big Mario is based off the television show Big Brother and is set in a house in Toad Town that is seculded from the public. There are 18 people to start off with and eventual two intruders will enter, you get to choose your character the other housemates are randomly selected. The aim of the game is to be both interesting so the audiance won't vote you out and to be nice to the housemates so you won't be nominated. There are Friday Night Games and weekly challanges that you can particpate in.

Mushroom Kingdom's Next Top Model

Mushroom Kingdom's Next Top Model is based off the television show Australia's Next Top Model and is set in Toad Town the player selects a female character and they must compete in photoshoots and challanges which they must complete the challanges well and stay in the competition. Towards they end they go to a foreign country (randomly selected). Each "week" there is a guest judge on the panel.

Mushroom Idol

Mushroom Idol is based off the television show Pop Idol and is starts off in a diffrent town around the Mushroom Kingdom depending on which player you use and is similar to the Mario Singalong! Series and again uses the Mega Mic. The player has to succsufully get through with the aproval of the three judges and eventually get through to the end of the game and get to the people voted through to the next week.

The Amazing Race: Mushroom Kingdom

The Amazing Race: Mushroom Kingdom is based off the television show The Amazing Race and is set all around the video game world. You get to choose two players from the Mario series and control them around each leg of the race perfoming different tasks at different venues in an effort to get to the end of the race first.

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