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Sovereign Lurky Laufeydottir-Odinson Female
236 lbs
2,500 years old Ice Demon/Aesir Hybrid
FULL NAME Sovereign Lurky Laufeydottir-Odinson
POWERS Ice Demon powers, Aesir's Blood, Mistletoe Manipulation, Baldr, Jormungandr
BIRTHDAY 25th of November
OCCUPATION(S) Sovereign of Jotunheim
Defender of Asgard

Ice Queen (In a royal sense)
Ice Queen (In a 'she wouldn't hook up with me and as an entitled man that makes me angry' sense)
The Lurkster (Coiner of phrase presumed dead)


Odin (Adoptive father) Thor (Adoptive Brother)


Lurky Laufeydottir is the Ice Demon ruler of Jotunheim, one of the children of Odin and a Deity of Mischief.



Powers and Abilities

Specific Abilities

  • Aesir's Blood: Lurky, as an Aesir, can spill her own blood to use reality-warping magic. She primarily uses this for illusions, creating false images or teleporting. She also uses it to change her own appearance or physical gender, hiding her own scars with carefully placed cuts.
  • Mistletoe Manipulation: Lurky is capable of controlling all forms of Mistletoe, including growing it out of thin air.
  • Lil' Missy: Missy is a blowgun made from wood from the Yggdrasil which she uses to fire darts made of the poisonous Asgardian Mistletoe, which shuts down nerves in the area of where the dart hit. The Yggdrasil Wood causes the darts to fly in strange, supernatural ways. To keep the wood from cracking Lurky often leaves it marinating in holy water.
  • Aeserian Umbrella Baldr: Originally the Asgardian warrior Baldr, Lurky wields the Chaotic Arm which takes the form of a long forearm ending in a metal umbrella. It can fold out into a shield comprised of 6 rectangular Damascus plates with mithril chaimail filling the gaps. Lurky will often coat the plates in an ice shell the open the umbrella to release a shotgun blast of ice shards.
  • Jormungandr/Chaotic Arm Jormungandr: The colossal snake known as Jormungandr serves Lurky dutifully, both as the guardian of the yggdrasil tree she has claimed and on occasion as a pair of Chaotic Arms, taking the form of poisonous whip swords. The poison is extremely powerful, decaying organic matter and even weaker metals.


  • Lurky is the New Fantendoverse equivalent of the Norse God Loki, taking inspiration from original myth and his portrayal in the Marvel Comics.
  • Her weapons are inspired by how she killed Baldr, Baldr in question and Jormungandr, all from Norse mythos.