Lunatic Entertainment
Type of Company Video Game/Movie Company
Founder(s) Somarinoa
Founded at/in 1995 (Anchorage, Alaska)
Headquarters Healy, Alaska
Area(s) Served North America
Owner(s) Somarinoa
No. of Employee(s) 2

Lunatic Entertainment is a game and movie company founded by Somarinoa initially founded in 1995, though it remained unnamed until 1996. While it primarily creates original works, it also has produced a number of fangames as well.

Soma Concept

Loki Steinbach, the company's original and primary mascot


Glupe the Rezyn, the company's secondary mascot
(Artwork by TheSoupyOne)

The company uses two mascots: Loki Steinbach and Glupe, the company's two most commonly-reoccurring characters. The company's logo in each game may vary between three versions - one featuring Loki (most commonly used in the more darker-themed games), one featuring Glupe (most commonly used in the more light-hearted games), and one featuring both (especially noticeable in Spree).

Due to issues involving censorship, Lunatic Entertainment content on Fantendo is on semi-hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time. It can be found being updated on other sites, however - primarily on Creativity Wiki. The only pages that will be updated at this time are Long Story for 2015 and planned content for 2016, The Folklands.

Fan Games

Names that have been redacted (blocked off with █ characters) are games that are mature in content and therefore will not be officially listed here. However, they can be found on the Creativity page.

Nintendo Series


Super Mario Bros.

The Legend of Zelda


Blizzard Series


Capcom Series

Mega Man

Resident Evil

D3 Series

Earth Defense Force

Konami Series

Silent Hill

  • Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism

Midway Series

Mortal Kombat

Namco Series


Sega Series

Sonic the Hedgehog

Supermassive Games

Miscellaneous Games

Original Games

Galactic Expanse Metaseries

The Galactic Expanse is also commonly referred to as the Kyklos Mythos, due to the name given to the Milky Way Galaxy throughout the entirety of the series, which is the Kyklos Galaxy.

Alien Dinosaur Trophy Hunter Series

Conquest Series

Diakatan Series

Immortal Greed Series

Master of Survival Series

Mega Somarinoa Series

Scourge Series

The Vuunega Chronicles


They Rise

Seriesless Games

These games may eventually become series but are currently one-shots.

  • A Distant Howl
  • Alternate Bionics Just Elongate Oroborous' Alpha-Dextrous Janglomaton Feature, Killing Legionous Eradication Androids Of Infinite Hyperdrive Diamonds (Filled Liquid Kryptonian Neutrons By Negating Malfunctioning Atomic Energies) - Quantum Pouncing Orobouros from Jean 2000 - Deadly Jean Fuel Killers Hide Secret Horrors From Kardeidus deo, Wailing Planet Xenomorphic Monstrosities 3: Shadow of a Walrus]]
  • Artist Fantasy
  • Battle Royale
  • Beetle
  • Biota
  • Catch the—! ...Guy. (Released Late 2009)
  • Choice
  • DEMOlish
  • DFS: Dead Friends Society
  • Doctorate War
  • Dude Manbro and the Macho Crusade
  • Fighter's Union
  • ████████
  • Girls' Night Out!
  • God Eraser
  • Grown
  • Kevin Poacher, MD
  • Kid Spuid
  • Kill Jeff!!
  • Killer & Sass
  • Long Story
  • Mimickiller
  • Murder, She Wrote
  • Navigable Waters
  • No More Heroes
  • Oe Kaki: The Wacom of Fate
  • Penniless Knight
  • Puget
  • Real Polite Gentlemen
  • ███████!
  • Slicer's Debate
  • Spree
  • Stasis: Fettered
  • Teatime for Transients
  • Troublesome Dicks
  • Trundle & Bunk in the Kingdom of Dreams
  • We Are All But Animals
  • Where Is Your God Now?
  • Wrestlevania

Third Party Assistance

Lunatic Entertainment has worked alongside other outside game producers on games. These games are listed below.

  • Danger Driver (canceled due to creator's death)
  • Ghark the Turtlemancer (permanent hiatus due to Development Hell)
  • Masters of Chaos 3
  • Pokémon Online


Murder Kingdom series

A series of mostly unrelated slasher films involving various gimmicky slasher characters who are named after various animals.

  • The Annelid
  • The Bear
  • The Scavenger
  • The Urchin

Star ██████ series

A series you will never, ever see on here. It, however, has an emphasis on story not usually seen in its genre and is laced with off-the-wall nerdy humor.

  • Jeddy Mind Tricks
  • Star ██████ Episode 1: The Phantom Man ███
  • Star ██████ Episode 2: Attack of the Moans
  • Star ██████ Episode 3: Revenge of the Stiff
  • Star ██████ Episode 4: A Nude Hope
  • Star ██████ Episode 5: The Empire █████ Whack
  • Star ██████ Episode 6: Return of the Jeddy


Employee Name Job
Thor Steinbach CEO, Game Director, Developer, Enemy & Character Design
Scott Root Music
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