The Lunar Comet (Shortened as Lunar Cm) is a handheld console by Lunar Co. It will feature conectivity with the Lunar HDC.


  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • 2 anolog pads
  • Home
  • Start
  • Pause


The Lunar Comet can produce 3D images and is one-screened. The display is 1080p like the Wii U. The sole screen is a touch screen.

Built in Apps

  • Lunar Cm. Camera
  • Lunar Cm. Music
  • Game
  • Flipnote Memo
  • AR Games
  • FaceBall
  • Cm. DuoPlay
  • Mii Creator
  • Sreetpass Station
  • System Settings
  • System Activity
  • Friend List
  • Internet Explorer
  • Game Notes
  • Lunar Net
  • Youtube (Download in Lunar Net)
  • PictoChat 2 (Download in Lunar Net)
  • Nintendo Video + (Download in Lunar Net)
  • Netflix (Download in Lunar Net and NA only)

Comet Online

Comet Online, better known as Comet Net(work) includes an Internet browser (with Adobe Flashplayer support), an online store, and a demo station.


Anyone is free to make games!

  • Nintendventure
    • Launch, E10+
    • The Nintendo Team returns to thwart evil together!
    • 8.5/ 10 (Nintendo Power, 3DS version)
  • King Kobra 2
    • Launch, RP
    • The original team dies but a new one starts up!


  • This system is not compatible to the 3DS due to the lack of two screens.
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