Lunar Δ is a Action-Adventure game by Nova OS created for the Nova Store.


After the NASA's reconstruction in 2071, it gathers a group of astronauts to send to the Moon in a voyage scheduled for December Christmas.

Upon arrival, the three choosen astronauts discover and take samples of some rocks in the Moon, but the leader gets lost while exploring. After walking a bit around the Moon, he notices a shadow and follows it, getting lost in the Moon's inner mazes and craters...


The gameplay revolves around gravity and motion, solving physics puzzles and trying to extract Moon Rocks from the ground. The game has a feeling similar to Lemmings using the Lunroccias, but adds a gravity feeling, with the player being able to either shake the G-Tablet or press buttons on the G-Nova and G-Laptop to change gravity.


  • The game was inspired by the last space shuttle launch, in 2011.
  • The game was originally created by Stelios7 (tbc) in 2011, but then abandoned and taken over by Nova OS in 2012.
    • Stelios7 almost gave it to VictoryStar (tbc), but he rejected it.
  • After Stelios7 (tbc) logged off Fantendo, after originally creating the game's article, he found out on the news that a one point the Earth could of actually had two moons.
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