Dragon Form


Humanoid Form

The Neon Bolt
SPECIES Draconid
AGE 19
The Hero (great-grandfather)
Yannis & Yasmin (close friends)
Aquarina (close friend)
Dimentra (friend)
Slyza (enemy, formerly)
Xsomnis (enemy)

Lumino is a playable character in the Draco Duel series. Lumino is considered the main protagonist of the series, mostly due to his relationship to The Hero, who was the Draconid who saved Arcania from destruction 1,000 years ago by sacrificing his life to seal away Xsomnis.



In his humanoid form, Lumino takes the form of a 19-year old male human who wears red, black, yellow, green and blue warrior armor consisting of arm guards, a chest plate, leggings and a helmet. Interestingly, his chestplate depicts and image of his dragon form. In this form, he wields a double-ended spear as his primary weapon, however he is easily able to shift into his dragon form for a more reliable form of combat.

In his dragon form, Lumino resembles a multicolored Chinese dragon, with a primarily black body, red claws, and multicolored spirals and scales on his body that are red, yellow, blue and green. In this form, he is able to use a vast range of attacks including his Etherial Finale.


Lumino is an eccentric and optimistic protagonist who, despite his willingness to assist in any situation, is unaware of his true power. He leaps at the opportunity to save Arcania from the Etherial Rift by collecting the Etherial Hearts. Although originally intended to be a silent protagonist in the story mode of Draco Duel 2, he does in fact have many lines and is a central character in the plot.

He is aware of his resemblence to The Hero as he is told by many other characters, but simply dismisses it as a coincidence, not wanting another person's image to affect his own training. It isn't until Dimentra informs him that he is related to The Hero that he accepts this as fact.

Lumino is an aspiring warrior, and hence trains underground as much as possible in order to become the best he can be. Despite being powerful and skilled when it comes to battle, his curiosity often leads himself and others into dangerous situations, such as when he inadvertantly cornered himself and Replikka in an alley in Arcania City while being pursued by Etherial monsters. Additonally, his confidence has been shown to occasionally get the better of him, such when he believed he could defeat Xsomnis using Crystalline Hypernova, only to fail and be attacked.


Lumino has access to a range of attacks while in his dragon form. These are listed in order of first usable appearance in the Draco Duel series, with moves listed in orange debuting in Draco Duel and moves listed in lime debuting in Draco Duel 2.

  • Firework Burst - Ignites a barrage of firework explosions in a small radius around him. The attack has low base power, but it is able to be used repeatedly and ignores the opponent's defence boosts.
  • Rainbow Blast Beam - A destructive and hard-hitting rainbow energy beam that can be angled to the left and right, lasting about 2 seconds before disappating.
  • Trident Flurry - A multicoloured flurry of quick jabs from Lumino's tail. It has very high damage-per-second despite its short duration.
  • Colorful Claws - Strikes the target with his claws. This is a multi-strike attack comprised of 5 individual strikes that rack up in power depending on the accuracy of the previous hits.
  • Crystalline Hypernova - This is Lumino's Etherial Finale. He fires a sparkling light projectile which homes in on the opponent. On impact, it explodes into many shards, trapping the foe in a series of rainbow crystals. Beams of light from the sky will blast the foe, dealing heavy damage, before the crystals finally explode. This attack was inherited from The Hero and is such one of the only attacks in existance capable of defeating Xsomnis.
  • Light Flash Nebula - Creates a bright flash of light directly in front of him, which forms a damaging rainbow-coloured gas cloud.
  • Jewel Rain - Casts a thundercloud which travels forwards in a straight line. Upon nearing a target, it will rain down a flurry of jagged jewels on the target.


Draco Duel

From a very young age, Lumino aspired to become a powerful warrior to deter the forces of evil from threatening his homeland. He begins training at a young age in underground caves, where he adopts light and fire powers from the enchanted crystals found there. During his training, he meets and befriends Aquarina, Yannis & Yasmin, who stay to be his closest friends as he grows up and advances through his training.

Draco Duel 2

During the prologue, Lumino is one of the only survivors who successfully escapes the destruction of Arcania Stadium when the Etherial Rift opens up. He meets with Ziggy and Zarra who direct him towards recovering the Etherial Hearts from across Arcania in order to seal the rift.

During his quest, he meets Replikka in the Mausoleum, and after becoming trapped in an alley in Arcania City with him, the two are saved by Dimentra, Selesté and Ozara, and the teams join forces to enter the Etherial Rift and rescue Lumino's friends who were taken by it. However, this fails spectacularly due to Lumino's inability to defeat Wywyrm, causing him, Replikka and Yannis & Yasmin to be thrown out of the realm into Arcania Great Rainforest.

Here, Lumino is kidnapped by Hexabomb, but after he and his friends convince him to let them go, they are freed and eventually manage to rescue Aquarina from Vournes.

Lumino next sets off for the Frozen Wastes to find another Etherial Heart, where he reunites with Dimentra, who is bitter over him causing their loss to Wywyrm earlier. However, they make amends when Lumino is discovered to be able to use Crystalline Hypernova, an attack that only The Hero and his descendants can learn - meaning that Lumino must be related to The Hero. Lumino leads another attempt to defeat Xsomnis in the Etherial Realm, but he is once again defeated, and is this time sent to Gingerbread Dreamland.

He finds Dimentra here soon after and the two of them reconcile before teaming up with Swizzles to return to Arcania City and the rest of their friends. Lumino also leads an expedition to the Soleil Desert to collect the last Etherial Heart from Qezalt.

During the final chapter, Lumino leads the attack against Xsomnis as she escapes the Etherial Realm. After a long and brutal fight, Lumino is able to weaken Xsomnis using Crystalline Hypernova and finally finishes her off by throwing her into the sun, where she disintegrates. Subsequently, Lumino is regarded as a hero for saving Arcania and joins in the clean-up effort after the city is mostly destroyed by Xsomnis's rampage.

Other Appearances

Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333)

Character icon.

Lumino is an aspiring warrior who trains every day in crystalline caves, which give him fire- and light-based powers. (Little does he know that he is actually the descendant of an ancient hero.) He is a Draconid, a half-human, half-dragon who can switch between the two on the fly.
Character bio from Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333)

Lumino is an unlockable playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333), unlocked by completing Classic Mode using Nightless. His home stage in this game is Dragonbreak Falls, and his moveset is heavily based off his moveset from Draco Duel.

This marks Lumino's first playable appearance in a Fantendo Smash Bros. (series) game, as well as the first character of Puddle's to appear in a Fantendo crossover.

Fantendo Golden Knights

Lumino is a unit in Fantendo Golden Knights. He is a member of the Paladin class, meaning he deals high damage and has high defence but is very slow.

Lumino had a connection to the hero of his land, and lived up to his legacy by defeating Xsmonis and saving Arcana. However, Lumino is beconed to fight by the side of the Creative Spirit, and he takes up the fight once more
Lumino is unique among units as, aside from Vlitz, he is the only unit that can turn into a dragon. The dragon is essaintal for Paladin defense, however, the Dragon form takes up a large amount of tiles, making Lumino an easy target. Jewel Rain is also a very effective attack move as it can be render enemies damaged before Lumino and who ever he is defending make it there. Lumino has fairly balanced stats with an Above Average range damage stat.



Lumino and Dimentra are close friends, despite the rocky beginnings to their relationship. They first meet at the start of Chapter 2 in Arcania City, where she, Selesté and Ozara save him from Etherial monsters. Although her friends think Lumino is The Hero, she denies their claims, believing it only to be a coincidence.

At first, Dimentra thinks that Lumino is over-enthusiastic and a nuisance, which is exemplified by him causing them to lose a fight to Wywyrm. However, when the two reunite and Lumino is able to use Crystalline Hypernova. Dimentra then realises that she was wrong all along, and Lumino is in fact related to The Hero. She quickly becomes much more supportive of him, even apologising to her earlier attitude towards him, and the two become close friends as they work together to defend the fifth Etherial Heart in Soleil Desert and later fight Xsomnis.

Yannis & Yasmin

Both Yannis and Yasmin are childhood friends of Lumino, with Lumino appreciating both Yannis's banterous side and Yasmin's intellectual side. The two of them support Lumino throughout the whole story, however when they are taken by the Etherial Rift, Lumino is shown to be very worried about them. When they reunite, they are thankful to find each other once again.


Aquarina is also one of Lumino's childhood friends, and quite possibly his closest friend. Lumino makes it one of his goals to rescue her from the Etherial Realm, being worried about what happened to her after she was taken. He goes as far as to save her from the Etherial Realm, and later from Vournes's cave in the Great Rainforest.


Throughout the earlier chapters of Draco Duel 2, Slyza is presented as Lumino's main adversary, showing up as early as Chapter 1 attempting to kill Lumino. As a result, Lumino holds a resentment towards him for the duration of the story. Slyza's hatred towards Lumino is based on his resemblance to The Hero, whom Slyza hates for sealing away Xsomnis during the Etherial Crisis. They meet and fight at several points in the story, their final interaction being in Chapter 7, after Xsomnis betrays Slyza and he agrees to help Lumino put an end to her. It's unknown if the two of them ended their rivalry at this point, as they are not seen interacting after Xsomnis is defeated.


Xsomnis is Lumino's main enemy during the events of A Rift in Time, threatening to destroy all of Arcania while Lumino is the only one capable of stopping her. While Slyza points out several times that Xsomnis also wants to kill Lumino, Lumino doesn't actually meet her until Chapter 5, where they fight, but Xsomnis easily wins. One of the first things Xsomnis does upon entering Arcania is attempt to kill Lumino brutally by throwing him into the sun, showing how much she opposes the one threat that can end her, however after Lumino kills her, he shows no remorse, having saved Arcania by doing so.



  • Lumino's original name was going to be Lumio but this was changed to avoid confusion with the character of the same name from World Warriors.
  • Lumino was surprisingly not the first Draco Duel character to be designed, being drawn after Dimentra, Yannis & Yasmin, Vahala, Selesté and Frostspark. He was created with the intention of being a main protagonist for the series.
  • Lumino's name is derived from the lumen, a unit that measures luminous flux.
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