Lumarry 3D
CLASS Partner
Sport Star
Minigame Host

Lumarry is a Luma, and first partner of Mario's in Paper Mario and The Treasure of Ancients. He is a sport star, and is involved in minigame Runnin' Star. His card can be bought in Jollowood.


Attack Flower Points Needed Effect To Attack Move Ranks
Jump None Lumarry makes a short jump on enemy, similar to Mario's jump. Can't be used on spiked enemies. Press A right before touching enemy. Initial
Dash None Lumarry runs into enemy, and kicks them. Can't be used on flying enemies. While he start to run, press A to make him faster. When he is near enemy, press B to make him kick enemy. Initial
Water Bottle 3 Lumarry throws a water bottle to Mario, healing his 10 HP. Sometimes, it can heal 15 HP. Simply press A. Super Rank
Star Spin 5 Lumarry spins near enemies, and attack them. Press B. After first spin, you can press A to make him spin again. Ultra Rank



Not much has been revealed, but is said that he will play a simalar role to YoshiEgg Reconcillation.

YoshiEgg Reconciliation

Lumarry appears in the game as a part of YoshiEgg Nook's story. In the story, Lumarry comes to Laser Tagged to hide from a group of Parassailants. He gives YE the Star Spin power and he and YE team up to defeat the Parassailants. Then, a Launch Star appears, and he and Lumarry decide to team up to continue adventuring through space.


  • After his debut, Lumarry has appeared in many fantendo adventure games.
  • He seems to be friends with Ace Venturboo
  • Lumarry was originally going to be an unlockable playable character in YoshiEgg & Bloop: A Crack in Time, but was scrapped for unknown reasons. A box in the party menu is still left open for where he should have been. Hacking by players would open the box, revealing a silhouette of Lumarry.


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