Luma, full name: Young Master Luma is a young apricot luma and major character in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Link many other Mario characters, he is named after his species. When he meets Mario, he takes the shape of a star bunny. He leads Mario to two other star bunnies and they want to play hide and seek with him.
Young Master Luma

First person view of (Young Master) Luma.

 When Mario finds all the star bunnies, they return to lumas. After that, a palace-like object appears and Mario meets Rosalina. She grants Luma a power and Mario now can spin. He from now on stays in Mario's cap until the end of the game. In the end of the game when everything is being sucked into the black hole, he comes out of Mario's cap and goes with the other lumas. In the 120 star end cutscene, he is seen on a planet shaped like a starshroom. Whenever he is visible enough, he waves to the player and then flies up. Mario meets him again in Super Mario Galaxy 2, this time known as Baby Luma,' and 'Young Master Luma by Lubba and other lumas. This time in the end cutscene, when Rosalina's Observatory appears, he takes Mario's cap by promising to never forget him, even when he is a star.
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