Well this sucks!
Luise, New Super Mario Bros. Wii 2: the next adventure

Luise, as she appears in New Super Mario Bros. Omega.
BIRTHPLACE Mushroom Kingdom
Maria (sister)
Luigi (cousin)
Mario (cousin)
CLASS Heroine

Luise is a cousin of Mario and Luigi, and the younger twin sister of Maria. She debuted in New Super Mario Bros. Omega, and has since featured in many various fanon games as either a side or even main character, thus becoming quite a popular character due to her uncommon gender.


Like Luigi, Luise is a little scared for ghosts, usually Boolines, as the opposite of where Luigi is afraid of, Boos. Very unlike Luigi, Luise is absolutely not shy, but instead very eager, and even a little dim witted. These personalities might bring out problems sometimes, but not if being lucky. However, if being unlucky, it might bring out enormous disasters.

She usually finds Waluigi the meanest cheater on the world, an opinion where everyone might agree with it and Waluigi himself will never admit. Instead, he says Luise is a cheater, which most people disagree with that opinion.

Game Appearances

Omega Cousin

Luise debuted in New Super Mario Bros. Omega as an unlockable character. She must be bought for three Star Coins when collected all the Star Coins of the Shortcut Worlds. She was also able to do a Green Missile attack instead of a Spin Jump.

Unlockable Character

Luise is an unlockable character in Hyper New Super Mario Bros. Rainbow Blast Adventure. She isn't part of the plot, like Maria, and she is only playable if you buy her at the Character Shop.



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