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Luigi Mansion U is the third Luigi's Mansion game in the series. It will be developed by Moonlight Studios and published by Nintendo. It will be made for the Wii U and will be released some time in 2013.


Like it's predecessor, the game will involve travelling around numerous mansions. But, this time Luigi is teamed up with his rival, King Boo, to defeat a new threat that has kidnapped Mario and all of the the Boos. Luigi is now armed with the Poultergust Ultimo, which is more powerful and much stronger than previous versions. It can now drag heavier items, knock down some walls and drag in other enemies, not just Boo's. King Boo has the Boonator, which can track where all the Boo's are. It can also drag him up to higher unreachable places if he can lock onto it. The game also utilizes two new objects: Time Gears and Warp Pipes. Warp Pipes allow the player to travel between mansions and Time Gears allow the player to travel to the mansion in the past, present and future.



Name Image Description
Luigi Luigi Mansion 2.png Armed with the new Poultergust Ultimo, Luigi is ready to team up with the enemy to save his brother. Luigi is quite quick but takes in enemies slower.
King Boo Armed with the Boonator, King Boo is ready to join Luigi to save his army. King Boo is quite slow but can suck up enemies quickly.


Name Image Description
Toads ToadBrigade.png The Toads appear throughout the mansions. They help out the player and sometimes join in on the adventure.
Professor E. Gadd Professor E. Gadd.png The creator of the Poultergust's and the Boonator, Professor E. Gadd is a brainbox and helps Luigi and King Boo collect the enemies. He communicates with Luigi via the 3DS (Three Die Ess).


Name Description
Refurbished Mansion The Normal Mansion is based on the Mansion from the original Luigi's Mansion. It has no hazards other than the enemies.
Mt. Boo Cabins The Ice Mansion is a mansion encased in ice. The mansion is very slippy and contains the fire blast power-up.
Sunny Paradise The Fire Mansion is a mansion engulfed in flames. The mansion is very hot and has hardly anywhere to move. The ice bolt power up appears here.
Hauntsville Hotel The Haunty Lights Mansion is a mansion that tries to confuse the player with the lights. It has many dark areas and contains the bright light power-up.




Name Image Description
Fire Blast The Fire Blast shoots a channel of fire that can melt ice and light torches.
Ice Bolt The Ice Bolt shoots shards of ice that can freeze fires and water so they can be smashed and create platforms.
Bright Light The Bright Light creates a small area of light around the poultergust. It only works for a smort amount of time.

King Boo

Other Items



Name Image Description Mansion How to Defeat
Larry Koopa Larry Koopa 3D.png Refurbished Mansion



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