Luigi Mansion  Land is a Game Boy Advance game.It came out  in October 6,2003 in JP.In the EU it was released in October 13,2003.In the NA it was released in October 17,2003.In the AU it was released in October 23,2003.


Luigi is sitting in his new mansion from first game.The Boos and the other Ghosts find Luigi's Mansion.They put Mario in the TV.Luigi go into  the TV to save Mario.


Press right to go right and press left to go left.Press A to turn the  light on and off.Press B to called for Mario.Press L to blow with Poltergust 3000.Press R to suck with the Poltergust 3000.


Greener -The normal Ghost

Taller-The blue tall Ghost

Buff-the buff Ghost

Boo-fast Ghost

Cartoon ghost-based on real cartoons ,but ghost

Spongeghost Nopants-Ghost that is a sponge


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