Luigi (Unlockable)

Luigi buck's up!


In the past SSB games, Luigi was a faster but weaker clone of Mario. However, in SSBFWUNX, he is now his own compleat fighter. Now his Nutral B and Up B are diffrent. Side B are the same, and he still keeps his stats.    ==Moveset:== NUTRAL B: Luigi will wip out his trusty Poltergiest 9000 and sucks up the enemie. Like Kirby or King Dedede, you can "spit" out the victem. And no, it does not copy.

SIDE B: Luigi charges for a bit, then launches forward like a rocket. While launching, his whole body becomes lethal, and hitting someone at close range...ow.

UP B: Luigi spins upwards. It acts like Crash's spin, only airborn and is shorter.

DOWN B: Luigi does his death stare. When players are looking at him, they will momentaraly be stuned, giving you much time to attack.

FINAL SMASH: Luigi activates the Negitive Zone. When someone is in the Zone, they will do the following: Random tripping, Flower head, uncontrolable Taunting, geting hurt, and sleeping.


UP: Luigi bows like a gentalman, then strikes a fighting pose.

SIDE: Luigi cowers in fear.

DOWN: Luigi will kick the ground. This Taunt can hurt enemies.


  • You can unlock Luigi by playing Classic mode for the first time.
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