Luigi's Twist Land
Developer(s) GreenStar Studios


Publisher(s) GreenStar Studios
Platform(s) Wii U

Nintendo Nexus

Genre(s) 3D Platforming, 3D/2.5D Puzzle
Series Super Mario 3D Series
Predecessor Super Mario 3D World
Release Date(s) TBA 2014
Mode(s) 1-Player

Multiplayer Online Play

Age Rating(s) E-Everyone ESRB
Media Included Wii U Disk

Nexus Disk

Luigi's Twist Land is an upcoming 3D game for Wii U and Nintendo Nexus to celebrate the Year of Luigi. It's a sequel and a spin-off of Super Mario 3D World without Mario to be an playable character but a supporting character. It includes all the returning items of Super Mario 3D World, but there are also new ones such as (TBA). The playable characters are, obviously, Luigi as the main leader of the game, Yoshi, Blue Toad and a newcomer, Chargin' Chuck, is also confirmed to be a playable character according to the story. Nabbit is no longer a playable character but he was confirmed to be a shopkeeper.


The Mario Bros., alongside Princess Peach, Toad and Yoshi, are having a picnic at Peach's Garden, backside to the castle, to celebrate Luigi's birthday. Surely, Yoshi was impatient how long it would take for them to start eating, and Toad prepares the picnic with Mario. After that picnic, the sky was grey and dark. We already knew that Bowser comees with Bowser Jr., Boom Boom and Pom Pom on an airship in the sky. What else? That was not a sarcastic question. It was a real question. Bowser had a magic wand to bring disaster to the Mushroom Kingdom. The heroes were shocked, especially Peach. It wasn't the Star Rod, it was the Twister Wand, affected with dark power. It makes all the things "twistic" made by the Sprixies. This wand is only to be used for emergencies. Bowser used that wand and all of the Mushroom Kingdom went all twistic. Mario and Peach were inhaled by that wand. They are inside of the wand and they can't escape. Luigi, Toad and Yoshi were shocked and they rushed to the airship but they failed. The airship was already going away...

Poor Luigi, how can this be possible? Mario is finally beaten by Bowser. Luigi made his hands into fists; he doesn't give up! Yoshi and Toad were glad about Luigi and they joined him to rescue his brother and Peach on a 'twistic' adventure.

Further to the grasslands, a big bearly Chargin' Chuck was panicked about the dark magic of Bowser. He lost his helmet from that dark magic and that's what is making him so angry. When he saw Luigi running, he stops them and asks them angrily if he can help them with the adventure. Luigi was confused and scared at the same time, and he listened to him what was happening. After that story, Luigi was suprised that a Koopa wanted to join on his adventure so he agreed. Chargin' Chuck was happy and angry at the same time and went on adventure to save Mario and Peach and find his helmet.


Playable Characters

All their jumps are similar to Luigi.


Yoshi Toad Chargin' Chuck

LuigiIcon LTL

YoshiIcon LTL

ToadIcon LTL

Chargin'ChuckIcon1 LTL


Description Description Description

Mario's little brother is ready to be the leader of this adventure to save his brother with courage.

He jumps higher than the other characters and he can make a small flutter jump.

Yoshi doesn't leave his leader behind, so he joins the adventure with hunger.

He can throw eggs and eat/spit enemies. He also can make a flutter jump.

The fast-panicked fungus doesn't want to guard the castle for that situation. He joins Luigi to surpass his fear.

He's the fastest of all the characters. He can dash 2 times more than them too.

This angry Koopa is obviously angry because he lost his helmet because of Bowser. He joins Luigi in the adventure with witness to find his helmet.

He can attack enemies by dashing with his shoulders and throwing rugby balls.

Stats Stats Stats Stats

Speed :StarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DW

Power : StarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DW

Jump : StarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DW

Speed : StarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DW

Power : StarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DW

Jump : StarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DW

Speed : StarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DW

Power : StarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DW

Jump : StarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DW

Speed : StarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DW

Power : StarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DW

Jump : StarmanSM3DWStarmanSM3DW

Supporting or Addicional Characters

  • Mario: He was been captured by Bowser's mighty wand. He also helps the crew by finding Pieces of Destruction. 
  • Princess Peach: She also helps Mario.
  • Captain Toad: He helps you to find 5 Luigi Coins in some stages like in Super Mario 3D World.
  • Nabbit: He keeps the shop with some rare items in each world.


  • Bowser
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Boom Boom
  • Pom Pom



Returning Power-Ups

Super Mushroom Fire Flower Mega Mushroom Boomerang Flower Statue Leaf Invincibility Leaf
StatueLeaf LTL
200px-Invincibility Leaf Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
It makes the player grow up. When the player gets hit by an enemy, they returns to their small form. It allows the player to throw fireballs to attack enemies. Makes you temporally giant. It allows the player throw boomerangs to attack enemies and protect himself with his shell. Changes the player into a raccoon. It's the same as the Super Leaf, but it allows you to change into a statue temporally. It's located only in special areas.

Changes the player into a raccoon. It's the same as the Super Leaf, but it makes you invicibile at the whole level. It's only for Super Guide (losing 6 times).

Super Leaf Cat Bell Double Cherry Super Star Lucky Bell P-Wing
Cat Bell K&K
StatueCatBell LTL
Changes the player into a raccoon. It allows them to float in the air and attack enemies by spinning with their tail.

Changes the player into a cat. It allows them to attack enemies with their claws, and it allows them to climb walls.

It multiplicates the player by two. The clones do exacly what they player does. How more Double Cherries the player has, how more clones there are. It makes the player temporally invincible. Changes the player into a cat. It's the same as the Cat Bell but it allows you to change a statue temporally. It's located in special areas. It allows you to go directly to the Goal Pole. It's only for Super Guide (losing 9 times).

Specific and New Power-Ups

Name + Image: Description: Form:
MiniMushroom LTL

Mini Mushroom

It makes the player shrink to be mini. It allows him to jump higher than usual, pass small areas and run on walls.

GoldFlower LTL

Gold Flower

 It turns the player into gold and allows him to throw golden fireballs. These fireballs are stronger than usual, it changes the objects and enemies into coins. Obviously, Luigi turns into silver.

SilverLuigi LTL
IceFlower LTL

Ice Flower

It's similar to Fire Flower, exept that it allows you to throw iceballs to the enemies. These are frozen in ice and they can be grabbed as target.

IceLuigi LTL
Hammer Flower SMEv

Hammer Flower

It's similar to the Boomerang Flower, exept that it allows the player to throw hammers to the enemies.
Invincibility Cat Bell It's similar to the Cat Bell but it makes the player invincible in the whole level. Only in Super Guide.
Penguin Suit It allows the player to slide on ice and throw iceballs.
Mice Cheese It's a brand new power up. It allows the player to gnaw things and make holes in some areas.


Returning Items

1-UP Mushroom Coin Red Coin Question Block Stamp Used Block Propeller Block Light Box Koopa Shell Baseball
480px-1-Up Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Coin Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
RedCoin LTL
200px-Question Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
150px-Stamp Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Used Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Propeller Box Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Light Box Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Green Shell Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Baseball Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
It gives the player a extra 1-UP. It's collectable up to 100. Once, if the player collected 100 coins, he gets an 1-UP. They appear 8 coins after the player passed through the Red Ring. If these are all collected on time, the player gets an power-up. It contains coins, power-ups are other items. This is to collect stamps to the Stamp Collection. They are 250 of them. This block is already used so it doesn't do anything. It allows the player to fly to high places. It allows the player see in the dark and defeat ghosts. It allows the player shot on it to attack enemies and to swim underwater faster. It allows the player throw to attack enemies or do something else.
Green Coins  Red Ring Green Ring  Brick Block Ice Skate Shiny Question Block Cannon Box Blue Clock Red POW Block Carryable Piranha Plant
GreenCoins LTL
Red Coin Ring SMWU
Green ring
Brick Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Ice Skate Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Shiny Question Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Cannon Box - Super Mario 3D World
Blue Clock Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
POW Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Piranha Plant Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
It's similar to the Red Coins in but the player must collect 5 of these. If these are collected on time, he gets a Luigi Coin. This is the ring to make appear Red Coins. This the ring to make appear Green Coins. When this is empty, this goes break. It's a big shoe that allows to skate on ice. It allows the player to care to collecting coins while running. It allows the player fire cannonballs to attack enemies and break solid objects. It gives the player extra time. It does break blocks or attack enemies. While carrying, the Piranha Plant eats enemies by the way.

New/Speciffic Items

Golden Mushroom
GoldenMushroom LTL
It gives the player extra 5 coins.
Kuribo's Shoe
It allows the player to go on spikey and hurtable places. It makes you also easy to stamp enemies.
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