Luigi's Nightmare is an upcoming Luigi's Mansion game for the Wii U made by SuyoGames. It features Luigi, on a quest to hunt sacred and cursed ghosts who have escaped from their prison and have been awakened from their slumber. It is being released on May 2015.

Nintendo eShop Description


Not much is known, but King Boo has captured Marios friends and trapped them in his mysterious mansion.


The Gameplay is similar to the other two Luigi's Mansion titles, Luigi is able to use the Poltergust 7000 by pressing the A button to suck enemies in, but first Luigi must stun the ghosts or the ghosts will probably escape from being sucked in. Luigi also has new types of upgrades using his new version of the Poltergust, such as one that allows him to squirt water, which is used for puzzles or dealing with some sort of ghost or enemy, this is done by pressing X to switch which mode the Poltergust is on. Luigi also uses a flashlight once again, but he has to charge it using B. The more Luigi charges the light, the longer the enemy will be stunned. There will also be certain kinds of special flashlights that Luigi can use in the game. Of course, Luigi also collects coins and jewels, similar to the other Luigi's Mansion games, these can be used to buy stuff from Toad shops.

Luigi navigates through levels using the ParaPad, which has the power to teleport and communicate with Luigi. Unlike running through mansions, Luigi has to enter Paintings similar to how Mario did in Super Mario 64, there are usually 3 paintings each floor of the mansion, you'll have access to higher levels of the mansion when you defeat the main boss of that floor.


  • Hunter Mode: Players will need to capture all the ghosts in order to advance to the next floor.
  • Rush Mode: Players will need to reach the hatch within the allotted time
  • Luigi VS Boo: Player 1 (Luigi) attempts to capture Ghost, Player 2 (Boos) in this competitive mode.
  • Boss Rush: Beat all bosses (Unlocked after beating all bosses)


Image Name Description
Luigirr Luigi Luigi is a plumber and is known as Mario's brother, taking a break from the princess saving and plumbing he has to rescue his friends stuck in King Boo's Mansion.
Professor E. Gadd Professor E. Gadd A professor who is helping Luigi on his ghost hunting quest, he appears throughout the whole game helping Luigi and giving him hints.
ToadBrigade Toads Many Toads appear in the mansion, either lost or running shops or something else, some Toads even give Luigi special side-quests.


Floor 1

Creepy Condo

Withering Woods

Bug-Out Bayou

Floor 2

Luigi's Lethal Pizzeria

Hazy Sewers

Ghoultionary (Enemy Log)


Name Info
Boo Ghosts that will hide from Luigi, but they are sneaking to hurt him while he's not looking, though, some don't hide at all.



Luigi's Equipment

Poltergust 7000

Mode Info
Suction Mode The basic mode of the Poltergust that is used to suck in enemies.
Squirt Mode A mode that allows Luigi to squirt water for use in battling enemies or solving some kind of puzzle.


  • Luigi's Flashlight: A flashlight used to stun enemies.
    • Dark Light: A special light that reveals hidden areas for a short amount of time.
  • Balloon

Items & Objects

Name Info
Coins Just money, they are basically currency in the game.
Mushrooms A special item that restores Luigi's Health to maximum and makes him bigger, making his attacks stronger.
Bills Paper money that is worth 20,000G
Treasure Chests Special chests that have special rewards inside, though some are hard to find.


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