Luigi's New Odyssey is a platforming game for the Nintendo Switch released on 8th of February 2020. It is the nineteenth title in the Super Mario series, and it is the seventh 3D Mario title on a home console. As the name suggests, it is a sequel to Super Mario Odyssey. Since it uses the same sandbox-like elements and revolves around not Mario, but this time Luigi is the main character rather than being a campaign. In this game, Luigi must work together with a Bonneter named Fedo to help Daisy and her female Bonneter friend Sunny, save Sarasaland from Tatanga who had returned.

The game allows for two-player co-op, allowing one player to play as Luigi and the other to play as Daisy. The game also has online functionality, which allows players to compare their times/scores in certain events. In addition, amiibo can be used to unlock certain costumes early, as well as obtain free hints towards the locations of Power Moons. Luigi and Daisy also has different abilities (read below).



On a bright morning at Luigi's mansion, Luigi is seen cleaning his mansion as his pet, Polterpup is sleeping on the couch. He then gets a knock on the door and walks towards it to find Mailtoad who has a letter from Daisy. It says...

Dear Luigi,

Today is a nice day, so I was wondering if you could come over to my kingdom so we could hang out. I even made a new friend in a place called the Cap Kingdom. Her name is Sunny and she looks like some kind of ghost hat. Hope we can all get along.

Love, Princess Daisy

Luigi then gets ready for his visit and calls his friend Professor E.Gadd to watch over his mansion while he's out. After the player goes to an orange-colored Warp Pipe, Luigi is now in Sarasaland, known as Daisy's Kingdom. After heading towards the castle, he is greeted by Daisy and the Bonnetor, Sunny. Just after a greeting, the castle is bombarded from above. Everyone goes outside to find a huge battleship above them which snatches up Daisy with a large claw. Luigi, being the main character, grabs the claw and is dragged onto the ship, where Tatanga is holding a kidnapped Daisy.

Tatanga remembers when he was defeated and swears revenge on his brother Mario, until he realized that Luigi is his brother, making him even madder and summons a huge cannon. Daisy kicks Tatanga away and tries to protect Luigi, but the cannon fires and blasts both of them away with Sunny flying towards their direction.

The Meeting at Cap Kingdom

Luigi lands on a hill while Daisy lands on him and are surrounded by a bunch of Bonneters. Once they wake up, the Bonneters flee. After taking control of Luigi and/or Daisy exploring around, they then see the ship of the Broodals and heads towards them. When they arrives at the airship yard, Luigi is confronted by an angry Bonneter, who is mad because Tatanga attacked his home and destroyed all of the ships. The Bonneter introduces himself as Fedo and wanting revenge, he decides to accompany the crew and help them by becoming Luigi's hat. Fedo tells them that he can build a new ship, he needs Power Moons. Luigi and his new partner waste no time trying to find Power Moons. 

Enter Bowser Junior

The team then makes a huge flight to the Honey Kingdom, but then they see an airship that looks like Bowser's. The ship then stops at the Windy Kingdom and both Luigi and Daisy gives chase to the other ship. When they catch up, they are stopped by Bowser Junior, who is their to look for Bowser and prepares to fight in his Clown Car. However he is defeated and lands back on the ship. But he commands the fleet to fire cannonballs at the two. One hits them and they both get knocked back to the ship, which falls off of the kingdom, landing them in the Pirate Kingdom.

Lost in the Ice

After collecting enough Power Moons in the Chemistry Kingdom and stopping Spewart's havoc, the ship takes off to the Pipe Kingdom, but a major storm approaches with the ship being engulfed in the clouds. After a bumpy ride, the team ends up in not the Pipe Kingdom, but in the Tundra Kingdom. The ship gets wrecked again and Daisy and Sunny are in charge of collecting Power Moons as Fedo was knocked conscious from a falling book while Luigi ends up being frozen from falling into the lake.

Below the Bowser Kingdom

After getting to the Bowser Kingdom, Luigi sees Bowser Junior's airship again, and is blasted out of the sky again, landing in the heated depths of Magmapolis. After climbing to the top of an active volcano, Daisy and Sunny have been captured by Tatanga's forces while Luigi and Fedo ends up finding Madame Broode who wants payback for hurting her 'poor Broodals' and ends up fighting her and her gold Chain Chomp.

Reunions in Space

Luigi and Fedo finally gets to the Space Kingdom where they find a wedding hall being lifted into a large base. Afer sneaking in, they have to go through many lava segments before they get to the center of the base where Tatanga and Daisy are. Luigi manages to free Daisy and both get ready for a fight against Tatanga. After beating him, the arena falls apart and later encounter a fleeing Bowser Junior. Luigi gets an idea and captures Bowser Junior, giving him access to his Clown Car. After rescuing Daisy and Sunny, Luigi must go through a large obstacle with the Clown Car to escape. After capturing a spark pylon and landing back on the moon's surface. Bowser Junior is unpossesed and sees his father still on the moon. Meanwhile, Luigi and Daisy both look at the Earth when everyone sees a red flagship with two people on it; Mario and Peach. While Bowser Junior carries his father home with his Clown Car, Mario reunites with his brother and Peach reunites with Daisy with all of them, and the Bonneters high fiving, ending the game with the credits.


Luigi's New Odyssey is the sequel to the original Super Mario Odyssey, which means it retains to the explorative sandbox-like gameplay to explores various areas in order to collect Power Moons to fly from kingdom to kingdom. Luigi's moveset is similar to Mario's from previous 3D titles, including the Triple Jump, Long Jump, Side Somersault, Backwards Somersault, Ground Pound, Ground Pound Jump, Spin Jump, and the Dive. In addition, a character called Fedo partners with Luigi, and takes possession of his cap as he can throw him as if he were a boomerang for a long range attack, he can also use Fedo as an extra platform to bypass obstacles, use he in conjunction with his dive move to cross large distances, and can also "capture" certain objects and enemies to take control of them. However, the player can also play as Daisy and her Bonneter friend, Sunny as she has the same moveset, but can't Triple Jump. 

Each character has a different life meter, Luigi has three health and Daisy has five health. There are also no lives in the game and instead loses ten Coins upon dying. The coins are used as currency. There are 2 types of coins - global yellow coins, which can be found and used in any kingdom, and purple regional coins, which are different in every kingdom, and can only be used in the kingdom they were found in and can be used to spend at Crazy Cap stores to buy items for the Odyssey and costumes. Amiibo support includes Luigi, Daisy, Tatanga, and Uncle amiibo, which unlocks more costumes, including ones based on Rosalina and Pauline; others reveal Power Moon locations on the map, though the latter four amiibo also do that before unlocking the costumes. This is also the case for the new "wedding" variants. The game also has the return of "Snapshot Mode", with all of the filters from the prequel and adding new ones.

The difference in Luigi is that he's a bit faster and jumps higher. He also falls slowly and has low wall jumps rather than being unable to wall jump. Luigi can also run on water for a limited time without using a Rocket Flower and dives rather than rolling. Daisy also posseses differences to give her more variety. She can't Triple Jump or Roll, but can double jump, where she jumps once and jumps in midair. She can also Wall Kick, Punch, and Kick. Controls also stay the same, but with few twists.


Main Characters

Luigi: Mario's brother and loyal P2. He isn't as brave as Mario, but he's willing to go on an adventure to save Daisy's kingdom from Tatanga's clutches.
Fedo: He is a Bonneter who joins Luigi's adventure to help get revenge on Tatanga for wrecking his home. He can be used as a boomerang and to capture enemies
Daisy: The princess of Sarasaland. She joins Luigi's new adventure along with her new Bonneter friend Sunny, to protect her kingdom from the evil Tatanga.
Sunny: She is a Bonneter who befriends Daisy before the main storyline. She helps her protect her kingdom from the space alien, Tatanga.



200px-Goomba - MarioPartyStarRush


Goomba: Goombas run towards Daisy/Luigi once they spot him. Their traction isn't affected by ice and they can stack up.

Mini Goomba Icon SMO
Micro-Goomba: Micro-Goombas run towards Daisy/Luigi once they spot him. They usually come in groups, but even then they can't really hurt him. They can only knock him back and merely walking on them is enough to get rid of them.

(Capturable) ​​​Paragoomba: Paragoombas tend to fly around in a set path. Stomping on them will result in them losing their wings.



Shoe Goomba: These Goombas tend to hop around in their shoes and will also try to stomp on Daisy/Luigi.



Tanoomba: These Goombas attack with their tails and can slowly decend in the air.

200px-Galoomba - Mario Party 10lldr
Galoomba: These Goombas are a bit more durable than normal Goombas, but they still use the same tactics as the regular Goomba.


Octoomba: They will walk back and forth and fire rocks at the player.



Koopa: They tend to walk back and forth, but will chase Luigi or Daisy if spotted.



Paratroopa: Instead of crawling, they fly in the air. When captured, they can home on the nearest enemy.

150px-Spiny Artwork - New Super Mario Bros. 2

Spiny: A hard-shelled Koopa that follows the player when they're close, trying to ram its spikes onto him.

250px-MPSR Dry Bones


Dry Bones: An undead Koopa that can't die and has the ability to throw bones.

Parabones nsmb3 nx


Parabones: An undead Koopa Troopa with wings and the ability to fly. Once they find someone in their sights, they start chasing them to attack. 

Hammer Bro. - New Super Koopa Bros


Hammer Bro: They hop around throwing their infinite supply of their hammers.

FireBro (1)

(Capturable) Fire Bro.: The elites of Bowser's army. They will hop around the area and throw fireballs that have a lot of range.

800px-Boomerang Bro-NSMBU

(Capturable) Boomerang Bro.: They hop around throwing boomerangs that return to them.

800px-Ice Bro-NSMBU

(Capturable) Ice Bro.: They hop around and freeze by throwing ice balls.

Para-Bro SMWU-0

(Capturable) Para Bro.: The elites of Bowser's army. They will fly around the area and throw hammers in an arc.



Water Bro.: The elites of Bowser's army. They will hop around the area and throw water balls that have will push Luigi back and clear hazards like fire or poison.


(Capturable) Bullet Bill: These guys will travel in a straight line and home in on Daisy/Luigi if he gets within reach. When captured, they can steer and boost in any direction.

250px-Banzai Bill NSMBU


Banzai Bill: These guys will travel in a straight line and destroy anything in their path. 

King Bill: An indestructible Bullet Bill that destroys everything in a straight line.


Blooper: They will swim in water and spray Daisy/Luigi with ink if he gets close



Cheep Cheep: They'll usually swim around objects or back and forth.

Cheep Cheep Snow Icon SMO


Snow Cheep Cheep: A Cheep Cheep that can swim in cold water.

1.Cheep chomp transparent by sheepman5003-db6xnoq


Cheep Chomp: A large Cheep Cheep that can bash through objects and swim faster.

Urchin: A spiky enemy that can't be touched, but can be defeated. If it sees you, it will roll after you.
Gushen Icon SMO


Gushen: They shoot a powerful stream of water from their undersides when approached.

Lava Bubble SMR


Lava Bubble: These creatures can swim and jump in lava.

SMR Poison Bubble


Poison Bubble: Like the Lava Bubble, it can jump and swim, but in poison to avoid getting one-shot by it.

Venus Fire Trap Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land


Venus Fire Trap: These plants will shoot fire if approached.

Purple Prickly Piranha Plant


Poison Piranha Plant: These plants will shoot poison if near them.

Polluted Piranha: A Piranha Plant composed enirely out of Goop that can only be defeated with a captured Gushen. Some of them contains a Power Moon.
Gooble: A creature that leaves Goop when it moves. It can be defeated by a Jump or by a Gushen.


Boo: They will try to attack Daisy/Luigi once his back is turned and stop if he looks at them.

Swooper Small


Swooper: These bats stay on ceilings and attack br dive bombing.



Broozer: These boxing ghosts can attack by throwing rapid punches and are really strong.

Chain Chomp Transparent


Chain Chomp: They will try to lunge towards Daisy/Luigi and chomp him. luigi can jump on them,but it will only stun them for a second.

Chain Chomp MKW2!!


Big Chain Chomp: A larger Chain Chomp that goes farther.



Whomp: They attempt to crush you by falling over and trying to land on top of him when he gets near. They can be defeated by causing them to fall over and ground pounding on their sole weak spot, their back, which is marked by a cracked area.

Whimp: A miniature version of a Whomp. They attack the same way, but they don't one-shot and break once they attack.
Bully Artwork SMEJ


Bully: Bullies charge themselves into their enemies in order to push them over ledges, knocking their enemies into lava or bottomless pits.

Charger Chuck


Chargin Chuck:  They will try to tackle Daisy/Luigi if he gets within range.



Draglet: Draglets will attack them by shooting a single Fireball. They can also fly.

Scuttlebug SM64S
Scuttlebug: They climb on trees and their nests while they shoot webs at you.

Fuzzy: These guys can usually be found in areas where you have to travel with a spark pylon. They will follow a certain path and they can't be harmed.

GreenBurrbo Render
Burrbo: They will spawn from the ground in groups and will jump at you


Uproot: They hide inside a pot while they stretch their legs to get to higher places.

Kritter SSB for Wii U


Kritter: These crocodile-like enemies attack by spinning their claws and biting.



Sherm: They will move around and fire bullets at Daisy/Luigi if he gets within their range.



Tyfoo: They will float in one place and blow some air towards Daisy/Luigi to push him off platforms



Cooligan: These penguins can slide on ice and wears sunglasses. They have to be knocked off to capture them.

Bitefrost: They hide in the snow where they bite who ever is over them.


Pokey: A cactus-like enemy that falls over to attack you. They can also throw their segments at you. 

Pokey Snow SM3DW


Snow Pokey: Similar to a Pokey, but they're made of snow.

Coin Coffer Icon SMO


Coin Coffer: These guys are usually hidden and will run away once spotted. Daisy/Luigi can get a lot of coins by defeating them.

Chincho Icon SMO
Chincho: They emerge from the ground in large numbers and begin pursuing Daisy/Luigi on sight. only a jump will defeat them.
SM3DL Prongo
Prongo: A metallic creature that can only be defeated when they try to attack you with their spikes.
Magmato Icon SMO
Magmato: They attack by rolling. If attacked, it will turn into a small puddle of steaming fluid, which works like lava. The underside is their weak spot.
Astro-Lanceur Icon SMO
Astro-Lanceur: They will fire spiky cone shells at Daisy/Luigi if gets near it. they can only be defeated by a ground pound
Moonsnake Icon SMO
Moonsnake: Indestructible Stone snakes that,While in general fixed to one spot,can move on predetermined paths.
Pokio Icon SMO


Pokio: A stubby enemy that pokes its sharp bill to attack.

Amp NSMB2 prima
Amp: A small electric metal ball  that moves and is covered in electricity.
Chuckya by yoshigo99-d4pnpry
Chuckya: A Bob-Omb like species that don't attack, but they throw you into a random direction.
Topman: A robotic enemy that attacks by spinning at you. They can knock you into dangerous obstacles like electricity and lava.
Maw-Ray: these eels will pop out of their hideouts to snatch Daisy/Luigi whenever they spot him. They are indestructible.
Stairface Ogre Icon SMO
Staircase Ogre: They try to catch and crush you with their mallets, which can be climbed to reach their top sides. wich allows you to ground pound on their heads and defeat them
Trapeetle Icon SMO
Trapbeetle:  They'll catch Fedo or Sunny if you throw them at it. after a few seconds,they will fly towards the direction the player is in and explode upon colliding with anything.
Yoofoe Icon SMO
Yoofoe: A floating robot that will drop spiked balls and Goombas. To defeat it, the player must make a Goomba tower in order to ground pound the top
Bombshell koopa
Bombshell Koopa: These are regular Koopas that turn into bombs when stepped on.
Gao: Stationary statues that shoot fireballs at you when approached.
Blockhopper SMEv
Blockhopper: These creatures disguise themselves as blocks and hop around.
Sir Kibble KTD


Sir Kibble: An enemy that attacks by throwing boomerang cutters.

KTD Blade Knight artwork 2


Blade Knight: An enemy that attacks with a sword and can fire a beam from it.



Bio Spark: A ninja enemy that throws kunais and turns into objects for a disguise.

KSA Broom Hatter render


Broom Hatter: An enemy that attacks with a broom. This is also required to get certain Power Moons.


(Capturable) ​​​​​​​

Knuckle Joe: A fighting enemy that shoots energy balls and punches.

Grand Wheelie

(Capturable) ​​​​​​​

Wheelie: ​​​​​​​An enemy that attacks by trying to run over you.

Motobug generations

(Capturable) ​​​​​​​

Motobug: A robot that moves forward on a wheel.


(Capturable) ​​​​​​​

Buzzbomber: ​​​​​​​A robot insect that flies and shoots energy balls.

120px-S4 Burrobot Sprite
Burrobot: A robot that hides underground.
Octorok RPG

(Capturable) ​​​​​​​

Octorok: They are octopus-like creatures that launch projectiles, mostly rocks, from their mouths at passersby.

BotW Chuchu Model

(Capturable) ​​​​​​​

ChuChu: Slime-like creatures that attack by hopping at you. They tend to drop Hearts when defeated.

Other Capturable Characters/Objects

Nintendogs cat and helicopter
Cat: The first capture in the game.  Once captured, the player can climb up walls and pounce. It is seen chasing a RC helicopter.
Glydon:Capturing it allows you to glide around a kingdom. They can usually be found on high ground.
MP9 Tree
Tree:These can be found in the many nature-themed kingdoms. Capturing a tree allows you to shake the leaves in order to drop stuff like coins and maybe even Power Moons. You can also move.
Snowball: Capturing a snowball allows you to roll around and grow,flattening everything that gets in his way. This can be used to build some snowmen in order to earn Power Moons. Only found in the Tundra Kingdom.
Spark Pylon:Capturing these allows the player to travel through wires to get to a certain point quickly. Pressing the attack button while travelling near coins allows you to collect them.
Little Mac1
Little Mac:Capturing Little Mac allows you to run very fast and punch through enemies. You can even perform his signature Star Punch.



Kingdoms Descriptions
Cap Kingdom Cap Kingdom (Bonneton) - The first world of Luigi's New Odyssey. This is also where you meet Fedo and obtain your hat powers. It's wrecked, but not as much as what it was in the beginning of the prequel. The boss is Topper.
Ghostly Kingdom

Ghostly Kingdom (Gloomville) - The second kingdom in Luigi's New Odyssey. It takes place in a haunted forest, a town inhabited by the local Spookians, and an abandoned castle. You also play as Daisy since Luigi freaks out over spooky things. The boss is King Boo.

Canopy Kingdom Canopy Kingdom (Drizzle Jungle) - The third kingdom in the game. Unlike the Wooded Kingdom in the prequel, the entire kingdom is completely machine-free. There are overgrown trees that can be climbed on and oversized fruit that you can stand on, but will fall once stepped on. Trees are also connected with bramble bridges. The boss is King K. Rool. It's mostly rainy.
Scented Kingdom Scented Kingdom (Aroma Springs) - The fourth kingdom in the game. This area is the Lake Lamode of Luigi's New Odyssey, being very beautiful and is a great spot for a romantic getaway. This is also where the locals, Parfumians make the best smelling perfumes. The boss of this world is Harriet.
Music Kingdom Music Kingdom (Melodia) - The fifth kingdom is based of of many musical elements and instruments. There are many drums you can bounce on and there is also a large orchestra being played. The boss is Spewart and it is based off of Venice.
Windy Kingdom Windy Kingdom (Cloudy Village) - The Windy Kingdom is located high in the sky and features a sight of the Cloud Kingdom. There are many cloud platforms and towns that can be visited on and a tornado that can be jumped in. The boss is Bowser Junior.
Pirate Kingdom Pirate Kingdom (Castaway Cove) - After crash landing in Castaway Cove, Luigi and Fedo must find several Power Moons to repair the airship. Many pirate ships can be seen floating and treasure can be found.
Honey Kingdom Honeyhive Kingdom (Honeybee High) - The Honey Kingdom is inhabited by Stingbees, humanoid bees who go into a hive modeled after a school where they study, chat or eat.. The boss is Beetleboom, a large sized beetle.
Mountain Kingdom Mountain Kingdom (Alpine Peak) - High up in the mountains is the ninth world of Luigi's New Odyssey. Many boulders are seen rolling down the mountain and many Alpinians are seen mining. There is also a large cliffside where the locals live. The boss is King Bob-Omb who's been causing the rock slides.
Dinosaur Kingdom Dinosaur Kingdom (Prehistoric Valley) - A kingdom similar to the Cascade Kingdom, except it's larger and there's more to explore. Some dinosaurs are roaming around, sleeping, or enceased in amber inside a cave. 
Western Kingdom Western Kingdom (Dusty Gulch) - A desert-themed kingdom inspired by many wild-west elements. There's a town runned by Westerians with a train station, and a mine inside the old well. The boss is Rango.
Paper Kingdom Paper Kingdom (Origami Hills) - A kingdom made entirely out of paper. The environment is like the Luncheon Kingdom with it's polygon-shaped land. There are also stickers, cardboard, and newspapers that can be seen as the use of the environment. This kingdom was inspired by China.
Chemistry Kingdom Chemistry Kingdom (Chemical Factory) - After getting lost in the clouds, Luigi must venture out into the toxic seas of the Chemistry Kingdom with many experiments happening in the kingdom. The boss is Spewart.
Resort Kingdom Resort Kingdom (Royal Resort) - A tropical themed kingdom with a hotel-like environment and includes a cruiser that goes around the resort. Sometimes it will rain and Gooper Blooper can be fought on the cruiser the first time it happens.
Tundra Kingdom Tundra Kingdom (Vanilla Lake) - An ice-themed kingdom that is covered in snow. There is also a frozen pond that can only be safe to swim if captured a Snow Cheep Cheep. A familiar race track can also be seen below the clifftops.
Yoshi Kingdom Yoshi Kingdom (Yoshi's Island) - An obvious reference to everyone's favorite dinosaur, Yoshi. A fun island where many Yoshi references appear. You can even possess a Yoshi piloting a Yoshi helicopter. The boss is Kamek.
Pipe Kingdom Pipe Kingdom (Pipe Land) - The land of pipes, where all pipes are connected to. Many can lead to different paths and it is easy to get lost. Piranha Plants also make their home here. The boss is Naval Piranha.
Aquarium Kingdom Aquarium Kingdom (Aqua Dome) - A large aquatic dome located under the ocean. Many fish and other species can be found swimming in the giant fish tank. The boss is Eely-Mouth.
Under Kingdom Under Kingdom (Creepy Caverns) - Inside a deep cave is a large cavern where crystals grow, stalagtites fall and lava. The boss is Major Burrows.
Luxury Kingdom Luxury Kingdom (Golden Chateau) - A kingdom based on riches and lots of jewelry. All the houses are large, especially the Golden Chateau which has many rooms and some moons can be seen on top of statues and behind pillars. There's also a large garden maze and a pool in the backyard. The boss is Rango.
Painted Kingdom Painted Kingdom (Artropolis) - A paint-themed kingdom populated by Artopians. You can even posses one to make paint puddles, make trails and color in colorless bridges. The Inklings from Splatoon also make a cameo. The boss is Paintopus.
Sweet Kingdom Sweet Kingdom (Candy Canyon) - A kingdom filled with many desserts and pastries populated by Gingerbread people. This place is near the Luncheon Kingdom and the citizens cook many sweet treats like the Luncheons. There are bouncy gelatin used to getting to higher places, peppermints rolling down the mountain, cola rivers, etc. The boss is Madame Broode. Pac-Man also makes a cameo.
Ruined Kingdom Ruined Kingdom (Rubble Ruins) - This is the same kingdom kingdom where Mario crash landed on. Unlike the area in the prequel, there is more to explore, like abandoned towers and wrecked towns. There is also an abandoned castle where the Ruined Dragon resides as the boss..
Sunshine Kingdom Sunshine Kingdom (Isle Delfino) An obvious reference to Super Mario Sunshine. Like in the Mushroom Kingdom, you don't look for Power Moons, but instead, you look for Shine Sprites. Parts of the kingdom is covered in Goop. The boss is Spewart and Gooper Blooper.
Sports Kingdom Sports Kingdom (Excerstadium) - A kingdom where sports are the main culture, and features every sport imaginable. You also win Power Moons by completing sports challenges. You fight Harriet again.
Toy Kingdom Toy Kingdom (Gizmo Playland) - The whole place is full of toys, rides, whatever you find in an amusement park. There's also a part where Mario possesses a roller coaster to get a Power Moon. There are also wind-up soldiers, building blocks, water slides and more. The boss would be Wiggler.
Bowser Kingdom Bowser Kingdom (Magmapolis) - A lava-like environment with volcanoes, magma rivers, and factories. Daisy also gets kidnapped by Tatanga, leaving Luigi and Fedo. The boss is Mollusque-Lancer II.
Space Kingdom Space Kingdom (Tatanga's Armada) - The final world is up in space near the Moon Kingdom, or on the Moon Kingdom. After freeing Daisy, Luigi and Daisy both fight Tatanga and escape by possesing Bowser Jr, who came here after hearing his father was stuck on the moon. You also meet your brother and the princess in all the kingdoms after you beat the game.
Dark Side Dark Side (Rabbit Ridge) - After collecting more Power Moons, you get to the Dark Side where the Broodals live. You also fight all 4 of them and RoboBrood.
Darker Side Darker Side (Culmina Crater) - After collecting 300 Power Moons, you can reach the Darker Side, where the Final Challenge awaits, all of your expeiences are tested.
Daisy's Kingdom Daisy's Kingdom (Sarasaland) -  After saving the kingdom, you get to explore it and see your bro and the princess in Daisy's Castle.
Whomp Kingom Whomp Kingdom (Whomp Fortress) - A remake of the original Whomp Fortress in Super Mario 64. This is where all the Whomps go to and some Thwomps too. The boss is the Whomp King.
Pixel Kingdom Pixel Kingdom (8-Bit Land) - An unknown land inhabited by the Pixelers. There are many video game references in the kingdom and you fight the seven Koopalings here. Most Power Moons are achieved by doing RPG sidequests.
Popstar Kingdom Popstar Kingdom (Dream Land) - In another world, lives unknown creatures from another planet. There is also a familiar face that lives here.
Sonic Kingdom Sonic Kingdom (Mobius) - On another world lives more unknown life. A familiar hedgehog also appears. The boss is none other than Dr. Eggman.
Hyrule Kingdom Hyrule Kingdom (Hyrule) - Back on Earth is an ancient kingdom ruled by a princess and protected by a hero in green...another hero in green.