Luigi's Mansion 5 - The Return
Developer(s) Next Level Games; Nexus Entertainment; Sony Computer Entertainment (PlayStation 4 Slim Version); Nintendo;
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo NX; Nintendo Nexus; PlayStation 4 Slim;
Genre(s) Action; Survivor Horror;
Series Luigi's Mansion
Predecessor Luigi's Mansion - Whistleblower

Luigi's Mansion - The Return (known in Japan as Luigi's Mansion 5) is an adventure game for the Nintendo Nexus, Nintendo's new console, and the PlayStation 4 Slim. A curiosity is that this is the only game non-exclusive Nintendo, being co-produced by Next Level Games and Sony on PS4 version. This time, Luigi enters a deep coma while sleeping strangely.


Luigi, tired of watching TV, decide to sleep in his bed, but something goes wrong, he can not wake up. In his dream, suddenly, he stumbles over a haunted mansion (as in other games), dark and gloomy, and the front door, Princess Daisy tied at all angles, and behind it the evil King Boo wanting revenge. Luigi rushes after them, but suddenly King Boo makes Daisy float to the top of the mansion on the top floor. Luigi is frightened by this, and decides to observe all of the mansion's gate. Out of nowhere you hear the voice of Professor E.Gadd, from within his laboratory for help and help, but when the green plumber comes within the laboratory, there was no one there. Luigi is very sad about the situation, and begins to cry, thinking that really what was going on. Still crying, but a little lower, starts to scour the late former teacher laboratory (in the dream). It is in an old cupboard, the Poltergeist 9000 and an old lantern, with very little energy. Leaving the lab, go to the front door of the mansion to open the door but can not, why it was locked. So he decides to scour the outside the mansion to the key demand, but can not. So the only thing that Luigi can do is break the mansion's windows with a stone. Once done, it goes into the mansion in a dark room and turn on your flashlight. Is now in the hands of the player unravel the mysteries of the mansion as you discover new secrets, rooms and other places.


  • Luigi: the main character. It is very afraid of ghosts and near Boos, but with the help of his friends, manages to overcome his fears, which does not happen in this game, since it is only him alone to save the princess and get rid of this nightmare.
  • Professor E.Gadd: Inventor of gadgetry what died at Luigi's dream. Always comes with some new invention to complement it, but unfortunately can not do it in the game.
  • Depressed Luigi: It depressive version of blue whiting. In addition to appearing in Game Over, it is useful to pass through walls, float in the air, and trick ghosts, making them think they have died long ago.
  • King Boo: the main antagonist of the game. In addition to always make new ghosts, it was the one who caused the coma Luigi while sleeping.
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