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Boxart Weegee's Mansion

The Boxart, with Scribble Boo Boo scribbling on a fellow Boo

Luigi's Mansion 3: King Boo's Last Stand is the third and possibly last Game in the series. It has a couple new Ghosts, as well as the old ones. It has 77 Boos in the Game. There are also old and new boos. Like the 2nd one, There are different mansions opposed to the only one in the first game. It also has chapters.


  1. Mansion, Bad Mansion
  2. The Horrorgrim House
  3. NightMare House
  4. Freezer Mansion
  5. King Boo's Pad


  1. Another One- 1. 1st Time.
  2. Boos United 2. 1st Time.
  3. Back to the old one- 1. 2nd Time.
  4. This Chapter's too bad, it shatters NightMares-3. 1st Time.
  5. Boos Want More- 2. 2nd Time.
  6. Is it me, or did it get Colder?-4. 1st Time.
  7. Back Again-1. Last Time
  8. Shattered NightMares become Reality-3. 2nd Time.
  9. Boolossus Booms Back-2. Last Time.
  10. King Boo's Pad-1st Time
  11. Shiverest Night-4. 2nd Time.
  12. GraveYard's Second Boogie-3. Last Time
  13. We should Back out now!-5. Last Time


Name Fights Back Area Chapter

Scribble Boo Boo

I bet i can Out Draw you...Hehehehe.....

Yes 1 1

Boo's Clues

I'm a Sheriff, put your hands up!

Yes 1 1

The Boos

Ehehehehe......I want to make the Blues sad!

No 1 1

Boo Boo Hurts

Owchies! I bumped my Head on that Table, now you try to Suck me up?

No 2 2

NintendBoo 3ds

Hey, I found this Game Card, wanna play?.....Ehehehehehe....

No 2 2

Old Man Boo

Well, this Sucks! (In response to the PolterGust)

No 2 2

Big Boo Bully

At School i was teased so much, I WANTED REVENGE!!!!

Yes 2 2


Hiding under this bed was a bad Idea! I should've Been called Boo-Hee-Banned!

Yes 1 3

Boo Little

I'm so small, i can't do anything! But, harm you! Eheheheheh..........

Yes 1 3


I Bet this'll make a boom!

No 1 3


My friend is strikingly scary! He's in the Next Room!

Yes 1 3

Buo 2.0

I'm coming Friend!

No 1 3


Hey! Remember me? I'm Turboo!

Yes 3 4


My best Friends are Goombas.....

No 3 4


Koopa's are my Buddies!

No 3 4


High in the Sky, To Fly!

Yes 3 4