Luigi's Mansion: Moustache Spirit is the new game of the Luigi's Mansion series for Nintendo Prima and Element Alpha. In this game Luigi comes back to the mansion and liberate it of ghosts and discover the mystery. There will be different modes, apart from the Story, like an online mode and Prima-Alpha connection. There are also new characters and enemies, with different items and places. This game will be released in the first half of 2013.If there is a new xbox released there will be achievements for this game.


coming soon...


coming soon...


Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters


common ghosts

Note:not in order and boos are excluded

  • greenie
  • orange ghost
  • banana ghost
  • blue twirler
  • speedy spirits
  • ceiling surprise
  • poltergeist
  • slammer
  • hider
  • sneaker
  • purple puncher
  • gobber
  • chomper
  • mud guy
  • shy guy
  • curser
  • red spider
  • gold spider
  • purple bats
  • gold bats
  • gold greenie
  • strong greenie
  • strong orange ghost
  • strong banana ghost
  • strong blue twirler
  • strong speedy spirit
  • strong ceiling surprise
  • strong poltergeist
  • strong slammer
  • strong hider
  • strong sneaker
  • strong purple puncher
  • strong gobber
  • strong chomper
  • strong mud guy
  • strong shy guy
  • strong curser
  • strong gold greenie
  • strong red spider
  • strong gold spider
  • strong purple bat
  • strong gold bat



1.damage proof:clear a room without taking damage. 2.treasurus completion:beat the game with all the treasures. 3.tricky suckup:suck up a banana ghost and a strong ghost without taking damage. not over:suck up 30 ghosts wothout getting a game over. 5.orangey awesomeness:drain a original orange ghost's health in 10 secounds. completed:beat the game. 7.roof creep:get to the roof. 8.bouce 20 feet on a ball. 9.fall survivor, 10.survive a 60 feet fall.

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